Worms Armageddon

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  • http://www.themediaguru.co.cc carrotmadman6

    I love playing Worms over… Bluetooth. 😉

  • http://hackers.mu selven

    that’s quake like??? :S

    excuse me.. but i happen to be a crazy quake addict…

  • http://hackers.mu selven

    and it doesn’t exist on osx or unix, so it must be a bad game! :p

  • http://www.nussaibah.com Nussaibah

    Worms… I’m not sure I wanna join but enjoy =P

  • Terry

    yeahhhhh..i remember this game…i think so. it used to be tank vs tank or something like that. if i am not mistaken, you can even lauch a nuclear bomb, right?? do you have the *office* version? so we can test it on monday

  • http://yudzisland.blogspot.com/ Yudz

    i played some worms couple of years ago.. dnt knw it its this one. i had a real blast with my friend.. great fights were performed by our 2 worms (err not that worm lol)

  • http://sozzz.net Sun

    looks nice.. will download it la.. can you provide the crack please? :)

  • http://www.saileshdesigns.com Sailesh

    Great game 😀
    I actually have the full portable version of this game if anyone needs it, you don’t have to crack or install it. Just run & play 😀

  • Avishna

    hey i used to play this!

    mo le jouer moi shi, ki mo bizin fer?

  • http://www.yashvinawootar.com Yashvin

    @Avisha : lol, download the trial version legally :)

  • JLBB


    Al faire to ban tutorial InDesign apres to va pense pu zouer Worms don! 😀 (li pu bouder big time demain la) 😛

  • http://www.yashvinawootar.com Yashvin

    @ JLBB : Mo koner ki sane la to eter yuyu!
    Ekrire to nom lol 😛

    @Avishna : Tire manzer JLBB at work!

  • Avishna

    JLBB – watch ur back :)

  • http://www.tushal.net Tushal

    Aha. I know this game.xD..perhaps I will join in. Let me know when you’re playing Yashvin.