Bilan of Internet Service Providers in Mauritius

I thought i was, as usual, the only one unsatisfied about the internet connection i have however the whole majority of surfers seems to be complaining about their internet connection in Mauritius, be it, Nomad, ADSL, MyT or now even MTML.

A lot about my experience about the “high speed wireless reliable internet access” (Nomad) has been read here in this blog.

Its sure that people are fed with nomad as users and also, as visitors in this blog, thanks for ur patience.
[ You can read the whole range about nomad here ]

Mauritius Telecom and Telecom Plus offer the following;

  • Wanadoo ADSL
  • MyT

Mr Avinash Meetoo has been conducting a survey on the bandwidth available with the help of other persons.
According to his first results,

Simply said, we are getting much less than what we are paying for.

And finally, the latest on the market, MTML

as our new blogger friend, Azagen, says here in his first post

My complaints to MTML Services.
I’ve been using the services of these guy’s there since January. Since then, these people there have been messing and constantly fooling me. I’ve got so many problems with them that i had to go to ACIM to lodge a complaint about them. I have already sent a letter of six full pages to the ICTA to complain about the lack of responsibility and profesionalism of the people working there.

Till now, he is the only one known to have mtml in our class, and at the start, he was very proud of his 244 kbps connection 😛
Seems now that his internet experience is no more the same.

However, i do know another friend, but till now, he hasnt been complaining about his connection

The views and experience of the different ISPs seems to differ depending on different factors;

  • Location ( myT and Nomad)Different people say different things about their connection, and it seems that different regions do not always give the same speed since the internet speed depends on the distance from the Relay(myT) or the BTS antenna (Nomad) and also, the degree of saturation.
  • Internet UsageThose using myT for mass downloading often complain about low speed, because they exceeded the garantie d’usage.As for Nomad, many of the users do not even know how to use internet properly because of the huge nomad campaign to attract customers.

    Sorry for the word, but huge majority of nomad users
    are simply “COUYON”

    They either do not care about their connection, or are not aware that the problems they get are due to their ‘reliable’ connection.
    Also, may of them, are ‘shy’ to call the customer care…
    Believe me, i know personally a lot of them.

  • Customer Care Experience

    A quote from many myT users;

    Customer care mari bon

    So, it seems that they are highly help-full and reliable

    Unlike Nomad, where
    – You may be put on hold for even more than 10 mins
    – You may have to wait for their technicians or Customer Care agents to call you back for days!
    – The problems get solved by themselves, no explanation about the source of problem or even the solution applied

  • Tracking of resourcesThis applied to nomad, from personal experience and feedback.
    Did you know that there are some users of nomad, who havent paid their monthly fees for month???Also, i heard of someone who migrated to America, and who simply had “bouille so modem wiz lapaille dither” before going 😛

    Till now, Nomad, has not reported any of these cases and also, very often, they have huge billing errors in their monthly settlements!

  • Home InterventionI once got the feedback that myT technicians are very very quick to attend outdoors, sometimes coming home even without notice, lol.However, some friends got the following problem;
    Telecom Plus automatically switched their ADSL connection to myT without notice for testing and consequently, they dont have any internet access.
    This happenned in 2 known case
    – When technicians are supposed to come to upgrade ur connection
    – or when they test your lines to see for myT support.

    As for Nomad, u have to wait for the day where technicians are deployed on the part of the island where u live. Just to add, Outdoor technicians at nomad are very limited (for the north, i know only 2)


What about

your internet experience???

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  • ok, on MTML :devil:
    The dial-up speed that u get with MTML is 144 kbps…
    My cousin has it & gets an average dwnld speed of 17.6 kB/s
    (Maybe bcoz he’s the only one using MTML in that region??)

    Anyway, the problem with MTML is that if someone calls u or sms u when u r on Internet, the connection is disconnected!!
    My cousin always complains about that… :biggrin: he can’t download anything big.
    & MTML will be launching their broadband services soon…(i’ve been hearing it since 4 months…)

    Nomad… makes u mad. :devil: No more comments.

    Now Wanadoo…
    It’s 3 weeks now that i’ve my Wanadoo ADSL 128kbps
    & i must say it’s the most RELIABLE of all…

    My observations:
    1. Speed depends on no. of subscribers in ur region. (Since there’s hardly anyone in my region, i get full speed)

    2. The closer u r to the Relay, the faster ur Internet will be. (I’m 500m in Line of Sight & 800m if u consider telephone cables length – so it’s quite good)

    3. If u r downloading from a private server, u’ll get max speed. I remeber i was downloading from Adobe & getting an average of 15.6 kB/s.
    File hosting servers (like Rapidshare & Megaupload) have low speeds since many people are connecting to it.

    4. On week-ends, less people are on the Internet, so speed is faster. On weekdays, u can get 6 kB/s on Rapidshare & on week-ends it’s 13.84 kB/s…

    5. MT had dynamic IP Allocation. (in other words, no one has unique IP address)
    That’s the best feature of Mauritian Internet… this means if u r downloading from Rapidshare, just disconnect & reconnect to avoid waiting 167 min…


  • Zai

    moi mo p servi myt & i am fairly satisfied…
    daccord la moitier mois mo gagne slower connection about 10 Kb/s coz i do mass downloading, its only fair to others, mais in early morning i get max speed 30 Kb/s and at the beginning of the month also…
    en ce moment pendant la journee si mo p gagne max speed…
    mo pas dir pas gagne prob ditou, ena fois couma nomad ou adsl ou mtml gagne probleme mais c pas souvent… ena fois pas capave connecter tou sa la mais dhabitude sa dure pas lontem…
    fek la mo ti p gagne connexion bien bien lente au debut du mois mem ki pas ti normal et en 3 jours mone bien pester zot pou mo gagne connexion normal… c juste ene ti prob ki ti arriver, sak fois mone call mone coz r different dimoun, zot tou ine seye fer the basic things that r normally done when there r probs… finalement on day 2 zot ine contacter ene technician coz the prob wasnt on the line and on day 3 (yesterday) my connection was back to normal…
    customer service usually very helpful and solve prob asap…
    mo ti pou conten si limit download ti plis ki 1 giga mais bon… its only fair to everyone…
    resume: im satisfied with the service im getting 😉

  • I used nomad, and well, i had to call them nearly everyday.

    “Mo pa p gagne connection” And they would reply, “mamzel, teigne ou modem, re alime li / dan 1/2 heures temps li pu bon / Nu telefone ou dan 2 min”

    Which never worked or they never did.

    MyT… Pour l’instant no problemo… Zis mo ti dongle pa ti p work lerla mo ti cal zot ^^

  • I’m on starhub (singapore) up to now no real complains,except that they block bittorents :biggrin:

  • Torrents??
    Has anyone been ever able to download anything via torrents?? 🙁
    i get a speed of 0.1 kb/s & there are hardly any seeders available…

  • saheer

    moi en tuka, MyT the best till now.

    ofer, zis MyT em mo ti ena

    nimporte ki probs mo ti p gagner, ti mo faute em sa :blush:
    mone compran aster 😆

    but now, conection kan bzn li, li laem

    de toute facon, moi mo very close to relay.

    bzn consider ban dimun ki loin.

    MyT the Best…comparer r nomad bien sur :devil: :devil:

  • I use myT and am very satisfied with the service.Sure i get an average of 80% the speed am paying for but that’s ok.
    At times i had viruses on my pc…and before removing them, I just give a call to myT…and the next day, the Techs r here…trying to solve the problem :p and everytime they change connection sockets…because they appear to have been tampered with by some amateur to split phone lines 😀 (as soon as they leave, i remove their socket, and put mine again 😀 )
    The main reason that I enjoy a gud connection is my location 😉 I live in the south, in a small village (very hi-tech village) and there are at most 10 myT users here. And I don’t suffer from the 2gb limit etc :p

  • of course we are getting much less than we are paying for but stop for a moment, don’t criticize our service providers. With such high taxes imposed by the government, most of the money made by ISP is going into government’s pocket, how are the ISP supposed to develop, grow and expand?

    Our government has a defunct budget, financial plan and social forecast. Government spend too much money on retirement pension scheme and free transport than using that money to cut tax and develop infrastructure….

  • @James
    MT made record profits of Rs. 2.4 Billion last year, out of which Rs. 0.5 Billion went to taxes…
    If the government don’t reap taxes from these big companies… where else will they get so much money?

    Imagine taking Rs. 500 million in taxes from the common people.(although that’s what is happening indirectly since MT makes profits from us…)

    Is Rs. 1.9 Billion not enough for MT to invest, develop, grow & expand its Internet services? :unsure:

  • Govind

    Huh, couma dire to pane faire accounts :whistle: … Rs 1.9 bn ça, c’est profit after tax sa…Apres bizin pay dividend tousa…Lerla zot profit vine something like 200 millions (undistributed profit) … But couma dire sa somme la pas assez pou faire developpement 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Moi mo p gagne bien nerf ar mo actual myT connection…Mo ti ena ADSL 512 avan …ADSL ti franchement the best ..mone gagne bien tigit problems ar ADSL sauf ki li disconnect apres 8 heures temps connection (pas cpv laisse torrent run for 1 full day)…Sinon,apart sa ADSL super top ! :sideways:

    But malheureusement mone change from ADSL to myT 512 to benefit from the advantages of WIFI (2 computers or more can connect en meme temps with the myT ) …but so speed very bad (for me , i consider it bad) mo gagne zis 30 kbps MAX speed download :pinch: …20 kbps zot COKIN !! :ninja: …

    But enfin…Ki pou faire, maurice 1 ti pays, pas cpv faire narien :unsure: :cwy:

  • Kunal

    @ Yashvin: “Also, i heard of someone who migrated to America, and who simply had “bouille so modem wiz lapaille dither” before going :P”

    LOL! Ki sanla to p kozer la… hahaha!!!

    Banne camarades, avant tout, bizin baisse prix sa couyonade la! Mo ti p paye Rs 633 pou ene connection 64Kbps.

    Kan eski moris pou ameliorer koter telecommunications? Personne pas pou envi vine investi dans moris akoze sa banne prix internet la!

    Customer service? ayooo… Monne fatiguer zourrer lor telephone… Dimounes mort meme comprend plus bien ki sa banne customer service la.

    Sa banne 35 ki zotte metter dans banne customer service la, ene zournee nek zot assizer kuma banne poules zotte fer pak pak pak pak ene zournee!! Zot pak pak la plus important pou zotte, zotte pou avoye client la ferfoute meme!

  • I’ll have to agree with Roushdat.

    I am mostly satisfied with my internet connection : MyT 512.

    I do get occasional problems, but on the whole, it’s ok. Since I get my download speeds at around 60Kb most of the time.

    I do over 90% of my downloads through torrents 🙂 at speed reaching 60 Kb/s. You need to know how to configure the client. Try 😉 it really helps!

  • wow, we have been reading a lot of experiences here and thanks to all of you for sharing them here :biggrin:

    perhaps this will also help us (and me) to choose the next ISP.

    this confirms that, each of the ISPs do have one or another drawbacks, depending on the factors mentioned above.

    however, we can conclude that, for a cyber island, there is a lot more to do, to enhance our cyberlife

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • @Govind
    Ouais do, mo pane fer Accounts moi… :whistle:

    Anyway, speaking of dividends, if 40% of the money didn’t go to France Telecom…. maybe things would have been different.

    I’ve uTorrent & Azareus… but no matter what speed-up guide i try, Torrents rarely work….

    I was trying to download Vista but i got only 3(324) seeders… 🙁

    I wonder if Kaspersky is blocking my torrents. Ports appear to be working fine.
    Maybe torrents don’t work with 128k.

  • Viisham

    My experience with Nomad:
    DON’T HAPPY… BE WORRY !!! :w00t:

    My experience with MyT, 256K:
    DON’T WORRY… BE HAPPY !!! :wub:

  • @carrotmadman6:

    tough luck for you is the only thing I can say!

    missing out on torrents is a great loss…. :wassat:

    I’ve configured the clients for a couple of friends on 128k, with them reaching 14-15kb/s – which isn’t bad for a 128kbit line.

  • to “carrotmadman6″
    si bne call pe empeche toi download r ” MTML”, simple sa, dan telephone ena 1 fonction pu empeche telephone la recevoir call ek sms, rentre dan ” SECURITY ”

    Moi mo servi MTML , malheuresement , coz li pena adsl :devil: :devil: , so dial up pas mal, mo gne 1 download speed 10 Kbps on average….pu surf si li pa mal…sel problem li dial up ek li bill toi par minute q mari mari mari bom….

    MTML ( the supposedly giant telecom of india ) mo pa trouve li p fer poids contre MT, le vrai “Giant” dan moris!!! zot service telephonie mari bon, qualite mari top…………………..however?…
    …..nanier parfait….. so service clientelle mari dan bez :devil: , zot fer kumadir zot pli coner, nek kan to koz ban kozer empe technique…zot ” gaga” LOL! :w00t: + so billing mari dan bez encore…1 tas erreur….

    b selma mne decouvert 1 ban cheat ou tweak lor telephone la, apre nou get sa!! :whistle: :sleeping:

    concernant MyT, mo truv so prix mari competitif, mo kamarade p servi sa….li dir q li pas mal sof q IP la change trop souvant q empeche li download lor bne site kuma ” rapidshare” en empeche li fer bne video call!!! li p rod ‘pin’ so IP dpi livebox la mem, selma li p gne peur!! li bizin?????

    concernant nomad,,,mo pena nanier pou ajouter..coz ena deja 1 tas pu lire lor la blog la mem!!!!

    MO Croire nou bizin fer 1 gran manif contre tou ban ISP..pu q nu kav gne 1 adsl kuma la france,,,( adsl 5 fois plis performant q moris ek 3 fois pli bon marche)…….kan nu fer manif la??

  • ein pankor fini la….p rapel encore bne problems…….
    …..quand ti ena cyclone gamede…pli ti gne connection pendant plis q 15 jours……ek sa bne figir q travail la bas la… mo 2man moi si zot con check zot mail???? mne bombard zot r complaints sans oken reponse!!!!!

  • lol, another feedback from mtml user :sideways:

    gud n bad too…

    thnks :tongue:

  • transformer

    heya! :w00t:
    a good topic and I see a lot of discussion going on.
    Well I’m a nomad user :alien: and I know a lot of people critic nomad (sometime justified). I personally don’t get that much trouble :sleeping: it depends on your configuration and firewall combination.
    but I must say that trying to download a big file can be painful (add to this that you may lose connection at anytime) :devil: one tip: use a download manager. When connection fail just
    refresh your LAN and in less that a minute it will continue so you don’t need to restart the download. BUT DO NOT USE THE NOMAD BOOSTER it’s shit

    I think you’re right “1 ta couyon pa cone servi internet apres zot critik nomad pou tou problem” I’m not saying that nomad is never to be blame :angel: :ermm: I DON”T WORK FOR NOMAD neither. they sometime sucks (remove sometime put very often)

    concerning torrent. some ISP deliberately block P2P clients when they are identified on their network because of bandwidth issue( I strongly believe nomad do) but there are programs (client) that can’t be identified as being P2P, like bearshare or imesh.
    PS: I also use emtel 3G, super high speed and torrent are allowed (even for common P2P clients) the only problem is the price of a download :sick: :sick:
    simple maths: a 5MB mp3 cost Rs 15 to download on emtel.
    On nomad (promotion Rs399+vat per month) that’s about Rs 15 per day(24hr) :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :face:
    anyway just MY point of view, :wub:

  • thnks for ur comments, transformer 😛 :sideways:

    ya, i confirm for nomad blocking torrent n other p2p.
    this was told to me by the director itself, during some period, but for now, no idea.
    i dont do these stuffs, koz its impossible :cwy:

    ya, also, very good discussion going on here, i appreciate it :w00t:

    i forgot to mention emtel internet service in the post, but its a good n reliable service, except as u say its price :S
    and also, the price of the modem, which was abt rs10,000 some months back, with no rental :ermm:

  • Is this the most expensive Internet in the world?? Maybe… (Ok, it’s not exactly internet, but still…)

    Let’s say that an average Internet user downloads around 300 Mb per month.

    Cellplus 3G & GPRS -> 1c/KB

    1 Mb = Rs. 10.24
    100 Mb = Rs. 1024
    300 Mb = Rs. 3072

    & for Emtel, it’s even worse…

    Emtel 3G -> 3c/KB
    (128kbps for pre-paid & 384kbps for post-paid with subscription to 3G Internet)

    1 Mb = Rs. 30.72
    100 Mb = Rs. 3072
    300 Mb = Rs. 9216

    This should be definitely included in the Guinness Book of World Records… the most expensive Internet in the world!!!
    :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
    Even satellite internet (256kbps) is not that expensive!

    U r sure that’s Rs. 15 for 5 Mb??

    & btw i’m still waiting for Transformers to be released on Xvid Dvd Rip… :biggrin:

    Wanadoo ADSL seems to be blocking torrents. Once i enabled forced encryption on uTorrent, my speeds jumped considerably…

    p2p seems to be OK. (i don’t use them anyway, Limewire gives me BSoDs)

  • lol thnks for the numbers 😉
    its really :unsure: when u realise the cost!

    transformers :sideways:

  • testing 1 2 3

  • Yo there!

    MTML is shiiiiiitttt !!! . I’m stuck in hell because of these fools. Just came back from the ICTA. ICTA pe dire “We are really sorryyyyy. The person who is responsible for complaints is on vacation. We don’t know when she will B back. Shit Man! :angry: Can somebody tell me WHAT DO I DOOO? :angry:

  • @carrotmadman: You shouldn’t be downloading Microsoft Vista; you should have bought it. Like “everyone” else 😉

    Seriously… There is some hope. There are several competing projects to better connect countries in eastern Africa to the global telecommunications hubs. EASSY is one such project. There is also a consortium called Seacom (registered in Mauritius; look it up) that plans to connect Mauritius to Dubaii and Sicily by the beginning of 2009. Hopefully, that will increase competition, and consumers will be able to take advantage of that.

  • well we are in mauritius and we always have problem …i wonder why …in every sector we have prob..How to solve them ?

  • Personally, I think 99% of the connection problems experienced by users in Mauritius are caused by the HUGE background that Yashvin uses on his weblog. That alone takes 50% of the total bandwidth available to the whole island! :whistle:

  • LOL, sorry eddy, but am aware of it, since very long….

    😆 dont worry, now that u r not the first one to complain about this heavy wallpaper, i will look for another one.

    even here, wiz nomad, it takes some time to load!
    thnks to the cache system, it takes time for the first load only :happy:

    thnks for the feedback

    [am not to be blamed :whistle:, got to overload the nomad bandwidth]


  • Just pulling your leg 😉

    Mind you, I’m on a 10 Mbps connection, and it takes a few seconds to load. So, I pity those on MyT, Nomad, whatever.

  • Transformer

    Heya! :w00t:
    wow wow.. ( first of all I just realize the amount of ISP possibilities we have)
    Frankly we’re a tiny wenee country and got 3G, wimax. mobile internet. Among the first to implement but not the best use 🙁 🙁 A lot of them here to take our money and not delivering the quality.
    :silly: :ninja:
    Anyone heard of smartnet (DCL)?? what happen to them?? never hear their users. is it that there’s no problem ? or no connection so they can’t comment?? 😆 😆
    I don’t know the exact amount of internet service providers available in Mauritius but I think there’s much more than needed. SO WHERE IS THE COMPETITION?? :angry: :angry: (for Quality Of Service)

    ‘Big number low value’ that’s the moto of Mauritius. Show the world that we have. not just for internet providers there’s other sectors. :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

    I’m not saying that your price list is wrong but when I phoned the CCS of Emtel, they told me that it’s 30cts for 100KB. anyway I don’t use their service anymore. wherever for internet or GSM (their GSM sucks) :angel:
    Nomad is the best solution for me right now so I’ll stay with them ( and I’m stuck with a one year contract Booo!) 🙁
    concerning limewire I heard that it’s full of spyware…
    :biggrin: :biggrin: Hey the movie Transformers would be in theater here in… 3 or 4 years.
    I heard something fucking funny lately, CineStar announced the debut of Spider man 3. :w00t: :w00t: I’m sure we all have already seen it on DVD.(Rs50 at every corner in PL) I’ve seen it months ago but that’s another subject.(sorry Yashvin) :angel:

    another tiny wenee problem for our tiny wenee country.
    Cheers Cheers Cheers 😎

  • lol, wow, comment added…
    there is a temporaly problem wiz comment adding, sorry to all \ :ermm:

  • Internet Service Provider Licence (C.08) ( ISSUED BY ICTA)

    Africa Digital Bridges Networks Ltd.

    City Call Ltd.

    Data Communications Ltd.

    Emtel Ltd.

    I-Telecom Ltd

    Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd.

    Mauripost Net Ltd.

    Mauritius Computing Services

    MFDC Ltd.

    Paging Services Ltd.


    Telecom Plus

  • Transformer

    Yeap Scoffield that much on our tiny wenee plot of land and one don’t worth the other. :face:
    When will we get high speed connection? I mean REAL high speed, like 4mbps or 8mbps for home users.
    :whistle: :whistle: keep dreaming :sleeping: :sleeping: lalala :whistle: :whistle: lah :whistle:
    quote from Abd El Malik; ” le monde appartient a ceux qui rêve trop”

    High number low value

  • I want to rectify what carrot man said above.

    I’m An Emtel user and like the network service very much(though the customer service is another issue)

    Using the 3G web network,
    1MB =Rs3

    and using the wap network,
    1MB= Rs30

    and also 1 check my internert speed using some of the internet speed checkers on the net, 1 get a speed of around 200-250KBps.

  • sry, forgot to mention. u dnt need a a separate subscription for internet on prepaid. just load in the setting and start surfing man.

  • to Muzzamil :
    thnks for the info but i want to know something stupid 😛

    how do u know its wap n 3G?
    wats the difference?
    i mean, when i connect through emtel, i use wap access point n am charged 3cents per kb n i think even through data access point, it must be the same.

    thnks for the clarification about this point 🙂

  • I’ve been trying to post for 2 days!!!! :angry:

    I never buy software… :devil: (The only piece of original software on my PC is Windows XP… :biggrin: )
    & Vista is the last thing i would ever buy. It won’t run perfectly on my PC. (& don’t forget it’s Rs. 12,000)
    ok, i’ve already downloaded it but i haven’t installed it yet coz i don’t have enough space… :pouty:

    I’ll take some time for all these fibre optics comes to Mauritius… until then we have to suffer. 🙁

    :w00t: 10Mbps!!!!!!!!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

    @ Transformer
    Mauritius… pfff :sleeping: Unless some serious competitors take on MT, we’re in for a long long rough ride…

    @ Yashvin & Muzzamil
    WAP is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication. Its principal application is to enable access to the Internet from a mobile phone or PDA.
    (like xhtml)

    There’s nothing like wap access point or 3g access point…
    (correct me if i’m wrong coz i don’t have a 3G handset to confirm that)
    The only difference is GPRS & 3G.
    I don’t know if the settings are different…(Emtel Gprs never works on my 7610) but the pricing is absolutely different.

    If u r using Gprs, it’s 3c/kb & if u r using 3G it’s 30c/100kb (0.3c/kb)
    In some regions of Mauritius, u don’t get full 3G coverage & so if you try to access Emtel Internet, it’ll switch u to Gprs & u’ll pay more….(It’s easy to know how what connection ur using on a Nokia; G for Gprs & 3G for 3G)

    & i got this from Emtel site:

    384 Kbps (postpaid connection only)

    * Package 1: Rs750 per month for 1 GB PLUS Rs 0.22 for each pulse of 100kb, and subsequent pulses of 100kb thereafter
    * Package2: Rs1300 per month for 2 GB PLUS Rs 0.22 for each pulse of 100kb, and subsequent pulses of 100kb thereafter

    128Kbps (prepaid and postpaid)

    * Rs 0.3 for each pulse of 100KB, and subsequent pulses of 100kb.
    * No installation fee or deposit required.

    Those who don’t have a package get only 128kbps not 384kbps. (i haven’t tested that either)

  • To all my fellow friends!



    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • Kunal

    Yashvin, lol!
    Moi mo ti ena 64Kbps moris, ek mo ti p paye Rs 633 par mois… mo ti croire end of the world. Kan mo p lire banne tariffs internet ki encore ena dans moris, mari bezer, la fin du monde. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Ici Canada, mo ena 8mbs download ek 1 mbs upload, ek mo paye ziste Rs 650! Franc franc tout, mo pas p compare Canada ek moris mais meme ici kot ene pomme coute Rs 45 ek ene chatte coute Rs30000, ici zotte koner ki internet li important pou tout dimoune meme pou etudiants! Zotte fer li ene prix raisonnable pourki tout dimoune capav afford.

    Apres si sa zafer lor portab kot paye par Kb la pas exister ici sa! Gagne coup balle ici!

    Kuma eski moris so internet aussi cher kumsa mo pas comprend… :pinch: :pinch:

  • @Kunal
    Ok, u don’t need to rub salt on our wounds… 🙁 🙁

    Why is it that Internet is so expensive in Mauritius?
    1. We r not a developed nation. (No matter what anyone says, we do not have the same living standards as Canada)

    2. We’ve got only 1 Fibre-optic cable linking Mauritius to the rest of the world.(SAFE)

    3. & only one company has the monopoly of that cable.(MT)
    So bandwidth sold in Mauritius is too expensive.

    4. We are still using radio relays to link each region of Mauritius.(no fibre-optic)

    5. We are still using decades old overhead telephone lines which have a massive attenuation rate.

    6. Equipment is expensive (unlike Canada where there are millions of subscribers for companies to cover their cost & so lower prices), the minority of Internet users in Mauritius bear the whole cost of telecoms.

    7. In Mauritius, we may be the only country in the world that pays per kb or per min of Internet usage. (we don’t have unlimited access plans like for iPhone)

    8. The cheapest unltd broadband connection in Mauritius is @ Rs. 862.50 with a 128kbps dwnld & 64kbps upload. :pinch:

    The only thing that i think is better in Mauritius is that we don’t pay Rs. 30,000 for a cat… we just kidnap them from neighbours…( :devil: just joking :devil: )

  • @Kunal
    WOW..paradis sur terre sa! 8mbs download Rs650…b bon net…b sa lerla mo ti pu bizin register moi lor rapidshare tou sa!! LOL…..aret tein pc reste download mem sa….

    anyway….pa kav compare canada ek moris…banla deja “caler” en informatique alors q moris aster p coumancer….+ la bas ena VRAI competition tou sa la…Omoins nou kav mange pomme 3 pu 10 dan moris!!! LOL :biggrin: sa si bizin compar quality pomme la lol….

    Thats why many well qualified and experienced people are leaving the country!!! wa b mo si mo croire in ler pu mo al canada LOL!

  • Kunal

    @ Carrotmadman6
    lol… hey man, I;m not rubbing salt on wounds anyhting, I’m just saying what I have seen so far.
    You are right about the monopoly (MT), radio relays, overhead telephone lines etc) Absolutely right, uncomparable to other countries…


  • kunal

    epp? kine arriver? message couper? oui, YOU as a business man, who would come to invest in this country? who would pay for such a horrible internet connection with horrible pricing and horrible customer service? From those ISPs I know, nobody can beat their customer service reps in outright stupidity! (Sa Yashvin inne passer ladans… lol)

    Who would want to come to such a country and how do you expect mauritius to develop? You dont need an apple worth Rs 45 or a dog worth Rs 73000 to develop an country, all you need is take care of the people and their needs, try to attract foreign investors, start moving asses! (throw away all those old-school equipment, moris ena cash li!!! go and buy new things, upgrade everything, ELIMINATE CORRUPTION)
    Thats when mauritius will get on the right track.

    A country is defined by its people, not by those ruling over it! Mauritius should take care of its people and stop treating them like dogs before they all leave it and go elsewhere…

  • @ yashvin
    1 got 2 settings on my phone: 1 ‘EMTELWAP’ & 1 ‘WEB’. to choisir lakel to oule servi.

  • @Kunal :dizzy:

    Yeah u r right… I’ve always found this a paradox: :wassat:
    How come the gov wants Mauritius to be become a cyber-island, BPO leader & investment hub if we can’t provide the basic facilities to investors?(i.e. affordable Internet)

    2nd thing is that the heads of state are rarely visionaries.(we can’t change that no matter what we do…. politicians are always corrupt… they never think long-term… their plans are only for 5 years :getlost: )

    Mauritius doesn’t have enough cash… otherwise life would have been certainly better here. Corruption & red-tapism can’t be eradicated in a few years.
    & gov doesn’t have power & the money like in China to build everything from scratch…

    Mauritius is a paradise that is going to the dogs… 🙁

  • MTML BullSHIT No 1!

    Went to meet these guys again. Guess what now. They use MICROSOFT WORD :blink: to print invoicees!!! :shocked: I went there to obtain a bill as proff of address for the bank.
    I saw the sales representative openning a word file and started printing in a DAMN DOT MATRIX PRINTER :cwy: . It took 5 mins and a MEGA noise to get that invoice.

    Life sucks with these people. MTML SHIT No 1

  • Anonymous Coward

    Indeed a country is defined by its people, so it begs the question why are the people not defining it? They seem to spend much of their time complaining to anyone and everyone but the people who really matter.

    If you really want to move to Canada because of a faster Internet connection, that’s great, means less contention on the ADSL line for me.

  • @Muzzammil
    Can u post your settings here?

    I’ve got these from the Emtel site:

    WAP Settings:::: Nokia S60

    Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connections
    Select Access Points -> Options -> New Access Points -> Use Default Settings
    Set Connection Name to WAP
    Set Data Bearer to GPRS
    Set the following:
    Access Point Name : MMS
    User Name : Mobile Number
    Prompt password : No
    Password : mmsc
    Authentication : Normal
    Gateway IP address :
    Connection Security :Off
    Session Mode : Permanent
    Select BACK
    Select BACK
    Select GPRS – Set GPRS connection ‘when available’
    Select Services à Options
    Set Default Access Point to WAP

    I don’t have the Gateway IP Address Settings…(In advanced settings i’ve Phone IP Add, Primary server, Proxy Server & Porxy port)
    No matter what combination i’ve used… i’ve never been able to access Emtel’s GPRS network. 🙁

    Cellplus’s ex-free GPRS was too good… until we had to pay.
    Between the 14th of Feb & 31st May…i managed to download around 9GB of data via Cellplus!! :devil: :devil:

  • and me thanks to carrotmadman who gave me the settings, i downloaded 90mb in 2 days :biggrin:

    however, i didnt enjoyed the free connection for long since they blocked access to it.


  • tushal

    hey hi back after a long time of absence.and am glad to see new posts in your blog yashvin.keep it up.
    i have tried nomad, MT dialup, wanado adsl and myt.
    have not yet tried MTML.
    about nomad i dont need to say anything.

    about myt.the service was ok but since 2 weeks it is becoming a hell for me.speed drops below 50 kbps between 18.00 and 22.00.
    from 22.00 to 00.45 it is around 120 kbps.
    the remaining time period.the speed is at least normal.above 200 kbps
    perhaps it is because of my endless number of complains to them! ! !
    adsl>>i have never experience any type of problem with that.
    am still waiting for mtius to have a realy fast internet connection as am a high online gamer.
    my friends abroad play using T1.and almost all my friends abroad have +10 mbps internet connection

  • Avinash

    Well guys, I have MTML connection at home. In the beginning the connection was great, but with time it started to suck. However, compared to dial-up of telecom, its still much better.

  • armand

    i am getting 40-50 kps on MYT i think i will switch to Wanado adsl

  • Just got this on BBC:
    Global broadband prices revealed

    A boradband report by OECD on 30 of the world most developed countries..

    “In Japan net users have 100Mbps lines…”

    “Japan leads the OECD in fibre connections directly to the home with 7.9 million fibre-to-the-home subscribers in December 2006. Fibre subscribers alone in Japan outnumber total broadband subscribers in 23 of the 30 OECD countries.”

    “The least expensive monthly subscription for always-on broadband was in Sweden, where $10.79 (Rs. 345) bought a 256kbps connection. The country with the most expensive entry point for broadband access was Mexico, where it cost $52.36 (Rs. 1675)for 1mbps.”

    Just too bad they didn’t do a global survey… otherwise Mauritius would have been at the top spot for most expensive.
    Wanadoo ADSL 1mbps is Rs. 6888 ($215)

    Another point is that most countries are moving to fibre-optics… while we still haven’t heard of ADLS2+ :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  • Put in this perspective, the $215 charge for a home 1 mbps Internet connection is staggering!

    Optical fibre cable and ADSL2+ are two divergent technologies; therefore, the former does not necessarily require the latter to have been implemented.

  • @Eddy Young

    U’ve misunderstood me… :happy:
    I know Optic fibres & ADSL2+ are two different technologies…

    What i meant to say was that if Mauritius(or MT) couldn’t afford to put optic fibres, the least they could do was to implement ADSL2+(which doesn’t require much investment).

    ADSL2+ has a theoretical speed of 24 Mbit/s. However its great disadvantage is that the speed degrades quite significantly with distance.
    This shouldn’t be a problem for Mauritius since we are a small island & there are quite a lot of relay stations…

    That’s why i prefer ADSL2+ over fibre optic as a short-term, low-cost solution.
    However, if Mauritius really wants to advance as a cyber-island, fibre optic is best…

  • (Yashvin, dude, this page design is bandwidth-killer. Seriously.)

    I believe MT just upgraded, or is in the process of upgrading, its entire copper-wire network. At least, when I was in Mauritius in December 2004, my phone line was upgraded.

    I don’t think there is an evil plot at MT HQ to bar Mauritians from hi-speed Internet access. But, rather, the decision-makers are prioritising other avenues. For example, the call-centre industry is booming, and to sustain the growth, MT needs to deviate its resources in that direction.

    MT is part of several international consortiums that are connecting east African countries to Europe via alternative sub-marine cables. Unfortunately, a consortium is a massive organisation with complex priorities. If MT could go it alone, I am sure they would.

    What Mauritius really needs is for the local ISPs to form their own consortium and invest in a sub-marine cable. Whether they can align their goals to achieve this is another story…

    BTW, has anyone found more information about SEACOM?

  • lol MT can’t go alone on undersea cables coz it requires huge investment.

    MT is part of the EASSY consortium that will link SA to Kenya along with Madagascar, Seychelles & Mauritius…
    However due to conflicts between the different countries & companies in the consortium… this project is already 1 year behind schedule.
    I don’t think Eassy will come to Mauritius before 2009… 🙁

    # SEACOM – (South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Europe) planned for 2009
    Seacom is another sub-marine cable in which MT is for the time being, not involved.(I’ve looked for it everywhere, but Mauritius is not included… i may be wrong though)

    More info:

    This is the only cable that i think will indeed connect Mauritius in the future. Cable will be owned only by Reliance Communications (India).

  • armand

    MyT is back to normal after Telecom checked my line

  • does anybody know when MTML will launch adsl?? i mean apart from the usual ” 2 weeks ” classic answer!

  • ICTA is shitttt!
    I went to the the ICTA last time .. Hell man! :devil: . I’m still waiting for a response from these damn people.

    Listen to that. :dizzy: The told me that they are still trying to contact the MTML guys for an enqiery. MAIS TOUS SA LETEMP LA FOUTOU!!!
    Furthermore, they are supposed to work up to 16:30 but, when i went there the Chairman left at 15:30 followed by the staff.. Shit mannnnn! En plus, mamzel (secretaire) la pe maquiller pendant l’heur travail.:angry: Pissar selement sa mo ti pe gaigne crizzzzzzz!!!!. :angry:

  • armand

    MyT back to slow speed

    I don’t know what Mauritius telecom is doing

  • Kushal

    i’ve been having really slow speeds on MyT this week, comparable to dial up….. i kno i’m well beyond the 1gb limit, but still, i was told thatthe drop in speed would not be very drastic… it would be above 128kbps.

    i’ve phoned MyT and the kind customer care llady told me that was because of the limit. i thinhk i’ll be shifting to wanadoo 512kbps…..

  • hey! anybody using wap on cellplus?? Please sendd your settings….

  • armand

    maybe i will address my problems with them as the Livebox has a big Orange on it

  • tushal

    lol..ICTA! ! !.lol.. :devil: :devil: :devil: better not to say anythg else..since some days myT’s speed been in a mess
    less than 70 kbps! ! !

  • tushal

    hey the garantie usage stuff is not myT customer care told me that even if am in the garantie usage they dont garantie us a good speed


    hey do you know what connection speed all over the MT tower get????? unbelievable 10MB/s. but all over mauritius max. connection speed is only 1 MB/s at a price of 6000 ruppies. may crever sa telecom

  • KING

    Hey for the MYT users, have you ever tried to tweak the livebox? It always fun, but the problem is you’ll have to do it without removing the ICs, instead desolder the VCC or alternate. I ended up updating firmware automatically, getting access blocked due to a specified parameter in the compilation of the IC, anyone has an idea? Model of livebox : SAGEM FAST 3202.

    I was installing my linux portal: GENT00, problem is while using portage or stage3 / stage 1 the connection available is 11 sometimes even low as 9, u know how pain is it? Early in morning : 26.9 MAX, start of month 29.0 freeze 2 sec later 20.

    I was just wondering have you ever tried searching for a wireless network at the towers which are red and white for mobiles, BACKTRAX linux wud do it? but i dont have a laptop, even thinking :DEVIL: how about as am gud in electro, if i cant get access, i’ll just point a EMP generator with a MARX generator supported by LONDON SATELLITE DISH z big ones[Jokin, i kno law. Instead i could do ethical hacking wat say?

    Wat wud be 4 now tell me how is it the wireless network? distance?

  • Frantz


    First of all, I’m glad to find a good mauritian IT blog and talking really about good stuffs

    I am about to change ISP, and I live at Pointe aux Sables, I’m still undecided between myT 512 and adsl 512. Most reviews are about MyT and I wanted to get more about ADSL.

    I would appreciate anyone advice


  • Hi Frantz.

    As u realised, more and more people are going for myT instead of ADSL for a few reasons.
    First of all MyT being more recent and ‘technologically advanced’, also, the digital tv which comes along myT. People are attracted by myT because of the high local speed.

    As for ADSL, i would advise you to take it only if you wish to have a steady internet connection because there is no ‘garantie d’usage’ which controls ur download speed after a certain limit.

    Many ppl with ADSL are much satisfied compared to myT, because myT depends on regions and the distance from the nearest telephone exchange station.

    well, hope i was of some help,
    your visits are most welcomed here,

  • Frantz

    Thanks for the advice

    I have found an interesting article which I think I must share here. It is about FFTH, heard about it? “FIBRE TO THE HOME”
    It is a technology involving direct optical fibre connection to your home. And do you know what it means? 😛

    1 Gbps connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is said that a company called “UCL” want to launch it in 2008 but still needs the goverment support

    Here the link:

  • Rajiv

    Is there any satellite internet connection available in Mauritius?

    ADSL 512 is better, due to more strict application of “garantie usage” and 3gb is too low, can use it all in about 2days.

    Big downloader go for adsl.

  • to croire sa project fibre optic la pou gagne feu vert?mwa mo dire twa non..
    coz pa blier..govt ena share dan MT..

  • to rajiv:
    satellite internet? got to ask the secret services, but personally, am not aware of that, not yet…

    to tushal:
    fibre optic, zotte pu prend 5 ans pu analyzer et lerla pu implementer, et pu ramasse meme prob r nomad, zotte pu essaye dresser for 5ans et lerla zotte pu vini zotte pu dire this time ine met SLIM AND TRIM r fibre optic, and there is better experience LOL !

    to frank:
    thnks for the link 😉

  • FTTH…. pffff….
    Never heard anything from UCL since then…
    But as for MT, as soon as they heard plans for the FTTH, they also announced that… “yeah, we are also working on that.”
    & yeah, FTTH doesn’t mean 1Gbps… but rather 1Mbps…

    My advice for the 512k connection:
    – My.T 512k – if u are a small user, checking mails now & then, & u don’t mind paying for 512k & getting 128k, go & get My.T
    – 512k ADSL – this is supposed to be for heavy users (or rather downloaders), but the best u can get is around 300k. If u’ve got money, go for 512K.

    The only satellite link in Mauritius is MT’s 1Gbps connection… which is supposed to be a backup for SAFE. But i think they still use it for dial-up! 😛

  • Rajiv

    What do you think of Power line communication (PLC)

    Here the link of commercial deployment of plc:

    What do you think of HomePlug for lan?

  • ritz

    waman, MTML with AZU broadband. Tested speeds 256-800 kbps and max tehoretical speed is 2.2 Mbps. There are 3 packages which are below rs 1100 and one which wrecks your neck, kozer li dir rs 2999+ vat for the unlimited package. Mauritius the cyberisland!!??

  • oreo

    what do you think of paying less and getting more is it possible. isay yes fgod blee M.T for that,only few people knows

  • @oreo: I didn’t understand your comment at all. What were you trying to communicate?


  • Antish

    Now MT & Orange!! The big deal for mass downloaders is the fair Usage!! tht sucks!! (n) koz if in a period of 6 months u cannot download more that 30 GB or else u will get ony 1/2 speed u usually get for another 6 months!! Rite now all ISP suck!! I hope that one day, we can get another ISP tht offers us a better service!!

  • h

    nomad aussi in vine dans baize avec so login sa. pas capave download meme aster sans li logoff chaque 10 mins

  • ti pe think ki pou write lor la pou mo blog..NO ADSL UNLIMITED NOW..par mois mo faire 50GB! ! ! b 6 mois sa faire 300GB! ! ! !10 times plis! ! !arrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Fair usage policy surely suxxxx..
    mauritius jamais pa pou vin cyber meme pe vin cyber callcenter pa trouve progress koter internet..ban lezot pays pe avancer pe aler mo ban pen frds laugh quan zot tenD ki qualiter speed nu ena! ! !

  • armand

    fair usage only applies for those who use P2P software what waste a lot of bandwidth.

    It looks like they removed the 1gb on myt 256kps

    does anyone have more info on that

  • @armand

    No, Fair Usage Policy applies to everyone… no matter what your traffic usage (download/upload) is! 😐

    & yes, they’ve removed the 1GB limit… but they may have added it to the FUP. No one knows the limit for any of the connections.
    So if you exceed your XGB limit, your connection speed will be reduced (maybe to 64k) for a period of time (between 3 weeks to 3 months).
    & if X=1GB, then… :S

  • pfffff
    to pena droit faire plis ki xGB..sinon banla coupe to papier! !
    mwa mo faire +40GB par mois! !alors..imagine pou arive mwa! !

  • [re=18964]Tushal[/re]: mo ene morisien ki reste Canada ici minimum speed li 54mbps et li coute selement 20 dollar.moris internet li bien deplorable quand nou trouver p encore servi 128kbps et p dir hi speed sa

  • Ben

    Hi can you tell me what is the price of a 2 mbps internet connection in Mauritius and what is the highest internet connection speed in Mauritius???
    The Download Speed Of The Following Internet Connection:

    250 mbps:25 mb/s(Fastest Internet Connection)(For Downloaders)
    200 mbps:20 mb/s
    150 mbps:15 mb/s
    100 mbps:10 mb/s
    50 mbps:5 mb/s
    25 mbps:2.5 mb/s
    15 mbps:1.5 mb/s
    10 mbps:1 mb/s
    5mb/s:500 kb/s(0.5 mb/s)
    2 mbps:256 kb/s(0.256 mb/s)
    1mbps:128 kb/s
    512kbps:64 kb/s
    256 kbps:32 kb/s
    128 kbps:16 kb/s
    64kbps:8 kb/s(Very Slow Internet Connection0(For Checking Just mails,Chat)

    Thanks to reply.

  • @Ben: Hi Ben…

    Thnks for ur comment.

    Here are the few prices (Home Use) I could gather

    256Kbps – Rs 750
    512Kbps – Rs 1,360
    1024Kbps – Rs 2,740
    ADSL Home plans – monthly tariffs (exc. VAT)
    Home 128K 1G – Rs 650
    Home 128K – Rs 750
    Home 512K – Rs 1,360

    Emtel :
    Cost of modem: Rs. 5400 +VAT
    Subscription Monthly Fee Rs
    1 GB – Rs 399
    2 GB – Rs 749
    5 GB – Rs 1499
    10 GB – Rs 2499
    0.22cents for each additional 100Kb

    Dial Up Mauritius telecom
    57 cents per minute during peak hours, between 7 am (07:00) and midnight
    27 cents per minute during off-peak hours, between midnight (00:01) and 7 am

    Sorry, but I have no updated info about Nomad or MTML or DCL…
    Please note that VAT (15%) should be added to all prices

  • Ben

    with the emtel connection u can get:

    ex:1 gb:How much download speed is it???—1 gb/s??

    Thanks dude.

  • @Ben: I dont know exactly but I suppose its of the speed of 3G connectivity, am not sure at all, sorry.

    But you also have emtel wimax (up to 2 Mbps), check out the page here

  • Ben

    Hi yashvin do u know what is the actual speed of a 2 mbps internet connection?How much it cost a 2mbps internet connection cuz i am going to put an internet 2 mbps(At telecom).???I want to know!

    Thanks mate.

  • Ben

    For Home Use Not bussiness Use!!,Ok??

  • khavish

    hi yashvin, i would like to know more about how to tweak the livebox.AT first i could download sp3 installer(366MB) in 28mins(speed:215KB/s)BUT AFTER THE DOWNLOAD SPEED BECAME 30 KB/s and that sucks.tell me how to tweaf the livebox or some thing i can do to have previous download speed

  • @khavish: lol, welcome to mauritius!

  • [re=27246]khavish[/re]:

    That’s bcoz of Akamai caching the sp3 installer. Check it out here.

    Sorry for the spamming! 😛

  • khavish

    i am a citizen of mauritius
    thank for the info carrotmadman6

  • Edu

    Hello Yashvin i am Edu from Mauritius.
    I need to ask you a question a few questions about internet connection in Mauritius:

    1. I want to know the maximum internet speed in Mauritius!
    2. Is there 2 mbps internet connection available in Mauritius?
    3. How much it cost for 2 mbps internet connection in Mauritius?

    If could answer my question i will be thankful to you Yashvin!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Edu.
    Thnks for ur comment.

    In fact, I have already answered to such a question above.
    Please refer to a few comments above, or click on this link :


  • I am connected to ADSL, and in general I am satisfied, because the speed and big gaps occur very infrequently. And most importantly at a price that is not expensive.

  • ChetzZ

    hi,can anyone help me to open a port for torrent,ive already open one and when i do a connection test on u torrent its says port 28… doesnt seem to be open?????

  • Asl


    I use ADSl 128Kbps and i have an average download speed of 14KB/S (slightly less than listed by Ben i.e 16KB/S)…I am a heavy downloader and like many guys out there, this speed is hignly inconvenient for mass downloading..

    In this context, i wish to know whether changing to MyT will be the best solution to solve my problem..I learn that the IGB limit on MyT 256 Kbps has been removed. Can someone please confirm it?..What is the new limit?..Will it be advantageous for me to change to myT 256Kpbs in order to get a faster download speed?..


  • @Asl : I dont know about the removal limit on myT but I will contact CarrotMadMan to see if he can help you, as well as Chetzz who has a port problem with torrent.
    Thanks for ur visit.

  • Asl

    to dormi lor sa blog la mo reply sa ministre IT la ti pu osi rapid ki toi ti pu top…poz candidate vote toi…lol

    Thanks anyways..essay confirm sa to fer moi koner…


  • @Asl : bein, my blogger friend carrot p deja repond toi lo sa la, fini koze r li.
    You will get your reply soon, keep posted.

    btw, dormi lo blog la, c sa meme ki faire dimoune la re-visiter non? 😛

  • @Chetz
    Open only one port, say 12345 or a range of ports 10000-50000, for TCP & UDP separately, local IP & interface pp0.
    After that, you need to configure uTorrent (Connection Settings) to use that port 12345 or use the randomize port option which will select a random port between 10000 to 50000.
    That’s it. Your port is forwarded. 😉

    I was like you last year, pondering whether I should move to My.T or not. I’ve got only one advice – DO IT.
    The limit has been removed, the FUP is not applied & you get double speed – around 30KB/s.
    & if you want to max out the speed (by 10%) try any Linux distro for downloading.
    Cheers! 😛

  • @Carrot : Thanks for your help 🙂

    @All : btw, do visit the blog of our friend carrotmadman5 :

  • Asl

    Hi bloggers,

    When you download stuffs on rapidshare as a free user using internet download manager, you cannot pause the download or disconnect from the net to resume same at a later time far with my adsl 128Kbps I can download huge files from rapidshare without having disconnection problems which will drive me crazy mad if this ever happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … Can you imagine your reaction if the pc disconnects when u have reached 90% of a 100MB file which takes around 2 hours to complete on a 128Kbps speed and u have to start all over again!!! I must admit adsl 128Kbps is stable and not bad; but it is costly…
    So Carrot or Yashvin, is MyT as stable as ADSL in terms of zero or very rare disconnection problems?..
    A stable 256Kbps internet connection with 30Kbps download speed costing as much as ADSL 128Kbps will be indeed not bad for us, islanders..

  • ChetzZ

    weps,man mne ouvert port lor sa num ki tne diaa mw la ek mne cree 1 pu udp ek tcp man mw mo ggn conection mw li al zis 28kb 30kb mai utorrent touletemp mntrer ena 1 prog b router,ek mne remarK ke kan mo download cumence al 30 ou plus 1 sel cou mo conection setting wadiaa sa logo cot to truV si to conection good li vin rouge li diaa mw a firewall or router is bloking ur conection u must open a port so that other can conect to u,mai mne tremark 1 zaf,mo ena download acelerator plus premium e kan mo download 1 truc depi server microsoft mo download al 200 2007 177kb par sec,dap premium li split file la lor 10 conection mai eski kiken kan download ban truv zot ggn sa ban speed la??r myti ggn prob pu download ban truc p2p mo koir zis lor limewire pro po ggn prob pff fankzz,kan moris pu cumence ggn 400kb kan download,moris p met ministre ki po kne login mem dan windows ministre informatic haha:P sinatambou in resi baisse amd si,cya frndZz:)

  • @ Asl : Personally, I havent got any problems with myT, already about 1.5 yrs with it, compared to nomad lol, my whole blog used to be fill with complaints earlier.

    To solve your problem with rapidshare, you can take an account there 😛
    You will get the resume option in download managers lol!

    As for the price, if I am not mistaken, the price is already the same, isnt it guys? I think rs750 + vat?

  • Asl

    Hello friends,

    The way it looks, it seems that myT is the best so far..A last question before i finally go for it…I reside at stpierre and i want to know whether there are frequent complaints about disconnection problems in this region. How can i check on this ena en famille servi satisfait..statistiquement it’s not envie kon reaction dimoun ki servi myT dans entier stpierre moi..hahahahaha!!!

    En lot stupid question, ki mo bizin faire pu change from ADSL to MyT..whom must i contact?

    thanks a million

  • @Asl
    I’ve got a friend in Moka & although he’s just a casual user, he’s pretty satisfied with it.

    For subscribing, just fill this form here ( & then wait 2 weeks. 😉

  • Who?

    Hey there.
    MyT sure is better than most(though there ain’t much)other ISPs[services] in Mauritius. You get services internet/phone/TV. Though the TV is not working for most of their users. When I got MyT one year ago they told me that I wont get the TnT thing as I’m too far blah blahblah.. and they be putting optic fiber ‘very soon’ and I should get full speed and TV etc.. One year later ‘very soon’ has not yet come. Whats the use putting 4 more channels to something that’s NOT WORKING.Would be better to fix that sh*t first. Anyone know anything about the fiber optic project by MT in Mtuis?? Are we still on good old all-oxidized copper line between the exchange points?
    Oh and their site need to have some more info. And if could be updated more often, I’m not asking for every hour or every day but lets say like..once a week. Umm ok its too much work for them.forget it.
    But I have my devilish habit to call their 8900.Mwaa haha! Need to update these people too.


  • Azhar

    ey mo prefer servi EMTEL Wimax gagne pli vit et li pas cher sauf to bizin aster so modem Rs6000,Rs400 par moi pou
    1 GB RS 399
    2 GB RS 749
    5 GB RS 1499
    10 GB RS 2499
    mari seryer mo change my t mo p al prend sanla 5gb la mo capave gagne 5mb+ mo pas conner komier surtout torrent to ouvert port 21 better

    (MYT 1024 Rs3000 zis 120kbs)
    mari dan bez

  • Someone

    Fine arrive lheure pou servi T3 ici.. mo croire zamé pou trouver ici sa..

  • Ben

    Hi guys i know how to open a port for utorrent & so on.(If u r using livebox-Myt)

    fist of all:

    1.Go to the livebox interface.

    2.Click on Server Lan or Serveurs LAN.

    3.Click on add.

    4.Nom du serveur :Utorrent
    Accès Activé : Yes
    Protocole :TCP
    Du port :45682 ( u can put any port u want)
    Au port :45682
    Adresse IP locale XXXXXXX-Ur Ip Address!

    5.Click on apply button.


    7. Done


    By * Tekekhacker-The Only best Hacker Ever Existed!

  • ChetzZ

    bon bnne nuvel les amis myT has been updated to 512 hehe,tc

  • @ All : Head over Carrotmadman’s blog for more info about the new packages.

  • nomad user not satisifed

    internet encore mari ser mauris – comme si cest ene luxury. Perna vraie competition! Nomad service = Go Mad! below 3rd world service . Mari lent perdi bucu le temp , au moins myt pe revoir so prix.

  • Ben

    Hi my internet upgrade from 256 kbps to 512 kbps.
    It was very fast the first time i get it and its download was 66 kb/s but some more time later it decreased to 33 kb/s.

    Anyone can tell me why is it so?

    Thanks yv.

  • ChetzZ

    @ben well ben mw mo download speed lor rapidshatre li 40 a 43kb lor rapidshare li 60 a 66kb mo ena internet download manager wiz keygen u want it??yea kan to ggn 30 33kb c jst website la so server busy ou ena plein dimune p telecharger wadiaa,touletemp li 33kb em???

  • Ben

    No thanks i already i have it(the latest version cracked) that is 5.15 build 6.

    THanks for helping me.

  • Ben

    3 days later i am not getting the right dspeed that is 21 kb/s-33kb/s like 256 kbps.And the load speed is like 256 kbps.


  • ChetzZ

    haha,lol sa dapres lord banla p pren nisa r tw sa zne downgrade to conection lool,weps b essay call zot selmen myti so customer care mne deja call banla po pren call laem wahaha,plutot to al buro em alor cya man tc;)

  • Ben

    @ ChetzZ

    HI ChetzZ i will try to call them and tell them the problem.

    Anyway manne dimoune ki ti deja mettre internet 2 mbps(256 kb/s or more) zotte internet doubler vinne 4 mbps(512 kb/s or more)?


  • ChetzZ

    no,zis buro i fink ki ena 2mb li po upgrade zis so prix baisser,cot mwe work la ena 2mb kan download ggn 90 a 115kb,mo koie emtel broadband so conection ggn 4mb enfin po sur,mw mwe ggn 60 70kb la still gud,myT ggn prob pu download ban truc p2p saem tou kas nisa,niwaz man call banla coz banla pu continue charge tw pu 512 n u po p ggn 512 bne chance;)

  • Ben

    THanks Chetz

  • Ben

    Hello Guys Do Check this wbesite:

    For 2 mbps(256 kb/s local/international):

    For 1 mbps(128 kb/s local/international):

    For 512 kbps(64 kb/s local/international):

    Now 2 mbps Package is now available!

    What r u waiting for?

    I advice you to subscribed to the 2 mbps if you are a gamer,downloader,etc………….


  • Anonymous

    what do you think abt myt not reducing price for ex-256k line? Instead they have ‘soit-disant’ doubled bandwidth capacity but not much noticeable improvement in speed… would u not hv preferred 25-40% reduction in price?

  • ChetzZ

    ofait mo conection in change ti p ggn 30 33kb avan nw p get 66kb a 73kb ena fois plis enfin myT so marketing strategy sa zis pu po baise internet com dab souceur em:P mai bof 512 la po mal c jst sa fair usage policy la ki kass nisa si ti unlimted ti pu nisa:(

  • Atish

    I am a nomad user, i thought nomad ti pu augment so connection like myT has done, mai in vain. I’m sure that many nomad users are not really satisfied with the decision of nomad. And ya i have been recently getting a max download speed of 25kbps with my 64 kbps connection. I got it for one hour and then it return to 9kbps, anyone know how to make it download again at 25kbps?

  • @ Atish :
    The solution? There is no solution, unfortunately.
    You can still continue to call the customer care…

  • ChetzZ

    @ atish acheT 1 coco to kas lr nom nomad lol,bof nomad kk sa man mo em mo ti ena,im sure r nomad to po download meme plis ki 3gb alor met 1 myT 256 li 499+vat mo koir,nomad to diaa wei li bon marcher bt li nepli bo marcher aster,coz fr ze same price to p gn 1 pli bon conection alors…

  • Jean-Claude

    Hi guys of yashvinblogs i need some advice about:

    2 mbps internet connection(MyT)

    If i upgrade to 2 mbps,

    would be great?

  • Jean-Claude

    Hi guys i would like to give you some details about the download speed of internet connections:

    64 kbps-8 kb/s.(For People who want to surf slowly & not a big gamer & huge downloader,Downloading of 100 kb-1 mb Files Size)

    128 kbps-16 kb/s.

    256 kbps-32 kb/s.

    384 kbps-48 kb/s.

    512 kbps-64 kb/s.

    768 kbps-96 kb/s.

    1 mbps-128 kb/s.

    2 mbps-256 kb/s.

    3 mbps-384 kb/s.

    4 mbps-512 kb/s.

    5 mbps-640 kb/s.

    6 mbps-768 kb/s.

    7 mbps-896 kb/s.

    8 mbps-1 mb/s.

    9 mbps-1.125

    10 mbps-1.25 mb/s

    16 mbps-2 mb/s.

    32 mbps-4 mb/s.

    64 mbps-8 mb/s.

    128 mbps-16 mb/s.

    256 mbps-32 mb/s.(For Huge Downloader & Gamer,Downloading of DVD’s & Games)

    Hope you all like it!

    Thanks In Advance.

  • @Jean Claude : Thanks for these info, but however, these are only numbers.
    You wont necessary have all these correct, especially if you are downloading during peak times.

    Also, don’t forget that the definition for 1mbps for myT, emtel and nomad is completely different.

  • Jean-Claude

    No one has been able to buy 2 mbps internet in Mauritius?

  • riaz

    hi, its quite a good sute to express oneself. am using adsl 512 and telecom is really unreliable from its service to its customer service. everytime i call them , i have to wait about 10 to 15 min brfore someone reply then they will jsut say be patient and am on hold again. one day i tested them and try to wait but after 1 and a half hour they disconnect the call. telecom is just shit.

  • @ Jean-Claude.

    Hi Jean-Claude I recently bought the 2 mbps package & I am 100 % satisfy with it. I upgrade from 512 kbps to 2mbps. I download 3-6 gb per day. I download Full DVD, games , series , movies. I am really so happy now, I can download at high speed.

    I download a file of 350 mb in 18-20 minutes.
    I download file of 700 mb in 40-45 minutes.

    I really recommend/advice all of you to buy the 2 mbps package. (If you have money! LOL! )

  • @Ramchurn : wow! Thats’ called surfing!

  • I think that I am the only one who bought the 2 mbps package in Mauritius.

    Am I right?

  • @Ramchurn : Perhaps not the only one, but definitely one of the rare persons 😛

  • Anand

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for this site. You can at least voice out here. I have subscribed with MtT for 512 kbps, but whenever I do a speedtest, I get a result of 0.03mbps – 0.06mbps download speed.
    But when I phone the customer service, I get a reply that my internet connection is running at full speed. Dont know what to do now.

  • @Anand : Can you please tell us on which site you are carrying out ur speedtests?
    I can perhaps give you some figures and we can compare.

  • Anand

    Thanks for the help Yashvin.
    I have tried many speedtest sites. The most test I do is with 1.

    I have also tried

    All come with the same results.

    Thanks for giving me any tips about any other site.


  • Soul_Hunter

    Am a Nomad user I also witness connection problems hmm lets say about 5 times in a month. I would have love to change to myt but the problem is that there’s not network where i leve and they told me to wait til next user year to be able to subscibe.

    To the nomad user i would recomend to tune n optimize thrir internet connection. There’s loadsa stuffs which can be done and you’ll surely witness the change

  • @ Anand

    Hello Anand I recommend you to use . For speed testing my internet , I always used

    My download speed is : 2088-261 kb/s or sometimes more…
    My upload speed is : 266-33.25 kb/s or sometimes more…]

    Best Regards,


  • Anand

    Hello Ramchurn,

    Thank you for the advice.
    I constantly make my speedtest via several servers. The results always differ. Maybe the some servers are more powerful.

    But what matters is when we download any programs. It differs to that of the speed test statement.
    I had to broad open windows internet connection and use DAP to be able to make reasonable speed downloads.

  • Ramchurn

    @Anand. hello Anand moi mo conseil toi servi internet download manager(IDM) mais pas download accelerator plus(DAP) parcequi dap pli lourd and pas user friendly and pas increase download speed ditout. Idm li user friendly and lejer and increase download speed. Mo servi idm moi. Dernier version full!

  • Chetzz

    weps apres idm ena advanced browser integretion v dir ki meme 1 website pas support download manager idm overtake download la meme lor rapidshare to ggn servi download sel difference ceke li pas split file la lor ban multiple connections!servi sa site to pu ggn tou, sa ban site admin mo cam zot kav ggn plein ban dump premium acc ek ek chek [link removed] mo cam in buy sa domain la zot ggn fim porn ek normal movies si jst chek;)

  • Ramchurn

    Merci chetzz mais mo deja member dans La bas mo gagne manne software full version clean free from viruses mais to bizin conne choizir. Ceki ena pli boucoup replies(bon replies) example: thanks you , ty, nice post

  • Chetzz

    weps man enplazz sa ena tro boku spamming dan warez mais ena bocu post cyberwarez si pas mal cya man

  • Ramchurn

    Hello myt inne fer so nouveau internet . chek sa

    dongle connect everywhere like emtel mobile broadband.

    up tp 7.2 mbps download + 2mbps upload.

    so good!

    I gonna change to use the dongle.

  • Ramchurn

    Hello guys zotte inne mo ti envi coner comier dimoune entre zot ki innne subscribe pou orange internet everywhere? Si zotte inne subscribe, fer 1 review lor la si li bon pou servi…


  • NEO

    @chettz, really? 😛

  • WOW, zats a load of comments..
    Btw guys, speed tests are not always acurate, sometimes you get the speed of the proxy servers, if your isp configured any.

    Internet Everywhere : Rs400 pu 1Gb ? + Rs2999 pu dongle?
    I wouldn’t vouch for it even if it got 7.2mbps

    Btw, i made a list of Mauritius IP ranges so if you need info on the isp of a given IP address:

  • Matt2.7

    Person pena sa internet everywhere la? Mo bizin kone si li bon oui ou non.
    Ki sanla ena AZU de MTML 2Mbps???? Li vrai sa zistwar la? Zame pan tourve publicite????
    Mo p servi sa mtml dial up la a cause mo pa gagne myT ou Nomad kot moi. Pou dan bez li dan bez mais asterla mo p gagne vitess download ki p vin 48-17-112-36-84-12-17 Kbps. Li p monte dessan koum sa. How come??
    Un dimoun ti dir li ena ban trick pou mtml so plz share.

    Dan la semaine la mon tande ki un boss dans Mauritius telecom in dir ki li pas le aucun nouvo companie internet pou protez ban existan. In deja refuse outremer telecom 1 cout. aster dan radion zot in dir lin re fair demande ICTA. B ban patron MT ki dirige ICTA? Pas supposer independan sa? Ceki missie dir samem. Thale ti soumet un project pli bon enkor ki myT? ki n’arriver??????
    REVOLTER MAURICIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEV un BEZE dans sa couyonad pays la
    Al lor get avg result pou l’afrique apres zot pose kestion! Compare li ar Japon europe USA
    Apre zot dir cyber ile? mo goblet!!!!!!

  • Zembla

    Internet Everywhere mo ti faire ene test et mo ti pe gagne maximum 1.2 Mbps lor download dans centre Beau Bassin.
    Zamais pas ti gagne 7.2 Mbps.

    Azu MTML lors download mo pe gagne 500 – 800 Kbps.

    Emtel li claim 1.8 Mbps et bien souvent mo gagne sa vitesse la et meme parfois li alle jusqua 2.1 Mbps .Tout sa la c’est dans centre Beau Bassin.

  • Chetzz


    mo ggn mo vrai speed r myT
    @NEO what do u mean by really??

  • Hi guys! Moi monne plain avec mo internet. Mo servi myt 512k. Reasons kifer monne plain parceqi li prend boucoup letemps pou download manne large files.. bizin attane 1 hour 35 minutes pou download 1 serie(353 mb)& pas cave watch HD video/movie online.(buffering…..Please Wait).mo croire mo pou upgrade li to 2m. ki zotte penser? 1 bon l’idée sa ou non? si zotte inne upgrade ou subscride package la, please do tell me if is reliable, fast……

    ~thanks in advance~ 🙂

  • Chetzz

    yeps 2mb la good moi mo ena 1 mb lor utube megavideo tousa li pou pli rapid le prob ceke a maurice dans peak time to pas ggn vrai vitesse trop beaucoup dimune servi net:( 2mb la bon selmen to ggn 220 a 250kb kan to servi r idm mo ena 1 cam ena 1mb mo ggn 120 a 150kb lor rapidshare r premium acc ek hotfile des fois mo ggn ziska 170 a 180 r free em mo koir lin upgrade so server;)

  • Merci chetzz….. moi mo toujours servi idm..
    @chetzz- Can you make a video of watching a youtube video(about 6 minutes) and download a file from rapidshare or hotfile or mediafire or megauload? Mo ti envi see to internet speed in action…..
    Mo friend habite Vacoas & linne buy package 2m la, li gagne vitesse download 250-268 kb/s….(using idm)

    Enfin…. Aller zordi mo pou alle cot orange & upgrade li…. kan linne fini upgrade, mo ava dire zot si li good…


  • Chetzz

    pli facil add moi lor msn mo send toi screenshot pli simple:)

  • ok, monne fini add toi. vinne online aster. btw manne friend mo internet inne fini upgrade to myt 2m. AC top internet la!

  • Chetzz

    mo pan ggn to add niways to connection rapid now?

  • @chetzz- wa cave dire li rapid! mo download 250-280 aster.
    li problem aster c upload speed la.. li pas sa rapid la.

  • Chetzz

    weps lol ggn 45kb mo koir haha weps enfin mo koir bizin atan lot laner la pu truv nuvo package may b zot kav augment vitesse ggn plis ki 2mb lol

  • Hello Everyone.

    I am happy to announce that this blog is now 3 years old!
    Check out the anniversary post.


  • Frantz

    Hi everybody,

    I’ve just got an orange adsl package. The guy phoned me today to tell me that my line has been converted and that I can use it now.

    So I’ve installed everything but when I connect, I get “Error 680 : No Dial Tone”

    Who knows how to configure orange adsl?
    In properties on the connection, I’ve seen the number to dial is “adsl”. I guess it’s wrong

    Thanks in advance.
    Btw nice blog yashvin!!!

  • Chetzz

    well i dnt know much abt adsl but yeps what operating system are u using?

  • Frantz

    Windows XP

    Just to confirm the configuration!

    I should also inform you that orange is giving a new type of modem for adsl now. Sagem 800/840 with two filters.

    Any feedback on it is most welcome

  • Ben

    Hello myt bizin met encore package ki pli rapide.

    par exemple: myt 4m ou myt 8m ou myt 16m ou etc….

    Lerla tou dimoune kave profite high internet speed….


  • chetzz

    weps duno kav next year pena competition si ti ena competition lerla zot ti pu met ban package interessant ena nomad sa wadiaa to bizin met lor pied pu to ggn connection lol

  • none@mu

    I have not read all your post and not even the comments out there but we are just comparing among services from different companies and I know about these relay which are not in our advantage. Mauritius Telecom is offering up to 2 Mbps for about Rs.3000 which is of course not fair. When will that increased for something reasonable?

    Take a look at this
    A friend from UK

    Another friend from UK

    someone from I don’t know where…101

    & FOR ME

    Check out these differences

  • none@mu

    well, it seems that the attribute “img src” does not work in this blog, under every italics text in my last comment there an image from some person abroad.

  • Roubesh

    tahiiii!li expensive and slow as well….

    check this out and convert the prices into Rs…

  • Chuck Bass

    Hi! Rs 3000 + Rs 450 [VAT]= Myt 2m
    {RS 3450 MONTHLY}

    It’s too expensive for Mauritian Users. The price must be reduced to about Rs 1600 or less[It will be more good] monthly. So all users can enjoy high internet speed.


    Myt 100m
    Myt 50m
    Myt 25m
    Myt 10m
    Myt 4m
    Myt 2m

    They must also removed the 512k and 1m packages. Replaced them by the above.

    They must understand that we all need fast internet.


  • nadeem

    The only BIG PROBLEM about INTERNET in Mauritius;

    is the fact that 99% of the Mauritians ONLY COMPLAIN on blogs! While they would have been in a much better situation to lodge these complaints massively to the head offices.

    “Ti lekere Zazzer derrière rideau” – Ca point fort de banne Mauricien ca!

    And this is a constructive criticism! Work upon it.

  • wawa

    wa nou al protester

  • Zoulou

    Hello guys!

    Phewwww nomad has made himself lot of ennemies!! Best thing to do is to unite our strenght (or hatred if you want ;)) to destroy them…. Sounds odd?!

    Well I have a story too with nomad… to sum up, I was paying about Rs600 monthly..(forget for how many bytes)…and as many of you, i have multiple conexion problems… and as i was paying for nothing AND was goiing to go abroad in near futur… I called them and told them am terminating the contract….

    As a matter of fact of the incompetence of the customer service… Many many months latter… my family in mauritius (coz am in france now) receceived a phone call… about unpaid nomad bills!!… I was really astounded. To sum up again, nomad did not take acount of my phone call… they have continue to charge me…and for very long coz the bill has raised up to more than Rs 8000…

    I called them… from france… their only explanation is that its my fault… i should have bring back the modem for the contract to terminate… but ofcourse the person in the custommer didn’t think important to tell me that when i called to cancel the contract… Well well well…Am stuck… I will have to pay… But I don’t understand why they keep calling at my place and harassing my family…

    My question is, do they have the right to call my family several times (being very rude on the phone and the fact that i’ve given them my direct phone number…), and do they have the right to put a contentious on my family when the contract is on my name and I never signed a guarantee or whatever…???

    Thanks in advance for the responses.

  • @Zoulou : File a case to the police about harassment. They should be phoning you, not your family members and they have your phone number. Send them an official mail for proof. Btw, I think that you should have sent them a formal letter or notice. Ask them through a mail or registered postal mail to send you the details and also ask them to enquire about your case, date you called them, who took the phone call etc. Put everything on paper. Do keep us updated from time to time.

  • Zoulou

    Hello Yashvin,

    Thank you for your answer. You are right, I should put all this on paper…

    But there is something I was thinking about… You know, this whole story is costing me money and lots of patience (in communication and all…)and to retrace the phone calls, i need to look that with telecom in the 2005-2006 archives…pfouff 🙁

    what I’m trying to tell you is that, if i let things to drag on… the contencious file would go to the court… and I presume that as i enter Mauritius land… they will send me a notice regarding this case… What do I risk? I’am actually tempted to do that…

    I’ll keep you aware of how things go on.

    Thank you once more Yashvin.
    C ya. Bye.

  • Keshav T

    well… my personal opinion is just that we are really paying a lot for our internet compared to anywhere else in the world… In uk ,for eg, you can get a 10x faster internet with the money we are paying for any internet speed. I hope the prices would go down one day and everyone will have the opportunity of having internet at home throughout Mauritius.

  • Kyle YZ

    Mo ti envi conner ki qualifications banne technicien myt posseder et comment se fait ce recrutement??

  • I want to get reliable, low-cost dial-up Internet service, high-speed broadband Internet access, Web hosting, Internet & home phone bundles & more.

  • Deathstalker

    hmm i just got my.t and just look at these livebox statistics..Can someone give me an idea on how to use these speeds at max???

    Here are my stats:

    Etat de la ligne ADSL Opérationelle
    Standard ADSL G992_5_A
    Débit montant 1016 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
    Débit descendant 19688 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])-CHECK SPEED ON MY LINE
    Atténuation Terminaison locale : 10.1(dB)
    Terminaison distante : 2.1(dB)
    Marge SNR Terminaison locale : 6 (dB)
    Terminaison distante : 15 (dB)
    Nombre de HEC 0
    Logiciel 0xe200314
    Compteur 15 min ES 0

    But i can only 512 kbps WTF ..My line can support upto nearly 20mbps..Would be great if i got that speed!!
    Erreurs de CRC 0
    Compteur 1 jour ES 0

  • Inf

    Maybe it’s ISP-level speed capping. Even if your line is 20Mbps, you only get what you paid for. Or what they want you to get.

  • Sailesh

    @ Deathstalker

    Your line is good and it is indeed 20MB, as mine also is the same but that is used for VOD services, i get only 4MB as local download speed

  • deathstalker

    @Sailesh hey post to stats adsl la …as i did and i get only 2 mb local not 4!!!

  • Yowan

    MT bizin upgrad so ban cab optic, cab SAFE in vinn trop vié et li trop KK
    Max speed =512kb/s = 64KB/S WTF ki ggt sa!!

  • Yasser

    Ki pou dire zotlor internet connection dan Maurice!!!!! PAS BON DITOU….

    CYBER island avek 2MB maximum connection….

    Well, moi mo in hire MyT just for gaming….i have taken a 2mb connection (Rs 3,450/month)….when I go on European, Japanese, USA servers… dire zot….MO GAGNE HONTER…..

    plis comique….mo un clan leader et un server mo pas capave host avek sa connection la……MO GAGNE PLIS LA HONTE QUAND MO BAN CLAN MEMBERS FROM INDIA, AUSTRALIA ASK FOR OUR DEDICATED SERVERS….mo nek dire am negotiating with the ISP and will revert by next week…..

    si tant connection la bon ki ena de fois mo mem pas ping (detect)server la ….li dire li N/A.

    quand eski MyT pou upgrade so ban system difil courant et difil souple la…..

    ban ministre la bizin amen ban ISP couma 02 Internet – Premium
    UK’s best rated internet providers. This 02 internet package includes a free wireless router. Order online for 3 months free . Upto 20mb Unlimited 12 months FREE(First 3 months)
    (£9.79 for non-02 customers)

    Virgin Media Broadband – L (Cable)
    £5 per month for first 3 months (£14 a month thereafter). Order online for £20 free credit & Free installation. If you add Virgin TV). Upto 10mb broadband with unlimited* weekend landline calls, modem, PCguard & unlimited downloads. Upto 10mb Unlimited 12 months £5.00 (First 3 months)
    (£14 thereafter)

    BT Internet – Option 1
    Free Wireless Blank Home Hub. With upto 8mb download speed and 10 GB allowance, this BT internet deal is fantastic package. Order online for 3 months free bundles £15.65 after 3 month deal rate. Upto 8mb 10GB 18 months £7.78
    (first 3 months)

    sorry si mo in servi quit mo grossier mais mo frustrer….

    De la part d’un mauricien frustrer

  • infiltrated unit

    dude the adsl speed is hackable!!!!
    if you are using a 512kbps connection, just modify the gateway and the dns server to another which have 1mbps(simple on the sdm of the modem,funny), then the dns will provide you with 1mbps ips!!! those guys at zoranzejuice are so stupid that they did not even bother put an acl which would prevent tempering!

  • Yowan

    Which gateway have you used?

  • Zozo

    wai man fer gagne gateway ek DNs address la ..please mo check li 1 kut

  • infiltrated unit

    wai man give me ur mails!
    i’ll send it to you!

  • Yowan

    My mail:

  • @infiltrated @Yowan
    My email add

  • Paconner

    I want to try. pls pls..

  • Frantz

    @infiltrated: hey i would like to try it too

  • Sagitarius

    My first ISP was MTML . I had an contract for a max. of Rs 1000. incl. vat . I reached the max. in only 3 days .

    Looking for alternatives , I rapidly brushed Nomad aside as junk , but deciding between MT and Emtel was more difficult . I finally chose Orange adsl unlimited package .

    I had to wait 1 week for line conversion , but after that I had a much better service : I’m a rather heavy downloader and I stay on the net on average 8-9 hours daily and for that I pay ‘only’ Rs 94o. incl. vat . The Orange speed is slightly higher than MTML’s .

    For the same amount of usage on MTML I would have to pay Rs 10,000. I wonder why some people can’t see the difference yet .

  • Matt27

    Hey i would like too please

  • Sagitarius

    Frantz [7/10/09] must have solved his problem by now , but here’s a tip for those new to Winxp or Orange adsl :

    If you get that error message , go to Control Panel and turn the stupid , useless Firewall off . Xp’s Firewall’s attitude on security is : the internet is dangerous , I can’t allow you to go there .

    It might be a good idea after that to download an antivirus . Avira or AVG are good . I use Comodo .

  • zozo

    wai my mail :

    fer mw ggne li please!

  • Rajiv

    Just verify my myt Livebox config

    Configuration DNS & passerelle par défaut
    Nom de domaine :
    Serveur DNS primaire :
    Serveur DNS secondaire :
    Passerelle par défaut :
    Relais DNS :Active

    ping on 100% packet lost
    Ping on ok 100% received
    Ping on ok 100% received

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 51 ms 48 ms 53 ms
    4 57 ms 54 ms 61 ms
    5 111 ms 83 ms 60 ms []

    6 * * * Request timed out.
    7 * * * Request timed out.
    8-30 * * * Request timed out.

    Trace complete.

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 57 ms 50 ms 56 ms

    Trace complete.

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 62 ms 47 ms 61 ms
    4 62 ms 50 ms 53 ms
    5 77 ms 90 ms 91 ms []
    6 51 ms 67 ms 58 ms []

    Trace complete.

    Is this normal to get timeout on 1st 2 hops or its because of
    Serveur DNS primaire :

    Can u provide me with valid configs for dns server

  • Lol

    Lol i agree internet is hackable but ISP will know as u will connect from another gateway
    Then go to jail

  • Yowan

    IPv4 addresses are running out in less than a year

    Orange does not even offer IPv6 addresses


    Emtel’s fraudulent billing system..

    many of us expats receive strange bills from emtel.

    I am supposed to receive a flat monthly bill of Rs. 1092.5

    Instead from the 1st month of service, until now (9 months), i have not received a single bill with corect amount.
    I’ve recieved bills like this –

    they dont even add up to the correct amount. Every month there is a painful exercise to call them , sort out the mess their billing system has created. make them understand that it is their mistake and finally ask for a manually generated bill and make payment.

    they have even disconnected me a couple of times because i ddidnt make payment..(waiting for correct bill!)

    complete @$$holez, taking advantage of foreigners and im sure ripping locals as well.

  • Frantz

    Lundi, 1er novembre 2010. Les opérateurs de téléphonie et d’Internet attendaient cette décision depuis longtemps. Le ministre des Technologies, de l’Information et de la Communication (TIC), Tassarajen Pillay-Chedumbrum, a annoncé aujourd’hui la fin du monopole de Mauritius Telecom sur l’exploitation du câble SAFE qui relie l’Afrique à l’Europe. Il affirme que les opérateurs privés et internationaux auront désormais accès à ce réseau.

    Cette fin du monopole, dit-il, entraînera une compétition parmi les opérateurs et par conséquent une baisse du tarif d’Internet. «N’importe quel opérateur pourra dorénavant se connecter à ce réseau, cela même s’il ne possède pas une ‘landing station’. Si tel n’est pas le cas, il devra verser une petite somme à Mauritius Telecom pour le faire. Avec la compétition, le prix d’Internet accusera une baisse considérable. Et avec la bande passante voulue, les utilisateurs bénéficieront d’un accès à Internet à haut débit encore plus rapide», explique le ministre.

    Ganesh Ramalingum, Managing Director of Data Communications Ltd, se réjouit de cette decision. Il a toujours souhaité une libéralisation de bande passante. «Nous sommes très contents car nous avons réclamé cette mesure depuis un bon bout de temps», soutient-il.

  • Yasser

    I do recall sometimes back that internet connection price went down by 50%… Zorange Juice maintained internet price and gave us twice a better connection…according to 2011 budget, there is anticipated decrease of an average of 16% to 24% in the cost of internet broadband.

    i am wondering whether Zorange juice the will keep the same price and offer to us more kb/s or reduce the price itself.

    lets wait and C.


  • hardislander

    @frantz any official evidenceto back up these claims?

  • yasser

    has any one notice that the internet connection speed of MyT is better since a week?

  • armand

    very slow

  • @yasser: You should read this one :

    One line summary : If you are a myT customer, paying Rs1000 per month, your speed has been doubled since the 1st Dec 2010.

  • Moneplein attane

    Bon les gars,

    ça fait des mois qu’on entends des rumeurs sur une connectique de 8 mo/s chez Emtel.. vous pensez que c’est vrai ? Enfin à Maurice ? Moi ça fait bien que 5 ans que j’attends…et finalement je désespère quand je vois la vitesse de connection : haha : 240 Ko/s en dl si ta des tunes pour 4 Mega. Bref… info ou INTOX sur Emtel ??? hmm ?

  • So I am upgrading to MyT 1MiB from ADSL512, is that Orange livebox software driver compatible with 64-bit systems?

  • Frantz


    May I know how much you need to pay more for upgrading from ADSL512 to MyT 1M? (conversion fees, new modem, etc…)

  • @Frantz:
    Its Rs2000 according to this page
    They told me conversion will take up to 3 weeks, thats damn retarded and stupid.

    Is there anyone that can confirm whether their junk orange livebox system driver(or whatever) is compatible with 64-bit systems?

  • nuvs

    Hey all,

    After reading most of the above posts (which started back in 2007), I have to feel sorry for all of you Mauritian surfers…. I once wrote an article in L’express back in 2004 requesting the government (ICTA) to open the way for new ISPs in Mauritius but obviously as someone mentioned above, ICTA is managed by the people at MT and they don’t want competition…. the result…. Internet speed still sucks big time in Mauritius. I am currently on holidays in my paradise island and I had hoped to see some new 2mbps or even 8mbps packages to keep up with the rest of the world…but no… ORANGE still advertising 512kbps as Fast Internet Access (my f*****g arse!!!). I have been surfing for the last 6 years in UK at 16mbps and recently upgraded to 20mbps. Mauritius is supposed to be an IT Hub and all it’s people get is a lousy 512kbps…and that too if you’re lucky. The fastest speed I’ve seen advertised in the papers recently is 7.5mbps by Emtel (using the Mifi dongle)…but that remains to be seen and tested. I sincerely hope that with the end of the monopoly on the SAFE cable, a lot of new and innovative ISPs set up shop in Mauritius and that we see some new high speed packages at low prices…

    In the mean time friends, as we say, let’s “pince neznez boire dilhuile”…


  • Kamlesh

    Worst internet connection is on mobile using orange operator…whether ur registered on GSM or 3G(”data”,mne bizin met sa en braket parce qui ena dimoune croire orange ena 3G ek cpve fr video kal tou s.v.p) the speed of surfing and downloading really sucks!!!!

    Best internet connection on mobile using EMTEL operator….Applied on GSM,2G,3G,HSDPA,HSUPA


  • vAL

    Well Kamlesh I have a question.
    I’m using a blackberry on orange network and yep I’m forced to say the connection (speed / availability / stability ) isn’t that great. The most I get on a download is 56Kb/s yep that’s like an old 56K modem. And it can take ages to request a page. And I’m not even talking about their CC services. The web site says that there is only a gprs connection for blackberry, their technicians say I will get 3G speed if I activate the 3G on my phone, another assistant say no I will get only gprs and another seller is forcing me to change my phone for a supposed better one so that I will get the 3G speed. Note that I’m using a Bold 9000 which IS a 3G phone.
    I think Emtel’s price for blackberry connection is a bit higher. Is it worth it? Does anyone here use Blackberry on Emtel? I would like some feedback. I’m wondering if I should change operator.
    Thanks everyone

  • Sagitarius

    The yoyo quality of service of seemed to have tired out and tend to stay at the bottom these days. Speeds of 7kb/s are no longer surprising. The frustrating ‘Server Not Found’ message are more and more frequent and the problem is always found to come from Orange. Can’t do anything against those abuses that are tolerated by the authorities.

  • Joey

    Applied for myT in January, was told they’d contact back when ports are ready. 3 months later, nothing, called, and was told the same thing. 2 more months later, still the same, I call to ask if I can apply for the livebox only, and they say that there is no more issue in my region, I can now go to Orange branch and have them install myT. I went there the day after, “Sorry sir, but port is still unavailable in your region”

    they take 1 week to reply to a mail, and replied only to one out of 4 mails.

    Yeah, their customer care is awesome, they are probably the only allowed to take drugs during work hours.

  • Tushal

    And we are in 2011 where the connection is still a piece of sh!t. . 
    Specially during the hours of 18 to 23hr where your 1 – 2 mbps connection  becomes a dial up. It’s a everyday issue. The max I can get during that time period is 200kbps for a 1mbps connection. Sort of a pain in the a$$.Right OrangeMauritius?

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  • New one coming,Bharat Telecom 10Mbps

  • Matt27

    Check this:
    A coz competition commission p bou* sa ar zorange, zot in met adsl 1mb soukou soukou sans publiciter nanier….
    Vraimem li don ban adsl la 1mb ou li p coyoun dimoun ek competiton commission??

  • Anonymous

    ce ki mne remarK ce que ena ban place zot pres ek server la mais ena ban place kouma ban village zot loin ek li pren letemp et en plus ena places ban cables la in  vine bien vieux

  • eric levy


    Just came along this blog. It’s nice.
    I am looking to move to Mauritius and the best choice to make, in my opinion, is My.T , MTML or Nomad but certainly not the french money hungry ORANGE. After more than 10 years in Europe including 6 in France, I can tell advise you to avoid as many as french products or services that you can. I know their dirty business tactics. They try to make money by scamming mauritian people into buying their crooked sms jokes ! what nonsense.!
    Internet is still expensive in Mauritius thanks to ORANGE with the French trying to kill competition and imposing a monopoly like in Reunion island next door. I’m still wondering why the Mauritian government is in no way trying to counter their pro slavery policies !
     No wonder why people are fed up in Reunion island and made the riots recently because a couple of french families monopolise the trade and try to STEAL the money from mainly poor people. Orange is France Telecom. Even their own people are fed up with working for them as it is the company with the highest suicide rates in France.

    To students wanting to come to study to FRANCE : BIG mistake !
    You’ll end up loosing your money and getting in debt unnecessarily !
    You’ll also get to pay 400 euros rent per month minimum in a city like Paris.
    My advice to you: Get your Bsc in Mauritius, then make your MSc in Singapore, US, Canada, Iran, India !
    Good luck

  • Ashley

    i reside at coromandel and i am paying the total sum of Rs. 945 for nothing to Myt. my speed must must be 1 mbps and everyday after cleaning everything things and effet speed test the total speed is less than 512 kbps. i am realy shocked how myt is earning a lot of money by stealing surfers in Mauritius. how to make surfers awake from their sleep. We all know that 90% of us dont care about speed but now i know that they did not even care about their money. How could people stay silent after all these times thats why orange is doing lot of lobbying for products which hold only casing and empty inside. Please wake up sid.

  • Sir, grateful if you could add “Bees” to your list:

    Off course, after Bharat Telecom’s (very premature) bragging about a price war with Orange, we see that it was all hot air and that the only selling point will NOT be price, but it will be customer service / service quality.

    So far, BT fails miserably due to the place of delivery being limited to QBornes only… And can only say that its speed will be “stable”, its silence is even more revealing as it forgets to mention peak time bandwidth availability…

    Why couldn’t it wait until it could cover, say, at least 50% of its target market, and then start a predatory price war until Orange would move under the erosion of its customer-base?

    But no, this present tactic reveals its greediness: it knows that Mauritians are “mouton” and will not complain, especially when their hard-earned money is being ripped from them.

  • haha. Yes. I think that this perhaps deserves a new post. Thanks!