Bagatelle, yet another shopping mall

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  • Bernardo

    Nice post.. More photos please..

  • le_voyageur

    awesome shot with the guy in the bmx performing that stunt 😉 the camera doesn’t make the photographer :p (assuming you took that from your mobile phone) .. lol

    ti pou al laba today but since mo p gagne feedback ena trop boucou dimoun mo prefere aller apres exams kot mo sure dimoun pou diminuer laba.. lol, skatepark la nice,, but prices are a bit too high for youngsters if its for individuals, if this can be applied to groups then it’ll be okay.. people parked cars everywhere, lol, must be some exhibition..

    i even saw on facebook that some people complaining about the lack of security and some who consumed alcoholic drinks and was in a pitious state, you happened to see them ?

    in everycorner of mru you happened to get the huge shopping malls, in a few years there’ll be grand-bay, trianon and forbach .. lol ..

  • Jp

    I have not visited yet and I do not plan to go in the coming days. I can wait for a month or two, let the hype go down a little bit, then I will go there and check it out.

    Nice to see the photos though ^^

    It’s just a shopping mall after all ;)…

    Yashvin, any products you have seen there that would be worth the move?

  • Anonymous

    Not to forget the 6 cinema

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Which are not operational yet…

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Nothing specific. Most things available there are probably available in the other stores around the island. It is just that it is like a ‘one stop mall’ in which most brands opened their stores.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Definitely! My mobile phone :-)

    Shopping mals are growing everywhere indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I was planning to visit but prefer to wait for a day during the week when the crowds will be less. It does look impressive but I wonder about how long these numerous malls will survive in this economic climate. Already I saw Phoenix les Halles diminishing and shops closing. Now, I heard on R1 that Phoenix les Halles will be converted into offices? There is a point of view that various shops in these malls will have difficulties to survive because the majority of Mauritians do not have purchasing power in these difficult economic times. Maybe Bagatelle will be the exception because of its central position on the island.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Heard about that too. I guess that it is more profitable to get rent from offices and also, that’s the best thing to do if there’s too much competition among the shopping malls.

  • Torpedo

    Shopping overload? Tired already?
    Get ready for Cascavelle, Flacq, and many more

    Pou ena baz left-right-center asterr mo dir ou!

  • Reena Dkl

    Went there on Friday and sincerely, the only thing worth waiting for might be the cinema halls…hope the prices will be more reasonable than Caudan…

    The mall itself is nice, modern but still most shops were closed.  I believe one can really appreciate the place once the whole ‘grand openeing’ thing starts fading…

    Huge parking lot but still scarce parking places!!!

    Now, we have to see if the shops are selling at normal rates or higher ones…

    eagerly awaiting the Cascavelle Mall now :)

  • carrotmadman6

    Rs 250 standard.

    + Rs 60 for 3D. :)

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Thanks Carrot!

  • Reena Dkl

    It’s expensive then!!!  pfff!!!!

  • Bhanugujadhur

    cool, nice pics…
    for the skateparc, I’m surprise to see it requires payment, I’ve seen skateparcs around the world, n they were all free, that’s the spirit of skates, bmx, n roller sports!

  • Vicks

    prix pli cher labas?? 1 pair dhallpuri??

  • Yashvin Awootar

    I didn’t try to check. Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Rs 20 ene pair dallpourri cor dewa. Rs5 gato pima

  • Yashvin Awootar


  • TL

    supposer ene shopping mall bien modern..mais avec marchant dholl puri just devant lentree principal…

  • Yashvin Awootar

    En premiere lol.

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    If Dewa is at 20MUR, it’s about 200% more expensive than sold at its Rose Hill Market Stand…

    If we apply the same mark-up / margin to all other products being sold there, it’s scary at best…

    But no, it’s not for Mauritians, if you think about these: it’s located far (walking distance) from all residential areas, on a motorway, huge headroom (like the overseas malls, e.g. Dubai, etc), huge parking, no bus stands (correct me if I’m wrong: I’ve seen a RHT bus stuck in the traffic on its way up the southbounds link-access road)… So, there are more chances that the shops are actually targeting affluent people, unlike the huge majority of Mauritians.

    But one last thing: Yashvin, if on that day of your first visit you did not expect to land in Bagatelle, can we please be informed where were you expecting to  do it…? :-)

  • Yashvin Awootar

    haha. Nice question. When I take the car for a drive, I do not always have a destination in mind but Miss Dhaneesha wanted to go to Bagatelle, so, the girl wins.

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