my 22th birthday video

This video, recorded on 22 march 2007) is about the “crazing disef” session during my 22th birthday party organised by my friends….

hmm, a big thanks to Vicks for uploading this video (initially 60mb)

also, u may want to listen to the latest remix (Indian Mix – Subha Subha) i made yesterday night…

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  • vinay

    seryer neveu!!!!

  • etaaaaaaaaa ey

    to pa honter!

    to rod tire calsson divan tou sa dimoune la!

  • lol

    2 place cot mone apreCie C letemps jaya pe caC lol

    “couma caC sa? bizin tap fort?? ” :biggrin: :biggrin:

    apres geshwin so finisher lol.. tro bon ti ete!! :silly: :silly:

    sinon yash.. couma to senti toi? banne dulait la ine fer effet? CV pe pouC soi bez mem?? :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  • franc tout, mo cv ine pousser since zotte fine met sa melange la.
    mo p pense pu al register sa special product for hair growth la :whistle:

    bein sinon, ti p gagne dimal kant zotte ti p essaye casse disef la, ena ti p faire kouma dire zotte p faire omelette, rode casse disef lo bordire recipient la!
    pas koner kot zotte fine prend disef so hard ! kouma dire ti disef bouillie :blink:

  • Kyu

    :biggrin: hello, u have been tagged šŸ™‚ see here. its somewhat long, courtesy of hans-kun lol :tongue: :tongue:

  • Bob

    Respects Yash, ur the man. Wish i had such good mates like urs…

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  • Crystal

    šŸ˜® Mo ti p gagn per yashvin gagn dimal:$