Celebrating 3 years of blogging…

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  • Neeru

    Congrats n keep it up :)

  • http://themediaguru.blogspot.com carrotmadman6

    Congrats for the 3rd blogversary! :)

  • http://www.yashvinawootar.com Yashvin

    ps :
    This article was written 2 days ago, and scheduled to be published automatically at midnight on 1st Oct 2009.
    That’s why there is a difference of abt 100 comments between the advertised number and the real number of comments displayed on the banner 😛

  • Dvil

    alala!!! happy blogday!! nou ale boire Rs8450 la bierre mo dire!

  • Mike

    3 years already, congrats you should get the “blogger long-distance medal”. It is a measure of your patience many get tired of it and give up. I wonder what blogging will be like in say 10 years from now?

  • Deepa

    Happy birthday to Pages of my life ^^
    Asoir pu coup gato,si oui to vin cherche moi 😛 ggn peur pu sorti asoir..
    Ina Meena Dika p fer balle..
    To ena bcu fan selment..
    Btw kumien dimoune so nom ena lao?

  • http://preeteshprayag.blogspot.com preetesh

    Happy bday… :)

  • http://sansconcessions.wordpress.com rabin


  • ReenaDKL

    Congrats!!! :)

  • http://blebon.blogspot.com Bruno

    kudos for the 3rd bloganniversary and 😀 I did seemy name lost btw BRINDA and c 😛

  • http://yad4ever.blogspot.com Yadhav

    Congrats for the 3rd Blogging Anniversary :) Long Live Yashvinblogs.com and Long Live Mauritian Blogosphere :)

  • http://moodybelle.blogspot.com Wez

    Happy Anniversary to your blog and you! Keep it up…

  • ritzz

    zoli travail


  • http://ashfaqblog.blogspot.com ashfaq

    congrats :) keep it going 😉

  • Neel

    I have never seen a blog having so much success! Hats off my friend! :)

  • aks

    great job,kit it up<

  • http://www.yashvinawootar.com Yashvin

    Thanks to everyone :)

  • http://www.nussaibah.com Nussaibah

    Happy Aniversary =P Keep it up xD

  • Geshwin

    Awesome! Kan pena role la, gagne time pou blog, lol. Gud dedication, mange r li ek congrats!

  • morinn

    Heartfelt congrats! Cheers! 😀

  • saps

    Congrats dear
    keep that blogging spirit

  • http://latestmovietrailers.org/ Derek

    Congratulations Yashvin! Keep It Up!

  • http://nav007.blogspot.com Nav

    wow, that truly is some achievement! congrats! :)

    Hope the next 3 years are just as great! :)

  • Avishna


  • http://www.mundocom.fr sheran jaddoo

    keep it up man, next time, call me and let me know

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