Experiencing MCB/SBM Internet Banking

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  • I have never used Internet Banking, but I’m a better “specialist” that those guys at MCB.

    Use User Agent Switcher add-on with IE7 user-agent to be able to browse the MCB site on Firefox.


  • @Carrot : LOL!
    Nice solution to satisfy all users!

  • selven

    I’ve been using MCB’s internet banking since almost a year now and i can say that my experience has been very pleasant so far. Swift payments, MCB-refills,payments to other accounts, query past transactions, viewing my loan a/c as well.
    The only problem i have encountered so far is the automatic logout after 8 minutes, but i guess its a security feature as well.

    Response time to online queries is also satisfactory.

  • i have the same problem with sbm internet banking says user already login …after this problem i contact them they says i need to write a letter to request a new password. in europe u need to call them they will ask few detail about you n u get access to it back in few mins.. here will take more than 1 month doing all that.

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    โ€œIt is to be noted that our specialists are working on the compatibility of Mozilla Firefox to our service.โ€

    LOL at MCB specialists = amateurs

    semester dernier nous fine ecrire ene virtual banking system program ki run on a blackberry (PDA phone, this one: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/devices/device-detail.jsp?navId=H0,C201,P563 )
    li sync ek firefox, IE, sage accounting pro, quickbooks online storage en servant reseau wireless across canada. Li export tout to compte dans .xls ou OpenOffice etc

    Meme to p kaka dans ene toilet public ek to envi avoye cash to famille, dans 25 secs to fini fer li haha mo pas croire so banne ‘specialists’ la pou capav fer sa

  • Yashvin personally i prefer using the MCB internet banking because if you mess around with the options, u will see there are loads more things you can discover ๐Ÿ˜‰ like you can effect international transfers in a matter of seconds, apply for other services without the need for you to go to the bank, make local transfers and so on, and concerning the FF problem, FF 2.0 works fine on MCB internet banking ๐Ÿ˜‰

    well thats my opinion, i have been using that for some years now and very happy with it

  • I agree with Yashvin’s views except for the virtual keyboard. It is necessary IMO.

    “btw, I got both of my internet banking accounts locked since I forgot my passwords LOL.”

    Phone them – if you didn’t obtain new passwords, they can disable the password thingy temporarily. You’ll have to answer a slew of questions first but it helps esp. if there’s payment that you absolutely need to settle online.

    SBMOnline is better.

  • Avishna

    wi wi moi jai 1 truc a dir!

    some days ago ti bizin fer internet banking… bang firefox pa p log mi in!! mo gagne nerfs coz tou sa jour la mo pa ti gagne problem… call them and after 15 mins zot dir moi pa servi firefox mai internet explorer!! anyway mo pane lose my calm (like mo ti pu fer in any other similar situations) ek in dir zot ki zot ban espece de cretin, ki zot ban inbecile, soi disant internet banking ti bizin dir explorer banking.

    mai seulement c bien pratik to use, got all my transactions done without problems.

  • Mike

    I have the same poor experience on MCB using Firefox. I have to switch back to IE7 in order to have the correct display and be able to work properly. In general it is getting to be a pain on the web having compatibility problems with browsers. I have 3 browsers installed, IE7, Firefox3 + Opera. With the most frequently visited websites you get to know what browser works best. Not sure why most banks work around the IE7 cos it is not the fastest browser not forgetting all the recent security worries.

  • Anony

    It would be interesting to point out here, who was the developer of the MCB internet banking.

    If I am still correct, it’s DCDM Consulting!!!!!

  • @Anony :
    Some part of what you said is true, but
    1. The web site was made several years ago, when firefox etc were not widely in use (or was not even on the market), hence MCB should have updated their system.
    2. From what I learnt, the team from DCDMC worked on a different part, not on the web site itself.

    btw, no need to hide behind an anonymous proxy or name, no one will sue you.
    I dont understand why some people fear to say things, especially if they are so sure about them!

    Nice try lol!

  • Nirvenee

    [re=29369]RocketScientist (Kunal)[/re]:

    Yeps Email Money Transfer, it’s really convenient and you can transfer funds to external account for a small fee…I agree!

  • Never tried internet banking. And I don’t think that I will try it soon.

  • At least, their e-commerce payment system, which I wrote in 2001, still works ๐Ÿ™‚

    I cannot vouch for the Internet Banking guys, though. Credit where due, MCB is among the first banks to have introduced internet banking.


  • I’ve been using MCB’s IB for almost two year now and so far i have no complaints. Actually the IB seems to be having problems with FF3 only. Else it work well with IE 7.0 and even Nokia N73’s browser. Actually it worked best with FF2 when i was using it and still if i am at work, and need to use IB, i log onto a SunRay thin client (http://www.sun.com/sunray/sunray270/index.xml) which runs on solaris and by default has FF2 and enjjoy the pleasure of IB.

    I did hell a lot of transactions on the IB..phone recharge..money transfer..credit card management request for this and that..etc..etc, and this come really very handy when you are abroad and have to manage your money.

    i barely use cash anymore, most of the time i use credit cards or IB.

    I have not used the SBM online banking. But i have a friend who does, and when he compared his IB with my IB, he said that we at MCB have the best IB service in mauritius.

  • Vote for : NO INTERNET BANKING ๐Ÿ˜›

  • HB

    I was told that you could make credit card/paypal payments without an actual card with Internet Banking. Is that true?

  • y.c

    barclays internet banking is world class!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Stella

    I have been using MCB INTERNET BANKING FOR almost 2 years now. when i subcribed with SBM since 1 n 1/2 year they are still sending me my password?!??!?!?! i prefer MCB i do almost everthing with it..

  • Heisha

    Haha, Never Mind!!! Hmm, Well i fink mstly evry1 got problems here and there wid their “INTERNET BANKING” so far…

    Keep trying…but SBM is better Off!

    Dunno? Why BOM have provided these banks such license lolz…

  • Jen


    Nice review. Good that they let you publish it. At least, they contribute to honesty. Are these banks fully government bodies?

    By the way, a little question, is there any bank providing paypal services in Mauritius, please?


  • @Jen: You think read this article for more information about Paypal and Mauritius : http://www.yashvinblogs.com/ebay-mauritius/

  • jessie

    hey – did you check NEW MCB IB for the past week (when access was possible)? the site apparently had far too many views and couldn’t handle the load!!! MCB posted a message when access was not successful – at mcb.mu/page404.htm

    NO Comments!!!

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  • Mike

    I don’t like the new MCB IB, the old version was smoother. This new system is sluggish and not really user friendly to get around. Also I get quite a bit of time out where I have to log-in again. I have voiced a couple of points to the customer service.

  • waka

    Mauritius banking sucks
    In uk with a simple debit card visa and master card purchase are already activated and you can buy without limit …

    so fuck Mauritius bank credit cards …. really sucks because of the credit limit

    get a uk bank account you will not have to suck those Mauritian bank like this …

  • Vishal

    It would be great if you can update this article when you have time. I was thinking about trying sbm internet banking in the near future and your reviews have always revealed most prestigious in my tech-thingy decisions. Thanks ย ๐Ÿ˜€

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