Chandni Chowk to China

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  • Epic!


  • Anonymous

    China the sleeping Dragon ! ; )

  • Anonymous

    Atleast you managed to take pics 😛 THe whole time I spent in China I only took about 30 pics; way too busy.

    The words I used were always pow-pow(meaning wholesale) + hand gestures; also learnt how to right some chinese on the way 😛

    I lived on McDo and KFC too but I preferred the turkish restaurants; much better.(And did you notice the chicken is black there?!)

    I even came across a shop called Google; didn’t check whether they sold premium gmail accounts there tho 😛

    Also, its RMB, not RMD 😛

  • Jya

    great 🙂

  • True! That’s why most of my pics are from my mobile. And I did not take the risk to carry my camera everywhere.

    And yeah, when you take in “tapa tapa” (creole : boukoup), you get more chudi 😛 haha. Hand gestures. lol. Sometimes I wanted to sit down and laugh at myself!
    Btw thanks, just made the correction.

  • True! That’s why most of my pics are from my mobile. And I did not take the risk to carry my camera everywhere.

    And yeah, when you take in “tapa tapa” (creole : boukoup), you get more chudi 😛 haha. Hand gestures. lol. Sometimes I wanted to sit down and laugh at myself!
    Btw thanks, just made the correction.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t really have any problem with dishonesty tho; sure, walking alone at night could be scary but I didn’t wander off in lonely lanes.

    Even though I changed my money in the black market(banks charge ~Rs250/transaction!) I didn’t have any problem with fake notes but my greatest challenge were, like you said, the non-existent code de la route 😛

  • curiousEngine

    Welcome back home! well, you will organise another bloggers meeting now…lol

  • Welcome back, it was quiet around here without you. What an adventure you had, sounds pretty tough there. Looking forward to your info about Dubai. I spent quite sometime in the Emirates and looking to compare the old with the new scene.

  • I guess so! Facebook home pages might have been a bit boring without my regular share of links and news 😛

  • TL

    i knew you would love the china trip..but you didnt try the food stall on the streets..too was the weather in foshan? overhere its 8degrees at night..

    and you are absolutely right about the drivers and riders too..road priority is to the bravest one..dont even think about pedestrian crossing/intersection priority – the only strange and incomprehensible observation i made is that the chinese people do stop at trafficlight when its red.

    ps i got my camera + lens finally. and cheaper than HK where most stores are out of stock

  • Good that you mentioned pedestrian crossings. There’s absolutely no difference if you cross the roads whether on some traffic controlled road or on a crossing. The vehicles just continue driving even if people are crossing!

    Fo Shan was cold (for me). About 10-12degrees when I was there and I had left most of my pullovers in Guangzou!

    I did try a few street food, but only those which seem appealing, like the brochettes (Octopus thing), which was particularly tasty and cheap, around Rs25!

  • Yashvina

    Thanks for sharing…the food part was more interesting.. 😀 
    Any more pics of the food there??? 🙂

  • I should be posting the pics on Facebook, perhaps this night 🙂
    I do have a few pics of food but not what you exactly want to see, I mean, not the typical chinese food.

  • A welcoming year event 😛

    And this time, I will be there!

  • Shweta

    >>I never seen so much people in a so little place.
    Come to  any metro city of India , situation might be more or less same.
    you told that you did not take the risk to carry my camera everywhere. Is it  due to fear of theft  ?

    Nice post .

  • Alone in a foreign country, where only a little fraction talks your language. I did not want to take any additional risk.

  • Bernardo

    China dog LOL… Pet or to pot?

  • Difficult to say. Perhaps offering the best treatment before sending to the kitchen 😛

  • In the food pic, that thing with a tail, was that a rat!!!!????

  • Cant see which pic you are talking about?

    If it was really a rat, I could not have missed that. 

    In case its the first picture, no, the purple thing is octopus. Damn tasty! 🙂

  • reechna

    Awesome, just like I imagined it.. ^^,

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  • LOL! You sure had a good experience. I’m going to give a looooong comment.

    I’m guessing the Chinese words were “qu di” meaning go low and “qu XXX” for go to XXX.. The appropriate words would have been “pianyi-dian” (p-n-e d-n, said rapidly in English pronunciation) meaning (to make it) a little cheaper; or “tai-gui”  (couma dire p dire thai cuit en creole) meaning too expensive. But hey, as long as they understand you want a cheaper price, it doesn’t matter.Since I only went to GZ for a short sightseeing trip, I haven’t been to the places for specific type of goods. But I remember Beijing Street is a famous place to go bargaining. And it’s near a hotel where many Mauritians stay when in GZ.Food pics. I love seeing food pics. Does that make me a sissy? Haha. The first pic is typical kebab-style bbq’ing except for the top left which if I am not mistaken is the flour balls made famous in Taiwan, and they just add a little sauce to it. Didn’t like that as it didn’t seem to have any taste. Second picture, on the left, there is the hotpot and you’d better not drink the soup/oil as you’ll probably end up with an upset stomach. Hey, how come I always end up with a bill of over 100rmb whenever I cave in and have some biryani, curry, tandoori and other Indian food? 🙁

    Driving … I have nearly had fatal accidents many times while in China. Rule of thumb: even when you have the priority, be VERY careful and look everywhere before walking across the street. I think it’s got slightly better (or I’m used to it now). I remember when I first arrived in Beijing, I kept trying to press my foot on an imaginary brake pedal when sitting in a taxi. So scary. There are accidents, but yeah, somehow they don’t seem to happen as often as one would have expected.

    Theft. GZ has a rather bad reputation on that front. Did you notice that motorcycles are not allowed in the city? That’s because there had been too many grab and run by bikers before, so the local govt put a ban to the motorbikes.

  • That was long and interesting!

    Qu di? haha, I kept saying “Chu di” but they did understand! As you said, that was the most important part.

    I think that you are perhaps referring to the “Grand Continental”, isnt it? From what I heard, many mauritians rent an appart/room there. Lido is also much preferred by Mauritians, it seems so.

    Beijing street. Very busy one, especially at night, together with all those streets which are for pedestrian access only. 

    Oops. I drank that tomato soup and fortunately, I did not get get any problems 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the advice. I will remember for the next time lol.
    You should try Daawat the next time!

    Scary. That is the right word. You just need to have blind faith on your taxi driver. He will reach you to the right destination but the way they bring you is not safe at all.

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any motorcycles! I did not pay much attention but it seems true! Good thing and I guess that if they have put this to practice, nothing prevents smaller countries to try them in towns for example.

    Many thanks for your comments 🙂

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  • The food next to the maize….