Cargo is here. Now, do it yourself!

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  • yurit0s

    Hey what about doing some business. Get a loan from the bank.
    Go to China buy some stuff. Import them to Mauritius then sell them.

  • If you have extra screws & bolts left, you’re assembling it wrong. :p

  • Impressive exercise.

  • Do you trade with a particular dealer in china??

  • Nops. Bought from random shops where I got value for money stuff.

  • Couma tne passe command la? 

  • Shavin

    nope… no extra bolts or anything from china

  • Padmini1308

    did u buy it via ebay or paypal?

  • lol. None. Al la chine et aster directe 😛

  • Kouma? Mone aller, mone choisir, mone dir li mo pu prend sa, et lerla mone payer et mone retourne morice xD

  • What would be interesting to know is how much money you saved by purchasing all these items (which I think is for house furnishing rather than business related) in China compared to Mauritius. And how much for overheads like tax, custom clearance and delivery.

  • Ahhh to ti alle China touttt!!! Mo ti penC tne passe command Online ^^

  • This means that you missed this post:

  • Very interesting question. Though it might be difficult to estimate everything, I have devised a simple formula to spread the additional costs (freight, customs, duty, vat) : 

    Total cost : buying price x 1.5
    i.e, I add half the price to it, even if I know that the additional amount added varies because of specific duty, vat applicable items etc.

    Just to give an idea, my tiles have cost me about 1/2 (I will exaggerate up to 3/4 ).
    Another more specific example : A 
    solid wood, beautiful worked complete bedroom set (King bed size, mattress, 2 large night tables, large wardrobe, enormous dressing table – coiffeuse) amounted to a total of Rs50k.
    In Mauritius, the price starts as from 60-70k, and the materials and finish sometimes aren’t that great.

    Hope that I answered your question @c0b9c5f2f8e5c6717816ec528e34c0e5:disqus.

  • Ritesh H

    ah,.. also the fees to velogic, renting a camion to bring that back home + the time spent mounting everything (time = money!). your hourly rate must be high 😉 hehe

  • When multiplying by 1.5, I already took care of the velogic, freight, vat, duty, lorry etc. I was in China Town some mins ago, I saw the (nearly) exact bedroom set at abt 20k more expensive!

    Last point to add : Since the purchases are for personal use only, I did not calculate everything with a business/commercial mindset. In that case, it would be normal to take EVERYTHING into consideration, even time spent in China for business.