My wishlist… J-4

4 more days & i will be no more…22years lol  This is to tell you that i dont wanna a gift like a laptop Core 2 Duo or a Nokia N95. But just a little fun, among ourselves like last year (Read Post + View Video)…


You are invited!

[btw, I dont expect much comments here and thanks to all who contributed for making the last post collect nearly 80 comments!]

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  • mantasha

    i’l miss ur birthday zis year..bez sa
    but to garde mo part gato:p

  • Splash

    kuma dire mo m ti tire sa foto la :p

    this year will b diff compared to others bd for sure… 😉

  • hmmmm….dnt knw wat 2 say..fek la ti 5 in fini vin 4 tou..*-)*-)

  • vicks

    it was the best party ever organised for me??

    bon tone dire tomE.. couma capve fer better aster :S

    bon.. i think pou ene plan paress this time.. with just friends gathering around manZe boire!!

    let you now pli tard..pane gagne confirmation banens dimoune pe vini…

  • Kunal

    lol mo fer ene best essaye vine fer ene letour Maurice dans sa December la, nous capav refaire mo birthday… lol

  • jt

    Happy birthday…:p

  • So, tomorrow is your bday if my calculations are good 😀 Happy bday to you hope you’re going to have a great day 🙂

    pff me too will turn 23 this year… I don’t know about you but I feel oldddddd.

  • Madiihah

    :)je te reserve une ptite surprise yash:p

  • Ashliyaah

    Hello yashvin,this is my first comments from me to you since the very first time we got to know each other:^)

    Many many happy returns of the day en avance
    wishing you a prosperous life;)
    Happy birthday(k)

  • varsh

    wish u a very happy birthday, plus happy holi, hihi, 😀