A visit to Ile Aux Aigrettes

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  • The lizard is actually a skink. The Round Island skink.

    http://www.yashvinblogs.com was here! Epic! 😛

  • Thanks for the name of the “lizard”.

    Epic? 😛

  • Nice report, love the photos. Any story attached to the huge cannon? Historical I mean?

  • Thanks.
    lol. it was used to protect the old port in the ancient times.

  •  Yeah, Epic.
    But I think you’ll prefer this one, fits carrotmadman6’s context. 🙂

  • @google-364ece096841439f595e156d955a01e4:disqus : Epic! 😛

  • guibs

    hi …have also been there in 2009 ! The small lizard is the local ‘gecko’ I think . We were also told that the shell of the tortoise is the most sensible part of a tortoise. So, we were advised not to scratch its back. Just before the nursery there were some endemic birds ‘cardinal/fody’ which are very ‘territorial’. They made lots of noise when we approached. There are also loads of ebony trees.

  • You still remember quite few things. Nice!
    That’s true. The guide showed us by making a circular motion on the tortoise shell and which made the tortoise literally run.

  • Indeed a really great place for a great weekend. I been there in January 2008 with the Univ guys .. We paid rs100 i think and even got refreshments and a bryani poulet take away ! lolz.. 🙂 Also one of my first posts ! Very far from the ones which came later ! lolz.. 


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  • TL

    Nice and colourful. BUT (there’s always a but) i am a bit confused. just below the picture with the guide, as per your description – “Another wonderful viewpoint where you can see the old port and the large lagoon”, the next 2 pictures would be of an old port and the large lagoon.so the second picture is the lagoon you mentioned…oh my..

    confused TL

  • If you have not really understood the sentence, replace “where” by “from where”.
    Finally, going back into history, Grand Port was the port used at those times and by ‘old port’, I meant the old Grand Port.

    TL, arrete faire mechant la! 😛

  • Yasser

    ah ok, u took the boat from Blue bay to go there.. mo pou dire toi frank frank, mo habite Blue Bay et mo pas ti koner ki ena bateau go to that island from here.  mo ti croire zot embarquer point desny,

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