What makes a Mauritian shopping mall popular?

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  • C vrai, in fact today, lunch and dinners has become a nice way to spend time with friends and family. It becomes like a recreational spot for adults.

    Enfin the only thing is that with so many malls and competition growing… Will the population of Mauritius gain anything from that? Let us see! 🙂

  • JP Fortuno

    what makes a shopping mall popular?
    the food, proximity, the girls, good parking, and optionally the shops. oh, 3d theater is a plus too in the case of Bagatelle =)

  • Bhooks

    You’ve missed the Silver lining dude. A shopping mall without a decent Hyper in it got no chance to attract customers

  • It is interesting to see how some of the very first malls have gone down in popularity following the opening of these new mega ones.The larger foodcourts with a variety of choice certainly attracts the families. Remains to be seen whether the expensive shops will survive.

  • yurit0s

    flacq pou ena lot mall…

  • ashvindx

    Shopping, Close to residential or offices, Food and Supermarket!

  • Absolutely Great…! I live @ Camp De Masque and it will be more accesible to me. Also winners will be there… Having debonaires and nandose there would be Myummy…!

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  • Food.

  • Shopping Malls are not my thing. I like “marchant ambulant” in Port Louis :3