Democracy, Law & Order : Recent happenings in Mauritius

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  • LOL a new Government? Frankly today Mauritius badly needs new politicians itself. Cause if you choose those existing today, they are not really worth the change. 😛

  • I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to step into that thing which goes dirty in every way. Politicians are too be blamed for the lack of interest of people in politics.

  • Me too I am not ready… It’s like a ship where the politicians have put it to the point of sinking and if u step on it u going to sink too… There seem to be no way out. How I wish at least people were honest and the politicians were honest in this country. Else we are all doomed… 🙁
    Franchement mo gagne extra chagrin zordi kote nous pays p aller… and we cannot do anything about it.

  • Alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, rise in suicides, violent crimes. These are but a few of the problems in this society. While the present government seems to do a good job on the international scene it is failing on the home front. In my view many politicians are not sending the right signals to society. Many are only preoccupied about their own image and are too busy slandering rivals. If all the energy that is put into rhetoric was channelled into tackling social problems we could see some improvements. Mais, où est la bonne foi?

  • riaaz

    well as her success story and her children.?

  • Just a comment about the figures: the percentages add up to 100%, all ok here. But there seems to be a problem with the bracket: it is blank – did you intend to display the number of votes in between them, or is it a mirage from my side? 🙂

  • lol. That’s the new trend in web design.
    Kidding, normally the number of votes should appear there but since I disabled this, it seems that the developper of this free plugin did not ever test this part lol.

  • Insecure is perhaps the best word to describe how a lot of people feel in this country. Try to live a humble life and you’ll still face challenges. If you think you have rights, you’re mistaken. The country is so corrupted that it’s going to suck the life out of you if you dare fight the current system. Hence people tend to embrace silence and bow their heads.

    I’m not a pessimist but a pragmatic person and I speak from experience. No government can bring about changes to create justice and make a fair society. That’s the hope we keep but it’s not possible until the people of Mauritius realise it’s them who are responsible for the problems in their country. Most people accept things the way they are, so what can you expect? Don’t be fooled by those who speak with much determination for a revolution, they are empty barrrels which make lots of noise and they’ll run a mile at the slightest opportunity to make a stand for what they preach.

  • A A

    Our prime minister is the best worldwide. I am very proud of the law and order in this country. The policemen are doing great jobs and I don’t think its a problem if they censor the press on someone private life or whatever.

    By the way, I’m joking 😀

  • This is exactly how I feel!! ^^

  • The gutter will be a gutter till the drainage guy comes clean it ….. well its too hard and its discouraging but change will eventually come…

  • Democide is the greatest killer in the universe leave malaria, Aids and other things behind the death due to government and democracy is No.1 on the list … studies of the University of Hawaii… lolzz we still believe in it …

  • Politicians and honesty? XD

  • Enfin they are also human beings. It is not that you when u become a politician you automatically lose your honesty. It is all about the people themselves.
    The only problem is that they have all forgotten the real purpose for being a politician is to serve the country, the citizens. They only give priority to their selfish desires. But it is all about the person themselves. I just hope someday people will realize and learn to be honest. That’s why this country’s political system needs to be totally scrapped and restarted afresh. Format and do a fresh installation ^^ Cause the system is already corrupt! Sadly 🙁

  • last time i was at port louis during this week , the market road was free from hawkers
    i guess police are doing their work well ‘sometimes’

    yashvin it’s weird how the pool you posted has abt 44 % on “yes simply”
    Are you completely sure your blog visitors understand english language?:P

  • Lol, I tried to be as clear as possible but if that’s what they think, I completely respect their views.

  • A pity that most mauritians who think like this aren’t joking…

  • 43% voters are blind and and 12%, guess which ones, are simply stupid..

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