Upgrading 11 villages to towns – What do you think?

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  • reenadkl

    Just another subtle way of taking our money 😛 Like you said, if the service is provided then it’s not a problem… For example, Roches Brunes, where i live, the town never gave a damn about the abandoned plots around…though i filed a complaint last year (march will be celebrating 1 year!!!) not even a phone call was made to me…i even had the pics to back my complaint…nothing..so if paying for these useless services is what a town means…then i prefer a village…and St pierre has every infrastructure needed…i grew up there…i love that village… Serioulsy? this shit government only wants the money…shops pay higher taxes in town if am not mistaken…now imagine the number of shops and malls in st pierre, flack etc… it’s not about what services they will provide, but how much money they can get from us!!! for their own pockets of course!!!

  • selven

    🙂 Lucky that L’escalier is not in that lot! 😀 hehe We ain’t gonna pay extra taxes then 🙂

    Lol this is a scam, they just want more tax money, they are not providing enough for the taxes they already take out of my salary, my fuel & other purchases.

    🙂 Lucky me, I live in a Village!

  • They should justify the need for this income by providing a better service. The new taxes should not just be used to beautify things for their “petits-copains”.

  • selven

    The thing is, we are in Mauritius, and there is a saying that goes like:

    “Et si li pas kapav justifier kifer li p dimann toi kass pliss, ki to pou kapav fer?”

    They did manage to take Rs.1 off each litre of petrol off your pocket to give to their ‘petit copains’ who owns buses.

    Alors 🙂 What do you seriously think that you, I, or anyone else can do if they decide to do it again and again?


    the prompt intervention of the authorities – called the police once because there were people making noise on the street –> they never came
    regular collection of garbage – they either forget you or when their truck is full well wait until next week.
    ensuring that lands do not become dumping areas – you have visited Qb right? i let you judge
    law enforcement on these kind of ‘dumping areas’ – perhaps
    constant maintenance of road infrastructure and street lights – really u think you are in singapore?!

  • Ah, Singapore….
    The dream of Mr Navin… Li ti bisin reste vine PM labas meme.