Underground Supernatural Camping 5.0

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  • Bhav

    Twaaa laaaa…..premier ‘Campment’ la bien bizin rend li 1 visit sa!!!franc tou!!!sa ban experiences fer peur la bel nissa sa!!Lolzzzzz…..however i admit it was a really bad one 4 u,surtou kan 1 group camarad in bien preparer pu al truv kitsoz cumsa at last?!!! :s

  • Yash to pan per?mo sire sa..to meme ki ti per plis..LoL

    tushals last blog post..Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Semaine prochaine moi si mo p alle camper.

    lol campement Rajcoomar. Nom la mem fer pense ene campement hanté.

  • Mike

    hey man!

    Well done for describing our ‘ordeal’ so perfectly…there’s plenty more to reminisce about this.

    yep it was ze perfect setting for a horror flick….something like the ‘Mont-choisy chainsaw massacre’ haha

  • Laksh

    hahaha campement hanter
    😛 mais finalement paret zotin amuser kan mem 😉

  • Bernardo

    The dirty mattresses with holes & love stains

    Love stains…. LOL


  • Love Stains???? Sa ti mank just un cameraman laba…ti kav fer un film horreur lol.

    “The Ghost’s Love Stains” 🙂

  • ReenaDKL


    What’s that foot!? Kot sorti sa!? Lol!

    Ayo in Mauritius so many people are frauds! Good that you are sharing your experiment with us. Maybe next time you will go check the place first then actually pay to go there.

    Anyway, it was an experienec for you to tell your grand children one day if they do not want to go to sleep. Just tell them you will go leave them at that place for the night if they are not being good kids 🙂


    Ek sa pli sok enkor! Love stains! Lol! Pa facile sa!

  • @ReenaDKL: lol, next time u want to hire a bungalow, just google it!

    For example, googling ‘campement rajkoomar’ sends u on my post 😀

    Gr8 isnt it? 😛

    but the problem is in creole, there are unlimited no of ways to write rajkoomar lol