Those water sports activities which few Mauritians can actually afford….


I find it somewhat ironical.

Tons of tourists land on the island to practice water sports which very few Mauritians can actually afford because the prices being out of reach for most Mauritians.

Some of the activities

Kite Surf, one of those activities, is densely practiced in the South of the island, in the waters of Le Morne, famous for this activity. According to a friend, it can approximately cost around Rs 2000 for 2 hours. And before you can actually make impressive figures with the kite surf, you need to hire a tutor and spend considerable time practicing.

Other activities include Wind Surf (Planche à voiles) and water leisure activities, like those offered when authorities decide to make them more accessible and reachable to the Mauritian population.



Can we really put all the blame on the price? While I agree that equipment are very costly for these water sports, I think that no, prices are not the only factor accounting for the very low interest in those sports. I also feel that Mauritians get afraid of getting burned in the sun, especially at the sea. Noticed that too?

Just have a look around and count the number of persons around you who do not know how to swim. I talked on this previously here and I was right while writing that article. We should be proud to have our island surrounded by sea (let’s forget about the fears of tsunamis). I also have the impression that Mauritians are being left behind all those developments made for the tourism industry.

Anyone practicing water sports here? Which one(s)?


Worth reading

Before ending the post, let me remind of the sad truth about life in the island: Practically everything is under your control if you have friends “ruling” over the country. Just to quote a few things rapidly: (1) Closed access for vehicles to Mon Choisy and roads deviated for a hotel, (2) Converting old toilets into Commercial building and restaurants at Mon Choisy, (3) Construction works in a small parking area at Trou Aux Biches, (4) Restricted access to “OUR” beaches around the island because of hotels and bungalows (Read more) and finally, to end, the General Manager of the Beach Authority calling French tourists as “Savages” (Sovaz – Read more here).

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  • I know Mauritius has a Ministry for Youth and Sports so is there any sponsoring for water sports like kite surfing or wind surfing? They could organise local events or championships with a view to training to international competition levels.

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    “(2) Converting old toilets into Commercial building and restaurants at
    Mon Choisy, (3) Construction works in a small parking area at Trou Aux
    Biches (…)”

    Can you please add Ilot Gabriel as well? Until a new beach is colonized by another labourite…

  • You said it, I think it will do the work 🙂

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