SBM has a new web site too.

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  • Torpedo

    I’ve got insider info that SBM’s IT dept is very very (VERY) keen on quality, a bit like the general stern-business atmosphere prevailing there. If they had experienced the same problem as MCB (simply put, MCB’s IT guys failed to test their software properly, resulting in peoples’ name containing any accented characters be ignored by the system…), the IT head and assistants would have been immediately fired. That’s why you never hear any failure / missed-launching stories with SBM. Same as Barclays, but with the difference that Barclays is so shitty that it is still not coming with e-banking that it keeps promising me since 2005…

  • mone reblier ale guet sa truc internet banking la 😛

  • awesome!

    the devs did a great job here. :p hahaha and it wasn’t outsourced job it seems :p.

    hahahaha…. actually, just seeing the look and feeling of the sbm website is getting me tempted to try e-banking with sbm, though ofcourse i’ll try looking into it in more details security wise first, but .. yes the website sounds for once useful and pleasing at the same time!

    mcb is retarded :p

  • ashvindx

    What people in IT don’t get is that having a website is not enough nowadays. You need to know internet marketing, and at least have a way for your users to stay in touch – read Facebook page, Twitter, company blog, or at least a subscribe button for newsletter… Until the marketing department gets training, and proper involvement in the website design, it’s not going to be as good as big foreign banks…