Using Photoshop Actions to bulk watermark your pictures

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  • Hmmm… I’ve always used that. 🙂

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaho

  • Luvnish

    thats like using macros in excel, right?

  • @Luvnish: Exactlyyyy!

  • ReenaDKL

    great!!! keep the tips coming 🙂

  • Sawan

    whats is that all about?? Whats is abode photo shop?! 0o

  • Sun

    foutousop actions <3

  • Inf

    Kinda overkill imho.

    I use my image-viewer, XnView to watermark my pics. It supports batch-watermarking too.

  • @Inf: Hey thanks for sharing that! 🙂

  • honestly Yashving, i have been into photography for 5 years or so now, i have never put a watermark as such in my pic, only in my early beginnings kot mo ti imper glaceur, i used to put a little fmelot but still was very small.

    c ene avis anyway, but for me, its quite arrogant to put a watermark as such i dont see the point apart from protecting your pic, and still, if you want to protect it from copy paste and stealing, you have to put it in the middle where it would be difficult to remove on photoshop, but to put in on the side or in the corner is just so useless and it means showing off for me, also it has its advantages, it gives your photos and identity.

    ms sans fausse pretention, i proudly say i dont need watermark to show people that this is MY pic. pictures should speak for them

    and dont forget, watermark should be for protection of the pictures, nothing else.( for me)

  • @fred: Mais parfois vo mieux to met ene ti watermark akoz kouma to koner, ena dimounes pas manque toupet 😛
    Mo croire bien to meme tone bisin remarke sa lol.

    En passant, moi mo servi watermark boukoup, surtout lo bane articles akoz depi mo dans blogging, boukoup pirates ine passe r mo l’articles et fotos mo servi, parmis ene tas mauriciens!

    Merci boukoup pu to participation azordi 😉

  • c pas le fait d’utiliser watermark, mais mone checker couma to servi li, ek li pa bon couma to place li, li mieux si to ti met li ds bane place cot ena bcp details cot li dificile pou remove, ms to met li ds ene coin, sa soi crop, soi to clone, li trop simple, perso, mo pa trouve to foto ek to bane larticle proteger de cette facon, revise to strategie lol.

    ah oui, dimane pa manque touper pas na pas manquer sa lol