[Guest post] Test your knowledge of the highway code with this Oral Driving Test Simulator

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  • Among the corrections to be made, please correct the picture of the roundabout sign: the arrows should indicate a clockwise movement, not anti-clockwise as the illustration does… Merci!

  • Thought no one would notice, lol. I’ll get that replaced in the next release. Thanks for your comment btw 🙂

  • Tu es un chou!

    Merci mon minou!

  • Tushal

    I failed the test XD

  • My gut feeling tells me you’ve already got your licence though. Is that right?

  • lol, you’re welcome 🙂

  • Crisislord

    You should list the thing that has been done wrong when the test finish. Implement it when there is more question than the current 40.

  • Tushal

    Yes. 🙂

  • Luvkoush Budoo

    am afraid of that test
    and tommorrow and ther at les casernes
    i don’t even have the test book nor the link for learning 🙁

  • linu

    I fail 3 times in oral test I don’t have time to read book this time I don’t want to fail please help me

  • Hello.
    Unfortunately, no miracle solution exists.
    You should keep practicing until you succeed.

    Good luck!