Orange Sitara, here is my post!

Did not really want to write any further posts on those competitions organised by our National Television, but, could not resist after that of today…


I will try to recap everthing which happenned….

I as quite surprised, as well as most of us watching it here at home, after the announcement of the voting results, the girl there started crying….


Come on, its only a miserable competition, no need to do as if u r on Sa Re Ga Ma Stage or any other famous competition…

lol, and guess what? She was crying, not because she lost, but because she won!
Initially all of us thought she was quite dissapointed!

Online SMS Display Messages

Nice innovation, live sms on your screen….

but quite unpleasant for their image, i agree they should display everything,

however, its not always nice!!!


Lets talk about the choice of the judges there…
One in particular(to the right in the picture below)…


On his first appearance before the camera, he was unable to speak correctly before the camera (“ti p gaga”) and how is he going to mark the performance of the candidates???

Female Host, totally lost in her words!

Again, MBC has put 2 new female hosts, which are completely “amateurs” just like the one they put on “Hum Tum” Singing & Dancing Competition some months ago…

Today one of the female hosts talked nonsense at one instant (when there as a tie -candidates with same points )

She told approximately the following:

The first time something like this is happening here in this emission, you can send your sms to vote!lol,

In fact, at that instant she meant “You can send your sms to comment!”

That are the disadvantages of being live!

Orange Representatives

Orange, being the sponsor of this singing competition, its quite normal for their representatives to be there….

Just a small comment (since most of them being french or english, hence not understanding anything!):

Hey banne representants Oranges, attention zotte beze mangue labas!



The concept of the mentors, was completely stolen from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Be Original! At least prove you can be creative!

Time to leave u here, dont hesitate to add further comments below!

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  • Fayaaz

    Dnt 4get the place where, instead of saying good luck, he said congrats to a participant. Remember??? Looool.
    U said it ryt, dat’s the disadvantage of being live.

  • Fayaaz

    I meant Adi

  • Yusuf

    You are a very good obsrver indeed!Many concepts were stolen from Sa Re Ga Ma.MBC has a lot to do to win the hearts of Mauritians.

  • 😀

    Orange Sitara is totally crap.

    1. The studio is too small! (Sounds get distorted!)
    2. Who uses an animated background anymore? (Shortage of LCDs i think) The peeps are badly “cropped!!” 😛
    3. Concept stole from SRGMP (but that’s typical MBC) 😉
    4. It’s live & everyone makes mistakes! (trop gaga!) LOL 😀
    5. Orange sucks! 😐

  • & yeah… forgot that completely…

    The number of people who can sing in Mauritius is less than 50. 😮
    All faces are over-familiar.

    & yeah, those 2 who won the last comp got axed from this show coz the last sponsor was MTML… 😀

  • Yusuf

    Hi everyone. We all probably agree that Orange Sitara is not the best tv show that is being proposed on the MBC right now. I think that although being a little late(a week to go), a post could be opened on Dance Fever 2008. This is a quite nice show and many dudes out here could speculate on who will be the winner. At least there are talents in this show. What do you think?

  • Elle

    Indeed big lol when Lama said congrats instead of good luck!!! buahahaha 😀
    Yea abt the sms, au cas ou zo pan remarker, ban dimun ti p critik ban host la avc emission la au commencement apres mbc in cumance filter ban sms la…(n) bom sa!

  • no pa geter pa geter meme MBC>.tou zafaire ki pa veux la pen ki li play..
    apres sa voting la.pffff..check inbox..banla nek email pou zot..pffff..
    same as dance fever..
    vote for this for that girl..! ! ! !

    and finally..YES>>ORANGE SUCK..
    mo pe rode faire less than 10 gb la..mari tough! !

  • deepa

    Bientot tou saki p servi zOrange pu kumnc servi pomme:p


  • bane zoranges pu beze mangue lol

  • jt

    MBC amateur as usual…libere tv like radios.. p rode arange bel bel batiment dan moka, mais bane dimoune ki donne ideas la as usual no comments…

    PS Pro s in COPY PASTE …

  • He Critics

    Yasvin I think you should be more creative in your life. Only boring and dull people like you watches program like this. Another thing try one day to sing then you will know how difficult is when you have to sing in front of a live camera, and you need to have the tune, rythm etc…

  • to He Critics…

    exactement, thats the message i pass : “Si to pas kone santer, pas bisin santer”

    appelle sa al faire vilain/bouffon devant camera

    I never told that i know how to sing, thats y i dont try too…

    b creative? a lot of ppl watch mbc home made competitions only to laugh at them, and i am just like them!

  • jt

    difficult or not , there must be a selection before puuting people who are afraid infront of cameras and what s worst, infront of a well known company and using the name of this company and mingle it with amateurs.. They are famous around the world, they are pro s…

  • jt

    mille fois ti mambo…pa dire bane zenfant la pa ti gagne peur pu chanter devant camera??

  • Zodiacgal

    lol even me too i dnt watch this programm,but i watched the opening,its the carbon copy of SRGMP and the funny part is 3 or more people taking part in this one have already taken part in another competition and been winners too.. zats was the first thg i noticed zen there’s professional singers. They are used to cameras and live show which gave a disavantage to others. In short its an unfair competition….when we think orange is wasting their money on this useless competition and in less than 3 months the SMS tariff will be Rs10 i/o Rs 0.60…

  • Jiv

    once again, mbc has set up in a routine 18 00 – 1930 sunday show. even we did not want to, we sit down n watch it. The competition sucks, though :
    – sound quality is very bad (mo tv parfois li grincer tou kan zot sing)
    – kan adi talk, pa understand nothing => either adi so mic pane ben regler (cauz so lavoie li assez grave)or …
    – concept stolen from Sa Re Ga Ma challenge
    – 3/4 faces have already participated to these type of shows n many have already won too in earlier shows => very little percent are newcomers
    – juding is amateur ….

    anyone who has seen the previous episode (episode 2 : 05/05/2008) will agree with me that Sandeep Boolkan (who sang dil de diya hain) did a fantastic rendition n deserved AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION …
    The twist to the story is that RAMDOO NAGESHWAR (he’s the winner of HUM TUM) got qualified
    – he sang very badly , was almost out of breath
    while singing and we could hear his breaths.
    -there a a tie situation, he sang 2 lines ( <30 seconds) and he qualified automatically ..
    -judges la ki p roder?
    -maybe they want to protect veterans (ramdoo’s already a winner in previous competition) n so they BOYCOTTED a newcomer

    -where’s the FAIRNESS?

  • dont know if kikene ti watch the first one, in case yes, did you notice habillement main host la (tifi)???


  • gete MBC>.faire comment mwa..NO MBC>>NO TRAKA..mais….its always fun to ROFL un peu quan gete sa ban program la zot qualiter comment eter! ! !
    anyway..MBC..ena 1 mari mari hyper grand chemin pou li faire avan li resi vin krk..

    p:s ban myT users pa pe kpv ale lor bsn servi proxy! !
    RS v dire rapidshare.

  • He Critics
    Ena 1 proveb ki dire..
    Its better to let people think that you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.*-)*-)
    mwa mo pa kone sanT..mais quan pa pou ale faire boufon 2vant camera! ! !

  • Avishna

    to premier pu guet ban shows ki crap ek rier ein!
    nepli guet national tele mem moi aster tro puant!

  • Orange Sitara: Well to be frank, the action is good,finding new talents! But the way it is being done : totalment KK! Why should such programs be live?
    The hosts are now showing professionalism at all! We must bear in mind we r mauritians not indians.
    Compared to hum tum, this program stinks!!
    And Yashvin, I must admit it that u got a damm good mind!

  • To Varun:
    hihi, :$ thnks for the compliment…
    as u say above, its true, why should they broadcast live?
    Its as if they want to enter university directly without going to primary school, well good luck to them!

    to Avishna;
    hey dear, congrats (for ur graduation(y) )
    n thnks for ur comments

    to Tushal:
    Rapidshare, dan imper time facebook si pu banned 😛 or perhaps our blogs, if we critisize mr Orange….pom la!

  • yashvin..pli vilain..
    ti ena nek rapidshare…
    aster ena
    Megaupload/megashares—>nek a few pe kpv acess sa! ! !mari beser sa..zot pe blacklist tou! ! ! !

    2main mo pou phne sa ban mangue bsn ask zot kifer..zot problem la eter! !pa ena 1 so called broadband connection nek pou surf lor site! ! !
    suis pa un idiot quan meme! !ki mo pou faire lor sa site la?li pa servi mwa rien! ! ! !
    tou zafaire dan maurice pe vin en couyonade.pou traverse PL{motorway}dan lunch prnd plis ki 30 min! ! ! !ki CAKES sa! ! !

  • to tushal:
    lol! haha, kant meme ta, to p faire complainte lo traffic lo sa post la 😛 siposer lo Orange sa, out of subject net :p

    na c vraie, hier mo ti essaye rentre lo rapidshare, li ti mari tarder pu load et la mo fek essaye rentrer, meme kk.

    chance ki mo pas ene addict rapidshare… *-)

  • Kunal

    Eta yashvin, 90% moriciens banne bourriques… bizin banne emissions bourriques pou entertain sa banne bourriques la… sameme ena ene studio bourriques qui appele MBC (Mari Bocu Caca) ki fer sa banne program bourriques la. Ek lor la, pou to reussi participer dans program la, to bizin ene certified bourrique! Sinon to pas admitted!!!

    non mais… fer inper formal logic, to pou trouver /forall Bourriques /Exists MBC!!!

    Ki rol sinon? Moi mo ena exam partial differential equations demain la :'(:'( bel ggt lor moi… bizin apprane sa banne l******ma runge-kutta diff eqns la mari falou sa mo dire toi!!! mo bizin reste eveiller toute la nuite nek pou appran. beze +o(+o(

  • Sj aka DarkAngel

    This show makes me wanna cry, wish i cud bury my tv in the producer’s *ss!


  • Sj aka DarkAngel

    Confirmation for rapidshare my mates.

    Same problem, rapidshare freezing since morning of 6th may. tried connecting via proxy, loads fine. means orange is acting b!tchy. but RS dont allow download via proxies…

    am my.t user. but adsl users had no clause concerning any bullsh!t usage policy in their initial contract. and wats the use of paying “unlimited” adsl if u have limited downloads!

    sayé zoranze!

  • Hey fr attention ki to blog pa get banned par the great Orange firewall…

    Hey vraiment sa banne jury li dans pince nette ha..Mo ine gette ene sel emission mo ine plein..Pff..

  • :p Get ready to see them live once again!! envi fer computer science and engineering…what do u advise me brozer?

    li pu difficult pou mwa ha to kwar …mo pane fer computer f5 ek hSc…:(

  • Kunal

    To Varun:

    Hey, fer li! Trop facile! UoM so comp sci and engg mari mari facile!!! saki zot fer dans 3eme annee mo p fer dans premier l’annee lol (huffman trees, schotastic procs, compilers etc)


  • computer science and engineering…
    a simple question ki pu aide twa repond to kestion:

    eski to content faire programming? or to p pense pu faire computer science only akoz li la mode???

    si o cas to repond wi, to content programming, then, another kestion, kifer to pane faire computer at f5 or hsc?

    principale c, si to envie faire sa cours la, to bisin tout dabord content programming, akoz toute longue to carriere to pu faire sa or bisin faire reference a sa.

  • viraj kumar

    hi can you vote for me please.

    i want to prove myself as i think i deserved a better decision on the 3rd emission of orange sitara.

    my code sitara 15 send it to 8080

    Thanks Friends.

  • Bhootnath

    I have gone through various messages.
    Would wish to request those who have been criticising this program, come on , and face the camera…

  • to bhootnath:
    Since we know we wont be able to face the camera, we prefer to remain behind, not make the fool in front!
    When u do something, u must be confident that u will be able to do it, and will be doing it in a professional way, to avoid turning into a “bouffon” BECAUSE of the way that the competition is held, the logistic, the environment and the ‘professionalism’ of the ppl involved.

  • ans

    *-)programme mari dans dif. Lama pa comprend meme qua li cause. Bans tifi li pe faire enne zeffort pou exprime zotte. Sa trois la couma bans puppet on the stage.

  • OMG !! u l0t pr0pa crack me up !!
    ii LiiV in uk bu g0′ fam frm mauRiitius.. ii hrd abt dis famous Orange Sitara.. 2 bad ii cant watch it LiiV ..
    bu OH GOD!! d way u l0t PiiCture iiT pr0pa cracks me up haaahaaa!!
    seems LiiK ii^M MiiSin out a lot!
    “d amateur h0sts” && “d gal cha’n bare crap in english”
    l00000000l !!
    w0w ur guys r s000 jokes!! =D
    iiS IIt RweLii Tha bad 0f a sh0 ??
    g0sh gimme m0r news !!

    __%% Mandii

    [p.s: l0v all ur c0ments!] 😉

  • Yovani

    C pa jst…preske tou ban bon la p aler….sa semaine la sa garson Manish la in aler…..

    Ey parai 1 copy saregamapa sa as li mem pa ariv a so chevil….:'( (n)

  • C pa jst…preske tou ban bon la p aler….sa semaine la sa garson Manish la in aler…..

    Ey parai 1 copy saregamapa sa as li mem pa ariv a so chevil….:'( (n)

    MBC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Pretty


  • tanu

    orange sitara……….simply a shit…….i simply hate dis competition…………….
    dose previous faces have taken a place of mine in dat competition
    mbc will rot stayin undevelopped due to its habit of backin dose who r familliar 2 dem………..

  • ash

    zot p critics sa program laa, ki mo kav dir zot ban F..k.
    net dibout 2van n camera ban loss, mo croire to kk dan to F mem..
    ena b coz gran gran cozer, concept stolen, sipa adi in fer error, ou banla pa cone sing, b kifer to pa ti pren ton cue to ti ale mbc kan ti eNa odition..facil critiker, bt kan ou n vo a rien , ferme imper la geule, coz sa moris pou res n payer en merd, apart coz kk ou tir 2fo, zot pa cone fer narien…

    studio ti bizin pli gran, b atan mo vin fer li dan to lasam ta zako, avan met n comment, pense bien lol, as if everythg person in moris zot imature..

    program la live in order pou ki li vin pli dynamic mem ki li dificil, ena ban los p trov sa pabon, n 4 ur kind info, sa re ga ma pa pa singer la pa sing liv, its all recorded track, sooo avan cozz kk, ale pren imper info avan ban plok, net content coz kk, ena n limit sa ban FFFF…..(y)(y) si zot ena guts, ale 2van n camera n sing live, ok….

    30s to pou fini pis dan to pentalon…. haha

  • gt

    sitara is zi ever bes program ever mada, dance fewer was as if p fer strip on stage haha…..

    orange sitara reach 4 ur drmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • kina

    orange sitara brings joy in every house frm 6.30 to 7.30 on sunD….
    pa bizin prover n merd saaaa. li logic ok…
    aret coz kk ban los,, vin imper couma ban dimoune mature avan….:p

  • To Ash,gt and Kina (Who is only one person, from your ip) :

    Seems to very like and adore Orange Sitara, thats your choice and i do respect this…

    Everyone has the right to voice out their opinion, while others listen and decide who is talking nonsense 😉

    btw, lire imper comments avant to post, that will keep you updated of the post here, i quote from one of my comments:

    “Since we know we wont be able to face the camera, we prefer to remain behind, not make the fool in front!”

    alors, ki to orange sitara vote number? LOL !

    Orange Sitara bring joys, wi, kant p guet lezotte faire bouffon!

  • Kunal

    Hahahaha!!! To Ash: Alle ferfoute!!!

    To ene bouffon, to ene amateur tomeme!!! Momeme mo gagne HONTER pou montrer dimoune ici ki kaliter program zot organiser dans Moris!!! Mo peur dimounes ici riye moi, akoze sa banne ggteries ki MBC fer la!!! Mette 4 lunettes to regette sa kaka la lerla to kozer hah!

    To yashvin: Ta ggt mari vilain sa program la!!! Vaut mieux gette Oggy et les Cafards lang….

  • (n)(n)(n)|-)ki p ariV moris……zot p fou nimporte koi lor tv…….orange sitara bom to the cube……si kiken guet sa mari lahonte lor li……zott sanT cuma bannanne…..ena vin fer aktriss lor stage…wahhahahaa//////ta aller do….zot bez tou lor sa re ga ma pa……kasser nissa nou pa le….plito ti ena ban program lor debates between skools n koleges sa ler la….ou bien mieux benn quiz……ti pou pli interessan…..bne santer linde riY nou kan zot aller….zot pa le kwrr… ti dir li pou amen sipaki sanla lott pays…kin ariV lin resT moris…..pou nanyen sa bne zistwar la……mo sanT pli bien ki zott dan salle de bain…..zot choizier sanT seki aller r zott lavwa bann maron….sa sa ki apel sanT…….mo dir mauritius college of the airs bizin fer imP program sa ler la….gaspille letem r zott….

  • Mandii

    dude.. u l0t r fLiiPiin mean =O
    can^T bLiiV moRiiCiians r bLiiNkiiN 0ut LiiK DiiS.. :0 yh yh ii thght iiT wud b fun ge’n em feedbacks bu fucKiiN hell! maj0Rii’y 0v u l0t d0 noFiiN bu cLiiP em talks. g0sh slyk g0 ge a lyf bruvz!! yall fucKiiN PiiS me 0ff LiiK fucKiiN DiiSiiN ya 0wn c0untry LiiK!

    tha ash dude, he’s ryt.. man u need 2 appreCiiAte wa ur c0untry d0z.. atleast wa iiT6S tryna d0.. u leav der thas y u d0n^T reaLiiZ nyFiiN.. ppl FiiNk mts iiS jus a LiiL iiSland blankd by da sea worf n0FiiN.. && here’s u l0t DiiSiin sMiiN tha atleast sh0ws mts iiS trYiiN.. WiiD TiiM iiT^L impr0v mate! jus 4 n0w insted 0v constantly barKiiN bare crap abt h0w shyt dey r, smTiiMs ge ur asses 2 FiiNk abt h0w iiT maks 0utsyd bludz pr0ud tha atleast der mates r seeiiN wa moRiiCiiAns r worf && we can rep ar naTiiOn..

    u brehz myt hate me bu ii don^T GiiV n0 shyt 😉
    2 me, ama koch iiR && b pr0ud we g0′ ladz dOiiN em stuff iiN mts.. aDii’s a gud SiiNger bruvz so dt cha’ breez <0|

    [[p.s: at d end 0v d day, d 1z wh0 hate da sh0 s0 much r actualy da 1z wh0 watch iiT d m0st 😉 ]]

  • Requin






  • Requin » wai, mo pas comprend la misik ditout mwa, mo zako dan la misik mais twa to zako dan to lavie si to pas p accept ki p passer… waaaaaaaa!

  • Mandii

    Oii wa AiiNt n01 cha’n 2 me bruv !! m iiR !! i d0 istd creol so rak up duuudee !! l00000l


  • Requin

    To Yashvin,

    My advice to you is to shut up YOUR MOUTH and act like a gentleman rather than uttering rubbish like a stupid relating to something which is not your field and which you don’t understand at all.

    Orange sitara might not be the best TV show but you are not the best person to challenge.

    It will suit someone who do not think and talk rubbish.

    Mauritian like you are icons of critics rather being productive.

    Shame on you and your thoughts i guess its your nature to act like a stupid and i’m sure in any field.

    You need to grow up.

    oooooh!!!!!! its not your fault “maturite” pa vende dans bazaar.

    Si to trouve sa bon pa getter, pa cozer, pa faire palab couma FFFFFFFFFF.

  • ashveen


  • natkhat gal

    hey Yashvin .. i like ur comments..irrespective of what i say..
    we might not be the best people to criticise someone but somewhere we should voice out our opinions.
    MBC is being kind enough to provide a platform for beginners .. but beginners who? some of the faces we recognise them.. MBC should not be so mean! are talents lacking in mtius?
    i’ve been a student of hindi for many years but i noticed that while forms were out for participating in orange sitara as singers , no audition were being done for hosts where i could be interested or many other guys n girls like who r conversant with the language..
    i guess to speak good hindi you should be familiar with it .. no doubt the hosts might have taken hindi as a subject .. but are they ashamed of talking in hindi ..
    a lot of english is mixed with their hindi ..
    where as far as i recall in hsc we have to speak pure hindi without any urdu or english words.
    it’s just a clarification i wanted to make.
    i have faced camera n public b4.. it might not have been mbc’s camera . coz simply we were never given a chance.
    i am not talking for myself , rather am pointing out to all those who have talent but not given a chance.
    mbc has changed our lives .. bringing new entertainment.. gave a new dimension to our lives .. but somewhere we need our identity.
    mbc is too partial!!!!
    even the presenters of samachar.. some of them are of purely indian origin!
    y???r’nt we taught hindi in mtius?
    mbc needs to look for talent ..
    if life isn’t easy for strugglers like us.. it can’t be for mbc 2!
    talent muft mein nahin aati!look 4it!
    it’s mbc who needs to grow mature.
    btw i like ur comments yashvin!

  • natkhat gal

    hey Yashvin ..
    i was just going through all the comments of you guys n i thought 2leave my comment..
    i really enjoyed ur comments of all..
    concerning me .. if ever i said anything wrong in my previous comment.. do let me know..

  • Requin

    If i said anything wrong let me know as well……….

    The idea of having this blog is good.

    But do all our comment reach the exact destination.

    My critics last time was to show that even if we comment nothing is gonna change because at the MBC ITS ALWAYS a corrupt environment.

    Those people who select the singers they know that same faces are coming back again and again.

    Why don’t they give opportunity to new ones.

    Why don’t they put it clear that a new program is for new participants.

    All those finalist of last programs Hum Tum, Jhori NO1, Have already prove themselves.

    Why are they here again?

    Its nothing new from producers to directors everyone knows that Orange sitara is corrupt, they know that its again not a new face but a finalist from a last program gonna win this one again but they can’t do anything.


    Its a mystery, Shamefully its our country’s system and we can’t change it.

    Even how loud we voice out.

    If we are commenting for a change, the whole system should change.

    The people sitting at the MBC Should change.

    They should hire people with new vision, which meets our vision, where there is opportunity for everyone.

    Thats why i said that we r not the best people to make critics, cause our critics will have no effects on them.

    We have leaders of our country but there job is to act like Blind-deaf-mute.

    If there is a change to bring in orange sitara,

    All those who have already been in similar programs before and also been in the finals, should step back as a true artist and leaves space for new ones to prove themselves.Its a question of attitudes.

    People know that you can can sing and now public want to see other people new comers.

    All the new comers are being shown the way to exit almost every week.
    Those who have been finalist before even doing mistakes are being retained and mistakes ignored.

    Can our comments change these corrupt attitudes.

    Lets think twice if not, don’t waste our comments we can make good use of by sharing ideas for more other complex issues.

  • Requin » thats a very nice comment, i liked it!

  • janeman

    Nice going through all these comments! i agree with some. we have the right to criticize!!! mais criticism should be contructive(y)
    1. MBC should STOP protecting some people be it presenters, juries, mentors and singers;)
    2. MAURITIUS has lots of talents. We need the right person at the right place to select and appreciate those talents…:)
    3. WE must recognise that MBC is the machine of propaganda for the government! so we cant expext too much from them:p HAHAHA ena trop boucou ki boire disans la bas!

    4. JURY PAS CONSISTENT DANS SO JUGEMENT. chaque fois ki fine ena ‘tie’, nu remarker ki c’est soi ramdoo. soi arti bikari soi girish hurloll impliker!!! be ki veut dire sa?

  • janeman

    et en passant zot guet interview ene candidat so frere dan zournal? top net! jury et mentor famille! enfin couma zot pe dire a la MBC cest toujours une affaire de famille!!! :p

    will wait for you reply and comments.
    thanks yashvin. bizen casse zt fs!:)

  • natkhat gal

    hi to everyone there ..esp to JANEMAN
    hey janeman.. ya we should be getting to some constructive criticism..
    to some other topics which we can discuss and reach to some useful decisions and way of thinking and we can actually realise what’s our future here and not be helpless in front of corrupt people .. but i wish good luck to all guys and gals on this site here.. but mo croire MBC pa pu kav arret coze sa..paski li omnipresent sa.. lol!

  • Ash

    u knw friends, every1 try to do ther best to make others hapy, bt instead of just viewing zi -ve side, do also think abt wat is the effort bhind of zi person, to just show u a live show of 1h, therz 1 month of preparation ladan…..

    moris n payer cot apart zot trov defo, zot pa con narien, apran osi couma apreciate smthg…

    yea nthg fami sipa koi dan mbc ein, ou ena gusts, b vini…
    Ta KUNAL to honter pou get program la, b ale lafrik to vive FFF, li ggn honter dan so pays, b met n bouger garson, pa bizin ban dimoune loss dan sa pays, sinon li pou couler…..

    si nu net critik nu payer, b li pou res couler, ki ou envi fer couma India, b matloooo,n dimoune kan ggn 4 ans ou 5, li p ale sing, p ale rehearse, eski ena sa faciliter la moris??
    mem saaaa, mbc p don locasion dimoune pou sing, net critik ki p levern nt fair….

    Requin wel said, i agree wid u…..
    pense bien kouma zot pou critik lor mo comments
    coz mon lire tou ban previous comments
    compren ek act as sm1 mature. pa fer couma ban loss net repond couma ban amateur..
    si sm1 envi fer critik, b mature enough as requin ki mo aprecier……

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    To Ash,

    Wa mo gagne mari honter moi, mo trouver kuma li amateur ek mo gagne honter ki MBC (sa meme national broadcasting television pays la) p montrer kaka!!! Pas ziste sa ki kaka, 95% so banne program aussi kaka!

    B si mo pas gagne honter ki to ler mo fer? mo danser? Mette 2 lunettes to regette program la, lerla to pou comprend. Moris pou couler sa. Ek laisse mo dire toi, pou reste ziste banne “loss” kuma to meme dans moris. Sameme MBC fe banne program “loss” pou banne “loss” kuma toi la.

    Amuse toi bien ek to orange Sitara. Bonne Annee!

  • pooja

    :ohey wat’s up orange sitara.hey rien a dire sa program la mari bomb(n)8o|fr dimoune gagne ner kan gette sa program la.;)bt let me say 1 thing zat the participant gots loads of courage 2 face ze camera congrats yaar!:$hey

  • hi adi ur show is perfect &also sanjana missing u:o

  • Requin

    To Rocket Scientist ( Kunal )

    Camarade Kunal Ena solution pu to problem;

    Al Refugier dans ene lot pays

  • Y.doU

    Yh mandii yOr totally rite..and so iz ash

    Cki p critiker laem guet sa plis..

    yh adi’s a good singer,no dout init..
    n ol dose who r talkin shit i dnt fink dey’ll hav da guts to go on stage n talk..alr pna pu koze bku..

  • Y.doU » Laplipart dimoune gueter for some specific reasons :
    (1) Pena narien d’autre a la tele nationale
    (2) Pu guet Le Vilain…

    Li pas ene lhonneur pu gueter, mais c ene plaisir guet zotte fane kk…

    To p koze boukoup, tone gueter sa bane MARI VILAIN PUBLICITER zotte faire lo MBC a propos Orange Sitara? Non? Ouvert to liziers imper, to pu honter to meme….

    Next time mo blog lo sa 🙂

    Zamais mo pane dire ki Adi pas kone santer or wat, c l’organisation emmission la, fason zotte faire li, et aussi autres facteurs ki faire emission la vine seki li eter azordi, ene COPIE Saregamapa….

    Be creatif MBC, pas copierrrr!

  • *S*

    hahahaha lOl.. I completeli agree wiv Yashvin.. its bou Tym MBC STOPS copyin frm Zee n awl da..!! C’mOn we can puh up a betta show than uss anufa CoPy Ov SRGMP n its whole loh ov emotional ovarated drama!!

    & sme ppl r absolute retards!! LMAO … JkS LyH Mahnn… lOl.. DIS PoSt aynt sposd to b bou tha singin talent ov da male anchor!! *-)
    Yu’d OnLii JuStiFy suin wen yu KnO wuh yu sayin aynt ryt @ awL!! .. If somwun is awl tha @ singin.. wunda y dey suck up to MBC!!.. BoLLywOoD is a betta PlatForM!!

    N em ppl talkin bou how we shud appreciate wuh tha country does n awl da.. Uh NoOo we want em to improve nOh to keep on repeatin der StoOpiD comedy lyh talent show ova n ova gen!!

    & Orange SUX big TyM.. & das noh awl tha mauritians can do… PpL goh ofa talents as well…!!

  • MBC

    ey fran tou, sa prog la mari cakes la. 1 lahonte national sa. zot amateur, zot gopia, zot bouffon. truV cuma ena santaz ek zot guet figir laba. hats off prabhat, 1 mari calotte tone bez lot zot vilain figir la

  • Requin

    banne camarade Ramdoo ine al dans danger zone semaine dernier and Aartee Beekharee pe chanter this week.

    Ki zot commenter pou Ramdoo WHOM lots of people think to be protected and A…. hIS CO-SINGER in the previous shows et who is the hot favourite this week?

    Comments please!

  • Requin » mwa mo nek koner ki zotte reclame mari vilain sirtout sa chasseur la, soi disan chasseur!

    et en plis, zotte faire ENE MARI CINEMA kant sa presentatrice la p al apprane dehors!

  • Ashraf

    Sa banne organisateurs la bann veritab gonaz. Bann presentateurs pé essaye mett dan zar meme, bé zott ress dan bezz meme. Saki mo trouve pli boufon encor, c’est bann slogans bancal ki bann mentors fair a sak fois ki l’emission comencé. Mais, finalement mo continié guett emission la ziss pou kapav rier 1 bon coup.

  • Ashraf

    [re=21600]Ashraf[/re]: Ouais, sa présentatrice ki speciale avec li? Sa bann bann cinema zott la, Sanjana bizin alle faire sa ek so bann fami en privé. Kott nou probleme ladan si lifinn gagne la bourse ou non. Bé ki pou fair, MBC sa.

  • Requin

    Banne seki ti get orange sitara on 6th of june; whats your view.

    Do those selected by jury deserved to be in ?

    Share your views?

  • nemesis VII


    ramdoo is back witn 60% and aartee is in!!!!!

    u sit back and watch more…

  • nemesis VII


    i cant believe this!orange sucks so much that u watched it…what an absolute idiot can u be!!!
    u know what,there’s something called REMOTE CONTROL’..
    use it!

  • nemesis VII

    anyway guys,time for me to go last thing..voicing out your opinion is important,very important..but try to give solutions or buy some guts instead of criticizing those who r trying to do some good things.your comments will certainly give a big boost to those u’ve criticized..
    the show must go on..the show will go on..
    n the dogs will never stop barking..

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)


  • Requin

    Who do you think will be out this week ?

    Come on!

    voice out…….
    lets see if we forecast well.

    4 days to go !

  • Requin

    How many think that natraj will be in?

  • khusboo

    I think i agree to some of the above statement, but if someone deserve to be the winner is Artee & maybe Nageshra but the others best of luck, needmore practice.For the host Adi, be more realistic, you donot suit for a host, maybe student.

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    Who do you think will be out this week ?

    Jagnat will be out this week!

  • nemesis VII

    natraj gave a better perf..i think that he should be in but the prob is that the voting system sucks talks..unfortunately..
    i cross fingers 2 c natraj go thru

  • Requin

    I think the other new guy was better, as a new participant he has still maintained his position till the 3rd round.

    Otherwise, most of the new has gone.

    Personally i will give my vote to VIRAJ, i think new one should be given a chance in order not to repeat the same show.

    Natraj is good but a new like Viraj challenging a previous finalist, i think we should encourage him.

    Hope to c Viraj in.


  • jus wna pass a msg to those whove written kwite lots of nonsense abt orange sitara….buddies,bliv me u dnt rly no wats it to b infront of d camra……..its a different kind of feelings……perhaps d lack of maturity dat hovers in u persuade u to think n write nonsenses…..jus pray to god dat u grow up kwiklyyyyyyy…….if u think m a nonsense,jus try being infront of the camera 4 even 2min……..if uv got gutssssssss den i take back al ma wordssssssss…….nywe its jus dificult 4 ordinary people to understand the feelings of an artist…….hail 2 orange sitara………..

  • @shrishty: hello!

    Exactly! thats exactly the message some of us want to say!

    If u cant perform live, then u perform???
    We admit, we dont have the talent, so, we dont go before cameras to say anything, be it the singers and also the organisers…

    Damn! Did you watch those adverts on tv???
    Gosh They are so nonsense!!!

    Before writing anything, do you find it an honor to have such adverts on the national television???

  • nemesis VII

    n its u guys who say that the jury members are not good n biased..rite?u’r voting viraj for many other reasons apart from his perf on that day…excuse me but this is indeed the perfect definition of being biased.

  • nemesis VII

    are u connecting nasty ads with the show orange sitara?what if the ads came during the half time of an euro match?u’ll stop watching soccer?or are u comparing mtius with europe or asia?we are trying man..there’s a population of about a million people..we’re growing up now!there should be a start..i think that since the past 10 years some improvement has been done..its good to criticize..but in what are u actually helping the thing to improve?anyway,think about it.

  • Requin

    I would like to have your point of views:

    if you are talking about performance then it should have been the contrary, boys should have been in and girls in danger zone.

    So i maintained, the jury again took the decision because they can’t let down a finalist and the latter’s image.

    The consequence had to be paid by the new guy simply because he is new.

    Even if he sings well on that day.

    This is what most of us are against on this blog.

    We don’t like the strange happenings in orange sitara we would prefer things to go right.

    And i can assure you that, this new guy called viraj will be shown the exit on Sunday simply because the other singer was a finalist and orange sitara won’t let him down.

    Its all about what we don’t like.

    Its all clear, if you follow the trend.

    The same happened between the two participants of last week, the one who won was a previous finalist.

    He did not win on performance but he won on votes.

    Despite that new ones can be better, their talent are not taken into consideration.

    I hope that this clarifies.

    And i will still vote for vir , even he wont be in i will think i have done a good job, compared to the team at the mbc.

  • Requin

    Just to clarify i don’t even know him, but i know his performance was good i heard the voice on radio.

    If someone else would have been there i would have reacted in the same way.

  • Ashraf

    I still think that the guy Sandeep Boolkan (the one who got kicked out by Orange Sitara staff) gave better performances than his opponents (specially Nageshra Ramdoo). Unfortunately he has been rebelling against the jury decisions. But this also clearly shows that these juries in question lack neutrality in their selection. The generosity of Prabha Seepaul (the one withdrawing from the competition voluntarily) shows that he’s fed up with that sort hypocrisy from Orange Sitara. Those who disagree with our critics should disagree with the partiality of jury members against new candidates while favouring previous winners and finalists. Up to now none of the previous finalists from previous song competition organised by the MBC have been eliminated. Pure coincidence you would say?? I’ll say that too much coincidence simply kills the coincidence itself. Thus, I’m afraid that the final of Orange Sitara will simnply be a remake of the finals of previous songs competitons organised by the ever controversial MBC.

  • nemesis VII

    u said that according to perf,the guys should have been u said that this didnt happen coz jury wont let down a finalist…rite?
    let me remind u that ramdoo,beeky,mahadoo..were all finalists and have also went thru the danger zone…
    so i guess that this analysis of ur’s fails.

    u also said that the new guy will be shown the exit door at the expense of the x finalist…coz sitara wont let the latter down..well,dont forget that its the public that votes for the better participant..i dont think that sitara decides that (unless proved otherwise..)

    lastly..u commented on the results of the previous show…the guy was sent to the danger honest to urself,who deserved to come back?who gave a better perf?consider all the aspects..choice of song,degree of difficulty..n u’ll get the answer..also,know that ramdoo was voted by thousands of people not by three jury u think that so many people got it that wrong?c..i respect ur decisions n all..but i’m just sharing mine..this blog was too much 1 sided,i just wanted to create some balance.

  • nemesis VII

    my previous comment,see above,is a reply to ur comment as well…but i would like to add a few things to it..
    is it so strange that none of the previous finalists have been eliminated?do u understand that previous finalists have more of stage practice and all the associated experience…
    in out country,there are song compets each u expect to c new faces each year?do u sing?will u send your participation letter?1.2 millios people minus those who dont sing…minus those who r too young or too old…minus those of communities that are not fond of bollywood music…minus those who dont know how to sing n will be rejected from the auditions…minus those who can sing but dont have guts to face a camera or an audience….
    result…u’r left with only a bunch of people…
    and if u wanna remove from it,previous participants…u’ll be left with only a few..
    the funny thing in the story is that STILL,some people like u will criticise.
    what’s the reason of winning a song competition n to never sing on a big platform again.i hence agree to the fact that a previous winner comes back to compete with those who r here to be the next winner..i guess that’s the fire of a somehow increases the level of the show.that’smy honest opinion..

  • lol ! Zotte rode faire musiciens vine santeur, sa si live n directe…

    Decidement, zotte nepli koner ki cpv faire pu vine pli bouffon, cpv next time pu faire musicians danser lol !!!

  • Arrmaan

    Bon depi mo zenfan mo get MBC….ziska l’heure mo pena chaine satellitaire enkor….alor capav dir pour l’instant condamner pou get sa. Sanse ena internet, cpav suiv SaReGaMaPa lor YouTube, sion kikfois dan 2009/2010 ki sa pou passe lor MBC la.

    Bon laisse mo fini dir o debut mem ki wi mon deza passe lor camera, ki mon deza passe live etc, mais pa pour MBC so program, alor pa servi argument “sey passe lor camera to geter”. About Zoranz Sitaara, bon program la overall bom!!! Dimoun ki ena imP standard pou get ene program pou fini truver sa, ki program la catastrophik.

    1. Musical programs today are aimed to find new talents, to give a platform. Or dan Sitaara, li fausser au deport, the main aim is to give a prize, afin montrer ki MBC p fer kiksoz. Si vraimem li ti pou a talent search, b ti bizin organise ban avenue pour ki ban candidat la improve zot potentiel, par e.g ban music schools dan l’Inde. B ici zis donne ene cheque + portab, show arret la mem.

    2. Sa platform la servi pour self-propaganda. Constructively, show la last zis 15-20 minites. Apres sa, plein ban spectateur about ban nonsense.
    a) Ene le tour dan ban kolez (la plipart di temps soizir ban lekol ki nou kalifier de ‘ti kolez’ ek couillone zot ek T-Shirt , SIM sipaki enkor)
    b) Ban musicien ki pa kone santer vin bousse trou
    c) Directeur sipaki compagnie bizin donne kado

    Sa 2 program kot ti passe Sanjana la ti imP tro. Ambernath Mossae in vin fout in vilain gueller tou la dan. Li concerne so la vie priver sa, kifer tou dimoun bizin kone sa???? 2,3 minit ti pou OK…b pa coumsa do. Pa 1er dimoun ki fin gagne la bourse sa enfin. Mo ena plein cam kin vin laureats ek detenteur ban la bourse, mais zamai mo fin truv zot beneficier ene traitement pareil. Prend l’exemple lor Gajendra Singh, pa truv li di tou mem, kan li paret osi li mari modeste ek simple. La ki nou truver, ban ‘proprietaire’ MBC vin fer catwalk, mette la poudre plak zot gro f devan camera!!!

    3. Ban presentateurs/trice la laisse a desirer…ena 1 zafer apel audition avant…kikfois zot paret physically good…mais fasson zot presenter piow net. Enta faute, zot monotone, ena ene grand dose superficialiter, zot paret zot in apran par coeur. B considerant l’historik de MBC, enfin mo pa koner, mais la seul impression ki laisser c backing etc. Al dan ban kolez, al dan universiter, al rod ban talent, mette imP zefort la dan, organise ban audition.

    4. MBC ena grand temps improve so ban sets voyons. Mon deza aler, la limiere la ene koter li fatiguant, ek bien dim. Lor TV li paret blend nette. Ban sets la osi bizin plis originaliter…mo p rapel la couma dan Jodi No.1 ti ena ene mari vilain set. zot p investi mem dan ene nouvo batiment Ebene, b sey ameliore infrastructure existant. Enkor servi chaise en plastik, kan gette sa couma dir p gette fim mariaz, zis ki pena ene la tente. La dan ban spectateur la couma dir ban momie, kan cameramen signale zot pou tappe la main zot fer li, li obvious ki zot pena oken interest dan show la, couma dir in paye zot pou mette zot la bas.

    5. Ban Jury la ek mentors la mo prefere rien dire. Ban ‘appreciation’ ki zot in gagner la haut la p speak for themselves. Arret sa bouffonade, prend banderole sipaki la + crier ene phrase mari kk kan p presente ban lekip la. Sanser ti p rod fer ban impact couma “Yalgar Ho!”, “Jai Mati Ji..let’s Rock” ou “Jai Ho…Mangalmai Ho”. B c ki nou truver, zot cheering ou plito chereping tappe lor nerf nette.

    6. Reklam Orange Sitaara la simply en g____t. Arret montrer s do!!! Mo lizier manker eklater kan mo truv sa ou mo tend sa. Fuffff…ena case la dan, tou sa ban plok ki associer ek sa ti bizin fini suicider sa taa. Couma dir zot pena l’amour prop…enkor sa f… chasseur la.

    7. Ek ene zafer zamai mon comprend. Kan ene dimoun kone sante ene santer entier pa v dir li sante bien. Rapel parole c ene zafer, ek santer ene lot. Zot cpav pa kone parole, mais zot koner ki v dir la mizik. Si zot enkor rapel, Vineet mem kan ti fek paret pour SaReGaMaPa Campus, li ti rate parole, mais mem sa li ti gagner lakoz li kone santer. Alor c ki pli bon fer, c judge ban santeur lor la moitier santer, ene antra ek mukhra.

    Ossi a ban candidat, couma dir mon remarker ena imP lor blog la. Arret exazerer. Ena prend zot pou ban mari star, zot mette designer clothes etc. B simple man. C ene music show, pa fashin show. Mette linze approprier, sherwani etc imP de tro sa. Ena paret maha gana tou. Ek svp, moi personellment mo ene grand fan santer indien ek ena frantu, zot p murder certain ban santer ek normal tou dimoun ki pou get sa pou gagne mari crise. Pa soizir santer ki difficile ou soi ek ki ban chanteur in gagne awards a moins zot mari sure zot ban bon chanteur (Ziska l’heur croir moi personne pa fin montrer sa nivo la). Zot ridiculise zot mem ene koter ek lot koter zot fer ena santer paret horrible. Koner ki santer al ek zot la voix ek zot range svp. Sinon zot pou paret couma ban tiyo percer. Kan zot p soizir santer AR Rahman par e.g koner ki Rehman c ene maestro ki extract maximum depi so ban chanteur. Alor plito pa sante kiksoz difficile SVP. LI SOUND DISASTROUS. Ena mari boukou santer, soizir ene ki simple, ki al ek zot la voix ek kot zot cpav montrer ene minimum talent. Arret prend mem santer ki fin santer dan ban lezot talent show.

    Bon mon ekrir ene plis ki dimoun ki so blog mem sa mo croir la 🙂 Ban sans comprend, ki enkor croir ki Orange Sitaara ene mari show, ki envoy ban SMS pou plein poche Orange-Wa, al get Chek De Bachche, prend l’exemple imP, ou soi al lor You Tube apran imP, monte zot standard, arret satisfaire zot mem ek ban crap, bullshit. Learn to accept critics and know how to assess urself. (Wai sirtou pa inspire zot depi Shava Shava hein!!! Zis ene show pou monte TRP sa, rien plus).


    To Armaan;

    Avek to parole remarker ki to encore immature.

    1. Parski to pena ene appartenance to propre encadrement.

    2. Parski to pe get programme l’inde lor you tube to pe zazer.

    3. Si to ena si de critik to place pas ici to bisin lor grand platform cote to capav gagne coup de “foot” dans to F………..

    4.You should be proud that mauritian are facing the camera and doing things that honours their culture.

    5.To ene boite tapaz ki mo penser to konne zis fer tapaz, action 0 plombage.

    6.Ena ene expression ene creole ki dire arret fer palabre couma femme palabre.

    7. Kan to get le ciel to crasser la crasse pou tombe lor to mem.

    Message la pa pli long ki toi parski mo pas content coz boucoup mais mo esperer tone comprend imper sa critik la.

    Mo lance ene appel a tous banne dimoune lors sa blog la,

    believe in yourself pas dans palabre.

    The Mauritians are far behind other developped countries because its in our culture to do more palabres, tire defaut than moving forward with what we can do for improving our image.

    Its a shame to get people with such thoughts.

  • Arrmaan

    To Mr REQUIN who believes that everyone who does not have the same opinion as him to be immature, enfin sans li kone ene dimoun personellement li cpav fini judge ene dimoun (imP pareil couma nou ban cher judges Sitaara) ^^, :

    1. If I would not have appartenance to mo prop encadrement, I would not have been in Mtius rite now, I had many opportunites to go abroad, but mon rejette zot pou reste dan pays la mem (Enfin la osi ene ti reference a Sitaara musical prog kot fer ban eloge exagerer ban dimoun kin gagne ene la bourse). C pa toi ki pou cpav dir moi si mo pena appartenance ou pa.

    2. Si mo get program India, c ki mo cpav appran depi sa. Apran ek apply, pa copier hein. Aster, when u see ene koter ena quality, u always want that people of ur country too reach the same standard, ki ban Mauriciens osi gagne ban platform pareil. C ki pa mank finance dan MBC pou fer sa, mais c mank de volonter ek vision a la station national, car la plipart zis preoccuper ek zot vested interest.

    3. For ur kind info, mo p vise a bigger platform mem, pa pou narien mo p rinte mo f pou apran la. Gather knowledge ek develop mo capabilites, dan place zis prend soutien ban backing. Bon personne interesser kone mo l’histoir la, alor mo arret la mem.

    To ban lezot argument pa vaut repon lakoz pena substance la dan. If u can read properly, besides critics la ena ban propositions osi. Ena ene zafer apel criticise for the sake of improvement. Aster si to satisfait ek sa low standard ki p offert toi, ki pour toi critik v dir palab ek palab v dir critik, to droit sa…assizer manze pistasse ou… zoranze.


    criticism are not always for improvement ; the way you criticize is as if you wanted to handle the production of the show.

    I understand that you are watching quality shows from India, SO let me remind you that in India singers are BORNED not formed.

    Here singers are formed through some music classes, so its obvious that the level won’t be the same.

    Still being an amateur those people are facing the camera, to entertain the whole public, its not a shame and you should also not be ashamed to watch it.

    Like what you have here first.

    Thats where you lacked maturity.

    Nothing personal against you, it all came out from your comments.

    Another comment you made about the dress, let me inform you that in stage performance there is something called dress management.

    May be your eyes will be pleased to see those people in simple dress but as a performer they have to go along with the protocol.

  • @REQUIN: “Still being an amateur those people are facing the camera, to ENTERTAIN the whole public”

    AH OUI! Zotte entertain, thats sure! lol

    “let me remind you that in India singers are BORNED not formed.”

    Well, if here in Mauritius, they are not borned singers, y make all these drama, making as if they are the best singers????

    btw, u seem very much to know things in mbc, like dress management etc, seems nice! anyway, the dress lol, no comments…. especially that one which the girl host wore on the first episode!!! Bouteille Orangina lol !

  • Arrmaan

    “the way you criticize is as if you wanted to handle the production of the show”
    > Si ti gagne ene l’occasion, I would have loved to do that.

    “I understand that you are watching quality shows from India, SO let me remind you that in India singers are BORNED not formed.”
    > My grudge is not against the singers so much as against the technicalities of the show. With a little more creativity, a better show could have been conceived, like I said an audition for the anchors (Yis it only for Miss Meteo this is being done? Lakoz gagne 2,3 sous la dan), better lightings, more innovative sets (it is not money that make this, it is artistic vision), a much much more competent jury, getting mentors from abroad not the great music directors but there are some competent Gurus though not popular (Mtius boasts abt their priviledge links with India time N again), the aim of the show to promote singers instead of just giving them a cash prize, stop this stupidity of self-propaganda like this sore to the eye episode of Sanjana, fer ban promotion digerable (pa ban $^$%^$ chasseur), wasting time with these tour dan ban ‘ti kolez’ wiv objective of showing the anchors being asked autographs, be more innovative than just asking a person to sing a whole song, trying to impress by broadcasting live, etc etc

    “Still being an amateur those people are facing the camera, to entertain the whole public, its not a shame and you should also not be ashamed to watch it.”
    > Sa mem mo p dir zot enkor amateur. Ena p prend zot pour ban superstar with designer clothes etc, N exaggerating in their expression and performance, like I remember one person I don’t remember who exactly, sat on his knees and started to ‘shout’ “Subhan Allah”. Even Shaan, the original singer never did that in any live concert even if he has rightly been rewarded in all award functions. Even that guy, who challenged the judges, he sang “Chaiyya Chaiyya”, he should have expected that he would have done numorous mistakes. This song cum album has grabbed nearly all awards in 1997/1998. Even some1 killed the song “Kehna Hi Kya” from Bombay. So ban candidates ki amateur, what am just asking you is to choose simple songs to display your talent. By singing award winning songs or difficult songs do not try to impress; the repertoire of Indian songs is ver very large. Just inspire yourself from singers like Kailash Kher who shined by singing the then not so popular “Allah Ke Bande”.

  • Din3sh

    hats off to u bro.. at last someone talking some sense…
    requin avc to ban l’atak sur la personne de armaan, montrer toi ki immature ta….alor to content orange sitara? si wi, to ena 1 problem avc to gout, soit to content mediocrity…

  • Swami

    [re=22051]Arrmaan[/re]: Dear Mr Armaan, from your analysis you seem to be taking yourself for a Maha-Maestro! It is indeed very good to analyse and criticize but what constructive things have you said to compensate your tons of critics?

    N before you make any analysis, make sure that you knw what u r talking about.. Singers are already singing an antra and a mukhra if you have not noticed.. N for your kind information where have you seen designer wear in this programme? I believe an artist wears what he is most at ease in- if you have followed the programme, there are themes and if you have any essence of being an artist, stage performance also involves wearing a costume that gets you into the mood of your song..

    Oh so do you LIVE on youtube? WAKE up and GROW up Man! Being an artist is not just a word but it involves really feeling the song, delivering it with all your soul and getting the notes and the beats right..

    as for the advertisements.. ok you do have an opinion.. but do also have some sense of appreciation for the creativity thats emerging, maybe slowly but atleast this shows that we are moving from Contemporary advertising and promotion..

    If you feel you know music- erase all those biases in your Head and instead of pointing out just the NEGATIVES, try to find those percentages of POSITIVE n try to appreciate- unless thats too difficult for you to understand..

    and why do i sense so much frustration in your comments? did you par hasard not qualify for Orange Sitara?

    i totally agree with the comment from Nemesis.. u knw the word remote control? get one and use it to change ur tV channel..

    cheers Man
    Get a chill pill haha

  • Arrmaan

    Dearr Mr Swami,

    1st N foremost, for ur kind info I didn’t even try to participate in Orange worry not, I recognise am not a good singer and I have no interest to go on TV to show how bad I am, just like some are doing, even going to the extent of believing they are gr8 stars (kal ke sitaare). 2nd such a platform is not appropriate for development of talents. There’s no question of being frustrated, the current female anchor is one of my good friends; and we usually sit down and laugh at some stupidites of the show and of course she tries to defend herself, but that’s all the fun.

    About “try to find those percentages of POSITIVE n try to appreciate”, I have tried to find the +ve points, but they are hardly present, mo pa cpav fer narien la dan moi. Jodi No.1 was way off better in terms of creativity. Dans Orange the many -ve points overshadow the rare +ve points. The only +ve point I think is that indeed there are some participants who are making a genuine effort, but unfortunately very few.

    If the candidates have started singing only mukhras and antras then I think it’s good for the show. Haven’t watched it completely for the last 2 weeks.

    Oh so do you LIVE on youtube? Oh no of course not, I don’t y u are worrying so much about me, lol. But at least, am being able to get a variety of quality programs and learn from them. Ki pou fer…mo ene ti dimoun ki pa cpav mette chaine satellitaire, alor mo prefere get zafer affordable kan mo koter en parallel mo ena MBC.

    Mo koner pa designer wear sa do, ena ene zafer apel sarcasm ^^,
    “if you have any essence of being an artist, stage performance also involves wearing a costume that gets you into the mood of your song”.
    “Being an artist is not just a word but it involves really feeling the song, delivering it with all your soul and getting the notes and the beats right”
    >>> Ask yourself if the candidates are satisfying the above, if there are they are only a few of them, so few are they that unfortunately they are eclipsed. Surtout, pa croir kan Jury dir zot le stereotype: “Performance achcha tha. Aur Rihaaz karna Chaihyer”.

    “atleast this shows that we are moving from Contemporary advertising and promotion”
    >>> Mo laisse la population apprecier sa 🙂

    “what constructive things have you said to compensate your tons of critics”
    >>> Malheureusement mon cher, ur attention is still focused on the critics. Mo pa capav fer narien la dan. If u concentrate imP plis, I hope one day u will see the loads of suggestions too. Good luck!

    “u knw the word remote control? get one and use it to change ur tV channel”
    >>> La parole nou directeur MBC osi. Eski zot p rod dir ki zot pou continier mette ban low quality show lor MBC, ek c nou telespectateurs ki bizin change channel???!!! If this is the attitude towards the viewers, then wish u good luck for ur one man-show, where u are both the performer and the viewer. Bon pour moi pa ene probleme, mo pa compte pou change channel la, FREQUENCY MO GET TV IN BAISSER DEPI BIEN LONGTEMPS! 🙂


    I’m happy to see that people with great vision like you are still on the blog ;

    don’t you think your place should have been else where.

    Even a local producer wont have such ideas.

    Please change your feel we need people like you in this country.


    At the end of the day comments will be left as comments, just to shine on this blog.

    It won’t go elsewhere.

  • Din3sh

    Armaan bought foward an critical analysis based on facts, ppl who say o.sitara is a good show must do the same…bring foward your analysis and positive points…dnt jst go endlessly getting personal with the person sending negative comments…sipa li vivre dan youtube,sipa li pa cone santer..sipa li immature…
    pa sa ki p discuter la, p discute positive and negative points of this show alor dire ban point positive la o lieu fer palabe couma fam…

  • nemesis VII

    mo pa pu ecrire bel bel zafaire…paret par seki to dire ki to suive sa prog la chak semaine…to kone tou seki ariver chak fois..


  • nemesis VII






    anyway,criticism certainly helps…but only when it comes from more able people or when its ended by a solution.

    till then…cheers

    your NEMESIS

  • @nemesis VII: Why dont we stop watching???

    Koz we pay for that and we got to know whats going on with our money!!!
    Its so simple!!!

  • Arrmaan

    Dear Mr. nemesis VII,

    If u have the right to tell us to stop watching TV (something which we unfortunately and unwillingly pay) – wonder how u have been bestowed with such authority, lol – this is democracy man, then I think we also have the right to tell those broadcasting to stop low quality local productions too (as viewers I think we have this minimum moral right to do so) and we’re doing it by giving reasons and justifying it, not by using any personal attacks. Similarly, if you think you are right and we are wrong:

    1. Put forward arguments to show why we are wrong, credible ones not personal attacks.
    2. Put forward the +ve points of the show.

    Thnx 4 ur understanding.

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    quote from yashvin:
    Koz we pay for that and we got to know whats going on with our money!!!
    Its so simple!!!

    lol, nemesis VII got owned!!! hahaa!!!!!!

  • nemesis VII

    i can c that u get problems understanding english…
    i said that if the prog is so bad,y dont u stop watching it?
    that didnt mean stop watching tv…
    u got it?
    read again…
    if the show is not good enough,u may change channels or switch off the t.v set..its means that u have an option,u understand that?
    also,since u seem to be quite ignorant,u have an option to cancel the fee paid to the mbc from the ceb bill.
    I THINK THAT KUNAL DOES COZ HE PAYS TO THE MBC… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the msg applies to ARMAAN N ROCKET SCIENTIST 2..


  • @nemesis VII: Watching tv or that show, is the same thing koz i pay mbc for its whole set of programs on all the channels!

    Kifer, to ena ene problem r teletubbies?
    Kouma dir dan tipti kant to ti ena 1ans to ti p guet film porno twa, sorry for the language!

  • Sky


    Dear Mr Yashvin

    At least you care to view an odd / outdated / below standard and s…t program like orange Sitara..
    You seem to be either a super star, a super performer ..or a completely ignorant fellow not to say frustrated …..
    I invite you to come to the MBC and say it live ….
    If you are agreeable .. I am ready to have a live face a face with you any time ..
    If you are a genuine critic then do let know .. I will introduce myself .. give you an appointment at the MBC and the the viewers judge your capacity and/or inability ..

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    Quote 1 from Nemesis:

    You dickhead, i dont live in that country anymore… I dont pay MBC whatever… I just happen to laugh my ass out when i watch their shitty program… If Orange Sitara gives you an orgasm, then let it be. Enjoy the show but it still remains shitty!

    Quote 2 from Nemesis:
    ”’the msg applies to ARMAAN N ROCKET SCIENTIST 2..”’

    Your half-ass comment does not make any difference to me. Go suck on a used condom you faggot.

  • @Sky: Dear Sky….

    At no moment, any one of us said that we are ready to produce before the camera…
    Just tell me where in case u saw that somewhere…

    Wat have been said many times :
    1. if u cant sing well, dont do it before a camera..
    2. MBC has to review its programs quality, what they show to the whole population
    3. MBC has to be original, not copying from VERY famous tv programs like Saregama…
    4. We are not much very interested in the personal life of that host, so y show all those dramas?
    5. Did u watch that advert with the ‘hunter’? Ridiculous, one word is enough!
    6. Did u know that orange sitara dream team was practically kicked out from Cosmopolitan College in the north, after they have told the rector that he cant manage his students? Then, do get more info if u can!

    Well, sure, we can meet and discuss, am always ready and open for that, just giv me a mail for us to set up a meeting something…

    Seems u r someone big, so please convey what some of the viewers think about those shows…

    To all, i will be out for the day and will be moderating/accepting comments very late tonight….

  • Arrmaan

    Ene sel zafer mo pa p comprend…si nou p critik Orange Sitaara, c ki afin dan le future ban organisateur prend conscience pou produce ban program of higher quality, higher quality v osi dir ene platform pli professionel pour ban artiste. B c ki nou p remarker, c ki peut-etre mo p bien dir PEUT-ETRE ban dimoun kin participate ou zot relatives p zis defend Sitaara du fait ki zot in participate la dan. La kestion ki mo pose zot: ESKI ZOT PA ENVI GAGNE ENE MEILLEUR PLATFORM POU MONTRER ZOT TALENT? (Meuilleur en terme sets, lightings enfin tou aspect technique) OU SOI ZOT PREFERE ENE PLATFORM MEDIOCRE?

    P.S: Si nou p critik zot fasson sanT, c zis pour ki zot ameliorer. Sa mem nou p dir zot soizir ban sanT ki dan zot range, ki al ek zot la voix, enfin final outcome la paret plaisant. C pa necessair kan zot p sante ban sanT difficile ki zot p montrer zot talent, o contraire zot prend risk ek enta defaut parait ki couvert zot potentiel + concentrer dan fasson sanT dan place concentrer lor fer zes (includes linze, ban expression exagerer etc). Ena ban exceptions mais zot bien rares.

  • *s*

    [re=21675]nemesis VII[/re]: Soz i live in the uk.. & i dunt watch orange sitara.. !! But i am aware ov MBCs copyin potential..
    & i’ll tell yu wuh… if orange sitara was available on the net.. i wudnt av watch.. Buh wud still stand up n voice owt my opinion..
    it is about time mbc stops copyin!!

  • *s*

    [re=22051]Arrmaan[/re]: well sed… tone xtra bien dire saa…

  • samantha

    salut bein mw mo pou coze seulment creol ok pou tou dimoune kpave lire bein c vrai ki orange sitara 2fois boom pki ena pa cone chanter mai 2fois li zoli nu bisin support zot mai pa rire zot svp zot p fer zot best ok mw mo ena 1 seul zafer pou dir mo xtra content nilesh rapoojee mo peur pou dir sa coumsa mai li vrai li xtre zoli si zot gagne so num donne mw svp je laime beaucoup,i love him a lot bon je souhaite a tou les participant bon courage

  • natkhat gal

    it’s been a long time i’ve not been in touch.
    i really appreciate the comments of Armaan n Yashvin.
    but can somebody explain to me what’s really happening in orange sitara?
    what we see on tv nowadays is only voting for the mentors and musicians,
    i dont really get it . i mean who’s gonna get through?
    and to all those who say that we shouldnt watch the programme if we dont like it..
    then please let me know how can we avoid the publicity of voting which has been going on n on 4ze past 2weeks i fink ,when we r watching serials that we actually like?
    it disturbs..
    personally i dont watch orange sitara..
    coz i dont want to spoil my mood..
    but i cant unders a thing, what’s happening out there?
    sorry 2say.. we r going nowhere with this!!

  • Nabila

    Anyone out there going to watch O.Sitara so final 2min????
    Mon dieu, 15.30-19.00 e puis after ZURNAL KREOL pu continue from 19.30 till pa kner!! Seems zot pu bat sa till 00.00 as z always do! Sa cumadir mari mak rol lerla ale gueT sa!!! As for me, dimanche matin, mo ecoute result lor radio, sa em tro bocu sa!!! Nways those going to watch, bon courage!!!

  • nushi

    plzzzzzzzzzz i need aditya lamba picture…

  • @nushi: Facebook can be useful to you…

  • @nushi… 🙂 lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………………

    kuch sheeshe jhoot bolte hai!

  • xxx

    Mari caca sa program la.hhahaha

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