Weekend Campé/Kermesse 2008

Hello everyone!

I will try to be brief, because I am super tired after this xtremely nice weekend, which ended with a tour to the Kermesse held at Gymkhanna, Vacoas.

The camping

We hired a bungalow for 2 days at Pereybere, and got there on friday night.

The bungalow was NICE ! Too luxurious but we tried a lot not to damage anything lol!

Here are a few pics of the bungalow itself 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention, there was a very nice swimmming pool, but unfortunately we couldn’t swim because it was not cleaned yet… However, it offered a very nice atmosphere while we were drinking like [beeeeep!]

and now, some pics of those who partied till dawn for 2 nights 😛

For the first night, we were about 8 to share the house, and on the second night, I think we were perhaps at 12-13 lol!

The kermesse

Back home early on Sunday morning, I tried to catch up some sleep before going to the annual Kermesse which was again held at Vacoas.

Loads of people! Everywhere !

Have a look at the video I shot from below or directly from youtube

Once again, Linzy Bacbotte was fantastic!

Loads of games, including the famous “zouer lapin” which attracted lots of people, or even, the Helicopter!

For those who missed the helicopter, it was on the right side.

As u can see above, the 2 bloggers (Varsha & myself) posing for a picture 😛

The kids were overjoyed with the cycle track and the “chateau gonflable”.

We were back at home at around 6pm, tired and sleepy.

Right now, I am having loads of pain on my shoulders, side effect of the camping. I have already took a pain killer, and lol, applied a few “salon pass”.

Hope you had a blasting weekend too!

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  • wot a busy, full of fun and memorable weekend! now that my testweek is over… mee too have these kind of event awaitng! :P:P yuppiiii

    btw.. photo piscine depi lao la.. kav zeT depi lao tou?

  • Hehe..nice!!

    My saturday was at work and sunday on my bed, in gain of some sleep…lol!

  • Bhooks

    Underground needs one too :p

  • Mike

    You guys were wet on the outside and wet on the inside….. how many litres??

  • @Mike : lol, enough to make some of us talk nonsense 😛

    @Bhooks : Soon, koz la morma pu tire derriere mwa si mo dir li mo p al camper enkor la

    @Preetesh : Saken so chance, kant mo work mo si pareille

    @S4ndeep : na, personne pane rode prend risk, ti cpv beze mort tellement delo la ti sale 😛

  • tarrrrrrrrr tone bien amuser… 🙁 mwa mone reste puri dan lakaz meme sa weekend la…

    mo shi mo p envi camper …boire souler lol

  • anuska

    I was at the kermesse too, it was quite good…. the zouer lapin was interesting!! lol
    well there was lots of corbeille mengere and other games etc….

  • Yashvin was drunk at the bungalow…. Secret source news 😛

    I wanted to go to kermess too but finally someone didnt wanted to go… so i went home like un zako chagrin!!! 🙁

  • tro bon sa campE la

  • personne pane remark moi avk helicoptere la?