My New Year Resolutions & Superb “Flamboyant” Pic

I thought to myself;
Instead of following the actual trend of bloggers, y not post something more interesting than the “happy new year 2007” Wishes ?

Well, I found out 2 ways…

In Mauritius, the flowering of the “flamboyant” trees does not only give a red coloring to our environment but also announces the coming New Year celebrities…
So, just for you, i have gone along the Triolet – Mont Choisy Road
to take a pic of one of those trees and put it here on уαѕнαkuη Oηliηe

Many of Us talk about what Changes/Resolutions that we wish to bring in our life..
So, y not post about that?
Well, mine are

  • Stop growing more taller
    Its becoming a serious problem for someone
  • Stop being the problem-solver of everyone!
  • Stop Drinking Beer, “ventre grossi r sa!”
    Instead Drink SevenSeas or much more powerful!
  • Start to tell lies
    An innocent and honest life causes only problems!
  • Change my Dj Name (according to Neha)
    it would now be DJ PasseLeTemps!
  • Seriously become serious about serious studies
    Allocate some more time to studies, only a few more months to go now
  • Finish my end of year project and exceed the expectations
  • Get at least +6% in my End Of Year CPA to get at least a 2-1 honors!
  • Get myself a new domain name for my site and my blog
  • Start Using a higher resolution, y not 1280×800? lol
  • Last But Not The LeastPARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only a few months left to enjoy my Student Life

What about yours???

I have also updated my site with new pics in Photo Album & New Remixes After 5 months!
Have a look!

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  • Laksh

    well in fact to premier resolution la li vraimem bon!!!
    hope ki avec this new comg year to pa pu pprend encore hauteur!!! ; :angel:

  • Splash

    dan triolet ena zis flamboyant rouge?

    vine fer 1 letour dan le sud
    ena cki jaune si par ici

  • moi mo resolution c
    1280 X 1024 :biggrin:

    en gros..
    monn decide pou drop smoking completement
    mo pann fumer depi preske 1 semaine la
    mo pas p feel need la..
    or perhaps its the reason y mo p evite sorti..
    the next one is to work hard and party harder..
    yashvin nous ress nek kelke mois pou pass uom..
    y not make the most of it?

  • to splash : lol, mo pas ti koner ena flamboyant jaune si (as u told me in msn) thnk pu l’info :blink:

    to sundeep; mone tan dire depi longtemps to p arrete fimer….c l’intention ki compte, pas l’action 😛 😆

  • “c l’intention ki compte, pas l’action” +1 🙂

  • Hey I have a Flame tree in my yard! My mum loves this tree and even I do get some inspiration from it. It is a magnificent tree, really.

    About the resolutions, I never made any New Year ones. I don’t know why but it’s just like that… I don’t have any ideas.

  • Splash

    @ sundeep

    moi osi mo ti p servi 1280 x 1024 lor pc
    lor laptop max 1280 x 800 :S

    i think its bcoz of screen ratio of 16:9 for laptop compared to 4:3 of a monitor

    a propos smoking
    to pa ti p fimer pou party????

    pa m 1 semaine la :whistle:

  • haha Splash to pe tire sundeep so peC dehors!!!

    @ yashvin
    An innocent and honest life causes only problems!
    tahE since when to ti innocent??

    2-1 or 2-2 hons.. pas ene problem sa 😛
    facon zotte examin toi at uom crappy mem.. :getlost: :getlost:

    nek to bizin bon in what you do!!!! :angel:

  • @ splash:
    euh..aller..demain pou fr 1 semaine..
    mais lessentiel c ki pas gagne envi fimer ditout..
    par contre..
    nou kav met plan boire :p

  • Yashvin, comment ca se fait to encore en croissance? Ton depasse l’age ca hein! 😉

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