UOM End of Academical Yr Party 2008

Back to University yesterday, this time to ‘chill out’ in The University Of Mauritius End of Academical Year Party 2008.

Early in the morning, i set out for a long drive since i had taken my day off from work to hmm hmm…

Late in the evening, i reached Reduit where i met lots of friends (again) and we took some drinks before we entered the uom permises which was quite well secured with the loads of police officers controlling the access to the Party.

The food court was again in the Basement Parking like the years before…

Unlike last year, I had no coupons to get my dinner, instead i had to pay for the 2 bbq which I took.

Effectively, this year, my sis had done the necessary to get our names in the list of guests for the party since i am not a uom student, not now (again lol, perhaps for my masters now)…

Chill Out Orange Night Party

Btw, the party was held in Raised Plaza and the schedule was as follows

17 30 – 18 30 – Chill Out with Buddha Bar
18 30 – 19 00 – Live Tecktonik Show
19 00 – 22 00 – DanceFloor with DJs Xceed & Yan
SMS Dedication & Games

At 2000hrs, the dance floor was quite ’empty’

But some 30mins after, lol, it was completely full!

Here is a video of the party….

There was Orange Lucky Draw Coupons being distributed everywhere, which allowed you to enter a draw by filling in your name, tel numbers etc to win gifts at the end of the party…

Damn it!

How many of us did bring a pen during party? LOL !

pssst πŸ˜›

You can read the post of the End of Academical Year Party 2007 and the End of Year Party 2006

Chilled out! lol!

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  • Nice post…music la ti nice…mais mo pa p rapel kn ti gagne sa song laa…lol!

  • @Preetesh: lol, it was at exactly 2126hrs πŸ˜›
    This is what my mob says…

  • The party sucks coz i wasn’t there… πŸ™

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Nokia N96 Limited Edition (Red Panda)

  • Tousa demarse la tone bizin fer pou alle labas la πŸ˜› abein.. mo esperE tone bien amiZE.. (ine reussi retrace azagen btw?? )

    kit par mone trouve Masters.. joke sa ? πŸ™‚

  • @vicks: azagen lol, preske 20hrs later, pas enkor truv li vine online la πŸ˜›

    ah wi, joke of the day sa πŸ˜›

  • Hmm…mo kwar mo ti sorti mo ti ale pran n call sa ler laa…heh ena n cam dan video la kn in fini!! Labas em mo ti eter..chance mn sorti kn tn filmer..sinon ti pu gagne mw ladan la:p

  • Vishali


    Yep, partyyy was nice!!! Et quand ti p done sa sanT la, nu ti ziss at ur back!! [daks, me, and other frnds] It was kool!!

  • Bhavna

    ya party was nice.. lol.. but came there quite late ( com dab) ard 20 30.. lol.. mai bon had a nice time.. music was good.!

  • Wai…moi comme dabitud kan tou dimun p gagne weekend moi mo al moizi ar travail lol.

    Pan reci al party la…my friends told me it was…well normal lol.

    Avishs last blog post..Truth about the Net PC of Mauritius Telecom

  • Pritty

    Heyy dats rili kool….n rocking music as usual!!!