UOM End Of Year Party

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  • http://the-sundeep.blogspot.com Sundeep

    next year..mo pann fr boucou letan endans..ti ale boire..monn sou dernier degree..
    premier fois monn deguele dans uom..
    dans toilet common..
    enfin ti necessaire pou kass soulaizon..
    the came back on the dance flor..
    it was overcrowded then..
    finally at 11 moved to kitsch
    and got home at abt 3am
    next time nou re party..
    en gros hier
    monn boire some 5-6 beer,1/4 bouteil sir richards, imper sa melange dans to bouteil sprite la..ban lespece cocktail ki ti p donne a base ananas and i dunno wht (saeme monn vomi :sick:) finally to end ene vodka+redbull
    finally the EOY was not that bad..
    inn gagne pou boire ek ban kam ki ek moi depi 3 ans..
    monn boire ek perseedoss
    lol nou verre ti ena trou
    we have one more EOY party left..or rather EOAY
    merry xmas and happy new yr dude

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