Welcome dear Mauritians fellows.

I am sure that all of you use LOL (laughing out loudly) during your chat, or even in your SMS messages.

However, this is an english internet slang word, designed for english conversations, while MDR (Mort de rire) is a french one.

But do we really have an equivalent in creole?

Even despite we use creole in our everyday life, sms, chat (practically everywhere), we dont really this word defined in our imaginary vocabulary.

A few months ago, I came up with a post related to this “issue and finally,a nice word was suggested.

The most suitable equivalent may perhaps be TVR (Trappe Ventre Rier).

Since then, I have always been using this new custom internet slang word and I am not the only one.

Several other people do use them, either on facebook or even in my blog. (btw, BIG THANKS to them)


I came up with this post, to make this word TVR more visible and accessible to all.

You are free to use it and encourage others to make maximum use of it.

Any other suggestions are welcomed of course, but meanwhile,

Lets TVR!!!