[Guest post] Have any of your parcels been lost on the way to your house?

Dear Readers, 

It is with immense pleasure that I’m welcoming another guest writer for this post. If I tell you that he is our local rant master, you probably know whom I’m talking about.

Please join your hands together for the one&only…. Le Tushal xD
(He will hate me for this intro haha) 


If you’re used to online purchases, some of you can be as frustrated as me when it concerns the number of parcels which never reached me. For the past weeks, I have several parcels declared as ‘lost’ after reaching  Mauritius even despite most of them have a tracking number. And the eBay sellers need to ship the parcels again to me, with the inconveniences (for both the seller and me) and additional costs (for the sellers). Or you can still go for a refund after discussing with your seller. And in case you are still wondering about the ZIP code you need when filling your address, please refer to this article.

Recently there was a post office worker who gave a statement to a newspaper that the parcels are not LOST in Mauritius but at other post offices in the world. What a load of crap!

It is as if all of a sudden, all the post offices in the world decided to steal all the parcels! Some of the items I have lost among others are:

  1. Android live view watch
  2. Android live view watch (yes again)
  3. Aviator designer sunglasses x 3
  4. Solar led fog light
  5. Electric shaver
  6. Front cap cover for Nikon
  7. Punch bag for my mobile

Have any of your parcels got ‘lost’ too?

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  • Euhhhtaaah Tushal… Enfin hope this does not happen again. 🙁

  • Artic Silver Thermal Paste
    Memory card reader
    Maxell LR44 Battery (x10)
    Memory card reader
    Memory card reader
    Memory card reader

  • I guess that I have been lucky. *touch-wood*

    1. Arm band case pouch for mobile (but it finally reached home after the seller dispatched a second one)
    2. Galaxy SIII pouch

    Tnat’s all, as far as I remember.

  • Mishy

    sadly yes…ive been getting most of my stuffs shipped from Australia for the past 7 years…normally the time frame would be within 1 week to 10 days at most. my friend posted 1 parcel a month ago for me and am still waiting on it 🙁 …Australia Post confirms dispatching,,,but here no one seems to have a clue. had office wear n classic accessories in that and they were defo expensive :(. Although looks like it lost its way,am just giving it another 2 weeks before giving up for good :(.

  • Nitish

    Nokia Asha 303 pouch x2
    Molex to 3 pin converter
    Tintin VHS (i know it’s way back but it happened)

  • Tushal

    One of those parcels had a special tracking number. The package arrived in Mauritius Airport. But from there, no track. And I never received it.
    And in all these, poor sellers on ebay. They refund you for the incompetency of others.

  • I have been having the same problem lately. In the past 2 months two of my orders have not arrived. One parcel from UK containing a PC cable and the other from France is a book. It is getting very frustrating. The first order was reimbursed and the second one is being resent. I am sure the problem is here at the airport. I would not be surprised that one day we read in the newspaper that there was some stealing/trafficking going on. Up until now I was ordering DVDs and books from Amazon without problems.

  • crypto

    There’s no complaint bureau or something? The post office supposed to be private now, so if they are robbing their customers, they’re the losers in the long term.

    As always, a few incompetents/fraudsters spoil it for everyone in this country

  • i’ve had a few sellers who refused to send to mauritius just because its part of Africa (it’s where scam happens) … A seller who had a item reported as lost while sending to Mauritius is very likely to refuse selling to another person of the same location 😀

    GOD bless america

  • Reuben

    I recently received a parcel after about a 100 days… but it’s true that for the past two months… there are 3 parcels that haven’t reached me yet…

  • Laptop pouch
    iPhone screen protectors

  • Also, i received a pair of shoes i never bought.

  • Casio Watch – Went on refund
    Received PC ASUS motherboard in 2 pieces

  • to all those peoples parcels which were lost…did any of you ever use USPS express shipping and your parcel got lost?anyone?

  • Tushal

    @facebook-100004446253250:disqus I have had 1 parcel lost using USPS standard shipping.

  • Tushal

    The way it is going, soon they will refuse to ship to Mauritius.

  • Pair of boots !

    and at least 2-3 other minor value stuff (below 10USD)

  • adarsh

    Wow, that a concidence, I recently ordered a pressure steam cleaner more than two months ago…it has not yet arrived, I even went to the post office with a USPS tracking number, they told me its a non-registered parcel and they cannot track in in their system by just looking a the tracking number…which makes me ponder that any of the employee there seeing a parcel with such number can, of course in theory, take the item for him without worrying about any consequences. There by just looking at the lost items mentioned here by the “few” of you is enormous. Maybe it is just me, it would seems that items they deems they know they can use it for themselves..just never reaches you. I think we should make a survey among us and make a list of lost items at the post office. One thing for sure, in the long run, it would not be surprising that ebay will warn or even prevent its sellers from shipping in mauritius. If you would have noticed, a lot of items that could have been shipped in mauritius from amazon is no longer possible…C’est un scandal in the making.. 😉

  • LuckyMan

    Consider yourself lucky! 😀

  • Yes Amazon.uk/fr/com no longer shipping to Mauritius even for simple things like PC cables. The country is getting black-listed as too many reports of non-deliveries.

  • Tushal

    I had a seller on ebay who was shipping to Mauritius. But when I lost the item, he refunded me and removed Mauritius from the shipping list.

  • Michael

    I just ordered a ladies wallet clutch bag for my sister. After 2 months nothing.. The seller just resent the item and now i’m waiting… Mauritius C’est un plaisir :/

  • yeah but i came to know that if you use express mail shipping your item neve gets lost

  • There’s a difference between USPS “standard” and its “express mail” shipping.
    From experience, express mail shipping has frequent updates in the tracking and the delivery to Mauritius is done in 4-6 days.

  • Mishy

    A lil update…my parcel found its way finally :)….got the lil green card from the PO today…ill go in on Sat to get it 🙂

  • Shalini

    Its not only ebay or any other online sites.. Im abroad and from time to time I send a couple of things for my nephew and nieces.. its no electrical goods or anything of that sort.. Just a few tshirts clothes ish things and all! Still gets lost! And that too registered!! And I do have a tracking number.. telling me where my parcel is at! But when it hits mru! It will only say ”on route to customer”.. Till now it is still on route to customer! What a joke! I get the whole thing abt ”losing” electrical things and all!they are,expensive and why not steal it coz they know they will get away with it!! But clothing! -.- and that kids stuff!! 🙁

  • “well said”

  • NamD

    It’s not just parcels that get ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ shall i say. i recently sent a simple birthday card to my sister-in-law in mauritius with some money in there as her bday present.. BIG mistake.. although the card reached her within a week, the full amount in the card didn’t. half of that amount had ‘disappeared’ before reaching her house…

  • Mine is just disgusting as one of my relative was about to make an operation Ive sent her some money from uk but they have the guts to steal the money and the sent the empty envlope to her thts really disgusting If they want me to give them some alms as charity they jst have to ask me but not stealing other people money those bastard

  • sparxxx1111

    None so far. Over 70+ package *touch wood*. Once in a while i get them late though.

  • Chamburn Radha

    Mwa ceki mo fer ena coute c mo send sa carte jaune, vert ousa rouge la poste plouis em lerla fer zot open li calcul bane frais tousa apres send li la poste dan mo region. Kan mo ti gagne mo parcel mo ti fer amen beaucoup zafair mais problem mo ti mank ene PSP ladan. Ceki mo ti pou conseiller c que li preferable al prend zot parcel si ena beaucoup items sinon si ena ene sel b lerla capv fer ouvert ect amen li dans la poste pli pres.

  • Vishal

    Eski ena un size specific pou ban produit ki zot amnene a la poste ou bien ena bizin ale cherche port louis. Ki size maximum mo pou recevoir dan la poste mo l’endroit.

  • lost almst 3 parcels during last month and i have no clue where they have gone, did not take the risk abt asking to resend, i rather opted for a refund.

  • sabi

    Me too I have loss almost 5 parcel in 3 month now ebay seller refuse to ship to mauritius I was quite because I thought it’s only me who is in loss,,, the problem is here in mauritius at the main post office, last time I order 110$ flower seeds it was hold by the post office they refused to give me the parcel it was sent to destroyed at reduit,,, the seller has resent me the item as courier,, it’s was a total loss for the seller now he has remove mauritius from his list..

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  • Katss

    I’ve bought an Estee Lauder foundation from ebay for about Rs1500 and never received it! Fortunately, I’ve managed to get a refund through Ebay Buyer Protection. But the seller has stopped shipping to Mauritius!
    I’ve not received the brooches I bought either and the seller has agreed to send them again and it’s been approx. 2 months that I have not received them!
    I’ve got another item which has reached Mauritius since last Friday, and I’ve not received it yet! It’s been already a week, and I used to receive parcels about 2-3 days after they reach Mauritius!
    It’s becoming seriously too frustrating!

  • pprav05

    Latest update:

    Yesterday I met an old friend who works at the parcel post office. He actually told me that they do steal parcels out there from time to time and there’s NOTHING you can do about that. Esp. Man U Shirts 😉

    (Also if you have a friend/relative who works there and let’s say you bought something refurbish/used or anything pricy..you won’t need to spend your money on a custom broker..since he/she can talk to the custom officer and bring your item directly to your home free of charge.) Good luck..

  • lol. Thanks for the insider news 😉

  • Kaushik D Gooransing

    My product get lost in the post office and when i ask the seller of refund , instead of helping me he do a complaint at post office of mauritius. can you help me out??? plzzzzzzzz

  • Ebay?

  • Kaushik D Gooransing

    yes , what can i do in this case

  • No other way than to contact your seller to tell him / her that you have not yet received the parcel. This will automatically create a complaint which will be used to refund you if no agreement is made between the 2 parties.

  • Kaushik D Gooransing

    but the local authorities who have got the email wont sue me ??

  • Which mail?

  • Kaushik D Gooransing

    see the attachment and Give me a good advice what to do?

  • If it is a registered mail, someone needs to sign upon delivery. As long as you are sure you haven’t signed anything, nothing to fear. Just file your case on eBay and do mention that you never received any item.

  • Kaushik D Gooransing


  • Kaushik D Gooransing

    I bought a refurbished laptop from ebay, i have remove import permit from ministry of commerce , In how many days can i get the permit????. i hve submitted application on wednesday

  • Hello.
    Difficult to say as I have never gone through this process. I will appreciate if you can let us know how many days it took for yours…


  • Ruth

    hi can anyone advise me on this issue? i bought an item from ebay. it had tracking number. it says already reached mauritius on 20th july but i have still not received it. i called at my local post office where i usually go to collect my items. they are saying they do not have any parcel in my name. plz help guys

  • Already 1 month! Try to call the central parcels office and give them your tracking number. If still, you can’t find it, contact your seller and complain about not receiving the parcel yet.

  • Ruth

    ok thanks dear

  • That’s the reason why I prefer buying from UK sellers. Items always get delivered by 2 weeks on average.

    Unfortunately, you got no choice other than contact the seller. I haven’t heard people complain massively yet but I agree, I have ‘lost’ loads of parcels too.

  • Letliveforever

    Hi guys, I’m being losing parcels from time to time. Although, I asked for refund. I was wondering where my parcels go. So, I check one of my tracking number for an item, I saw that it was still not delivered but it reached mauritius since 1 month. I called the post office. Guys, I am really suspicious about what’s going on there. The guy took my name. (Well, he did not let me spell it completely, he interrupted me half way) I started explaning the situation to him and gave him the tracking number. He checked! (just so you know I have checked the tracking number and it says that it has still not been delivered) According to him, the item was delivered and sent to someone in Rose-Hill. (I live in Beau Bassin) According to him, the seller just wrote someone else address with someone else name! Really ? The seller sent me a picture of the parcel with my address and my name. I’m sending a mail right now with pictures as proof! Seriously guys, fight for your case. Sellers are not responsible for lost parcel if they have reached your country ! I feel bad asking for refund because those sellers are trying to make a living and this is a loss for them !

  • Totally agree with you. With those ‘lost’ parcels, the respective sellers will remove Mauritius from their list.

  • Letliveforever

    Hi, I have the same issue as you ! I have some investigation going on ! there are many stolen items (mostly those without tracking number) and if there is any tracking number, there will either say that it is a mispatch or they never receive the item. Btw, they do not necessarily update the informations online for your tracking number. Please do not let your case ! Talk with your seller and investigate what is going on in the post offfice… if you have anyone who work there, they can tell you

  • Letliveforever

    I recommended everyone to give your feedback on Mauriitus Post on their facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MauritiusPost/?fref=ts ! They are so lame that their own people has to rate their page a 5-star. Yes, I hope that this will be a bad referencing for them ! Personnally, i think that many ‘lost’ parcels are just stolen ! (Some people can back me up on that one) Someone should be investigating this issue ! It’s outrageous !

  • I agree.
    An official complaint should be made. I will do this myself.