Sympathy needed : Labour Party won’t hold any political gathering (meeting) on the 1st May 2013

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  • yurit0s

    li impopulaire cot li eter la. si li faire meeting capave mo meeting pou vide et lerla MBC ki zimaze pou montrer.

    Poz ban partizan ptr. pena briani, rom et la mer pou zot.

  • It would have been more sincere if he had attended at least one of the victims’ funerals..Pathetic!!

  • Actually, that is a sneaky move by the London Boy. The party will use this strategy to point the finger at the opposition. The advantage for me is that Vacoas will be much quieter on the 1st of May this year!

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    1 May, its labour day and not a day for the labour party or any other political party. This crap of having political gathering should stop. Saying that if ptr did held a gathering, only the usual boot lickers would attend.

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    Tension ptr poursuivre toi. Tonn met enn foto ki kraze. Kapav charge TWA pou non respect du foot du PM. Lol

  • preetesh8

    Tou zafer bizin ena n kumancement..hope sa continue every year!! and other parties soon follow this step! 1er may fete envi al kit part..bus pa gagnE! hopefully pu ena einP bus plis lor laroute sa lannee laa..

  • Strange: when the funerals of the eleven flood casualties were being held he was nowhere to be seen, but told the families to come to his Clarisse House to hear his condolences.

    Some days later, when Rodrigues was hit hard by Imelda cyclone, he found it better to talk over the phone to the Minister of Rodrigues than to talk to Rodriguans directly.

    Then, shortly afterwards he was unable to resist the invitation for the Iron Lady’s funeral in… London.

    Now, he knows perfectly well that the recent fuel-price hike has angered transport operators and fuel sellers, and that even his Anil Baichoo would have huge difficulty reserving the cohort of buses for carting all the crowds to his meeting and to the beaches, he finds it wiser to cancel the traditional 1st of May “celebrations” / briyani party…

    Nice strategist.

    But empathy, he has none.

  • TrendsSpotter

    Let me quote this:

    “Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a mans soul and faith”

    Talking of Sympathy. 😀

  • 4 people died in the March 2008 flood (followed by D. Gokhool’s infamous ‘1 zenfan lor XXX milles ki finn mort’). Yet, it did not prevent them from organizing their pointless meeting. I don’t care what they (or the MMM) do on the 1st of May. Most Mauritians do not care anyway.

    However, the blatant hypocrisy of the Labour Party is irritating. During the past few weeks, most political observers were already saying that LP were looking for excuses for avoiding the 1st May meeting, since their popularity has plummeted during the past months and they do not want to suffer the ignominy of drawing a smaller crowd than Port-Louis. Shame that they are using the victims of the flood as their lame excuse.

  • Alle mange briyani ek alle boire… Saem most Mauritians alle faire : Tam Tam! 😛

  • Thanks 🙂