www.yashvin.net is running….

First of all, I’m proud to announce that I have my own domain name.
I have now moved to www.yashvin.net.

I request all my blogger friends to please change the link accordingly. I have carried out some small color changes in the design of my personal site and added some flash in the index page and the menu.

I wish to thank heartily James ( for moving and uploading my blog ) and Vickss ( for uploading my site )


Thanks to all friends who have done some testing for me during the past days.

Leave u here and see you on www.yashvin.net.

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  • Too great :biggrin: will need to change your link 😛 don’t forget to enter our Blogger list UBSquare, it’s more kinda a blogroll with additional features like description and great banner 🙂

  • hey your subscribe to comments plugin is bugging man :shocked:

  • :ermm: hmm, will chk this once am back home….

  • testing subscribe to comments once more :face:

  • Congrats for ur new domain :tongue: Makes me want one too :ninja:

  • Avishna

    moi mo in tester ek line pane dir thx :whistle:
    veu 1 moi oshi wer its written http://www.avishna.net :angel:

  • hmm, no prob avishna, send ur money here….

    to Roushdat, well, perhaps in the near future

    to hans : thnks mate for finding the bug, its ok now!

  • Avishna

    money wat for? the net is free man!! :devil:

  • :devil: :devil: :devil:

    HAH it’s working!!! IT’S ALIVE!!! :devil: :devil:

  • to avishna : the net is free, but not the servers…

    to James : thnks a lot mate, sans twa li pas ti pu alive aster la!!! 🙂
    mo pas encore blier ur treat, soon…. :silly:

  • No problem, i love doing these geeky works (tho am not a geek).

    :biggrin: :biggrin: let me know when u are free to treat me. ^_^