blog this !

for a blogger, there are 3 things that may cause much irritation to himself

  • when he doesnt get any comments
  • when he doesnt have any ideas to blog
  • when he doesnt get enought time to find ideas to blog

well, am currently in the 3rd situation…

i think that all of us has at least once, complained about not having enough time, nor any ideas for the next blog post…

Quite busy at work, no time even to open facebook or msn messenger (hundreds of times like before, shuuutttt!!!) since i am currently working on web related sites, including an ecommerce shop 🙂

else, at home, i have been trying to mix up some songs since very long, but after nearly 2 months, i succeeded, in producing something a bit better…
a bit lengthy, anyway, its done after 2hrs of trials for today!

its a mix of Bhool Bhoolaiya and Break For Love, you can download it here…

hmm, this week, met Avishna, ‘une amie de longue date’, had lunch together, hmmm…
hey avishna, hope to content mone mentionne to name in MY blog 😛
tone blier faire mwa rappel pu tire foto pu metter lol

sans oublier, the Camping Version 2.0 among DCDMC Colleagues, mo p encore gagne sa parfum dentifrice ki mone ramasser pendant mo ‘sommeil’ lol




Other events, happy birthday to zainab(wi wi, mo koner demain sa!) et also happy birthday to Mantasha ( wi wi mo koner mo en retard, par some weeks, mais ki pu faire, to frekentation!)


en passant, happy birthday to vissen et nitin(pane blier zotte :P), + congrats to nitin for winning the award!!! U deserve it!

je dedicasse mo remix a vous tous, lol haha!

Bein finallement, mone gagne imper kitchose pu ekrire ! waaaaaa!

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  • wow, its the 150th post!!!


  • mantasha

    lol…hahaha..tro comik:P
    merci yash;)

  • Zai

    thank you yash!!! 😀 puiske tone mentionne moi dan to blog i’ll put a link on my facebook pou to gagne plis visitors! :p

  • Madiihah

    eyy yash mets encore .. lng pas in ecoute to ban remix 😛

  • Madiihah

    Pui san foi la so camping to pas in blog..
    Nu cmpren to in vin “Gentleman” aster mai qan do keep some time for us! (Lol)

  • yup it can be really frustrating when you want to blog and dunno what to write about! 😛

  • hey dire? koner..apres xtra longtemps mo in vin lor to blog..nek ki aster..time..pfffff..bez sa quan ena pou study la..

    eh pou to song top as croire to pou bsn remix un peu pli really love the songs remix by you..keeep it up.. in aret gagne time aster

  • Euh… Congrats… Belated happy birthday… Euh… M pane ekut to santer, but will do. And euh… blog pli souvent 😛

  • Avishna

    mai c vrai to pane met mo photo lor to blog!
    after in gossip for 1 hr to pane met mo photo
    fasse r toi!!
    but thx for lunch, i owe u one the day i start working.
    big bizuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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