[Guest post] Test your knowledge of the highway code with this Oral Driving Test Simulator


Today, I’m pleased to welcome Gices Abraham from CleverDodo.mu to promote his new Oral Test Simulator, very useful for those

  • Going to sit for the oral test at Les Casernes but also to
  • Who want to test their knowledge of the highway code (code de la route).

I grab this opportunity to remind you that anyone can have his/her article published onto my blog in the “Guest Articles” category. Head over to this page for more details.

Good luck for those going for the test!

With the launch of the Oral Driving Test Simulator, we hope that not only those who’ve got a theory test booked at Les Casernes find it useful but also every single driver of Mauritius. A solid understanding of the Highway Code is imperative for any driver as it nurtures the safety of all road users.

Of course those who are due an oral test have no choice but to learn to their best of abilities and hope they don’t fail for them to be one step closer to getting their driving licence. However passing the practical test does not necessarily make you a good driver and when you start driving independently, you then realise how everyone make their own rules as they go along.

For those who want to assess their knowledge of the Highway Code, the simulator is perfect as it is an online application which is free to use. You have a taster set of 10 questions with no time limit and it doesn’t require any registration as well. If you want to try the test as it would be during the real oral test at Les Casernes, then choose the Mock Driving Test instead.

You will be given 30 seconds to answer each question and when your time is up, it moves on to the next question and when all 40 questions have been shown, your results are then calculated automatically. You need to be a member of CleverDodo.mu or login through Facebook to access the Mock Test as behind the interface, your scores are logged in so that you’re able to see a progress chart of all your attempts.

There are still a few things on which we’re working on to make the simulator more useful:

  • Adding a French version of the test,
  • Showing back the questions you’ve wrongly answered with an explanation of the correct answer(s) and
  • Adding more questions to the tests.

Link:Oral Driving Test Simulator

We’d be happy to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have too, so don’t hesitate.

Gices Abraham

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  • Among the corrections to be made, please correct the picture of the roundabout sign: the arrows should indicate a clockwise movement, not anti-clockwise as the illustration does… Merci!

  • Thought no one would notice, lol. I’ll get that replaced in the next release. Thanks for your comment btw 🙂

  • Tu es un chou!

    Merci mon minou!

  • Tushal

    I failed the test XD

  • My gut feeling tells me you’ve already got your licence though. Is that right?

  • lol, you’re welcome 🙂

  • Crisislord

    You should list the thing that has been done wrong when the test finish. Implement it when there is more question than the current 40.

  • Tushal

    Yes. 🙂

  • Luvkoush Budoo

    am afraid of that test
    and tommorrow and ther at les casernes
    i don’t even have the test book nor the link for learning 🙁

  • linu

    I fail 3 times in oral test I don’t have time to read book this time I don’t want to fail please help me

  • Hello.
    Unfortunately, no miracle solution exists.
    You should keep practicing until you succeed.

    Good luck!