Who to blame? Nomad or MSN Messenger?

This is a post concerning Nomad Users (or even ex-nomad users…) who use MSN Messenger

Am getting problems since several days/weeks when signing in with msn messenger and am sure am not the only one, but always the one to complain (as usual!)

  • I want to know who among the nomad users or nomad MyT users get frequent sign in problems with nomad?

  • Who (perhaps you non-nomad users) have frequent “Message could not be sent” when chatting with Nomad Users?

getting errors like

  • Error on Default Gateway and Key Ports

  • status cannot be changed

Am pretty sure, there must be some problem related to Nomad (as usual)!

  • y dont others get this problem?
  • y doesnt the prob get solved even when u format the system?
  • y do others(non nomad users) get “Message could not be sent” when chatting wiz nomad users?

So, i want to know,

Who must we blame???? Nomad? or MSN ?

Am fed up with trying to repair the connection repeatedly just to be able to chat properly!

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  • Yas

    mo croir ziz nu ben nomad users ki gagne sa prob yash becoz the others they ARE chatting without any prob!!!!

    Im having the same prob since this evening same error msg … could not be delivered to all recipients.

    In addition to this , i cant connect to msn at one go i have to try 3 or 4 times sometimes more

    N i have this prob since im using nomad when im invited in a conversation that have more than 3 persons im always getting this msg that” there is a problem with the networks and u r not longer in this conversation”( to kone sa bien toi yashvin 🙂 )
    avant pa ti coumsa so this prob must come from nomad mem!!!!

    Its so annoying at times u have to retry or resend msg this is just not acceptable…. Why do we NOMAD users have problems like that???

    i called nomad 30 mins ago n a tech was supposed to call me back, he has forgotten me as usual! !!!!!!!!!
    :blink: :angry: :pinch: :ninja:

  • Avishna

    o dear u and all some of my friends who have nomad have problem signing messenger , its not messenger to be blamed. not only with messenger my friend wen they r downloading music or ebook to be used in her assignments, the connection cuts abruptly! with myt mo pa gagne sa prob la. mayb ena 1 prob r configuration nomad, cav li pa rod reconnait msn huh euh enfin je sais pa tro tro. ki zot p attane pu cancel zot connection r nomad?? thats the kestion u should have asked , no who to be blamed!! coz we all no who is to be blamed here!! the contract of my friend is ending by the end of this month, she’s already made all the arangement to get a connection of myt :tongue:

  • Spl@sh

    Google can come to the rescue here 😀

    Gmail account + GoogleTalk and even on dial up u can chat without problems :biggrin:

    to pane tarder pou change lopinion about nomad – refering to last post of nomad :angel:

    tantion ena 3rd party involved ladan lol

  • lol

    arret plaigner pou nanier do 😛

    to bien koner mama nomad la pa vo 1 poil sa 😛

    rane zot zistoir la, pren 1 connection telekom! [ mem si ena fois li fer zess, o moin gagner connection!! ] 😀

  • Sun

    mo gagne ha prob la souvent des fois
    sirtout kan mo lor windows
    mais kan mo lor linux
    mo p remark sa souvent
    lor msn messenger mo msn kk net
    either li pas connect
    ou li lag ou gagne ban prob msg pas delivered

    it is my feeling that there is some sort of conflict between the nomad network and msn..
    so i would like to say both msn and nomad..

    for it seems MyT friends dnt have this prob..and i dnt have this prob while login on msn via linux using aMSN

  • exactly !
    lo msn, impossible transfer files if u r a nomad user!
    all my friends know this! :angry: :angry: :angry:

    MO P PLEIN R SA LA!!!!!!!!
    mo nepli p cpv chat lo msn :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:
    i think there must be something indeed that prevents msn from working properly on nomad!
    but seems no one complaint about this!!!!

    sure, google talk a la rescousse, mais its not the same 🙁

  • Eski nomad also enpesse toi fer file sharing… kot ni Ares ni limewire pa marse kot mwa.

  • Avishna

    eh ben mem dan qbornes ban users la pa p fouti use msn! :ninja:,
    p.s director of nomad am still waiting for a post in ur prestigious institution :angel:

  • limewire n ares?
    ine tard sa, limewire ti p work ene lepok, lerla zotte fine block li, apres zotte ti relance li
    now pas koner!

    as for ares, zamais line work kot mwa!

    toute fason, combien cpv expect pu download r sa crappy connection la? la meme, ene simple msn transfer pas fouti faire!

  • Bon…moi mo penser, ena 1 mixture of problems la…Pas zis nomad, even with myt etc…gagne problem. And the msn messenger thingy itself got bugs, am damn sure about it. But that doesn’t mean all problems are with msn messenger…Partly it can be with internet connection la si…that is nomad and myT. Ena fois text can’t be delivered, ena fois, sa error msg la si li pas doner, nek nou penser lot dimoune la pas p repone nou, alors que li pas p mem gagne nou msg!
    As someone already suggested before…gtalk seems to be one gud solution…

  • Ene sel solution: zet sa Nomad la…

    Mo gagne crise pou chat ar mo bane cams ki ena Nomad… zamais msg p deliver… zot reste sign in ek out em… pffft…

    Nomad to be blamed…

    Ar MyT (dans li bien ar perfection…) ena fois connexion pa reset ditout pendant plis ki 1 zour… Nomad, si to gagne connexion 10 mins em mo croire bocou sa… 😆

  • Nomad is bullshit. I do use it at work when MT is down, but doesnt make any difference coz the bandwidth is so low that we do anything. Their support team is even more bullshit. I guess this company would have been closed, say thx to The Minister of IT that Network+ is still striving. They only invest in marketing. Whats the use of an effective marketing team and the product is totally crap.

  • Viisham

    Ban zenes … aret fatig zot naam pou nanien, problem la avec nomad mem sa. Depis 4 mois mo pas p servi nomad, 1 problem mo pas gagner ek MyT… avant pas cozer, problem lor problem ek sa nomad la ! Yashvin gaspillaz to re fer official complaint encor, to connai mem dernier fois pane arrive nanien…

  • Rajesh

    As a network specialist I can tell you with much experience that Nomad is crap. You need line of sight to get a good connection and the more the signal get attenuated (e.g building and trees in the pathway) the more retransmission you have until your PC is so slow that you want to smash it. When you have perfect signals, you have another problem, oversubscription.
    Coming back to your problem, MSN is working fine so Nomad is definitely an issue. However, I would like you to check the logs of any firewall that you may have to see if the packets are not being dropped as MSN uses specific ports.


  • i know the prob is wiz nomad but the customer care simply tells u
    “ou speed test bon non?”
    b normal speed test pu bon koz zotte server local!

    ah bein alors, b faute la lo ki sane la vini? nomad or msn?

    the director doesnt know abt these problems n through this post, i will make a last appeal, else he will have to accept my cancellation without any fees!

    wats the use of internet without my msn? :wassat:

  • ahahhaa .. :w00t:

    nyways .. the root of the problem is NOMAD ..

    I would advise ya to use GAIM instead .. [enfin .. my NOMAD friends use it without much problems .. ]

    * concerning MyT, i’ve noticed that everytime when I start talking something important with someone important that it goes berseck .. i mean it resets .. [ yeah .. partly coz am not in the required minimum area that myt needs to work properly ] .. sinon, most of the time, my myt connection is good – resets a couple of times a day .. [ many times a day when it rains .. :s ]

    enfin .. :w00t:

    or alternatively, you can try using older [mega old] versions of msn messenger or simply use web messengers .. :ninja:


  • flyjason

    I’m a nomad user…

    One of the most frustrating (gagne mari ner fran fran tou :angry:) problem is when you don’t get any connection at all!! Yes this happens from time to time…Sometimes I don’t get any connection for one whole day (even more)!! So what’s that?? I am paying for a service which is supposed to provide 24/24h connection…so I shouldn’t receive such treatment. I can accept variations on the speed of connection but not on denial of the service. I pay – I deserve a proper service!! Of course, I’m talking for everybody. So it’s a real nightmare as you can see…How about if I planned to do a particular job on a particular day…can I rely on the current service?? Presently, I’m afraid not!!

    When there is no connection – the ‘Address Type’ in the ‘Local Area Connection Status’ dialog box indicates “Automatic Private Address” and a somewhat bizarre ‘IP Address’. I have to switch on and off the modem a couple of times (in fact mari bcp fois 🙁 :angry:) and hopefully wait for the connection (Address Type: Assigned by DHCP). Sometimes I wait endlessly and ultimately stop further attempts (mari plein r sa). I don’t think a customer who pays for a service deserves to do all these things. Furthermore, the customer is not supposed to know technical stuffs…so according to me the quality of service currently offered ‘laisse a desirer’.

    Instead of targeting to provide other type of services (if any) I think that Nomad/Network Plus should strive to ‘providing the right connection’. Certainly this is the heart of the system – if customers get the proper connection then everybody is happy!!! So, this area deserves a lot of considerations and should be revised very soon…

    Yep all the applications discussed earlier on this page that are not responding accordingly are most probably due to the ‘connection’ again!!

    So back to the drawing board!!!

  • tushal

    eh yash, r nomad mo ti pe gagne sa ban prob la..jamais r dial up or myT inn gagne sa..

  • tushal

    anoop>>aie aie..mwa osi meme zafaire..ena 3 specific time everyD mo livebox disconnect..max ki mo kpv gagne sa li 5 times.mais ban technician pe faire zot best..aster mo pe gagne li 2 fois par jour! !comment dire medicines! ! lol.
    mo msn wrk perfectly..

    yash>>dan encore a few days mo pou fini write mo experience wiz nomad..pou 4ward twa 1 copy..

  • Deepa

    fouf, c ene vraie tracas sa nomad la :cwy:
    mo ti ena ene modem 64 et impossible servi, pas zis msn ziste mais pu ene page meme load, mo mille fois prefere mo Dial Up ! pas netaccess svp! prefere telecom :whistle:

    bein, sinon, tout seki zotte fine dire, c vraie lo nomad!

    MSN PAS WORK :sick:

    bisin la bougie rouge pu attane sa sign in r nomad :blink:

  • armand

    did not have problems with MSN, only have to reset the connection when i am using rapidshare.com to change my Ip address after each download. then need to reconnect msn manually buy sometime its just reconnects itself.

    I usually got connected to adsl myt 47.???

  • Keshav

    hi, we have 2 issues here with nomad, 1. Msn takes time to sign in, 2. p2p doesnt work. Surfing is ok, and downloads on rapidshare is really fast, i get 45-52 kbps at night 🙂
    if only they r able to fix these 2 probs, then nomad will be a winner.

  • just to note:
    nearly 24 hrs passed n no technician called me back following my request.

    today, “par hasard”, connection went down at about 10 00hrs.
    when i called nomad, they told me that they were performing “maintainance” :getlost:

    maintenance my foot !
    dont they know that they are supposed to notify the customers? or they only know to notify the customers when payment has not been made yet? :ermm:

    ya! if u dont pay, they send each client a SMS on your mob!!!
    dear customer, plz settle ur account bla bla!

  • S@heer

    b yashvin, kifer to pa aret payer??? c si simple non!! :angel:

    aster si zot dir kitsoz, u no ena ban customer protection, to ena tu droit contacter banla…

    lerla mo sir ki actions will be taken by nomad…

    but si to zis avoy plainte nomad mem, b sa p al directement dan poubelle sa..

    to pa payer pu gagne 24h service, b now to pa p gagne 24h service, alor to pa payer non, c tu..

    kan kas pa rentrer zen to pu truver koma nomad pu ameliorer..

    fer n group tu ban ‘nomad users with problems’ e send zot plainte LACIM ou nimporte ki customer protection, laba mo assure toi to pu gagne tu soutien ki bzn…

    aster, moi si mo use MyT, but zamer mo conection in reset sipa koi… but la rezon c peut etre a koz mo res pres r exchange zone. :tongue:

    alor ban MyT users, pran lexample lor problem nomad e aret plaigner, akoz comparer r ceki nomad la, MyT so probs li insignificant..

  • tushal

    ‘alor ban MyT users, pran lexample lor problem nomad e aret plaigner, akoz comparer r ceki nomad la, MyT so probs li insignificant..’

    this does not mean that when 1 myT user has problems concerning his connection, he should stay quiet and enjoy the problem.perhaps you are unaware that you pay for a 24/24 and 7/7 connection! ! :whistle:
    and not all myT users are lucky like you.i know some 15 myT users who are experiencing connection problems.their speed drops significantly during the day.
    to give you an example, during week days from 09.00 to 17.00 my speed is around 50 kbps! !and from 17.00 to midnight it is around 80 kbps.from midnight to 09.00 it is around 255 kbps.only during sundays(whole day and whole night) i get a speed above 240 kbps.
    do you think that i pay MT to have such a speed during the day?i know that you will talk about “garantie usage” but had you been to infotech 2007, the agent at MyT stand said that after the “garantie usage” the speed drops by 25% only! ! !but here you can find the speed dropping by 80%! ! ! !(for 256 kbps myT). i know people who have myT 512 and during the day their speed is around 200 kbps! ! !so i don’t think that such problems are insignificant! !

    moreover, myT connection(even with all the problems)is better than nomad.based on my own personal experience with both connection! ! !

    “downloads on rapidshare is really fast, i get 45-52 kbps”
    how do you get such a speed with rapidshare?my rapidshare speed is always below 10KB/s! !(80 kbps for a connection 256)
    only downloads from IDA and torrent is good.
    IDA between 30 to 70 KB/s
    and torrent 200 KB/s
    but no torrent since some few days.more exactly since 16 days! ! ! !only IDA

    yashvin>>has nomad customer care stop saying ping or switch off pc and switch it after 15 minz.connection pou krk.??
    and yashvin, you waited only 24 hours! !i still remember once i waited for 2 or 3 days but no 1 phoned me and i had to phone them again and again i was told that the technician will phone me in 10 minutes as he was already busy with another client.again i phone customer care the next day, the technician has a car break down.on only after 3 days that the technician finally phoned me! ! !

    p:s yashvin.sorry for such a long comment.

  • thnks tushal for ur long temoignage :w00t:

    i have something new in my case.

    Mr the famous tech of nomad has just called to ask if he could come to my house to check my msn problem.
    here is my reply
    “mo sorry, mais faire direction koner ki mo pas pu accepter ou vine kot moi”

    i cant let that guy come again n wat if msn works?

    he will again tell me that he moved uselessly ??
    lol, it would mean another post for me, but thats not the aim n i dont want to see that F**** again !

  • Avishna

    sa sens du piments dan lair :whistle:

  • tushal

    bon yash..only 2 mk u aware..mo in resi gagne mo password hotmail..bon ceki sm1 ki hack la.mo ti mail microsoft n banla in reset mo password..thnx god.
    sinon to connection nomad ki dire?
    eh wen to pa pe satisfy r 1 service..bsn faire banla koner..
    same like me.often pe faire complain quan mo pa dakord r smthg.

  • well, unfortunately 🙁 not everyone appreciates that u complaint sp often but they dont understand that u r paying for a service, be it cheap or expensive, u r supposed to get a service and the initial aim of that company if not to provide u with a cheap service, just because they attached problems to it.:pouty:

    there are so many MyT users who experienced a lot of problems at the start. :getlost:
    pourtant, zotte p paye cher!

  • tushal

    well, yashvin you said it correctly. i know many myT users who are having problems with their connection but they stay quiet ot much better, some don’t even know that their speed are below 100 kbps!i tell you in a summary.i have some friends on msn and who uses myT.once i had sent them a message and hopefully all of them replied me.i had asked them if their connection was “normal”.All of them replied me giving their speed test results except 5 among them.point to be noted 4 among them were girls! !
    They just told me that their connection is superb. But when i asked them to do a speed test, they don’t even know how to do that.after explanation, they, luckily, could do their speed test and i was shocked by seeing their speed results.All of them were below 70 kbps and when i told them “hey you need to make a complain about the speed” they simply told me no.they won’t make as the speed is good! !

    tell me yourself yashvin, had all people been like that what would had happened?i know many find it strange that only a few person make complains and to their eyes, we are “bad” person.or i don’t know as i’m simply not finding the correct words.perhaps because i have just woke up and first thing i did was to come on your blog! 🙂

    i really appreciate the job that we did when we had complain but unfortunately there seem no follow up of that matter as none who were on the complain letter was contacted to give their views.(to my knowledge) i know none who was contacted.

    whatever be the service, when you pay for something you expect it to be reasonable service.
    let me take an simple example
    when some one buys a chocolate , that some one expects that the chocolate has not yet expired or that the chocolate is “safe” carrying no insects inside and so on.
    {sorry yashvin. i could only think of chocolate as i love to eat chocolates}
    so, what do you do if you find that the chocolate is expired?i guess many would have thrown it away.it’s because not every one is aware that he has rights which protects himself from such things..

    many are unaware of such rights.

    now let’s come to the question of myt.i have installed myT on 12 december but till date i have not paid any bill as i have not ben charged at all.many would have been happy with this.but not me.i have complained about that problem 3 times as my telephone bill does not include myt bill.l’affaire est a suivre.
    coming to the connection problems
    well i don’t even know how many times i have phoned them.but i know that i have mailed them twice and soon i’m sending a registered letter complain to ask for further explanation and failure to give me a reasonable answer, i will be force to alert the different institutions of the problem that i am facing but i know many users with the same problem but they don’t want to complain except there are 10 users who have signed a complained and currently it will be posted soon.i know some one who has just install myt.(yesterday)and his speed is astonishing! 55 kbps
    one more thing.i have notice during several days that during the day, my speed is around 50 kbps except on saturday and sunday.
    its only after a particular time that it reaches 260 kbps.
    after 01.00 to 06.00 i can even download at speed reaching 60KB/s and with torrent speed reaching 200KB/s but unfortunately i have stopped using torrent.

    1 more thing. after the “garantie usage” they don’t garantee you a good speed but had some one been at infotech 2007, the agent at myT’s stand had clearly told me and 3 more friends that after the “garantie usage”the speed drops by 25% only and in any case it will be above 125 kbps. but in my case, my speed drops by 80%! !which is totally unfair and unacceptable to me.
    well, i won’t remember the agent or on which day i went but it was the agent who was always seen behind the laptop.

    i think it’s time to stop writing else yashvin will get bored reading this.

  • essay 10/10 – long n detailed :tongue:

    cant add anything more than “excellent work” koz u think n do exactly like me.
    :blink: a pity that there are not many who dare to do such things, except from accepting things in they way they are, without bothering if its wat was expected initially.

    my rating : 9/10 -short n concise 😎

  • :devil: nOmAd :devil:

    Pas vaux la pein plaigner coz sa pas pu change kitchoze! Quelque temp de cela, operations manager de nOmAd, Mrs. Karishma Gopy [pas sure si li encore dans sa post la], ti gagne contact direct r moi, bien sure apres tous sa complaint ek harsh words mo ti bizin servi la r customer care. Mone explik li mo problem en detail plusieur fois mais toujour en vain, nothing has changed till today! Connection nOmAd p vini plis kk zur en zur, pas necessaire dire sa coz its evident.

    Just imagine aster, si operations manager laem pane capav fer kitchoz pu ameliore sa service la, ki zot p expect customer care “4664800” et le directeur lui mem pu capav fer pu zot! :angry:

    nOmAd is a crapped system! Mo p attan mo contract terminer la puki mo retourn sa petit boitier blanc en forme de lapin la ki est doré de problem! Nek pu fer zoli li vaux sa kuyonad la… :biggrin:

  • armand

    speed test on what servers all of them shows different results.

    any way i use Bandwidth Monitor which sits on my desktop and displays the speed when I an downloading a file of web page

    right now i am getting 28 – 30kp/s that is 224 – 240kps

    windows update, Norton update my be downloading updates and this shows false results then running speed tests

  • tushal

    i was busy doing some research when i saw the last 2 posts here and i said that oh god:shocked: i must really send a reply.

    “Pas vaux la pein plaigner coz sa pas pu change kitchoze”

    had every single person on this earth having the same views/opinions as you then it would have been total chaos.
    if you feel that the customer care is not being able to help you, you can turn to different institution to help you.you have a variety of options infront of you and despite those options, you decide to be discouraged and accept things as they are?don’t forget you’re paying for that service.IT IS NOT FREE.and you MUST GET WHAT YOU PAYS and not a service like you are describing. 🙁

    i don’t know it you’re aware of that or not.
    but still i will tell you.
    there are no two different servers which will give you the same speed due to various reasons which i won’t say.
    but try to do your speed test on
    server chicago and new york

    and you will see that there is no big difference in the results
    when i do speed test, the results are always like A +- 10 kbps.
    for example in new york server i may get 100 kbps
    chicago server 105 kbps
    testmy 99 kbps
    the results show more or less your speed.

    now, if you’re using a download accelerator program to download a file, it is clear and normal that you get a high download speed. that’s why they are called download accelerators ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! as simple as that.

    i know many days where my surfing speed is slow and downloads speed without any download accelerator are slow but using a download accelerator, my downloads are much faster.there is always a big different while downloading without a download accelerator and with a download accelerator.
    hope you got the idea/ stuff that i wanted to tell you.

    in my case, if i pay for something and i don’t get what i pays, i will never stay quiet.

  • anya

    tushal thx for the speed test sites 🙂
    will u guys stop fiting among u and decide wat u gona do with nomad? stay mad? or NO mad in not accepting these terms! :biggrin:

  • tushal

    i’m not fighting with any one.
    i’m just sharing my views and my reaction to the posts.that’s all.
    no thanks.my pleasure to help.
    well, i don’t use nomad.so decide it among yourself what needs to be done as i have already said everything needed.
    can i ask you something?i’m just too curious.
    you never did speed test?

  • Anya

    u curious? or u curious to know if a gal understands and manages a pc just as u guys do :kissing: ? curiosity kills the cat – but ofcourse u no this proverb. yes ofcourse i have done speed tests (no no not on the road but testing the download speed and the upload speed) , i am using Brandwith Monitor, i just wanted to test that both tests are giving me the same results u see?
    p.s rite now my speed test for download is 247 Kbps and 287 Kbps upload . n oh ofcourse am a myt user :tongue:
    p.p.s i wont tell u the speed at my download accelerator is giving me in fear of u not believing the astonishing download speed.
    tushal wrote :
    All of them replied me giving their speed test results except 5 among them.point to be noted 4 among them were girls! !
    it was this statement which u wanted to verify or confirm?
    i wanted to add that comparing chocs n internet connection is rubbish my dear, its like comparing oranges with apples!
    u should not forget that mauritius is a small island,thus conducting massive research and implimenting these new technologies cost billions. instead of complaing maybe adjusting would be more ethical.ofcourse wen u have a major prob u should evidently complain.

  • Avishna

    Am Avishna , a girl.
    i have done n will continue do speed tests.
    confirming Anya’s comment
    btw the topic is who to blame nomad or msn , not who knows how to conduct speed tests, girls or guys?

  • to anya:
    in fact, the comments to dont appear immediately.
    i first have to approve them, thats y u didnt see them

    to avishna n anya:
    tire tushal so manzer :tongue:
    2eme fois li p underestimate tifi la
    avishna pu rappelle ki once line dire ki tifi dont call customer care :silly:

    to tushal:
    :whistle: am on both sides :whistle:

  • tushal

    “i wanted to add that comparing chocs n internet connection is rubbish my dear, its like comparing oranges with apples!
    u should not forget that mauritius is a small island,thus conducting massive research and implimenting these new technologies cost billions. instead of complaing maybe adjusting would be more ethical.ofcourse wen u have a major prob u should evidently complain.”

    well, that does not mean that i should stay quiet while having a connection below average.do you have concrete evidence to support what you says about billions of rupees being invested??if you don’t have you know what needs to be done..
    i’m not underestimating girls or any other person.i was just giving my views and you may well like or dislike my views.and i’m always here to listen to both sides of the story.then only i make a judgement.
    earlier i was just curious.well, its in the nature of human being to be curious.that you need to agree with me.
    mauritius is well developed and have access to technologies but reluctant to drop internet prices! ! !

    april or may 2007 something was supposed or is supposed to decrease! !i won’t say what it is.those who know it.great.those who don’t know.go and make your research.it won’t cost billions to make that research :w00t: :whistle:

    moreover i know that girls can manage a pc etc.i was just asking if you were doing speed test.i know girls who are really clever and intelligent and knows how to manage a pc much better than me.

    now coming to yashwin, don’t worry.will see you soon! ! :devil: you just have to give me an excuse to make some comments! !lerla pou tire to manger :biggrin:
    just kidding.

    of course this topic is about nomad and msn but sometimes it’s fun to go a bit off topic to discuss certain stuffs! !
    have a nice sunday.
    and bon rentre pou ban etudiants 2main.

  • Yogesh

    Well said Reehas… :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • vicks

    plaignE mem

    chanGe ene fois do!!

    mo croire to la vie pou movais matte si to pas gagne sa banens problems ar nomad la..

    to croire mo pas connE.. to content mette dialogue ar banens mamzel customer care la 🙂

  • c vraie….

    sans nomad, la vie pu vine amer!
    enfin, li deja amer meme but one thing!


    pas conseillable, mone faire experience jeudi soir :angry:

  • Damn! i’v been tryin signin in msn z whole evenin n i still cnt connct. nomad connectn is sooo shitty n z ppl managin it r a bunch of s*ckers. i just cnt wait my 1 yr cntract 2 b ovr to slam their damn modem in their faces. yea, its that bad. thx 4 z blog man! 4 u ppl stil tryin, u can use ebuddy.com n chat w ur contacts. thx, tc, a+

  • ya, getting this problem n everyone using nomad is having this since yesterday.
    i have already notified the director n tomorrow i will call him personally.

    i have some talking to do to him regarding the service, msn, msn file transfer, peer to peer, and also, problem while connecting to my server! :angry:

  • tushal

    yashvin…ki to pe attand pou return sa nomad la???
    lol :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    mwa..1 jour sans internet..pa kpv resT sa..
    anyway..prnd patience r to connection..lol
    pa gagner ner n mange lapin la..don li so time un peu.. :devil:

  • b sa meme prob la :unsure:

    1 jour sans internet pas pu cpv n kant pu arrive time pu tirer, pu bisin fini trace connection adsl for the take over :biggrin:

  • Hello all check this feedback from site http://www.mizavi.com

    Very Bad Experience @ Nomad
    Held on : June 2006

    Experience humiliante vécu avec Nomad
    Bonjour a tous, je souhaite tout dabord remercier Mizavi pour ce site tant attendu depuis des années pour les mauriciens. J’ai rencontrer ce site en visitant son annonce sur internet dans un cybercafé. Ceci est une experience vécu qui ma beaucoup fait pleurer mais je dois dire que maintenant je me sens plus forte.

    En 2006 jai entendu dire que Nomad faisait une promotion sur sa connection d’internet, en rencontrant des amis à Port Louis ils m’ont dit d’aller au Caudan car Nomad exposé aussi la bas à l’époque 2006( mais plus maintenant car cétait au tout départ)

    suivant leurs conseils je my suis rendu en arrivant devant le stand une fille aux long cheveux s’asseillait devant le stand un laptop devant elle je lui ai dit bonjour je suis venue pour les renseignement

    1) Elle ne ma meme pas répondu bonjour
    2) Sans meme lever la tete de son laptop elle me repond froidement ” guette to pou gagne feuillet a coté toi to capav prend lire” Deja un peu choqué je prend quand meme le feuillet devant elle et commence a lire pendant 3 minutes puis je poses des questions mais la demoiselle au long cheveux ne me regarde meme pas toujours plongé dans son laptop et me reponds abruptement
    4″ Mo pane dire toi guette to pou gagne l’information lor feuillet la, guette éna niméro Nomad lors là to bizin téléphoné pou to gagne renseignements”

    Me sentant choqué qu’elle me dise une telle chose je ne savait pas quoi répondre et la fille restait assis devant son laptop ne me regardant meme pas!

    Le pire est arrivé quand un homme blanc connaissant visiblement bien la fille est arrivé et lui lance alors ” toujours concentré sur le chat?”

    la fille se met debout ( toujours sans me regarder) et embrasse le type et lui dit’’ oui toi toujours servihoo ayo quand est ce que tu vas te connecter toi les autres chat avec moi tout les jours pas toi”

    le type au Caudan lui repond ” jolie fille on se voit tout les jours pourquoi chat”

    Puis le type se tourne vers moi et remarque que je les observe alors la fille pour une fois me regarde et me dit:

    “Prend feuillet to ale kot toi lacaz to téléphoner”

    puis les deux ensemble se plongent dans le laptop pour faire je ne sais pas quoi

    Je suis sorti du Caudan les larmes au yeux car jamais je n’avais vécu une experience aussi humiliante jamais quelqu’un dans compagnie na osé me parler aussi grossierement que cette fille la fait avec moi.
    Meme en arrivant chez moi j’ai beaucoup pleuré, A cause de cela j’aurais pu continuer àb me sentir inferieure mais heureusement que j’ai eu de bons mais pour m’encourager maintenant je suis plus forte.

    Merci a Mizavi encore une fois de me laisser les gens s’exprimer afin d’empecher les autres de tomber dans des pieges de certaines compagnies en tout cas JE ME DEMANDE COMBIEN D’AFFRONT CELA A TIL COUTE A D ’AUTRES PERSONNES CE JOUR LA.





    HI EVERYONE READ THIS SHOCKING NEWS ABOUT NOMAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ON http://www.mizavi.com or click on this link


  • Ganeshan

    dans nomad zot croire ki couma dire kan gagne problem are li nek zis pété lers la problem la aller TOI KI BIZIN ALLER NOMAD! pète toi out Mauritius

  • TO Ganeshan, Priya & Kevin :

    thnks for ur testimonials…
    [despite that i know that the 3 posts are from the :blink: same person, ur ip address has betrayed u :)]

  • tushal

    mo croire first time mo pou dire.
    NO comments 2 ma part.lol
    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: mo prefer pa coser..sinon mo pou ale dire too many things…lor connection n customer care..so i prefer :face: :getlost: :biggrin: :devil: :angel:

    p:s yashvin un peu busy la.sa meme mo rare..exams lundi..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :cwy: :angry: :blink:

  • Hi Yashvin,

    its very much normal when three friends? Ganeshan, priya ek mo mem (kevin) who had a lot of bad experience meet at one place and start giving their feedback, no tou lé 3 pe ecrir comments dépi mem l’ordinateur a coz sa , L UNION FAIT LA FORCE SA MEM SOLIDARITE MAN!

    kevin pou priya ek Ganeshan oussi

  • well, would be happy to get into contact wiz u then…

    do send me your details, perhaps hi5 page 😛

  • GrandcorpsMalade

    ALL BLAME GOES TO NOMAD.one thing I want to say nomad really sucks.and its not secure atall i have done some sniffing last week and i found people confidentiality even nomad staff themselves are not secure.So me i just want to say just swap to MT its more secure.Beacause nomad pé gate reputation wimax dans maurice et ene dernier chose maurice zot pa p fouti fourni ene bon service aster la zot pe rode alle implante zot a madagascar.