End of festivities, lets resume our normal life!

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  • Yash, I think that once I wrote a disclaimer concerning the part which your readers self assume that you’re targeting one of them. Some people are just amazing.
    They make as if they’re god and everything turns around them.

  • Good luck 4 this year!

    I can’t say I’m happy or even excited about going back to school next week, I had 2 months of holidays but they pass so rapidly when you are enjoying yourself. I’m doing F5 this year, I don’t like math classes and my rector really sucks!!


  • Nabila

    “Finally today the 5th….”
    Yashvin today is z 4th!!! lol
    L’effet sa ban amusement la sa!!!

  • @Nabila : wow, lol, thnks for noticing the error. Just corrected it!
    Its wonderful to know that some of my blog readers/friends take so much care while reading 🙂

  • Nabila

    Hey no thanks!!!
    It’s always a pleasure reading ur posts, thx for them!!!
    Hey lucky u, to have been to the beach soo many times..me havn’t gne once this dec..maybe in z cuming days b4 my course resume!!!

  • Yashvin isnt that December 2008?? 😛 you wrote december 2009 😛

    “December 2009 was the months with the largest number of blog posts (22), hence lots of happenings/events!”

  • @Sailesh : Haha!
    thnks for reading so carefully…

  • Kav

    Have you contacted his management yet? OR DID YOU CHICKEN OUT? 😉

  • @Kav :
    You always talk a lot behind your proxy!
    So, just keep out of this… I bet you won’t be able to sleep peacefully when this is done!