DCDMC Welcoming Year Party 2008

It was already the 25th Jan 2008 and the celebrations were not over yet!!!


DCDM Consulting had its welcoming year party 2008 at Domaine Anna, Flic en Flac…

Everything was so nicely organised and the location hmm!


We had our dance floor next to the artificial waterfall and our dinner tables were set just some meters from there.
“La bouffe” as we call it, was delicious, nothing was missing in our plates, even for dessert!
Being an official company event, we had only water, juice, beer and wine but this did not changed anything on that night.

3.jpg 2.jpg

Everyone was there since 7pm till 00hrs, dancing till the last song, the “sega bye bye”


lol, i still remember, most of us were waiving our hands, saying goodbye, until the dj applied a brake effect, stopping the song….

It was a special day for many of us, including me and hmm, some1 else lol…
Thats all that can be said for today hihi!

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  • Ashvind

    Yoyo dude..

    apres tousa letemp to ine passer @ DCDM..
    tou sa la peine to ine doner…
    ziska to ine bisin rest @work bien tard asoir..
    ziska to ine bisin pass to letemp weekend..
    ziska New Year si me pa tromP

    ben..truV to ine bien amuzer..
    k take care


  • Vero

    Mo trouver comment zot ine bien toast en mon nom hein!! Ine blier moi net!! 🙁

  • hey verooooo!
    nu fine pense twa boukoup, surtout kant ti p manzer, boire ou danser.
    surtout danser, nu ti p manke to bane baillements en pleine danse lol…

    mais it wasnt the same thing without you, for all of us – moi, dhaneesha, rama, nisha, mike, bernard, ashvin, abhi, vana et et et sans oublier richard 🙂

  • Dhaneesha

    ban pic la top..memorable…ti mank vero zis..

    pa coner meme kan ti fini arriv 23hr …mo ti bizin sauver attention mo vin le rat..hehe..cendrillon mo ti eter sa zur la fuf..vous zotres…ek ti waterfall la ti bien romantic
    …. 🙂

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