Underground Supernatural Camping 5.0


The executive members of the ‘Underground Committee©’ was on camping mode since Friday upto Sunday(today) in the north of the Island at Mont Choisy, well not only Mont Choisy infact, you will learn why in some seconds…

We finally ended the camping at Pereybere, in a luxurious bungalow, compared to the first one at Mont Choisy!

The story

After the quarterly meeting of DCDM Consulting, we (Bernard, Michael, Rama, Krishna, Richard, Nisha, Vana, Vero and myself) met in Mont Choisy in a ‘bungalow'(siposement, dimoune appelle sa campement!)…

The ‘campement’

That thing was in ‘etat pitoyable’, lets describe it in note form lol!

  • Walls which have not been painted since years!
  • Windows some of which have no panes, or some wooden planks used as panes
  • The kitchen with ceramic tiles cracked everywhere, really big cracks !
  • No plates or glasses.
  • Doors whose keys didnot work!
  • Toilets beurrrrrk!
  • Sounds which came from nowhere!
  • Water which started to overflow by itself :S
  • Rooms which no one dared to remain 1 sec alone!
  • The dirty mattresses with holes & love stains.

It was like in a horror film!!!

btw, that disgusting thing which some people called bungalow/campement is also known as Campement Rajkoomar!

The ‘activities’ starting…

Nevertheless, we did not have the choice but to remain there, since it was already about 9pm.
After a kfc dinner, we started to try to forget what was around us by taking some drinks while i was installing my desktop pc and my audio equipment so that a Karaoke session could start.

Very quickly, we started to make loads of noise, even if most of us had some fear, growing more and more!

lol, whose foot is this??? 😛

The climax(one of them!)

In the middle of the night, we heard a water flowing, thinking that it was coming from the toilets… However, after a quick check, the sound appeared to come from upstairs!

Bernard, Mike and Rama courageously went up the stairs to discover that water was overflowing in the water tank/bathroom, myself dont remember lol! It was very strange koz no one of us actually went there!

In fact no one of us dared to go alone anywhere in the house!

This incident was like a shock to all of us, and we took the firm decision to look for another bungalow for the next day!

At around 4am, we all went to sleep in the drawing room (salon) on 2 mattresses (beurk!)

The next day

I woke up at around 6am, and took the car to buy fresh bread and some ‘gato piments’.
The others woke up a bit later, and had their ‘baguette and gato piments’ ready….
After our breakfast, while some of us watched a film on the pc, others went to look for another bungalow, anywhere!

We wanted to move as quick as possible from this place!

Packing things before moving out…

A few hours later, we packed up and headed to Pereybere where we hired a nice bungalow for a night…

Arrival at the 2nd bungalow

Most of us nearly kissed the floor lol, on the sight of a clean bungalow, with nice mattresses, chairs, clean walls.

It was the nicest thing that could happen at that time!

The dinner

We slept a bit during the day, and we had dinner at Luigi’s in Grand Baie…

Back to the ‘heaven’

At 10pm, we reached the bungalow where we drank even more, while playing dominos till 4am…

The next next day

We took our breakfast at around 10am, and at 1130, we were already on the road, back home, after a supernatural camping night, followed by a peaceful night in the 2nd bungalow…

Packing again, the final one!

The End….

Everything has an end, and tomorrow, we will be back to work, just like everybody else, but the difference is that, we will be telling others about our 2 nights camping, without forgetting the frightful night in ‘campement Rajkoomar’ at Mont Choisy!

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  • Bhav

    Twaaa laaaa…..premier ‘Campment’ la bien bizin rend li 1 visit sa!!!franc tou!!!sa ban experiences fer peur la bel nissa sa!!Lolzzzzz…..however i admit it was a really bad one 4 u,surtou kan 1 group camarad in bien preparer pu al truv kitsoz cumsa at last?!!! :s

  • Yash to pan per?mo sire sa..to meme ki ti per plis..LoL

    tushals last blog post..Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Semaine prochaine moi si mo p alle camper.

    lol campement Rajcoomar. Nom la mem fer pense ene campement hanté.

  • Mike

    hey man!

    Well done for describing our ‘ordeal’ so perfectly…there’s plenty more to reminisce about this.

    yep it was ze perfect setting for a horror flick….something like the ‘Mont-choisy chainsaw massacre’ haha

  • Laksh

    hahaha campement hanter
    😛 mais finalement paret zotin amuser kan mem 😉

  • Bernardo

    The dirty mattresses with holes & love stains

    Love stains…. LOL


  • Love Stains???? Sa ti mank just un cameraman laba…ti kav fer un film horreur lol.

    “The Ghost’s Love Stains” 🙂

  • ReenaDKL


    What’s that foot!? Kot sorti sa!? Lol!

    Ayo in Mauritius so many people are frauds! Good that you are sharing your experiment with us. Maybe next time you will go check the place first then actually pay to go there.

    Anyway, it was an experienec for you to tell your grand children one day if they do not want to go to sleep. Just tell them you will go leave them at that place for the night if they are not being good kids 🙂


    Ek sa pli sok enkor! Love stains! Lol! Pa facile sa!

  • @ReenaDKL: lol, next time u want to hire a bungalow, just google it!

    For example, googling ‘campement rajkoomar’ sends u on my post 😀

    Gr8 isnt it? 😛

    but the problem is in creole, there are unlimited no of ways to write rajkoomar lol