Permis à Points: Launch failure

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  • yurit0s

    zot ca plis coner ki zot ouler….
    zot p mari faner…….

    in ler pou leve paquet aller modire…

  • Many people working in the government lack competencies.
    I blame the IT guy and whoever recruited him 😛

    This could have been easily avoided ( disaster planning )
    I would have built a cluster of SQL servers and have the traffic load balanced between them … EASY


  • There was the 2K bug but this is a counterpart bug. If this was a difficult exercise then can you imagine what will happen for the new identity cards?

  • Weps, LCI..wonder how they won this contract? didn’t hear about this being tendered out..

  • Yashvin on MBC!!! Wow… Seriously, this will not be THE solution to the actual problem. Some A holes will keep driving carelessly and never get any sanction as they are the sons or daughters or nephews, cousins etc of X, Y Z personality. Mauritius is corrupted to the roots and we ‘le people admirable’ do nothing but water it everyday with our ‘lassoer aller’ attitude…sad sad world 🙁

  • Aah… I knew I saw your double on TV last evening… From what I could see for some seconds, he was really pissed off. Yashvin would have surely blasted the cameras for filming his utter frustration about the whole failing process 🙂

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    Zot pann fer stress testing 😉

  • vicks

    alerment ban ti copain kine mette system la en place! 🙂

  • lol was to be expected sa ! 🙂

  • By d way, mo croire ene strategy MBC ek Govnt sa…passe toi lor tv… Telmen to populaire pu zot c ene moyen montrer ki meme ‘YASHVIN’ p ale pren so permis… Et le fait ki to pa ine casse camera la..bein zot passe pu ban top 😛

  • I wonder what kind of system they built. Assuming there were 5 laptops connected to the server per police station. That makes possibly around 100 connections simultaneously (5 * 20 police stations). So their server can’t handle 100 connections simultaneously???

  • Could you upload a scan of this famous (toilet) paper when you get it please. Thank you.

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    You blame the IT guy? be more specific please. It seems you have a deep know how of how this stuff works

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  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    ki manier DKL

  • Nek geter komer la polis pou ena poisson dans zot vehicle aster. Enn grand dimoun in dire sa. Al komprend.

  • Alain Bastien

    Don’t tell them how you fool, they are paid for that. Have you seen the new PRB modified reports !!! I was dismissed from the N*B just because I insisted on the use of FREE software and free DB as MySQL !!!

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