yupiiiiiiii ! Holidays!


1 yr completed,
2 weeks of stress,
3 yr course finished
4 papers,
5 modules including project
100s of slides to reviseThe nightmare is over, at least for now

To celebrate all this, my group n myself, went to Shoprite
(currently the lendroit the plus branche and craze for uni students)

hmm, pizzaaaaaaa, kfc, coca, b**rrrrrrrrrrr 🙂

was very nice…


u can have a look at the photo album on my site directly...that will take some time for us to calm down, celebrate a bit more through one or some outings among friends, but still, we got to prepare our final year project presentation, to be held from 13-15 June 2007 :)Till zen, amizerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😀

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  • Was really fun, specially invading GAME! 🙂 (Wi Zainab, tou zafer mo ht labas moi!! :P)

    Yashvin, you had too much b**rrrrrrrrrrr, ya put the same pic twice! 😛

  • HiHi

    :wub: 😉 :whistle: :wassat: :w00t: :unsure: :tongue: 🙂 :sleeping: :silly: :sideways: :sick: :shocked: 🙁 :pouty: :pinch: :ninja:
    😆 :kissing: :heart: :happy: :biggrin: :getlost: :face: :ermm: :dizzy: :devil: :cwy: 😎 :cheerful: :blush: :blink: :angry: :angel:

  • Yas

    Rien a dire nu salon top net !!! :cheerful:

    we had a gud time hope nu re met ben plan coumsa enc!!!

  • to fadil : lol, haha !!! na, mo ti fini desouler kant mone met foto la :silly: cpv effects secondaire :shocked:

    thnks, aster la mone remarke sa!

  • Kunal

    Zotte inne fini tout??!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Aster ki mo pou coummencer moi, en September… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Kan zotte vine fer ene letour kot moi la?
    Bonne chance pou zotte travail etc. Wish you all the best!

  • to kunal :
    haha, kant nu ti p study, to ti p promener twa..
    aster nu promener, to study 😛

    kant nu vine kot toi?
    nek inviter twa, sa meme assez! :whistle:

  • Zai

    yeah we spent a great time! :biggrin: tant ki p capave continuer mette ban plans la! 😉

  • Crystal

    Lol! wai ti tro top hier..mem mo ti malad, in xtra amizer…
    Mo p enkor pense sa gro boule gris la, 53 poses r sa? rite yash???
    So yashVin another of ur b.rrr plans??

    Lor sofa ti pli top 😉 :w00t:

  • exact…wiz that Gros Boule + so espece la corde pu faire exercise la, ti cpv faire some 53 poz or plitot exercises :biggrin:

    ki devant derriere tout ti pu fatiguer sa :w00t:

  • Spl@sh

    premier zafer mone remark m foto 2 fois :tongue:

    @ kunal
    to ti bien kav complete to cour ensam moris
    lerla to go 😀
    to pa ti pou perdi nanien 😉

    mo p envi mange pizza moisi la
    kan zot inviter :angel:

  • boo

    well..happy holidays to u all then.. amuse zot bien.. 😉

  • Have a good break 🙂 Enjoy your kitkat 😉

  • vicks

    devant ? derrier? ki sa banes zafer zotte pe cozE la sa ein :blush:

    hey crap.. when to payE pizza la :whistle:

  • devant derriere is something personal :whistle:

    pizza? nimporte kant, nek nudge lo msn twa 😀