Véhicules automatiques acceptés aux tests de conduite

Voila une nouvelle qui devra ravir les aspirants chauffeurs 😛 (Cliquer sur l’image pour agrandir)

Cet article a été publié dans l’édition de ce matin du journal “Weekend”.

Mais cependant, je pense que ça va changer pas mal de choses, par exemple l’introduction des voitures automatiques pour les auto écoles et aussi une augmentation du nombre des véhicules sur nos routes car beaucoup plus de personnes auront la possibilité d’avoir un permis de conduire.

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  • Ala mo ser pu conten laaa !!!
    Sa m li p atane lol

  • Anooj

    Mo mem mone tire dan otomatik m.

  • @Anooj : Déjà applicable dans moris o.O ?

  • Anooj

    si mone fer li dan otomatik, on dirai bien oui, non? o.O

  • @Anooj : Ohhhh. B aster la sa p parait lo la gazette lol.
    btw, kine ekrire koume sa lo to license? To cpv scan or tire 1 foto mail mwa?
    Of course, fini hide all ur personal details. Ti pu nice si mo met ene sample of the new driving license for automatic gear vehicles.

  • Automatic cars are for LOSERS. .

    (ceki gete top gear pou cmprnd sa)

    bon back on business, mo pa ti koner sa. euh nek loto automatik?
    pa gagne droit prnd bus automatik?xD

  • Inf

    What’s the catch? There it is:

    If you come with an automatic car, this means you only get a license for only automatic cars. You can’t drive manual cars! 😀

  • Anooj

    mo pena aucun device ki kpav scan li pu twa. But I was told sane license la ggn droit nek drive automatic vehicles. license la li pareil kuman tou license ta.. nek li preciser automatik laba..

    ey sa zafer la automatik la li pa 1 nuvo zafer sa within casernes.. banla ti p travay lor la dpi ~1-2 ans.

  • Ammish

    ayo, ala population madame-chauffeur augmenter la, LoL!!

  • @Tushal [Automatic cars are for LOSERS. .] WTF DUDE?!!! Pas tous dimounes ki envi fer rally ou xtra content rouler pou save gas! Mo servi automatic parski li moin fatiguant et c’est ene plasirs pou rouler. Mo pa interested fer lexercise kan mo rouler lol. Note: I can still remember how to drive with the manual shift. Ewwww. It sucks.

    As far as the driving tests go, I don’t mind n00b5 going for “automatic stick shift only” licences. The car doesn’t necessarily make the driver. It is the amount of practice and knowledge that matters. There are plenty of n00b5 who don’t know frak about the road signs or driving etiquettes. I call for their castration! 😛

  • Automatic or manual..well it really depends on the person himself/herself. I can see that now more persons would be inclined to take the driving test with more confidence (I surely know a bunch of them!! :p)

    Anyways, like Anooj said above I too heard that this was already being practiced earlier but it’s only today that I saw something official about it in the papers. P.S. Got my driving license through manual!

  • TL

    “Automatic cars are for LOSERS” – hope it was a joke. coz im also a fan of TG series and i really cant understand how u come up with that conclusion.

    back to topic. thats great news. ppl will be less stressed to take the test and driving instructors can focus more on the parking ability and driving skills of the future licence holders..and not on how to change gears!!


  • Bhooks

    Mo ti kwar to ti pu koz lor la presse..

  • Bhooks

    Get a life

    You said it all

  • @Tushal


    Automatics kill Stigs.

  • Anooj


    The way you drive on the road is all that essentially matters afterall..

  • In practice, to learn driving, using an automatic car is really not a good idea since we will miss some basic parts of driving i.e. really understanding the mechanics of a car. It might seem stupid that why should we try to understand a car when we just need to drive it. But don’t forget that owning a car also is a great responsibility when it comes to maintenance. So learning in a manual car will train you to adapt to difficult situations… Let’s say for example you are used to drive a manual car… It will take less time for you to adapt to an automatic car, while if you are used only to automatic car… it might be really difficult for you when one day you will need to drive a manual car.
    The problem nowadays is that most new cars come with Automatic transmission and they have also tuned them in terms of performance as well as fuel economy.
    Anyway maybe this might be the reason why automatic cars will now be accepted… 🙂 Best of luck future learners… 😉

  • BTW… semi-automatique si pas mal 😉

  • leomaster

    On one side it good for those who fails each time.
    From my point it is a very bad thing.
    This means the person is competent for Automatic licence only and not manual. What happen if the same person met with an accident whilst driving a manual car!!!!! Who’s to be blame???

    One thing more, the number of female driver with dramatically increase. Just imagine this panorama on the road. Competent driver knew what I’m talking about.

  • Torpedo = Sky = Dodo

    Alala! Enn masak annoncé!
    Ala ou pou gagne:
    – pliss dimounes (avec toutt sortes problem de coordination) ki pou gagne licence
    Рpliss dimounes avec licence = pliss loto lor sim̩
    Рpliss loto lor sim̩ = less km per vehicle = pliss embouteillage = pliss chance ou faire accident = pliss stressant pou rouler
    – pliss loto lor simé = less km per vehicle = moinss chance roule enn vitess raisonable = moinss chance ou loto automatik ressi passe so highest gear-ratio (ou ress lor 1ere/seconde pliss longtemps = consommation l’essence augmenter…

    Bon ena trop boukou consequence ki mo pe denombrer. Sorry pou le pessimisme, mais c’est malerezman saki pou arriver… Dommage…
    Ki mo capav dir zot? Ben, prend patience ek renouveler zott stock formulaires “constat à l’amiable”…

  • @Torpedo :
    Mo tout a fait d’accord moi si.
    Nous pu ena plis dimounes ki nek pu assize derriere ene volant et prend li pu ene jeu video. Li pu trop simple pu certains dimounes condirer lo chemin sans vraiement kone zotte machine so capaciter en certaine fasons.

    Bon esperons ki lors bane tests, la police imper pli severe, pou nou propre securiter!

    @leomaster : If the person with an automatic gear driving license drives a manual car?
    First of all, he is committing an offense. He will be the first one to be condemned by law. Now when it comes to the accident itself, other persons (perhaps innocent) will have to bear with the consequences.

  • Armand

    I was looking for this info 2 months ago but since I know to drive a Manuel then I will see if I pass. If not then automatic. In a automatic you can concentrate on the road.

  • ReenaDKL

    I never drive automatic…when i go to see cars to buy and insist on manual ones, the sellers are taken back for most ladies prefer automatic…

    bof…automatic is not my type of car…

    it’s gonna be so easy for bad drivers to get their license now…so easy!!! and maybe more accidents too!!!

  • @ReenaDLK >> “it’s gonna be so easy for bad drivers to get their license now…so easy!!! and maybe more accidents too!!!”

    This is a misconception! How is driving automatic shift going to lead to drivers being bad? WTF?!!!

  • @Fadil : This might be true, to some limit.
    One question : What is the biggest obstacle for people learning to drive?

    IMHO, I think that changing gears is one of the toughest things and the reason why many people fail.
    Loto teigne, blier passe lo premiere, blier change vitesse, largue volant kant p change vitesses 😛

  • ReenaDKL

    @ Fadil

    Do you know that most accidents are caused by automatic cars? You must be aware that simply applying the brakes does not stop a car from causing an accident…you have more control of your car in manual mode.

    Most veteran drivers will agree with me that manual cars are more reliable in preventing accidents…

    Imean if drivers are tested in automatic cars, then kids below 7 can easily get their license as their battery driven cars are same as automatic ones 😛

    “WTF?!!!” THIS IS THE F!!!

  • pooja

    hey lepep pren konte.banla p envi gagne pli bocu client pour tir photo lor la route.pa vehicle automatique mais pu ena photo automatique.

  • Ene voiture (en bon etat) pas definir le chauffeur. Pas blame accident lor automatic gear shift ou manual.

    As far as sa zafaire tests la – li bien clair. Si ene piti envi alle fer test dans automatic, so droit et li authorised pou drive que automatic.

    Si li test dans manual et li passer, li pou gagne droit drive manuel et automatic vehicles.

    Astere si piti la ine blier code de la route apres test – ena plein sa, envi fer top gear, pas pratiquer bien avant rode roule assez vite, fer rally lor la route, boire apres rouler, pas fer maintenance so loto, pas dormi assez ou prend medicines avant prend volant, b li en tort. pas blame loto. loto la pas chauffard li.

  • ReenaDKL

    @ Fadil

    I think we are all aware that accidents are not MAINLY caused by automatic drivers, but the blog here is about license for automatic car drivers…so we debate on that as per our own opinion…sharing our point of view…

    And please everyone,(enfin..most of you) stop thinking and saying that ladies only drive automatic cars..I for one hate automatic vehicles…I prefer 4×4, jeeps etc…thnx for re-considering that 🙂

  • JT

    Parti Malin pa ti dire nanier lor la li

  • Nice initiative, but pity that these drivers will only be able to drive automatic cars afterwards, they will miss the fun that a manual one provides 🙂

  • armand

    please note that in a automatic you can concentrate more on the road.

  • “You must be aware that simply applying the brakes does not stop a car from causing an accident…you have more control of your car in manual mode.”

    @Reena I don’t believe you’ve driven new cars with automatic gear shift. Manoeuvrability is not an issue at all.

    @armand It’s not “you can concentrate more” – it’s more like “you must” esp. for young drivers who just switched to automatic gear shift. They may feel bored and get sleepy since they don’t have to do the tiring leg and hand movements. Once again, the driver must be cautious. Don’t blame the car.

    @pooja Road cameras are not an issue at all with new vehicles. Just set the max. speed (by voice) and the speed of the car won’t go beyond that preset value.

  • Armand

    All recons cars come with semi automatic gearbox. You can leave the car on full automatic or semi automatic their is shift levers on the steering wheel.

  • Zaheer

    In creasgin number of cars for sure! and with our roads in Mauritius, Man, thats gonna suck for sure! :S

  • Tana

    am soooo happy…..nw i can get my international license in dubai n drive in mauritius!
    its good coz most cars nw are automatic so i think its a good thing!
    true der r disadvantages ba everything has disadvantages n advantage…sooo wateva loll

  • Simpson

    1 sel zafr pu ban c ki p défane vitesse otomatik: nk pense 1 coup to lr 1 gran la monté lik Hillcrest in Sodnac, jst behind a new ‘otomatik’ driver in his/her car… Li largue frein pu démarer, li pa rapel loto kv fr arriere kz c otomatik, li tape r twa… Twa ki paye lépo kassé… Thnk otomatik pu plis 1 probleme kz drivers wil tak driving easy n pa concentrate on the road.

    O-fait license otomatik deja xsister since sme years bak…

  • Bernardo

    leomaster said:

    One thing more, the number of female driver with dramatically increase. Just imagine this panorama on the road. Competent driver knew what I’m talking about.

    This is pure sexism. I’ve seen more “bad” male drivers than “bad” female drivers.

    Now, i really hope that the number of new licensees will not increase because of this new law … or we’ll be faced with massive traffic problems.

    I don’t think that the car makes the driver. Bad drivers are bad drivers in any type of car !!
    safermotoring.co.uk also says that there’s no significant difference in safety between Automatic and Manual car

    This topic showed that there are many misconceptions in general

  • I drive both auto and manual cars. But I prefer a manual cars over an automatic one.
    And hey, cars suck. 4×4 FTW.

  • Aum

    what about tiptronic gears?? can we use that too? btw its a fact that when using automatic gear, fuel consumption is more than when using manual gears. The acceptance of automatic gear vehicles in tests will surely lead to more people buying automatic cars.. hence, more fuel imports. that’s bad for both our economy and the environment.

  • I can’t see how manuals are better to prevent accidents. On the contrary, automatics are SAFER since e.g. the car doesn’t go back on a steep road, since you do not lose attention in changing gears (and calculating gears), you can drive faster. The first automated manual by Ferrari F355 was actually faster on track than its 6-speed manual version because of the driver, but same specs on paper. http://www.autozine.org/technical_school/gearbox/tech_gear_manual.htm#F1 There is also less chance of damaging your gearbox (and clutch) with an automatic. That was THE main reason why I didn’t lend my manual car to anyone but my Dad!

    The question in the automatic driving test remains. Will they make a difference between the various kinds of automatics? Will examiners penalise people who do not turn off overdrive (4-AT older autos) or put sports mode (CVT) when making a sharp turn. Cause in a manual, you brake, gear down, and accelerate while turning. In an automatic, you can be lazy and do it in 4th gear… but so can you in a manual! Then will all tutors know how to teach students when to download to 2nd and 3rd gear with their automatics?

    Another thing is people who get their license as manual might not know how to drive automatic. But it’s just a matter of knowing to hold brakes and move the lever from Park to Drive, and never to press the lock while in motion, or to drive in Neutral. Most of my friends didn’t know that you can control which gear you are driving in in an automatic! (L: 1st, S/2: 2nd, D/D3 O/D off: 3rd, D: 4th/5th). Some have S for sports instead of 2nd gear. I think that’s all you need to know as a manual license holder in order to drive automatics.

  • Annoncé sur radio plus ce matin

    A partir d’aujourd’hui, les tests de conduite peuvent être faits dans des voitures automatiques.

  • Armand

    Now can someone tell me the driving schoool that offers automatic.

  • pooja

    bane auto ecole ki p dir? li bon… li pa bon?

  • Bhooks

    I start driving at the age of 15. I am 33 today. I have been driving manual geared for more than 12 years, mostly 2.0 lts ones.

    I bought myself and automatic Vitz 5 years back. Y?

    Imagine coming to office jammed for 1 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Automatic gear is fun. Manual sucks.

    Imagine going out with the family on a Sunday and driving whole day, leaving home in the morning and coming back at night. Automatic is cool and Manual sucks big time specially when leaving the beach and driving back home when tired.

  • @Tushal

    4×4 FTW!

  • how about septronic cars.


  • @Armand, that should be soon enough. Automatic gearboxes have traditionally been cheaper (than manual) on the second hand market because of lower demand… about Rs 8-11,000 for a Vitz. So expect a few modifications from driving tutors to come soon…

  • Torpedo

    @ Kiran
    Komier loto equipé ar Steptronic, dear fellow Dodolander? Eski ou pé rode dire enn boite de vitesse “semi-automatique” ou “séquentielle” ki pena débrayage = no need for the infamous “balance”?

  • Dans information zot in dir ki, tou loto ki pena debrayaz, rentre dans category automatik. Zot pa pu donne toi permit manuel mem si to amen to Ferrari (ou Honda City 2009) ek vitesse lor volant!

  • Torpedo

    Bonne nouvelle?? : Pas vraiment

  • Torpedo
  • VIveck

    I think its not a good thing to use automatic, tane dire automatic gearbox brile lessence plus. pense toi 3 litre diference entre ene automatic ek ene manuel si mille dimoune servi automatic, be to bizin amene encore ene cargaison l’essence, mo demane moi si pa ene manipulation STC sa!!

  • That’s outdated info there @VIveck

    New kinds of Automatics (CVT) actually use less than even a 6-speed manual. That’s the reason why they are used in hybrid cars. Google it! You can also check the official quotes from manufacturers. The CVT Vitz uses less fuel than the manual version… but they don’t sell it in Mauritius! My personal experience also confirms it.

  • Armand

    But you can it in recon vehicles

  • Torpedo

    Dakor nett ar Bhoot: mo roule 13km/L l’essence avec enn Yaris sedan 1.3L manuel 5 vitesses, mais mo larmé éna mem zaffer en version reconditioned (Belta 1.3L) mais avec enn boite vitesse automatique 4 vitesses, li faire 15km/L!!
    Bez, sa! Bann l’idée-reçue couma VIveck éna pou mort bien bien vite avec sa kalité constat-la. Technologie pe avance mari vite asterr…

    Back to the subject: proportion failure avec boite automatique c’est, mo kwar en mon humble opinion, lakoz enn “false sense of security” ki li donne enn dimoune ki p’enkor develop confidence lors volant. Dimoune ki trop focus lors ça mythe ki appel “balance lor la-montée” inn reste dans frayeur mem, et zott pann realiser ki tout obstacle mental surmontable: it just demands some work on yourself to build the confidence and “recul” to see things in their right perspective. C’est pour ça ki mo ti pou conseil bann auto-école to stick to manual gearboxes if they want to produce prudent and confident drivers.

    Yashvin, in one year’s time, would it be possible to get some stats on accidents caused by/from automatic gearboxes against manual ones? We just need to be sure we’re not biased against automatic gearboxes… 🙂

  • Personally I recommend everyone to have at least 6 months of driving experience before going on your first driving test. If you’re not ready, postpone it, don’t go and try your luck. I drove regularly for over 8 months before going to my driving test. I got it the first time! BTW, Belta has CVT (unlimited gears) not 4AT.

    I remember during the briefing, the inspector said that the most important factor that they will consider is your ability to drive SAFELY (for yourself and other people).

    So the moment you show something risky, you lose marks in the test, irrespective of manual or automatic. May be they expect more attention given that you have less things to do in automatic (I often used to drive with 1 leg crossed and a bread in my left hand in traffic jams :P)…

  • @Bhoot : Yeah, that’s true. I had my driving license after 5-6 months of “bateme du feu”, on 2nd trial 😛

  • rakesh

    hi guys

    looking for an automatic car autoecole .can any one help

  • armand

    seen one in port louis near PKL

  • BLake

    Automatic is safer simply because it helps you to CONCENTRATE better and it is more comfortable compared to manual, No doubt. For more sporty Feel, Manual is the choice. 😀 You choose.

  • singh

    my brother passed his parking in manual transmission but failed on road test and that for the 3rd time but now he has his new road test but fears the manual transmission so he wanted to know whether he can drive an automatic transmission car for his next test drive because my father bought him an automatic car…. so guys is it possible that he does his road test in automatic transmission, will it be possible?

  • Yes. He must register again to do the whole process again and if he passes successfully he will get the permit to drive automatic cars only.

  • singh

    even the parking? basically next week is his driving test… cant it be possible to make it with the automatic or would it take 3 months again?

  • Yes, everything as far as I know. But I might be wrong too.