Qu’en pensez vous du #WebCup 2013 Maurice?

webcup banner

Pour la première fois, la compétition WebCup s’est tenue à l’île Maurice alors que cette compétition est déjà à sa quatrième saison dans la région  Le but est de concocter un site web en seulement 24 heures non-stop et ensuite de le présenter aux membres du jury.

Comme plusieurs îles y participent simultanément dont La Réunion, Mayotte et Madagascar, le compte à rebours s’est déclenché à midi le Samedi 18 Mai 2013 et évidemment, prendre fin exactement 24 heures après.

Les participants Mauriciens

Pour cette première édition dans notre île  plusieurs groupes y étaient inscris. Ci-dessous les noms et aussi le résultat de leur dur labeur de 24 heures:

  • Ceridian – http://ceridian.webcup.mu
  • Chesteroc – http://chesteroc.webcup.mu
  • Esokia – http://esokia.webcup.mu
  • Extension Interactive – http://extension-interactive.webcup.mu
  • FRCI – http://frci.webcup.mu
  • Elite Business School – http://elite-business-school.webcup.mu
  • Paperboat – http://paperboat.webcup.mu
  • TNT – http://tnt.webcup.mu
  • Team Urban Error – http://urban-error.webcup.mu
  • Wanderers – http://wanderers.webcup.mu
  • Web Thugs – http://web-thugs.webcup.mu

Voici quelques sites qui étaient accessibles au moment de la publication de ce blog post:


webcup frci


webcup paperboat

Web Thugs

webcup webthugs

 And the winner is

Après la session de présentation des sites web par les équipes respectives, les membres du jury ont proclamé l’équipe gagnante comme celle de ….. Esokia.

webcup Esokia

Les critiques

webcup team

Pour commencer, l’ironie du sort est que le site web officiel de la compétition WebCup est elle même constituée des pages non complétées et des images par défaut qui ne seront peut être jamais actualisées par l’organisateur. La preuve, 24 heures APRES l’annonce du gagnant, le site contient seulement des infos bidons.

Bon, passons. Revenons maintenant à la compétition elle-même. En tant que passionné du web et aussi développeur informatique,  je ne comprends pas trop les critères de sélection qui ont poussées le jury à proclamer le gagnant. Plusieurs autres compétiteurs avaient pourtant une présentation et ergonomie nettement meilleures et plaisantes. Même du coté technique, plusieurs équipes ont eu recours à des technologies nouvelles et innovantes dans le monde du web design.

Sans partir dans les détails techniques, quelque chose de très surprenante : Le site web gagnant utilise toujours l’icone par défaut de Drupal!

webcup drupal

Sans parler des espaces blancs sur la gauche et droite.

Par contre, j’était agréablement surpris par la qualité des autres sites présentés par les autres équipes qui ont su donner le meilleur d’eux mêmes ainsi que l’utilisation des dernières technologies qui donnent un bel aspect visuel mais aussi, une présentation adaptée et optimisée, même si vous visualisez le site sur une tablette ou un écran de téléphone portable.

Je suis vraiment déçu. J’attendais beaucoup mieux d’une compétition de cette envergure et surtout en tant que compétition dans une soi-disant cyber-île. Le résultat de ce WebCup 2013 m’a fait rappeler le concours Web D’or que Mauritius Telecom organisait quelques 10 ans+ de cela!

A bon entendeur, salut!

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  • I was very disappointed too. There was never a clear indication of what we should do. Should it be static or dynamic? Most of the websites that were made were purely static. We came up with an extensible and dynamic website where every part of it could be customised by the administrator. We also made an API so that other websites could access our tourism packages while using said API to populate dynamically a map.

    Somehow, after such hard work, i feel disappointed. Our presentation didn’t go so well and we panicked. We had to present on a 800*600 big screen. Maybe we were partly responsible for not catering for that resolution but who uses that resolution anyway? Should the jury only judge us by how well we present the website or how actually good it is?

    Basically, i feel very let down and i don’t know how you can expect a fair competition when the sponsors participate in the event.


  • nik range

    J’ai fait les pointages DNS…..lol

  • Seriously, the other websites were sooo beautiful.

    The webcup seems to be a joke.

  • Now let’s look at the websites proposed above done in 24hrs with our gov.mu website.

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  • Ahhh, competences in Mauritius.
    Well, such challenges are never objective and the specifications are much likely to real projects. Don’t loose faith in your abilities and take home the experience and fun you had during the event.

  • diven

    muzammil..don’t just be a bad loser..you think its you who should have won the competition? just be honest with yourself, do u really think that?

    you think our website was not dynamic? only yours were? i agree we didnt have the time to make it responsive..and mayB yes, there were other website better..but am sure we were far better than yours..deep inside you know it.

    so it would be best that you accept defeat..and move on..

  • nightprince

    i also heard that your team was helped by other users via the internet. while the other teams were working only in group of 4 bad luck for u, u are the dude from frci right?

  • diven

    u mean me or mozammil? me am from esokia..and no one helped us..infact we lost the first two hours..we had a prob wiz the server..so we had to switch to our own server..

  • zEus

    “beautiful” isn’t enough.. 🙂

  • No. I am from Paperboat.

  • Beautiful, actually he meant, better in functionality and ergonomically 🙂 I presume you analysed the sites carefully before pointing out things 🙂

  • Damn, there were ‘other’ people helping the FRCI guys. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

  • zEus

    Didn’t notice where he meant all that but anyway If you are sayng so 🙂

  • chrisprogrammer

    Probably some freelance Egyptians!! LOL

  • chrisprogrammer

    des urls trouver sur facebook. merci à Samuel Goinsamy

    https://victoriabeckham.landrover.com/INT – Web Thugs
    http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2012/04/timeline-portfolio/ – le sites des pharaons


  • Wow.

    Nice job out there!

  • Samuel Goinsamy was from E-Services as far as I know. Good job dude !

  • chrisprogrammer

    voici un autre super site de l’equipe Elite Business School – Les 1001 nuits
    comparons http://ebs.webcup.mu.ccifm-wbdd.ccifm.lbn.fr/ VS http://uk.skullcandy.com/supremesoundjourney/

  • yurit0s

    how can the sponsor participate in an event as a candidate !!!!

    Maybe Equal Opportunities Commission should be contacted.

  • Sammy

    All of these designs were not professional in my opinion for such renowned companies of the country but they did a good job with their backend I presume. The server provided by webcup was slow making such simple sites hard to load (or maybe the sites used way too big pictures)
    I noticed plagiarism as well.

  • JustAGeek

    Just a reminder of whom the sponsors were:


    So the winner were not the only sponsor who participated in the event.

    I followed the webcup from abroad.
    But sorry, i totally agree with esokia being the winner.

    Unlike others, they did not come here to show off their special skills in Javascript/JQuery, CSS or coding.
    They presented a consistent website with the correct content and also not something loaded with a lot of Jquery plugins.

    And judging from some comments here, some are very bad losers.
    I think you were made aware that you had a presentation also to do.

    So you had to prepare.

  • A-Key Illuminaki

    yuritos .. i challenge to compete with me and i give you all the accessories to do so. so i am organizing and also i am competing with you!! henceforth, you are the participant and you know about my current status (organizer + rival in the competition) and agree to participate. don’t you think something happened like that?

    conclusion: no whining about who organised and won but the actual thing are the copy paste which is shameful for those reputed companies!!

    btw , keep the gov.mu thing, do you still believe in them? oh common 🙂

  • I never said my team should have won. I am just saying Esokia shouldn’t have 🙂

  • Ohh man! You just went full retard. Alright, point out the ‘things’ which YOU think they were better. List them for us 🙂 you’ve a genius right ? Do it man.

    Deep inside us, and it’s official dude, the guys who sponsored the most won the comp. Esokia, the site was as epic failure.

  • Miquel

    Haha well said!!! U got the point

  • plagiarism wasnt forbidden, it was just like u can use any resource available within a time frame to complete the page. the site were not professional due to the tight deadline.

  • zEus

    Define ‘epic failure’ and who should have win and why? 🙂

  • GIYF 🙂 Dude, from a developer point of view, Esokia’s site is pure bullsh*t. And I am sure you are from Esokia 🙂

    It’s useless I argue with you mate since you’re already a n00b 🙂

    Ohh one thing more, my 14 year old nephew develops sites better than of Esokia 🙂

  • Tell me one thing in particular which Esokia’s site had and no other site had ? Something ? I thought it was designed on Paint. Well.

  • Guest

    I had my money on Extension-interactive’s. Beautiful website, amazing effects and great concept.

  • Taking your point into consideration, you mean the participants should not have shown off their javascript/jquery/css skills in a web development competition? Interesting.

  • I had my money on Extension-interactive’s. Beautiful website, amazing effects and great concept.

  • Sammy

    Don’t agree. A good design takes 1-2 hours, html/css 2-3 hours the rest is backend (10 hours) 9 hours left to troll the rest of competitors 😛

  • zEus

    Ohh Well that’s so ‘pro’ for an answer right? Calling people ‘Noob’ lol you are a cod fan or something?hah i just asked you a question 🙂 why dont you just reply?from ‘a developer point of view’ ? Next time ask your nephew to participe ok?:D

    Btw paralax is a beautiful effect i agree but guys was just scrolling ..i mean dude come on–” not saying it was bad but seriousy? You think like a freelancer –“

  • diven

    lol..are you a dev? your website was bullshit..your presentation awful..your website had so many bugs..so plz, shut up, stop whining and get a life dude.. zot kumadir ban zenfan maternel..ti bizin done zot 1 susette..so cheap..

  • I don’t agree about sponsors participating…

  • Ohh douchebag ! You’ve sure a noob that you don’t even know the meaning of “Epic Failure” ! Ohh dude ! Expert from Esokia don’t know the meaning of Epic Failure.. Damn 😀 That’s why I said GIYF mate 🙂

    Look at this guys ! I should be a COD fan to call people noob. Ohh mann ! this shows something about your experience and personality.

    So, Where the heck I said I was a pro ? What do you understand from a ‘dev point of view’ huh ? You gonna answer your own questions 🙂

    You’re telling me I think like a freelancer? ROFL

    ‘Parallax is a beeutiful effect’ — That’s actually how a freelancer think mate 🙂 it’s bullshit.

  • Ohh man ! Again, you just f*cked up 🙂 Once again, I will ask you to list the ‘bugs’ as I asked you at the very beginning. Shall I quote ?

    “Alright, point out the ‘things’ which YOU think they were better. List them for us 🙂 you’ve a genius right ? Do it man.”

    You didn’t answer my question though and kept beating around the bush 😛

    This purely shows that your competencies are zero 🙂

    It’s official, Esokia’s are purely noobs in the web development field.

  • Developers don’t go for plagiarism btw 🙂 If you did, then you’re just one of those noobish guys 🙂

  • zEus

    You still didn’t reply my question thought 🙂 i asked you why esokia’s site was a failure o.O you’re geting excited for no reason ..Chill mate o.O’
    Ps: i would be glad if i was from esokia atleast they have manners and dont treat people of douchebag –”
    aah kids nowadays. . anyway wasting my time with you.
    Cheers 🙂

  • next time u can participate 🙂

  • Moonpie

    Stop whining, you lost get over it. And btw know the difference between code reuse and plagiarism and don’t get me wrong but I don’t think a creative director should teach what a good developer should do and how it should be done.

  • Moonpie

    Where was it said to be “a web development competition” ? You wanted to show off you development skills in a competition based on a “Fun Theme”. You got everything wrong and you still should have won ?

    Quoted from the organizers “Les participants réalisent le site de la manière dont ils le souhaitent, autant d’un point de vue technique que graphique.”

    To translate you could use anything you wish to make the web site. Trying to show off your programming skills on a Web Site based on a theme that would never happen is just plain stupid sorry for that.

  • Exactement Denis.
    C’est ce que WebCup m’a répondu sur leur page de Facebook. Je pense bien que ce sont les organisateurs qui doivent inviter les gens à participer ou même de donner un coup de main (aussi les idées/suggestions). Personnellement,
    j’ai pris connaissance de cette compétition seulement un jour ou deux avant.
    Tout d’abord, est-ce-que le comité du WebCup sont ouverts aux suggestions? Et suite à cet ‘incident’, est-ce-qu’ils s’expliquerons sur
    les différents critères de sélection ainsi que la composition du jury (sans toutefois dévoiler leur noms etc)?

    La balle est maintenant dans le camp des organisateurs. Cependant, suite aux résultats de cette première édition, je pense que nombreux seront découragés.

  • Moonpie

    It was based on the theme that the “conventional”, “plain” and “flaccid” web sites did not have. It was well presented and overall good and in line with the theme and world they chose, not like some guys who “epic failed” their presentation and had to forfeit the presentation on the basis that their super duper utterly great genuine advanced website was not working as it should.

  • Define ‘epic failure’ and who should have win and why? 🙂 — that’s your question

    Where in your question does it ask why esokia’s site was a failure ?

    I’m not getting excited dude, i’m just trying to say that Esokia should not have won. I betted on FRCI and Extension Interactive though 🙂

  • Ohh in 2013 with a resolution of 800 x 600 ? Damn.

  • Just a saying : Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

  • zEus

    ” I betted on FRCI and Extension Interactive though 🙂 ”

    That’s all i wanted to know 🙂

  • diven

    nirvan, kan to fer 1 site, to bizin adapT li ar tou dimension lecran..mai kav to pna lexperience ladan..enfin bof, mo compran tw..dats ze difference between a professional and a nood like u..ek pendan presentation to site pa ti p marC em..ti p paret ena 1 ta bug..mai bof, zot enkr starter, kav met zis 1 image lor page zot pu dir wow, li zoli..xD.mo compran tw..

    ek 1 zafr..zot dir ki akoz nu in sponsor sa event la nu in gagnE?bitch plz, ena ceridien, infomil, frci, extension interactive(buku foi pli riche ki nu) pan gagnE..b kifr zis nu? ek 1 last fing, complaining and whining won’t change the result.. so plz,
    […// Moderated \]
    merci bne journE et a +++..

  • lacour.denis

    Hello Yashin,
    Une première est toujours délicate… d’autant que peu de personne était dans l’organisation. Difficile de tout bien gérer, mais toutes les bonnes volontés peuvent venir participer à l’organisation de la prochaine Web Cup

  • Tout à fait d’accord. Il y a un début à tout.
    Ce qui m’a fait sourcier tant c’est plutôt les résultats Je n’arrive toujours pas à comprendre et WebCup n’intervient même pas pour apporter des clarifications.

  • Hello @Diven.

    Merci pour tes commentaires. (La discussion était bien chaude en tout cas). Tu as très bien résumé la situation mais cependant, il faut aussi se mettre dans la peau des autres participants. Etre pénaliser pour une “mésaventure” avec le projecteur ou même parce que les critères/attentes de
    la compétition n’étaient pas clairement définis
    sont malheureusement parfois dure à avaler. Surtout comme dans ce cas ou toutes les équipes ont travaillées d’arrache pieds pendant 24 heures non stop.

    Je ne vais pas commenter sur le site d’esokia encore une fois mais juste pour dire que certains participants avaient placé la barre très
    haut. Malheureusement ils sont restés sur leur faim. Espérons que nos web designers auront l’occasion de nous montrer leur compétences une autre fois.
    A bientôt et merci encore.


  • diven

    Je sais, mais nous aussi nous avons travailler très dure. c’est pas juste de dire que nous avons acheter la competition. s’ils ont perdu, qu’ils acceptent leur defaite. et on se revois l’an prochain.
    j’espère que les autres surtout *nirvan, va un jour accepter qu’il y meilleur que lui..;)
    (p.s je dis pas que je suis meilleur..loin de la..) merci a tous..

  • Moonpie

    Why did you not participate and show prove all the rest wrong ?

  • Moonpie

    There’s a difference between presenting something not perfect but functional and presenting something not functional at all.

  • Moonpie

    You should perhaps then review your skills to designing something static on 800 * 600 rather than something fully dynamic and not functional at all on 800 * 600.

  • Moonpie

    An btw the website was supposed to have been built prior 2013. I guess you missed that point when the subject was announced. You have time traveled to another world/time except for the Internet exist even then.

  • Moonpie

    J’avais posté un commentaire hier (comme ci -dessous) et je ne comprends pas pourquoi elle n’a pas été approuvé :

    Yashvin Awootar
    C’est facile de faire de la critique non-constructive, assis sur son poste à la maison comme quoi, l’icone du Framework par défaut n’a pas était changé etc. mais en temps que passionné du web pourquoi ne pas avoir participé et démontré tout ton savoir faire sur la réalisation de site Internet parfait, sans bug et sans anicroches en 24hr ?

    Mozammil Khodabacchas
    Si les directives n’étaient pas claires as-tu remonté cela aux organisateurs présents dans la salle durant toute la durée de la compétition ? Tu participes à un concours sans savoir sur quoi tu vas être jugé ?

    La présentation d’Esokia était nickel et ils le méritent haut la main. Ils se sont amusés à fond comme le thème (des mondes parallèles avec des portails pour faire le voyage d’un temps à un autre) l’a suggéré.

    Je suis déçu par les critiques qui pleuvent alors que pour une première, l’organisation a été plus que satisfaisante. Pourquoi n’organisez vous pas quelque chose de cette ampleur par vous ?

  • Mauricien

    In that case, we should have taken our own picts and devised our own text and taken nothing from the web?

  • @Moonpie: Désolé mais je n’ai pas eu cette commentaire. Les quelques commentaires non publiées jusque ici sont celles avec des mots déplacés qui ne méritent pas leur apparition ici. Je te donne ma garantie que toutes les autres commentaires sont publiées dans les minutes qui suivent dans la majorité du temps, même si c’est quelque chose de déplaisant à mon regard.
    Maintenant, pour te répondre, je ne trouves pas pourquoi je dois venir me prouver en tant que “passionné du web”. Prendre part dans
    une compétition c’est un choix personnel. Quelqu’un peut être passionné mais cela ne veux en aucun cas dire qu’il est dans le web-design. En tant que simple utilisateur du net, l’icone par défaut et les espaces blancs sautent à l’œil (surtout quand un bon nombre de personnes utilisent des grands écrans). D’ailleurs, j’ai bien fait mention que j’allais pas entrer dans les détails techniques.

    Justement, quand on organise quelque chose, on doit pouvoir
    prendre l’entière responsabilité et aussi accepter les critiques, surtout si on décide de le faire publiquement. On peut pas à s’attendre à avoir des yeux doux de tout le monde.

  • Après avoir consulté le résultat des 24 heures de travail, il est clair que les équipes n’étaient pas toutes orientées dans la même direction : Site statique, dynamique, utilisation des CMS et des idées/templates existants.
    Faute de transparence dans la sélection des gagnants, tout porte à croire que chaque point négatif dans la réalisation du site web ainsi que
    la présentation ont un rôle crucial à jouer.

  • Moonpie

    C’est comme dire que j’aime le poisson mais je ne pèche pas pour autant mais j’ai quand même des critiques à faire sur la façon qu’on pèche mon poisson.

    La critique est bonne et par nombres d’occasions constructives, mais a force de toujours tous critiquer de gauche à droite sans vraiment essayer de connaitre le fond (sans y avoir participé ou même visité), je ne trouve pas cela plaisant du tout.

  • sniper

    Esokia’s website sucks big time. garbage like fonts, no proper use of CSS 3 , they just used a CMS ( drupal ) and added content thats all , maybe some jquery slider plugins. but the overall was shit. the user interface itself is an insult to the technology they used.with the old and boring classic top menu with ugly colors on.

    This is not only my point of view but the point of view of many other software engineer/web devs..

    that website cannot even come close to what ceridian, e-services or even paperboat developped.

    Even a 2nd year Bsc student or a diploma student will do better than that , and at least that student will do it from scratch and put some effort unlike the so called “winner” of the webcup.

    and for the jury : whats the use of being the judges if your judgement about a website is the same as an IT illiterate person. ? or maybe are you biased ?

    on what grounds were marks given or the website rated ?

  • Sammy

    @facebook-672527330:disqus @disqus_opDCspBmzT:disqus Next time I will don’t worry 😉

    @disqus_B5BrQ2yvHx:disqus Ever heard of stock photos? hue.

  • Sammy

    Brb, getting some popcorn. So much drama over here, I wanna apply cold water on the burned area. The funny part here is to see the “hatred” among the people who competed against each other. Some are lowering down their company’s rep. Well, just my 0.02, this competition was a “blatant” joke. I also think that this showed that none of you (who say 24 hours is very limited thus we can copy) could take any serious job within a tight deadline. This then makes me wonder, how professional would your job be if you get a client who requires an urgent work within 2 days and writes you a big check. 🙂

    That’s just my opinion. If you don’t agree with it, please just post your reply with your arguments. I love arguments and debates and love winning them too 🙂


  • I second that.

    Though I love winning too, I do respect the opinion of others.
    btw, you should come here regularly for debates 🙂

  • Sammy

    I saw a post about someone whining about the server problem. Don’t they know that all work can be done on a local machine?

  • Sammy

    @disqus_B5BrQ2yvHx:disqus Forgot to ask you if you know the difference between paid and free fonts as well 😉 And forgot to ask you if you know about the licenses about free fonts; – free for commercial and personal use, free for personal use only?

  • Mauricien

    The idea was how u would present such a website of such a theme within the 24hrs… Obviously you would not re-invent the wheels… So chill.. nxt time do participate… we’ll see how many wheels you invent… n I bet you would copy from simple texts/images to templates…!!

  • Mauricien

    They worked 24hrs instead of sleeping at home n bark.

  • Sammy

    J’aime les poissons vivant dans mon aquarium. I suck at WRITING French, so I’ll write it in English. If you want to use some metaphors please use some which make sense 😉

  • Sammy

    Win 😀

  • Moonpie

    Some updates from the Webcup 2013 Facebook Page :
    Quote from :
    Sharat Gujadhur to Samuel Goinsamy your plugin list : http://www.cameronmcefee.com/plax-demo/ http://baijs.nl/tinycarousel/ http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/ ONLY TO MENTION A FEW !!!

    So the “pure” blood web site creator Samuel Goinsamy from FRCI who has been claiming not to have used any third party plugins and been discriminating and discrediting everyone is no better than others in the end.

  • Miquel

    Cher Yashvin,

    En temps que blogueur est tu vraiment impartial? Tes propos nous prouve le contraire. Tu serais pas ami avec monsieur bateau en papier, Mozammil?

    Les résultats à été annoncé dimanche apres midi et ce cher Mozammil revendique haut et fort que C lui qui aurait du ggner tout en essayant de le cacher..

    Comme quelqu’un là dit avant moi, prouve à l’ile maurice que C toi le meilleur web désigner/programmeur! Participe au webcup 2014 et arrêtez ce débat inutile!!

    Bonne soirée!

  • Great ! You are a developer right ? And still use 800 * 600 ?

    That’s how it looks on a 1280 x 800 ps 🙂

  • Exactly sir 🙂

  • Sammy

    Good artists copy, great artists steal. I would steal, seriously 😉

  • Sammy

    Some took 24 hours to flatly copy some sites? Dude, stop making a fool out of yourself, you’re very good at it. This is getting atrocious and I can’t stop laughing about this nonsense. I sleep 4 hours a day, everyday. So, this shows me that you sleep a lot if you feel that staying up 24 hours is a problem :S

    P.S Please bring more argument, I like to win them all.

  • On me reproche quoi?
    D’avoir donner un plateforme afin qu’on puisse s’exprimer? D’avoir oser critiquer ouvertement une compétition alors que tout le monde felicite le/s gagnants? D’avoir contester le/s resultats?

    Haters gonna hate. Welcome to yashvinblogs.com!

  • Sammy

    “Les résultats à été annoncé” << And that's the reason for why I don't write in French. Well, that Muz guy shouldn't have said "haut et fort" that he should have won, agreed.

    But what I don't understand is how you simply took the words from what a person told you and said I quote "que C toi le meilleur web désigner/programmeur". So if that guy told you Yashvin is actually Bill Gates and wearing a mask you would have believed him according to that logic.

    And Yashvin is not the best, I am *Sarcastic laugh* 😛

    Back to being serious, noone is the best programmer in this country or world for the simple reason below:

    Code is poetry, everyone has a way of interpreting things and programming is no less. You can create a program in 1000 lines and I could to it in 10 lines and vice-versa. It all boils down to how you tackle the problem and work on it. The shortest code snippet and the faster one is definitely the best and this is what defines a great programmer from a superior programmer but that doesn't mean the great programmer is the best since the superior one might has his luck at something when the great one does not 😉


  • Correct. Everything was function on our site 🙂

  • Les con d’Esokia déjà mis le site hors ligne parce qu’ils ont peur que nous commencions à parler leur erreurs 🙂

  • Moonpie

    You got it all wrong. It was a challenge rather than taking words on the fly for granted, the right quote being “prouve à l’ile maurice que C toi le meilleur web désigner/programmeur!”

    And what does all the sh!t you wrote on programming has to do with a web site creation competition ? And you got it wrong, the best code is one that does the right thing given a deadline.

  • Can you show me where i said i should have won?

  • Can you show me where i said i should win?

  • I agree with some of your points but isn’t it better to try and cater for commonly-used resolutions rather than not doing it at all? 🙂

  • Never said i should have won – read first comment 🙂

  • Moonpie

    Dois-je accorder celle ci à ta compréhension limitée du Français ?

  • Moonpie

    Yes he deserves an award I guess for not having participated neither as a competitor nor a guest nor a member of the jury and yet having so much to criticize.

  • dan

    A quote proves nothing. Say you would steal simply 🙂

  • Moonpie

    Ou peut être qu’ils ont le trophée et toi non et peut importe le nombres d’erreurs que tu remonteras les dotations ne changent pas ?

  • Frost Omnip

    Dude down with the who’s fart game now. You were awesomely right when you quoted above ‘Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience’.

    Do you know what dynamic responsiveness is? Maybe Mr
    Mozammil Khodabacchas can help you here and assuming he knows about it.

    Lastly when you code responsive websites, you need to consider that there are different screen sizes for tablets, and one of them is the famous 800×600. Learn to make your website future proof with the fact that there can be more different screen sizes in the coming months.

    I will not argue with you since you just proved yourself so
    stupid to the developer’s community reading your comment. Let us talk in some more .

  • Sammy

    Ignorant, PHP is programming, asp is programming, perl is programming. All of these are used in web creation.
    I can’t live on this planet anymore.

  • Sammy

    I don’t know where you said that, that’s why I told him what I had to tell him.

  • Miquel

    Si nous considerons le fait que FRCI ont eu de l’aide exterieur, que web thugs on carrement voler le site de victoria beckham, il reste qui pour gagner si on croit t’on jugement ? O_o

  • Sammy

    It proves everything. You don’t make something like harvardconnection. You steal harvardconnection’s idea you add your touch to it, you make it unique and you label it as Facebook. That’s the meaning of stealing from that quote. 😉

  • Miquel

    “Les résultats à été annoncé”
    dsl foutu correcteur sur mon portable :p

  • Sammy

    celle-ci* 😉
    Mon français n’est pas limité. C’est juste que je suis paresseux pour utiliser les accents.

  • Sammy

    That’s his opinion and you should respect it, I guess. Or not? I criticize a lot about the whole Webcup. The shitty servers, the non web 3.0 standard, the “hate” among you competitors.
    That’s my opinion, you don’t like it, well there’s nothing I could possibly do about that.

  • Sammy

    2 persons didn’t know about the local machine stuff xD

  • Miquel

    Je te reproche tout simplement de t’exprimer les yeux bandés! tu etais meme pas la pendant la presentation que je sache. Donc tu ne sais vraiment rien de la tournure de l’evenement. T’a tout simplement utilisé ce que monsieur bateau en papier t’a dit.

    Si on prend en consideration cette conversation sur twitter entre toi et Muz https://twitter.com/yashvin/status/336351250339745792

    @Mozammil_K @__Sun__ @Nirvanknight : I want to write about the webcup thing but I need your help.

    En conclusion, t’a meme pas pris le temps d’analyser pourquoi paperboat n’a rien ggner, tu a tout bonnement pris leurs infos ou ce qu’il ont bien voulu de faire part !!

    C’est de l’amateurisme cher monsieur!

    T’a le droit de ne pas valider mon commentaire si ca va nuire a ton blog. Je m’en fou royalement !

  • JustAGeek

    So, what people no longer 800 * 600?

  • JustAGeek

    Don’t you find this comment insulting?

  • JustAGeek

    I think. the site is not off line.
    It seems its hosted an a private server. They just restored their htaccess

  • JustAGeek

    Well judging from comments here, the ones with the best written Codes / best designed layout should have won. I only pointed out that they did not participate to “show off”, unlike others who are claiming to be masters of css or coding and based from feedbacks obtained, the winner presented their website without any problems and with all functionalities working .Most people who were at the event also liked their presentation.

  • Moonpie

    Bring your team of “other software engineer/web devs” and their point of view for the 2014 edition and show to the world your skills web guru.

  • Moonpie

    Where did he say staying up 24 hr is a problem ? I guess you need some more sleep than a mere 4 hours ? Hallucinating huh ?

    What he meant is simply stop barking.

    Why don’t your start by proving us your’re better, why don’t you show us some of your great creations instead ? Please show us where you have applied knowledge of the difference between paid and free fonts or where you have rightly used licenses about free fonts; – free for commercial and personal use, free for personal use only ? Show us how by using stock photos you did marvels.

    And all that in 1-2 hours, html/css 2-3 hours the rest is backend (10 hours).

  • Sammy

    I’m a Front-End designer there. Currently
    on holidays in my home country 😉 Don’t worry I won’t participate in
    the Webcup 2014 I got more than that to do. And yeah you may now know
    why I sleep 4 hours a day even if I’m on “holidays”.


  • Désolé de te decevoir mais si voulais cacher quelque chose, j’aurai envoyé un message privé.
    D’ailleurs, est-ce-que tu peux me montrer ou j’ai mentionné que Paperboat aurait gagner la compétition. Sauf erreur de ma part, je n’ai jamais annoncé ceci.

    Les informations que j’ai reçu m’a aider à comprendre leur point de vue et l’article a clairement été écris du mien, tout simplement.

  • Mauricien

    so i guess u rewrite the whole js everyday…

  • Mauricien

    u knw the diff between free template and paid ones?

  • Moonpie

    Who asked and who cares how much you sleep ?

    So you won’t participate but yet you are better than all the participants and you are a From-End designer who knows better than anyone else about programming and has so much to teach from behind your screen but don’t want to come forward for the 2014 edition.

    Seriously this is how you win arguments ? LOL

  • Moonpie

    Yes I’m an ignorant who thought PHP, ASP and Perl when used for web programming were called scripting languages that don’t compile to programs. Sorry to have deceived you 🙁

  • Moonpie

    Donc en regroupant des morceaux d’infos de gauche à droite tu fais un poste avec des propos tels que “Je suis vraiment déçu. J’attendais beaucoup mieux d’une compétition de cette envergure et surtout en tant que compétition dans une soi-disant cyber-île.” sans même y avoir participé et tu trouves cela juste et objectif ? Qu’est-ce que t’attendais au juste d’une compétition dont t’es même pas participant ? Sérieusement en quoi tes critiques sont elles constructives ou objectives ? Tu as contribué que à faire du “spamming” et du “flaming” depuis le début.

    D’ou tiens-tu tes infos déjà ? As-tu validés tes sources avant de publier ce poste ?

    Désolé de t’apprendre ce que tu sais déjà mais, tu passes ton temps à faire de la critique sur tous, sans même avoir étais au fond du sujet.

  • Whiz

    All these discussions and criticisms makes me laugh and wonder about you all guys because there is nothing constructive about it.

    None of you are giving any propositions on how to make this event better next time. Most of you are participants who are either defending their case or attacking the winners. As such all your opinions are bound to be biased.

    However we as spectators or people outside have every right to criticise but propose at the same time. Y not have you targeted this discussion towards improving the webcup instead of making this a battlefield for the participants?

    Yashvin Awootar: how can you lets this guy talk ill more the specifically the language used, about a company just for the sake of a webcup.

    Nirvan Pagooah: since when does 4 people from a company represent the attitude or competence of the other workers of the company.

  • Hello Whiz.
    The aim of this post was to gather people’s opinions about the competition but due to lack of information (as written in the post and comments), readers grabbed this post as an way to discuss about the different web sites presented.

    Improving WebCup, yes. But how can someone try to do something if the organisation itself is not communicating at all. It is as if they packed up after their business was over. When reading the comments, a few suggestions have indeed been made but definitely, WebCup needs to rework their communication skills. Without any information on their judging criteria, we end up with web sites, participants and a hell lot of comments whereby each one is justifying themselves for the work done (or critisizing others). Practically a battlefield as you said.

    Just imagine this: If WebCup came forward to justify or at least critisize and rate the work of the groups, each participant would be today in front of what went wrong and how it can be improved.

  • Est-ce-qu’il faut vraiment participer afin de pouvoir dire son mot?
    De quelles infos parles-tu? Je serai ravi de te répondre.

  • Sammy

    MOONPIE SAID >>> “Where did he say staying up 24 hr is a problem ? I guess you need some more sleep than a mere 4 hours ? Hallucinating huh ?”

    I’m not hallucinating.

    You can’t spell “Front-end” and you think I want to compete against you? xD Noobpls.

  • Sammy

    Yeah I sold a zillion on themeforest. Well not a zillion, but you get the idea hun? Or not?

  • Sammy

    “None of you are giving any propositions on how to make this event better
    next time. Most of you are participants who are either defending their
    case or attacking the winners. As such all your opinions are bound to be

    That;s why I’m here, I’m apply cold water on the burned area. xD These people who ocmpeted against each other are making me laugh so much that I can’t stop trolling around

  • Sammy


    That’s why I tell my kids to read a lot. So they don’t make fool of themselves on the net when trolling idiots.

  • Sammy

    Please, don’t act like an ignorant. I only talked about some licensing stuff and copyright stuff and you still don’t understand that you can use free stuff when they have proper licensing. But this does not mean you flatly copy a whole site and think it’s the same.

    Noob Level >9000

  • Whiz

    Hey bro, grow up.

    Stop whining and get a job. Maybe it’s because we have Mauritians like you that we unfortunately are having to recruit people from abroad.

    The competition is now over. It’s not by arguing with them you will win it.

    Personally I wasn’t there so i will not venture out on criticism. There was a compete with a jury. If you have to complain go complain with the jury. But again this remains a fun competition and it seems to have hurt your ego.

    Man the world is not about you or your team. Grow up!!

  • Moonpie

    And what about “Noobpls” ? If I go for punctuation and spelling (without mentioning your limited French) you’d be dead since long 😉

    Since you missed the point of my argument and can’t respond to I’ll copy paste it :
    Who asked and who cares how much you sleep ?

    So you won’t participate but yet you are better than all the participants and you are a From-End designer who knows better than anyone else about programming and has so much to teach from behind your screen but don’t want to come forward for the 2014 edition.

    So to conclude you’re the best in the world when it comes to web design and web site development principles, having so much to teach us on programming and web design and now language in general but still don’t want to compete for the 2014 edition ? Come on ….

  • Moonpie

    “ocmpeted” ? perhaps you meant competed ?

    “That;s” perhaps should be spelled That’s ?

    “I’m apply” is perhaps I’m applying ?

    “the burned area” should be burnt areas instead ?

    So much errors in just 2 sentences ? From someone who is here to give us lectures on language be it programming or spoken ?

    And yea normal sentences ends with a full stop.

  • Moonpie

    Once more, for someone who was not around, how can you say with so much confidence the organisation did not communicate well ?

    Why should the organisation come forward to justify to someone who did not participated ? Did the losers try to contact them via the same means they contacted the organisation to register themselves ?

    “participants and a hell lot of comments whereby each one is justifying themselves for the work done (or critisizing others)” => reread your post, you are the one who started the critics with icon left unchanged and so on.

  • If today, several participants are trying to justify why they were better than others, it looks like organisers did not inform them of what was missing in their assignment.

    btw, the previous reply was for @Whiz who talked about battlefield, not about me writing on the icon thing.

  • Justement, si j’écris sur ce blog, c’est justement pour m’exprimer librement. Maintenant si tu trouves que t’arrives pas à accepter mes critiques et la façon dont je les ai fait, dommage. Je n’y peux rien.

    La discussion peut continuer pendant longtemps encore, mon point de vue perso restera le même et d’ailleurs je pense que tu tiendra au tien aussi. Liberté d’expression.

  • diven

    You should ask your friend from ESOKIA who told you that if the french dude who presented our website arrived at esokia 4 months ago..thanks..kone pran info 1 lot foi.. 😉

  • Nirvan i am not geting your point? what did they plagiarize? can u justify please?

  • zEus

    Nothing extraordinary Or amazing, at least it works on Chrome ^^

  • zEus

    At least you said ‘try’ ..because your what so called responsive… ^^

  • Moonpie

    Donc pour toi c’est tout a fait normal de critiquer la compétition sans s’y rendre même pas en temps que visiteur ?

    Si c’est un blog/opinion perso, pourquoi faire de la pub sur les réseaux sociaux et même sur la page officiel de l’événement ?

    Je digère bien les critiques mais mal d’une personne qui n’a rien à faire avec la compétition. Le simple fait de dire que tu es un passionné du web sans pour autant le démontrer après avoir tant critiqué les autres prouve qu’une chose, ta critique est non-constructive sans aucune volonté pour faire mieux.

    Apres tous tes commentaires je constate qu’au final tu ne connais rien du déroulement des événements pendant les 24hr du concours.

    Tu n’as pas répondus à mes questions. Je les ré-itère :

    D’où as tu forgé ton opinion ? Que par les dires des perdants ? Que fait-tu du dires des autres ? De quel point de vue perso parles tu ? Tu n’y étais pas ! Comment peut tu avoir un point de vue perso sans même y avoir participé ?

    Connais tu le thème de la compétition et la façon dont-elle a été présentée ?

    As-tu contacté par toi les membres organisatrices pour dire qu’il se sont planté sur les infos fournis ?

    Tu n’es juste pas d’accord avec le résultat annoncé par le jury mais tu t’abstiens à nous faire part de qu’est-ce qui n’est pas bonne avec la décision ? Encore une fois sans s’y rendre comment sais tu que les résultats sont pas correctes ?

    Trouves-tu objective et constructive cette article et la tournure que tu as donnés a tout cela ?

  • Ohh dude, still got pending questions for you above 🙂

    Answering them shall be of a great help for us 🙂 As you are a developer from Esokia right, you know what’s so particular about Esokia’s site.

    I presume it’s the 4th time i’m asking this question and no one answered it. Probably, there nothing so particular about esokia 🙂 Damn. just a bunch of bogus stuffs right ?

  • The plagiarism thing was about Web Thugs & Ceridian, they categorically used a template.

    + Plugins are open source, I guess this should be fine using them.

  • hello atached below is the look n feel of a far west world. the site wasnt meant to be a site comprising of latest technology
    but it was meant to be like a portal to the past or specificaly to that
    world. esokia got it right unlike some idiots who participated but
    didnt even understand the theme. they builded great websites with robust
    back end, api allowing other to conect, and their site was something
    which feels like the present nothing to do with the actual theme. some site was just in the present with stuffs from present world ( ie statues in ruins) other ruins and present day monuments as it is now. that didnt represent the living world of that theme. can u give me the portfolio of your 14 year nephew and his facebook i am eager to get in touch with that dude. actually does he exist ?

  • once again as i said above, marks was given to those websites which had the look n feel of the theme given to them, and which represented something of that period.

  • Bien évidemment que j’ai envoyé le lien par la page de Facebook aussi bien que les “sites officiels” de Maurice et de La Réunion. D’ailleurs, sans réponses jusqu’ici. Et est-ce-que c’est interdit de faire la pub? Alors je dois aussi empêcher Google d’accéder à la page?

    Le lecteur doit pouvoir prendre ses propres conclusions. Tu n’es
    peut être pas d’accord de mes critiques, t’as parfaitement le droit, je le respecte. D’ailleurs, c’est tout comme t’es pas d’accord du mien. Çà ne veut pas dire que tout le monde partage les même opinions que nous, d’ou la raison de cet article. J’ai permis à chacun de s’exprimer sur
    un compétition dont la pub est faite publiquement sur Facebook et le média. Si quelqu’un se sent léser par les propos que j’ai fait, il/elle peut prendre les actions légales nécessaires. Point final.

  • without participating u are crying like a 9year old, when u participate and lose i wonder what u will do? 🙂 good luck do u have any port folio, show us ?

  • Right in the post, I was the one who said that I did not agree. Where did you read that I wrote that I made my judgement according to what others said? And if others said it was fine and winners were right, that happenned after they commented on the post, right?

    There’s no portal in here for me to go back in time and prevent myself from publishing this post because some people found it right after reading my critics in the future.

    After the proclamation of the results, I found out that there were much better sites from my point of view, of course. And now if other persons second my feelings or make it clear that they are against my views, they are free to do it.

    Since I was not member of the jury, does this prohibit me from expressing myself?

    Without this post, no one would be talking about the WebCup. LePep admirab!

  • Moonpie

    Tu as envoyé ton article aux organisateurs et tu attends des réponses ? Et tu penses que auras des réponses à tes critiques non fondées ? Ce que moi je te demande as tu contacté les organisateurs sur le fait que le thème n’était pas clair et les autres difficultés remontés par les participants. Qu’est-ce que Google vient faire dedans ? Quand même arête de tourner autour du pot !

    Tu n’as toujours pas répondus à mes questions je vais copier coller à nouveau :

    D’où as tu forgé ton opinion ? Que par les dires des perdants ? Que fait-tu du dires des autres ? De quel point de vue perso parles tu ? Tu n’y étais pas ! Comment peut tu avoir un point de vue perso sans même y avoir participé ?

    Connais tu le thème de la compétition et la façon dont-elle a été présentée ?

    As-tu contacté par toi les membres organisatrices pour dire qu’il se sont planté sur les infos fournis ?

    Tu n’es juste pas d’accord avec le résultat annoncé par le jury mais tu t’abstiens à nous faire part de qu’est-ce qui n’est pas bonne avec la décision ? Encore une fois sans s’y rendre comment sais tu que les résultats sont pas correctes ?

    Trouves-tu objective et constructive cette article et la tournure que tu as donnés a tout cela ?

  • Sammy

    PHP Programming at Wikibooks


  • Sammy

    Ok, challenge accepted!

  • Je ne trouve pas la raison pourquoi je dois me justifier à chacun de tes questions. C’est dommage que tu ne comprends pas tout le monde a le droit de s’exprimer librement. Si t’es pas d’accord, te t’exprimes si tu veux mais cela ne veut pas dire que tu “forces” aux autres de se justifier. C’est écrit nul-part.

  • Sammy

    I agree I made mistakes since I don’t look at my keyboard while typing at 147 WPM.

    Also it’s “yeah” not “yea”

    And finally (burnt vs burned):

  • Sammy


    Have a look at our works, you can hire us for your outsourcing 😉

  • Sammy

    Actually we sold thousands 😉

  • Well, it seems that some people have not grasped the concept of a personal blog. I find unfortunate that I constantly need to remind them that my personal opinion can be different as theirs.

    And finally, comments are approved after manual moderation. They DO NOT appear immediately. So, if as from NOW, if you can’t see your comment, it is most probably because I’m fed up of repeating the same thing again and again.

    Thank you for voicing out your views when you had the opportunity.

  • Guys the flamings will go on and on until it will be out of hand, to make a summary, i would like to say the competition was fair and was fairly judged. however some people didnt understand the underlying theme and made modern websites. whilst the website was required to be something very belonging to a certain specific era. as i said again and again some website were too modern and pictured stuffs from nowadays world ( ie recent pictures of monuments , buildings) if u look carefuly sites that won prizes were sites that really had the look and feel of a very past website ( as if it was made for that time)

    FRCI and paperboat was eliminated at first sight i guess as their site didnt reflect anything as the judge expected they were too modern and like a present day website,

    webthug had nice designs even though they were copy right it was well colated together and quite impresive no one judged them on the engine or template or website they copied

    esokia had the look and feel like i said of a far west, also pictured picture of a wanted guy like a ( orange.mu) of that time

    it seem webthug and chesteroc was at same design level as far as i heard however since chesteroc got the best technique) webthug won the design, chesteroc pictured the 3d map of that time with information of flights on the dragons, the website was responsive and the look and feel did seem to that time stuff.

    copyright material wasnt dis allowed, nor there was any mention about what kind of back office used or not to use template not to copy site. the competition was to use ur imagination to make a portal kind of thing.

    i guess i am clear enough…

  • i dont think it should be an issue nirvan, no one coded anything from scratch as i already mentioned earlier most used template, be it some cms template or some template freely available somewhere, the competition wasnt about that, it was about the output the team can produce

  • when u sell a template the one buying it has full right to modify it and use it as he wish?

  • chrisprogrammer

    Thats wonderfully explained sir

  • Extension-interactive.

  • chrisprogrammer

    DSL Yashvin mais Moonpie a parfaitement raison. T’a le droit de ne pas répondre à ces questions mais j’ai quand même trouvé ca bizarre que tu critique le gagnant du concours sans même connaitre le thème précis que demandaient les organisateurs. Comme le dit plus haut un certain Miquel, tu t’es basé sur des faits non fondés pour écrire ton article.

    Si l’équipe Paperboat se plaigne que les instructions ou règlements n’étaient pas bien définis, bein fallait bien travailler son français à l’école ! MDR


  • BestPilotEverXD

    well said bro 🙂

  • Nishta

    hello i would like to point out that jury judge u on what he sees, its just like the final year project we do at bsc level, the internal and external examiner mark the presentation on what he sees, if the presentation fail u are bound to minimum marks, u cant go around and tell the lecturer that everything was working well it just doesnt work on this screen. so to answer ur query yes jury mark u on how well u present the website.

    esokia did a fabulous presentation hats off to them,

    and i find it strange when u say that the screen was 800 x 600

    in normal circumstance i dont find it corect when sponsor participate however for me it was a fair competition.

    looking forward to the next edition.

    u missed the fun part of it like rajib pointed out in the facebook.

  • Tu vois Moonpie, suite à des mauvaises interprétations, on est peut être arrivé là aujourd’hui.
    Par exemple, j’ai parlé de ” tu ‘forces’ aux autres de se justifier”
    alors que toi, t’as commenté:
    “Et d’ou tiens tu que je te “forces” à changer d’opinion”

    Peut être que tu vois mes opinions infondées, mais ce sont les miennes. T’as tout à fait droit d’avoir les tiennes.

  • Juda

    Woot a troll den ! May I join ?

    Hi all ! I’m the french new guy from esokia recruited 2 and half month ago (Not 4, be accurate b***h please) ! And yep I’m very at ease with presentations, speechs, trolling, flaming, psychological warfare (#Ref : Idols & anchors – Parkway Drive) etc. But sadly I wasn’t the one who did the final speech or else (Be accurate B***H please), else I’m sure we would have won every price (Even the virality by having less like than Elite)

  • Juda

    Owwwwww com’on ! Pointing out that we didn’t mange to change the fav’icon ? Really ? Don’t you have any serious argument ?

  • diven

    if u can read some of the above comments posted by others readers, and mayB, just mayB, if you are a bit intelligent, i would not need to answer your questions..and think by yourself, if we were *bogus* as you said, then this *bogus* team beat your sinking paper boat team.

    i’ll stop lowering myself to your level, so its better for me to stop justifying my team and myself, because kids like you won’t understand the difference.

    And just to close the topic, WE ARE WINNERS, and none can change that. haters and bad losers gonna hate.

  • Diven, we (at least I) can’t deny this fact.

    That’s true, You are indeed the winners, whatever anyone says.

  • Juda

    And I think you should add in your article, that we won with low cost material, no dual screen, by drinking sugar free RedBull (taste awful), and by picking last our era/subject.

    What ? Am I trying to troll ? But I thought it was a troll contest ? 😡 *Confused*

  • Nishta

    wow i didnt know paint is so powerful !!!

  • Nishta

    they why are u crying like a 1 year girl?

  • sniper

    that’s a lame reply. will you tell that to a customer if he/she doesn’t like your final product ? or maybe the government should tell that to you if ever you are criticising their “way of managing the country”

    one should take notes to improve their skills instead of giving ridiculous replies to criticism..

  • diven

    thanks..hope nirvan is mature enough to understand that fact.. but sincerely, if you were present during the presentations, am sure that you would say that nirvan is a bad loser. because the participants themselves even before the announcement of the results, they declared us winners.

  • zEus

    aaaaahahaha… xD!

  • Moonpie

    Criticizing without the guts to prove you can produce a work up to the level of your criticism is even more lame.

    What authority do you have to point out that the web site was not good and all, I guess you are of the same make of the post author, without even having participated nor attended the event here you are pointing fingers that nothing was good.

    Who are you to point out fingers at the “literate” level of people in a field ?

  • Moonpie

    T’as parfaitement raison, suite à ta mauvaise interprétation de l’événement t’as écris un article basé sur des faits infondés sans même connaitre le thème ou comment il a été présenté ou le fond du sujet, tous en réclamant des explications aux organisateurs alors que n’y était même pas.

    Je te poses quelques questions simples et tu nous sort un baratin comme quoi c’est ton blog perso et que tu te sens pas obligé d’y répondre. Une fois de plus t’as parfaitement raison mais qu’en est-il de ta crédibilité en temps qu’auteur ?

    Tu fais que tourner autour du pot, mais cela devient plus clair de jours en jours que tu ne connaissais rien de la WebCup 2013 à l’heure ou tu avais écris cette article.

    Cet post n’avait que pour but de faire de la critique sans aucune motivation t’aider ou de construire ! Je n’ai qu’une chose à te dire :

    Welcome to the real yashvinblogs.com !

  • Effectivement, j’ai bien écris des critiques sur l’article, je n’ai rien à cacher dessus.
    D’ailleurs, la sous-titre est bien “Les critiques”.

  • Juda

    A renommer en “Mes critiques personnelles et subjectives alors j’étais pas présent”. S’il-te-plait :3.

  • lol.

  • sniper

    A user has the right to criticize even though he/she does not know about the development of the product but we can surely know how a website should look like.

    Surely you do not even know what context awareness means and how facebook , google and other famous companies are striving hard to know how to provide good customer service (by having tons of data warehouses) with good final product. make the customer at ease , not by simply displaying garbage like fonts or just by insulting the whole engineering race by winning a competition with a CMS with no efforts done.

    In the end we are the final judges not you.. websites are made for customers (mostly people who do not know much about how to build one).

    Their decision about the winner of this competition is a reflection of their literate level and of how little they know about technology itself. Let alone other websites , just by comparing the “winner” website to that others in that same competitions everyone (but you and the same likes as you) is angry about that decision.

    To hell , even esokia removed the website from the server.. just try to access it , that website is down , while others are still up and running.

    Usability, performance , flow , appeal ,proper use of css 3.0 or even jquery (context wise) that website has none of them. I will not even try to talk about design pattern as they will not even know what factory pattern, observer pattern , inversion of control etc… is.

    so finally yes we do have all the rights and authority to judge a product that is made for us. and that final product esokia made was pure crap.

  • WebCup

    Bonjour, nous prenons notes des critiques afin d’amélioré l’événement l’an prochain, merci de nous avoir suivis à Maurice et sur les différentes îles de l’Océan indien. Le Bureau WebCup 😉

  • Merci!

  • What ? No one coded anything from scratch ? Really ?
    You’re completely wrong.

    Our backend was drupal, but on the front-end, EVERYTHING was coded from scratch ith respect to the wire framing we did. Apart from the footer which was open source.

  • chrisprogrammer


  • chrisprogrammer

    So Nirvan, you’re saying that people nowadays no longer use 800*600, you’re website is responsive(for specific resolutions only). Now i would like to ask u one simple question. Did u really understood the theme?

    des mondes parallèles, les civilisations ont évolué différemment, et
    Internet a été inventé à différents moments de l’Histoire… Vous devez
    créer un portail touristique sur l’époque que vous allez choisir…”

    What did u undertood from that?? O.o

    Your chosen theme was “Olympe”; I don’t think Steve Jobs already created the iPad 1120 BC! Why try to build a responsive site if you don’t even master it?!

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Alain Bastien

    Did someone thought about COPYRIGHT, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY , PROTECTING HIS WORK his WEB SITE posted ? There are people out there organizing competition just to get ideas …like http://www.suc*ess.mu. One day you’ll see someone cashing millions on your work. By the time you get a GENUINE lawyer (e.g Yatin Varma) MASA and so one….can guest. Because I am a genuine VICTIM

  • Alain Bastien

    Just to get ideas and to steal them. Without paying any intellectual property rights !!!

  • Sammy

    Dude read around, I showed my link like 3 times. I’m bored of your sh*t here.


  • dan

    IMHO, your comment is a conspiracy.

    Any competition of these nature have provisions for intellectual property. Before joining any such competitions, one must read and agree to the terms.

    “Article 4: Patents and Copyrights
    Applicants will maintain full ownership of their patents and copyrights if any”.

    “6/ Propriété intellectuelle et droits d’auteurs
    L’association WEBCUP s’engage à ne faire aucun commerce de quelque nature (vente, échange, etc…) des travaux réalisés par les candidats dans le cadre de la WebCup.”

    Btw, I would be interested in knowing that idea worth millions that was stolen from you 😉

  • Alain Bastien

    How many have been convicted to have breached the copyright ACT and been fined Rs300,000 + 5 years of imprisonment according to LAW in Mauritius ?

  • Alain Bastien

    90 % Software and DVD in use in Homes are Pirated and illegal copies. These are just writings Your Bla bla Patents and Copyright .. Once you have given your ideas away … Would you hire a lawyer and an attorney for Rs150,000 !! MASA themself can’t protect local artist !! The case could go one for YEARS !!!

  • dan

    As far as the Webcub is concerned, I am not convinced that the competition was organized to steal ideas. Actually, it turned out that the participants stole ideas from others 😉

  • Alain Bastien

    1 Billion >>> I am software developer C and C++ >>> I proposed 30 SMS services to GOVT. and a Software to replace ID cards by Biometrics just use and place your finger no cards require. To drive a vehicle today you should have 1) Your Driver’s License 2) Your ID card 3) Insurance certicate 4) Road Taxe cert 5)Fitness cert 6) Mutual agreement form 7) DLC form

    With a Simple SMS sending the Vehicle Plate number and within 160 Characters you can get everything on the vehicle. Just Place your finger on a device the data is encrypted sent OTA query a DB and returns relevant data concerning your Driver’s license

    The processing Power available today in certain Private and even Public institution is equivalent and maybe more to what NASA was using to send Spaceship to the moon in the 80s.

    1 Billion was paid to Singapore for SMART ID CARDS !!!

    And how much did Driver’s License counterpart cost to print 600,000 original + copies of these documents 1.2 millions A4 paper

    Mauritius Cyber island ?

  • Hello Alain.
    Well, part of this topic has been previously discussed on http://www.yashvinblogs.com/permis-a-points-launch/
    You can perhaps share your views there too 🙂

  • Alain Bastien

    I don’t have to convince you. I’ve been in IT since 1988 I been in the Government as IT Coordinator on contract for 18 month. I’ve worked for several Private companies and I am 56 years. It is just my views. If you are confirming Participant stole ideas from others …Where is the COPYRIGHT protection you made reference to Article 4 and 6/ ???????

  • I also agree wih dan.
    May be that afterall, the competition is just a means to get money from Sponsors.

  • Alain Bastien

    I really think and believe there are highly competent and great potential individual here in Mauritius..but they are not listened..heard by those money minded decision makers

  • dan

    Make some research on ‘fair use’. There is also a provision for it in the copyright act of mauritius.

  • esokia

    a tou banne siki sorti esokia, kifer zot p koz otan bku si zot in ggn competition la? ki bel zafer ena ladan? otan fier zot eter?lol fer moi rier, 1 simple ti competition zot in remporter p fer zot otan fier pou? ena 1 dialog: drome vide fer tapaz, prend sa en consideration.!

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