Infinite possibilities for urls soon

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  • Anonymous
  • Bernardo

    Nice article. 

    Is there a reason you use incognito?

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Thanks Bernard.
    Yeah, perhaps you probably remember that my bookmarks bar in chrome are
    always displayed by default.
    When I switch to incognito mode, they do not appear and hence, I can make a
    screenshot without people knowing what are my bookmarks ;)

  • Wawa

    what would be the difference between a tld and a domain name?

  • Nayar

    I’m kinda indifferent.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    In short, the domain name is broken down into different parts.

    Let’s take an example (Anyone correct me if I am wrong) :
    A domain name is “” while the TLD is “.com”

    So, with the new suffixes, they will still be the last part (called the
    extension) of the domain name.

  • i.e.b

    Very nice article! I didn’t know how much they cost :D

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    Yashvin, you mean that if you win billet vert once won’t be enough to cover the costs of securing one new gTLD to your name…?
    Ou pou bizin zouer Lotto la?

  • Lapin

    And I don’t think it will be good so early in SEO terms

  • Ludovic Geuffret

    No, you made a mistake.

    The domain name is “yashvinblogs” because “domain name” itself is only a name.

    Then, the TLD is “.com”.

  • *sigh*

    Alright. Let me explain.
    This is how most of us understand it:



    Where “kadabra” is the subdomain, “blogspot” is the domain and “.com” is the extension.


    This is how it actually is:

    http:// ( domain ( .domain ( .domain ) ) )

    Notice the brackets <–

    Eg.: for

    the "www" is the subdomain of "", and "yashvinblogs" is the subdomain of ".com". The "com" is the TLD.

    If you want, you can call "com" the first-level domain, "" the second-level domain and "" the third-level domain.

    The .com part is always at the right end of the domain or is the 'big daddy' if you wish, hence, the name 'TOP level domain'

    But then why do we call it "extension" you ask?

    You see, this way of designating the words between the dots is easier to get – it looks like a file extension like ".jpg", ".mp3", ".txt"…

    Which do you prefer?




    And for the extra lazy who wants to read more but don't know how to use google:

    I hope this helps.

  • *sigh*

    you’re both wrong. Read my comment

  • Troll

    Wow, that was very informative.

    In the Wiki References-> we will now have .xxx (extension) for porn site.

  • Sabir

    why .mu costs Rs 2000 and /in costs about Rs100 lol?
    aren’t both country tld’s?
    Why not make the .mu accessible at affordable price for all mauritian webmasters?

  • Yashvin Awootar

    I don’t think that with these changes, country code level domains will gain
    much importance.

  • lost wanderer

    Country code level domains for Mauritius ain’t cheap and furthermore there are not much companies selling this domain. A random thought : how do I get a .mu domain ? :S + how do I become a reseller of .mu ? ^_^

  • Sab

    Simple, Go on and get your domain. So basically is shit man (Typically Mauritian Hun). i wanted to grab the domain tried to regsiter but it wasn’t available. So I checked whois on itself and founf out the domains was expired since 2008 i think. Since then hasn’t deleted the domain according to ICAAN norms lol. They kept the domain and never released it. So I contacted them , and they said I have to pay for the Renewal Fee Rs 2000+ for the 3 years since it has been expired so Rs8000 LMFAO… That’s what we call MAURITIUS CYBER ISLAND :D