Working till (very) late

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  • Tarr mari travaye to p travaye. Zot paye twa over time o moins??

  • armand

    I am starting work tomorrow

    Can’t believe my holidays are over

  • Should I be saying congrats tone kass to record ou poor you? 😛

  • Tahi..Fr moi per pou alle travaille ha..

  • Zot p exploite toi 😛

    Mo hope ki mo travaille pa pou coumsa lol

  • sheem

    U R being over-exploited Yashvin!!! et mwa mo ti p plaigner mo pna assez clas libres et mo fini 2 h 30 4 fois par semaine, just 1 zour mo fini pli tot!!;) ena pire ke mwa mo truV!;) Courage!!!

  • U’ll get used to it and it will become usual and easy 😉 Bon courage!

    I was at office at 7r and left at 22r if Im lucky.

    D fois pou pa lose time, mo ti bzin rester hotel em. But at the end, on fini par sabituer, necepa?

    Take care…

  • Avishna

    congratulations !
    aster to in vine 1 hard worker, since to p kit buro at 2 am!
    to in vine grand 😀
    bizin donne toi promotion. :D:D kan to arrive 3 am bizin promote toi assistant manager
    kan to dormi biro ben sure to pu 1 manager …..
    predictions from (contact me after office hours n before dawn)

  • thnks for all ur comments, its 01:20 & still in office!

  • Avishna

    “kan to arrive 3 am bizin promote toi assistant manager”
    remember this sentence?? well time for u to become assistant manager since u leaving office at 3 am. moi jai super sommeil la!
    nite nite et courage.

  • Madiihah

    euta mo yash yash..all the best frero 🙂

  • Deepa

    Taarrrr to p vin bon garcn astr,mo croir mo pu pran un rendue astr r tw parski pa truv figur ena fois..