DCDMC Disco Night Party


DCDM Consulting held its annual End Of Year Party at The Grand Mauritian Resorts and Spa, Balaclava, under the Disco Theme.

About 120 of the staff were present for this event, and loads of us were dressed according to this theme, despite the difficulty in finding such clothes in the market. All of our costumes were original, shining through the lights. At first, it was quite funny since everyone was different, unique…

Without forgetting that I have grown my beard specially for this event, and from the promising feedback, I have decided to stick to this look for some time…


We were welcomed at the hotel at around 7pm with a cocktail, followed by gift sharing…

There was loads of photo sessions with our clothes, wigs and other accessories(?) 😛
(High Quality pictures will be uploaded later on facebook)


Finally at around 10pm, everyone was on the dance floor till 1pm.

Below is a video clip of the dance session

The party ended at around 1-130am, everyone with a big smile on their faces since we have not only enjoyed ourselves to the max, but the party was a complete success, as for each and every event organised by DCDM Consulting…

btw, last year the party was held at Domaine Anna, Flic en Flac…Read more here.

Oh, I forgot to mention:

Happy Holidays till 5 Jan 09!

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  • Mike

    Ah, memories of office parties…… wishing you the best for 2009.

  • wow… nice outfit! 😛 kot zon gagne sa ban linge la??
    party seem great too!

    Best wishes 2009 to all those reading this comment!

  • mads

    yashvin elvis presley 😛

  • [re=28898]Mike[/re]: thnks 😉

    [re=28905]mads[/re]: lol

    [re=28902]s4ndeep[/re]: lol, each one of us have looked for their clothes, and for mine, I had borrowed them from my uncle.

    Some of my colleagues had to bought them.
    As for the wigs, they are on sale as from Rs200 up to Rs1000!

  • vicks

    caV yash cV ine pouC.. 😛

  • Wendy

    LOL looks like u guys had fun! Post more pics! Zot pa paret affecter par recession en tou cas zot!

  • Bhooks

    Recession. No Our Concern. Cheeerrrrs

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  • Vishaa

    hpe it ryte now
    nice dress code & party…

  • Lol! It suits you very well…the wig especially..

    I love themed parties..it’s so much fun…

    Well…when we organise a bloggers night out we can try something like that..(hint hint to set up the bloggers community…)


  • wowwwwww…was really fun lol bizin atan 1 ans encore pou amuser cumsa 😛

    hey mo uler sa photo kot nu met wig la, mwa ti blanc and urs noire la..
    entou k, bhooks was toppppppppppp lol

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  • Bhooks

    @Dhaneesha. Enfin ma cherie Bhooks touletan li top li mem san degizman 😉

  • Bhooks

    I have been late to 2007s 2008s and 2009s EOY. Hope that I make it in time. Ou tann mwa Mr C4P.

  • @Bhooks : Mr C4P is much more cooler than the others. Lets hope so!