45 pictures from Independence Day Celebration (Champs de Mars)

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  • Kurt

    Nice shots!

  • Nice photos, good action photo of I believe Tae Kwon Do demo. The foreign transport plane with the parachutists was a French military Transall C-160. The SMF contingent was the guard of honour and they were very smart in their drill. I squirmed at the CG marching some individuals did not know their left from right but then I have a critical military view. The French parachutists were from 2e régiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de la Marine Française based in Reunion.

  • The French were parading in their colours, not even any acknowledgement that their are on Mauritian soil… That was the ugliest thing i’ve seen so far: which country allows a foreign country to parade during its National Day? Incredibly lame idea.
    The FAZSOI were here in 2007, but did not parade: why now? If it’s an acknowledgement to former colonisers, may we expect British troops to parade here next year? Or even Dutch? Or Arabs (whichever was the country which really came before the Dutch)? Or even better: the US: they are our new colonisers, given that they are already here on OUR Chagos?
    Or was it just because they were here? Then, what kind of people are governing us: when you already have a wife at home since 44 years already, she’s yours whatever your find bad with her, it’s not when you see any attractive woman passing on the street that you have to invite her into your house on your wedding day to show her talents and make a strip-tease like the French were doing yesterday.

  • Lapin

    Hello, I want to know if I can take some of your photos to post on my Facebook to show my foreign friends? thank you! 

  • Hi!
    You are free as long as you keep my copyrights on the image (and a link towards the blog).
    btw, why don’t you share the link directly?

    All I want is some traffic on the blog 🙂

  • Lapin

    Of course I will include the watermark on your image, I will also promote the link as well! Thank you!

  • Great 😉
    And thanks for your comments

  • Priya_napaul

    oh god, you’re damn good!!! 

  • Barlenmarday

    thanks a lot i am barlen i was in taekwondo demo i was first one to break wood and the second was my friend and u get the second one photo its great                                              do u have for the first one thk u

  • Hello.
    Splendid performance, kudos!
    Unfortunately no. There was so little light in there, it was difficult to capture everything 🙁

  • caramelliane

    Très jolies photos, merci pour le lien,  je reviendrai faire un tour.
    J’ai aussi vu l’homme au chapeau, on a en effet dû se croiser… Bonne journée.

  • Nu pays nu fiertE
    Nu politic nu salT

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  • Ournessa

    nice picture

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