Des plages privées sur le littorale nord?

Oh laaaaaaaaa!

C’est quoi ces panneaux sur la plage?

Et quelques mètres plus loin….

No sunbathing? What’s the *?

C’est pas fini! Cette partie du littorale du nord (google maps) est remplie de panneaux similaires avec les mots suivants “Plages Privée” ou “Terrain Privé” ou “Stationnement Interdit”.

Map (Cliquer pour agrandir)

Map (Cliquer pour agrandir)

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Il est important de savoir qu’il n’existe pas de plages privées à Maurice. Malheureusement, les propriétaires des bungalows prennent avantage de la naiveté et de l’ignorance d’une bonne partie de la population mauricienne.

Nul ne peut vous empêcher de profiter de nos belles plages aussi longtemps que vous ne piétinez pas dans les terrains privés des bungalows ou hotels.

Je me demande bien ce que font les autorités?

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  • Yiu

    I don’t want to sound one sided but ever wondered whom owns these lands? (ban gro palto)they seems to be given more advantage than us mauritians
    they mostly comes from other countries and show off here (not all of them though) 🙂

    Mauritius c’est un vrai Plaisir ._.

  • I remember walking that stretch a decade ago… & it seems nothing has changed.

    At that time, there were actual fences & walls separating the private beaches.

  • Dvil

    meilleur zafer pou faire dans sa cas la c kas ene poz devant zot et compte ban pas depuis high tide mark lor la plage devant ban dimoun la:D normalement vissen bizin rapele kifer mone dire sa

  • Mike

    Authorities turn a blind eye when it comes to collecting nice taxes or rents on land. It could get worse when you see a sign with “Achtung minen” then you would not want to walk on the grass or venture further.

  • @Mike: LOL!

  • It;s the same with hotels where security guards asked a friend to move away from the beach. Thank God the guy was no stupid. He told him to go and seek the manager as there is a law in Mauritius that there is no private beaches (ahum…bitches)…

    Anyway our PM and his loyal followers (read lèche ahum…) should be thrown out à coup de savattes dodo..(koi ke p gate savate la so valeur…)

  • Bernardo

    Bravo Yashvin !!!!

    This is a superb post. I will share it with everyone I know cause, like you said, some people just take advantage of the naiveness of other people

    Every time I get hearing of such “Private beach. Keep away” sign, my blood boils.

    There is NO such thing as a PRIVATE beach in Mauritius. And this is a thing I have always been proud to tell foreign friends.

    You are not allowed to walk on private green, but you have full right to walk on sand. They do not have the right to put such “Keep away” signs on the beaches. I recommend that we go report that to the nearest Police Station and get this report signed.
    A friend and I did exactly that some years ago. We reported to the Police that “Le Royal Palm Hotel” prevented us to use the beach and jetty in front of the hotel.
    I remembered that they (the security guards) told us (with a Jack Bauer tone): “This is a private beach and President Chirac is staying here, you can’t come in front of the hotel. MOVE AWAY NOW!

    An article of this incident came on Defi Plus the next saturday. This was GREAT.

    I really hope your post come to the attention of the media and Mauritian politicians!!!


  • Bernardo

    Article of “Week End” on this subject. It’s written in such a biased way!

  • @Bernardo:

    “Every time I get hearing of such “Private beach. Keep away” sign, my blood boils.”

    i totally understand you…in fact we Muritians (poor & middle class) will soon be restricted to “reserves” like Aborigins are allocated in Australia n America, Canada…(correct me if am wrong..)

    Then tourist will come visit us like in zoos….

  • I can’t understand one thing. I knew that fact that there are no thing as private beaches.

    But some people are talking about: “zot explik difference lor droit stationnement, etc.” WTF is that?

    If such a thing exists, then the “no private beach” policy gets scr3wed. We need clarifications and know our rights well. We can’t take actions else.

  • @Nayar:
    “Stationement” does it refer to car parking???

    Maybe they mean not to put your “natte” ek picnic on that spot…even then I believe they can’t do anything as long as you are on the beach itself….

    Like some hotels have specific cleaned sea section in front of the hotel. They limit it to floating “buoys” (written like this?) If you wish to swim there they have no right to stop you coz the sea is not private!

  • Yeah, those spots in front of hotels are the best to swim these days:
    1. they’re cleaned everyday
    2. many people don’t know that all beaches are public, and they listen to the guards to prevent them: this means you get a lot space for yourself 😛

  • Deepa

    Zot ena droit fer sa???

  • b kass 1 poz laba meme, telefone lapolice

  • Well, if hotels are cleaning the beach, it should be considered as a patriotic act. Thats all.

    This does not in any way make them owners of any sort. The beaches are for the public.

  • krishnen

    Great post.
    We have to fight for our rights as Mauritians. Unfortunately the beach authority has at its head an incompetent rodere boute. So can’t expect much from the authorities on this issue.

  • ena ene lotel ki trouve bord la mer dans l’endroit, ena ene laloi ki dire ki n’importe ki lotel bizin crée ene l’impasse pou ki ban dimoun kapav alle lamer sans constraint, mais cki mo konner la, li pan fer nariien except lin mette pied palmis pou blok sa lîmpasse la .. lot fois la mo p alle lamer, cuisinier la vinne ar moi, dire moi mo pa gagne droit marche ici, li laisse moi pou sanne fois la, lendemain mo re-passer, li dire moi li pou telephone lapolice pou dire ki ene voleur (moi) in rente dans proprieté l’hotel ,, mo dire li telephoner, en meme temps manager vini, deman moi kifer mo la, mo explike li, li dire moi cki konne laloi passer et pas dire nariien

    Maurice C’est Un Plaisir .. alors mo deman moi kifer ban dimoun cki pa konne zotte droit, zotte contines coyonne zotte :S

  • Thanks for sharing!
    My husband & I (I’m not Mauritian) were told to leave the beach between Blue Bay / Mahebourg some years ago. We were sitting next to a wall at the beach when a guy (the owner of the bungalow behind us??) told us to leave. I fully support Mauritians; I have lived here 7 years and I hate the fact that too many tourists are invading this tropical paradise! What is soon left of the paradise?! There are too many restrictions! We are hikers and enjoy taking a good hike, but unfortunate too many areas is “private”! 🙁

  • Torpedo

    @ Reena DKL
    “thrown out à coup de savattes dodo..(koi ke p gate savate la so valeur…)”
    Taaiii… zoli kalott ha!! 🙂

    Zistement, ti ena enn lartik dans WeekEnd semaine derniere lorla, ek reponse bann proprietaire.
    Alorss, ena trouve pou dire ki gagne droit passer seulement, mais pas stationner? Zot ti kwar private parking ha? Bé pa ti ena pou asté lakaz pieds-dans-l’eau si koumha mo bourzwaa! Ou ti nek ti ena pou faire enn miraille siss-mett hauterr tout-autour ou lakaz, entour enn ti-boutt la-mer tou la-dan, coumsa ou l’environnment visuel pas polluer par nous, bann pov fess-nwar / nwar-touni ki nou été. Mais pa blié, couma mo prof sé-pé-eu ti toultan dir: avant ou alé, péssé paye lor la-terr mem ha! Alors, ou pou dimander ki péssé nou pé kozé la? Abé first and foremost, miraille dans bord la-mer = erosion garantie! Partout coumsa, parski enn miraille li rigide, ek li empess dissipation l’énergie bann vagues lors enn la-plage normale. Couma ou coummence mett miraille enn place, premier victime, c;est la-plaz ki divant miraille la-mem, lerla, l’energie vague-la “concentrer” dans bann lezott place kot enkor ena la-plaz pou dissiper (en d’ott mot, ena moins kantité la-plaz pou dissipe mem kantité total l’énergie bann vagues) alors, lezott la-plaz oussi souffert problem erosion. Ou pou dir moi ki ou pas ti conner: abé ignorance of the law (of nature in this case) is never an excuse. Ek si ou kwar mo pe zouer lors mot, pas blier ki ou ti siposé gagne enn permission la-cour (blié sa eunuque sans-dent ki appel Beach Authority-la) pou erige n’importe ki structure permanente within high-water mark. Mais, couma mo’nn plein dire/constater ici et partout dans Dodoland), bann autorités zamé pas exerce zott autorité (contre lobbies, politique, populisme ek demagogie), ek samem la-cause de 80% nous bann problem zordi-zour.
    Bon, mo repeter ki mo pas content souhaite malherr dimoune, mais quand mo rapelle ki’nn deja arrive moi (enn proprietaire campement ti larg so bann li-sien lor mo groupe camarade ki ti pe la-pess aswar, ek nou’nn bizin saute dans dilo dans nwar-mem pou capav sové) vraiment esperer ki ennn zour gagne enn tsunami assez puissant pou rasse sa-bann miraille-la…
    Enn tas pou dir: “aaaryo! guette couma li méchant!”
    Mo reponne zott, avec sourire: “Méchant peut-être, mais puuutain, qu’est-ce que ça soulage!!!”

  • Gui

    C’est simple, ce qu’il faudrait faire, c’est de prendre “enn bis special route” et organiser un picnic géant sur ces plages “privées”, histoire de voir ce qu’ils peuvent faire…

  • @Gui: @Gui:


    A quand le plan!?

  • Torpedo

    @ Gui & @ ReenaDKL
    Top porgram!!
    Siloy nett!
    N’oubliez pas votre brosse à dents VUVUZELA!! 😀

    Faire enn vision: couma meeting permier mai fini, nou détourne bann biss-meetings la ek faire zott faire tam-tam lors bann no-parking areas la-mem. Lerla nou ti-ava guetter…
    Mais bon, arett rever camarade!

  • @Torpedo:

    of course nu kapav met program la diboute…bzin zis ki zot tou solidaire…

  • k@mikaze


    moi etant un habitant de Blue Bay, laisse mo raconte zot.

    some years back, there was some one staying in a cozy home pied dan leau ti p largue berger almand lor laplage, just pou ban dimoun pas vin devant so laport. malheureusement, un jour irreparable in arrver kan 3 berger almand in attaque un touriste ki ti p ale nager…et dapres sondage, madam la in ale paye un lamande fort et ……

    maintenant ban dimoune ki in frequente la plage pointe desny au courant ki ena un quantite passage public pou gagne access a la plage de pointe desny, mais malheureusement, ena ban dimoune ki in monte muraille et plante cactus (racket) pou ki public pas gagne access… ena in met fencing lor la plage tou…faudrait guet ban boxer, berger almand, danois et le zot molosse ki dan la cour la..ena griffon et basset ki fer tapas beaucoup pou fer peur…

    banla zot croire ki dimoune pas au courant ki ena passage public, juste ban habitant ki conner,..

    moi mo dire ki l’autorite bizin prend action ki besoin pou ki nous ban mauricien capave profite nous ban laplage et non ban etranger ki p louer bungalow ki profite sa la plage pointe desny la…

    seki pas kon sa la plage la, mo conseil zot ale fer un tour. pas capave compare ek aucun laplage..



  • Torpedo

    @ Kamikaze & @ ReenaDKL & @ Gui

    Eh, kan nou mett sa porgram-la, fauder amenn Magistrat Lucky Luke ar nou: si ena toutou, li tire enn coutt-bal, problem réglé! héhé!
    Ki zott dire?

  • @Torpedo : hahaaaaaa! D’accord r toi! mais li bisin ene loto ou ene bato r li, pu tenir so reputation lol.

  • @Gui:

    lol!!! bien bzin mett ene plan kumsa…

    Mega lol @ Lucky Magistrat…

  • @Yashvin:

    Mega lol…kapav pran ene ti loto/bateau joujou…lol!

  • Torpedo

    @ ReenaDKL & @ Yashvin
    Merci, merci…
    Faire enn vision: le 1er Mai, dans enn bis-meeting mazistra tir so fizi mett lor la-tett sofer, li menace li pou amenn bis-la nett ek so cargo metterr-nissa la-plaz kot enn écriteau ‘no parking’, li faire tou dessann mett la-faya lor la-mem, ek quand fini, la-plaz ek popiéterr so zardin inn vinn coumadir enn cyclone fek passé…

    @ Bruno
    Biased? Ou sirr missié, parski inn écrire l’artik-la enn manière sarcastique pour justement démontrer l’absurbité de la chose, ou pas tourve sa ou, non?

    Mais nou bizin faire nou enn devoir lire mise au point bann “propriétaire”-la bien. D’apré zott, gagne droit passer selment, pas ress en place. Lor la ki mo ti envie trouve zott reaction.

    Parski pa blier, tou dimoune so lakaz borde enn simé. Ek sa partie ki pli pré ek simé-la (enn réserve minimum 3 pieds, dependant ki kalité simé) li capav pou ou, mais ou pas gagne droit construire nargnié permanent (ou baraz blok pa compte couma permanent parksi so fondation ‘non-structural’) lor-la pou permett otorité faire compulsory acquisition pli tard pou élarzi simé-la.
    Donc, enn terrain li capav pou ou, mais fauder garde en tête ki partout pas capav construire ou lakaz: ena reserve à-coté oussi pou ki ou la-fenett pas overlook ou voisin (et vice-versa). Plis ki sa enkor, si enn coté ou terrain ena la-riviére, reserve-la li enn minimum 8 mètres (wai, huit mètres, d’apré Rivers and Canals Act 1865, si je ne me trompe, please correct the date if it’s wrong) pou assure ou ki quand ena débordement, ou lakaz pa noyer (asterr quand ou guette sa kantité plaingner ki ena quand la-riviére rentr dans bann lakaz riverains, asterr ou comprend komié apé paye zott péssé-la!). Mem zaffer pou campement “pieds dans l’eau”, avec so reserve ki mesurer depi high-water mark.
    Alorss, couma ou trouver bann la loi dan Dodoland inn bien faire zott, mais ziss ki
    1) notaire pas faire zott travail correctement (c-a-d explik dimoune bien ki permett et ki pas gagne droit) quand faire contrat la-terre
    2) otorité pas exerce so power to pull down quand ena empiétement
    3) politicien in trop interferre dans travail bann institutions
    4) démission bann otorité quand ena tro boukou enjeu politique et financiers
    5) dimoune pas conscient de bann conséquences à long terme parksi pena enn sensibilisation ki’nn faire ni dans lekol (nek aprann lire ecrire compter pas egal l’éducation) ni dans le seul media ki vraiment efficace: emm-bé-ssé.
    6) Arrogance de certain dimounn ki enkor ena mentalité colons. Par enn accident de naissance zott inn né dans enn fami possédant (ki zot l’ancett inn accapare bann terrains partou partou) ek ki cwar ki zott ena tou droit parksi zott posséder.

    Mais ena bann popiéterr campements ki prend zott pliss royaliste ki lé-roi ek mett soit baraz, soit barblé, soit enn ti écriteau, ou enn combinaison de tout: Les salauds!

  • maurice

    some even have their dogs patrolling the beach in front of their apartment, intimidating any passer-by!!

  • Yowan

    Seems the Authorities are not doing their job properly

  • Nazira

    c’est de la foutaise …. private beach et puis quoi encore!

  • Last week itself, we were walking from Tamarin to Flic-en-Flac.

    We paused a little under a tree. A security guard came and said we don’t have the right to be here. I asked him where is the limit of your perimeters according to the laws.

    He said that according to laws, we are allowed to station there but the hotel owners who rule here.

    The security guy was provided by Brincks. Shame shame shame!