Trying 3G(Wap, Video call & Services) On Cellplus

Emtel had already launched the 3G Services(WAP & Video Call) months ago and even cellplus had their system working for only post paid.
For Prepaid service, users could only surf the cellplus wap site, nothing more than that while emtel users could surf any site.

Since some days, am sure, many among you with 3G mobiles have noticed the 3G displaying proudly on your screen.

Thats it!
3G has just been launched for pre-paid cell plus users and you can now enjoy the services like

  • WAP (internet browsing)
  • Video Call
  • other services like watching mbc1, radio plus from the cellplus wap site

How to activate your 3G services?

Send a sms to 8224 with “wap ”
Example for a Nokia N73, send

“wap nokian73”

You will receive the settings some seconds later.
Just save those settings by selecting “options>>save”.

How much does it cost?

for WAP, it costs 1cent per kb
seems rather cheap..
U can afford to stay the whole day on the internet, u will be charged only upon the times you are loading the page and on its size.

for video call, its rs1.20 per min

What can you do on your mobile?

well,for this part, i will let the pictures talk a bit

Connecting to Cellplus Wap

Trying MBC1

Trying Radio Plus

Checking mail


Other Screen shots

Wat is costed me this:

I have been trying the wap n other trucs and
till now i have downloaded some 1.5Mb of stuffs

Thats make u

Ans=(1.5×1024) Kb x 1 cents = rs15.35

Kifer mo pas ti travaille koume sa dan sa module ti ena maths la 🙁
mo ti cpv gagne bon points la non!!! :'(

well, i have been trying Video Call but getting a prob…

will later cover this section…

Nice Surf 🙂

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  • Crystal

    emtel ti ena sa avan yuyu :whistle:

  • viru5

    seems fun… for those in mauritius :w00t:

  • that seems really fascinating and interesting will definitely try during the holidays 🙂

  • to jaya :
    :biggrin: 😆 mo sire tone fini try li tout avec to 3310 a la james bond la!

    for those pas koner, jaya fine assomme ene voleur avec so 3310!

  • armand

    now I will buy a 3G phone and sell my 3230.

    I wonder if I can call rodrigues cell-oh

    but wait emtel video call is 0.60 cents right

  • no idea about the price there…
    havent moved to emtel yet, a few weeks more 🙂

  • rajiv

    viva Cellplus ..

  • Shakks

    Wai 3G la nice 😎

    apart sa truc videocall ki touzour pa interesser work, sak fois kan try it, li ecrire ‘Not suppported by other phone or network’ :angry:

    bof ,hope ki li resi vine bon dan kelke jours :sideways: …

  • viru5

    lol bez sa zot p asome voler ek 3310… nokia ti kav met 1 reklame… 3310 all u need for ur safety :devil:

  • Spl@sh

    @ Yashvin

    u now have emsn in ur pocket everywhere u are
    + u can b online 24/24
    say bye bye to nomad rabit 😀

    or use moderately kuma depanage kit lol

  • vampire

    video call not yet launched for all subs


  • I don’t have 3G but my cell is EDGE enabled (2.75 G). I had the Cellplus customer care configure it once, but they didn’t do a good job. I’ll have to do that myself when I have some time!

    Hey… I saw a mail from me laho la! :silly:

  • i think that doing the configuration is an easy thing.
    just manually add them… :happy:

    lol, its fun checking mail while u r sitting in the bus :silly:

    ya, its ur mail 😎

    i went to customer care today to activate my video call n it works well.
    havent tried it yet myself since the mob of person on the other side hasnt been activated yet 🙁
    nevertheless, i tried it there with the cellplus guys n it worked :biggrin:

  • kevin

    mari top sa … :whistle:

  • Avishna

    aster to cav use to mob to get connection no more excuses that the rabbit is not working. eski to pu arrete complain lor nomad?? :tongue:

  • lol, justement, for the last 2 days mone bisin tel zotte faire complainte encore akoz zotte couyonade la pas p laisse mwa sign in lo msn…
    de plus, zotte pas offert ene bon service…

  • HI, Would you guys know whether any of the two carriers support EDGE (also know as 2.5G or 2.75G) also…
    The iPhone, from apple inc, will be released with EDGE support and I was hoping to get that…

  • Mithun

    Aiooo pwal paye 1sous pu guet sa lksorma MBC la??? ABey mo 1sous rest dan mo poss sa… Station pourri dernier degree

  • to Mithun :wassat: :

    paye 1 sous par kb pu guet jori no 1, surtout kant ena bouffon vo la peine….

  • Lor emtel mo paye Rs3 for 1mb pu 3G ek rs30 per mb for wap. dpi impe letemp mo p servi sa. y compris Gmail on mobile & opera. may be i was among the first in mauritius.

  • ceki mo cpv dire, lo cellplus, dapres mo calcul, meme si mo faible dan maths, pu wap, for 1 mb, mo pu paye, rs10.24..
    so, wap is cheaper on Cellplus!!!

    as for 3G (u mean video call), well, its rs1.20 for 1 min…
    i dont know in 1 min,how much data transfer is done…
    perhaps u can find this out.

  • Kevin, I do believe Cellplus supports EDGE. My phone is able to pick up the signal. IMO, Emtel has it too!

    I don’t believe you’ll be able to get your hands on the iPhone just yet. It will be released in the US next month with Cingular as the only carrier network. Releases in Europe and Asia are planned for later this year, but I don’t think the iPhones will be unlocked.

  • iphone p sorti lor AT&T(a moin ki cingular mem sa-mo pa tro conne) dan US. lin gagne exclusivite pu 5 years.
    c here:

  • Yes, AT&T Mobility was formerly known as Cingular Wireless!

  • to dragon zoli

  • thnks bbZush :blush:

  • :lol dude u have an N73!!!(while i have a good old 7610…) 🙁
    Finally i managed to catch a glimpse of RadioVision… I guess u used FExplorer for the screens…

    But didn’t anyone know that Gprs/3G communication via Cell+ is FREE!?!?!(That’s how i’m posting, via$)

    Great Site but only for broadband users.(Can’t u make a lo-fi version for us dialupers)

    Plz visit my site…
    Joining UOM this AUG!! :tongue:

  • hi media guru 🙂
    thnks for ur first comment here.
    well, to start wiz, i used SnapScreenshot to get the screenshots.

    as for the Free GPRS/3G tip u gave, it would be nice if u could please elaborate…
    i thought it was 1cent per KB, so how come its free? :w00t:
    would be gr8 if u can share this :biggrin:

    am sorry, for my blog is heavy, mainly because of the high graphics (wallpapers) 🙁 but thats wat makes it nice n unique 😉

    would be glad to have a chat wiz u some day on msn or gmail : add me,

    unfortunately n hopefully, i will not be in uom next semester since, its my last yr (if i pass in all modules :blink: )

    have a nice surf mate!

  • armand

    emtel is introducing HSDPA in June and cellplus iin december

    cellplus is always late

  • normalement Emtel is also introducing wireless Internet during this year or next year. based on…..Wimax(nomad Technology…..) mai li supposement 2MBps. ek possible to extent to 8MBps……
    I only hope it will not be as Nomad…….

  • ya, i heard about the emtel Wimax Problem…

    but i dont think that the same problems as nomad will be faced.

    y? koz nomad doesnt care in service, only advertisement counts a lot in its budjet, doesnt care about its reputation.
    if it was so, since long it sould have contacted each of the customers and apologive for all the problems n let ppl know when they are having problems etc…

    Vive Nomad 😀

    well, am here if anyone needs a beta tester :whistle: :biggrin:

  • seb

    Does not work on pda dopod 838.

  • perhaps u can try to set up the system manually, entering the wap n gprs settings urself…

    worth trying if u havent done so yet.

  • Hey there
    If you have relatives abroad, then download fring (with skype and other sip services integrated).

  • ya i tried it too, Faisal.

    i got another nice service : talkonaut or something like that,, all messengers in one.

  • so this fring thing, how much could a call cost?

  • finally fring is not for me( Syimbia based). u know something Java based?

  • hey thanks for the tip

  • hello, i’ve a Nokia 3110c, am sending ” Wap Nokia3110c ” on 8224, but am getting a message of ‘Invalid or unknown phone model’ I use Cellplus Network

    Please help yeah!!

    my mail add:

    help me the soonest possible yeah, thanx!

  • thnks for ur comment…

    well did u try the following? :

    wap 3110

    if still it doesnt work, do give a call on 128 to get a confirmation if they provide the settings for this model, else u will have to copy paste the settings from another mobile, already activated.

    good luck!

  • Amit

    hi i would need some help setting up my phone manually 4 internet settings. i’ve got a nokia6125 (s40 series)phone.i downloaded the configuration files from celllplus,the wap works fine but i cant access internet through programs like gmail or opera…

  • here are the settings for my phone:

    Connection : WAP
    DataBearer : Packet Data
    Accesspoint Name : wap3g
    Username : none or ur phone num
    Password : No or mmsc
    Authentication : Normal
    Homepage :

    if u cant access through applications, then perhaps u havent properly set ur access point, and am pretty sure that the issue is with ur access point name.

    try it n let us know, and we will try to help, at least me 😛

  • Amit

    did all of that, specified my acces point n all,but the icon for gprs will only appear but the page wont load on opera. tried with emtel sim and configurations ,it works fine. phoned customer care ,they told it was only for postpaid users
    or maybe it only works with 3g enabled phone.

  • to Amit:
    the post paid n prepaid issue was solved some months before and both can access the same service nowadays.

    there are 2 terms used, wap and 3G.
    i think, but not certain, 2.5G include wap, and 3G has video call as extra service.

    reliable internet wiz emtel, cellplus is cheaper but sometimes the server is slow.

    try to go to the technical dept of cellplus and have it fixed there itself, they will provide u a demo.

  • Amit

    went to the customer care of cellplus,wen i asked wat was the prob, he told me “pa coner”… anyways normally it should work but it isnt,tried the same stuff on a nokia 6111 ,has the same prob…

  • James Robinson

    hi, i have a nokia 6500 slide, and i just cant get internet/gprs/packet data settings for it!
    i am on cellplus, please can you tell me the way and settings to do it..

  • I would like the cellplus configuration too, inclouding the IP address, APN etc…
    Can someone please send their settings here?

  • armand

    the wap on orange is no longer working

  • For cellplus:

    Send an SMS on 8224 : wap[space] «phone brand and model»
    e.g for a Nokia N70, send : wap nokian70.
    You will first get a confirmation SMS.
    You will then get the configuration settings sent by SMS
    Save as «PortailWAPDefaut» by keying in .
    You will receive an SMS to confirm that you mobile phone is now WAP-enabled.

  • @yusha

    The settings that you receive from 8224 don’t work.

    You have to change the Access Point Name from “orangeworld” to “wap3g”
    Proxy server address is & port 8080.

    It seems that Orange (no longer cellplus *-) ) 3G Internet network is disabled.
    Only GPRS & EDGE is working. You can’t access WAP by 3G & you can’t videocall as well? Anyone having the same probs? ^o)

  • Jishvi

    can you tell me how to active my videocall

  • well, you have to go to the Customer Care of Cellplus, sorry ORANGE, the technical department found in PL.

    Do call them to know exactly where its located…

  • Akshat

    How to set EDGE on iPhone? I went to MT Tower, he put orange on the VPN and no username and no password. Then I got the EDGE started. i can see the E sign but it works shit! I have 1GB to be used and the rate at which it is working it will take 5 years to complete the 1GB quota!!!!! Somebody guide please!!

  • iPhone? LOL 😀

    Hmmmm “orange” as APN?
    If it is working then the settings are correct! & from what I’ve seen on the Web, that’s indeed the correct way to configure it. 🙂

    The truth is that EDGE speed sucks! Max speed you can depends on the network configuration – usually between 56k & 150k.
    (Although it says 384k on the Orange FAQ, 384k is the maximum theoretical speed for 3G, not EDGE)
    Better use WiFi instead.. 😉

    & if you want a faster connection, buy the 3G iPhone that will be launching on Monday & will be officially supported in Mauritius! 😉

    PS. Here’s the FAQ:

  • Arnaud

    Wap is really outdated , the only thing that counts is 3G. Iphone 3G almost in stores here, so I hope Orange will upgrade their network (3G). Anyway, can just connect through any hotspots

  • wapped?!!!

    i need the wap/gprs/3g settings for a SE W 890i on Emtel. I just updated my SW and it just won’t accept the internet settings SMS from the call centre.
    If you have a SE mobile look under Internet Settings, Edit the provider and please copy the settings for me.
    I need APN, Username,password,login, IP address,DNS address,Authentication,Data compression,Header compression and Proxy settings. Not all of these will have a setting. Some may be off or …
    OR it may be Name, Phone number, Username, Password.

  • armand

    web what all

  • Ginger

    Does Orange also have an Internet gateway instead of wap? With wap you don’t have full access to Internet i.e you can’t use POP or IMAP or socket connection.

    If anybody knows the settings, please post

  • R

    Could you tell where you get to mobile tv on orange please?

  • Gurudas

    hi evry1 can any one post the wap settings

  • gaelle

    Hi, i have a Nokia N95 8GB and i want to know how to activate my wap on my mobile??Plz help…Will i be able to connect to msn when wap will be activated?

  • @Gaelle:

    Did you try:
    Send a sms to 8224 with “wap ”
    Example for a Nokia N73, send

    “wap nokian73″

    Can someone please confirm if this is still working?


    Connection : WAP
    DataBearer : Packet Data
    Accesspoint Name : wap3g
    Username : none or ur phone num
    Password : No or mmsc
    Authentication : Normal
    Homepage :

    Thanks for ur visit.

  • @ Gaelle : For your MSN…
    YES! You can!

    You will have to install messenger clients on your mobile phone.

  • arnaud b

    Dont uz wap, its 2 slow for n95, get web settings not wap, msn will be much better

  • nathan_696

    do you have the wap code for emtel users ?? :wap nokia**** but on what number should i send it for emtel

  • gaelle

    How may i get msn messenger on my mobile (N95 8GB)??Plz help… 🙁

  • @ Gaelle : There are so many software that can be used on your mobile phone.
    Fring, Windows live messenger mobile, IM+, Agile.
    Google these words and install them on your mobile, after having transferred them to the mobile through cable or bluetooth.

  • michaelko999

    Below the WAP settings for Orange

    APN: either ‘wap3g’ or ‘orangeworld’ (both work)
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080
    Username: mmsc
    Password: mmsc

    Below the MMS settings for Orange

    APN: orangemms
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080
    Username: mmsc
    Password: mmsc
    Message server:

    Create a data account + Create an internet profile
    it should work!!!

  • michaelko999

    I call Orange today for information on video call. They told me that i need to come to their technical department to configure my phone.

    Internet work fine ( except cannot access certain site – timeout, url not vaild or connection error – these site working fine on PC) DOES ANYONE EXPERIENCE THIS???

    Connection is damn slow.

    MMS working fine.

    I will pay a visit to their technical department and see how they configure my video call. (i already check my phone completely – no setting for video call – maybe its on their side they need to activated something there but why they need me to come? anyway will keep you update.

    btw i am on ORANGE PREPAID. (LG K910 RENOIR)

  • michaelko999


    I did go to ORANGE “technical department”. came across i guy asking him to activate my video call. he took my phone. first he did not know how to use my phone, where to find the setting internet setting. i told him i already configure my phone mms and internet ok. he seem pretty lost and got to the back (probably asking help from another guy). and come back and told me cannot use the video call. my phone is too new. WHAT THE HELL !!!!

    so i do some test with the customer support of ORANGE.
    i call them several times from different phone number asking everytimes the same question

    “can i use my video call on pre paid? and can you activate it now”
    three times answer was – yes, but they cannot help me on phone. i need to go to the technical department. two answer was – cannot use. you must have a post paid. one answer was – “i dont know” and hang up. (a shame for a customer support service).

    the internet sometimes does not connect and timeout and sometimes ok. is that normal?

    mobile tv on orange??? any links??

    feeling pretty lonely with my problem. anyone facing this problem. maybe share xperience and solution!!!

  • michaelko999


    THANKS FOR SURAJ (orange)

    CONNECTION TITLE ‘ Orange Wolrd’
    APN: ‘orangeworld’
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080

    MMS settings for Orange

    Connection title ‘ Orange MMS’
    APN: orangemms
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080
    Username: mmsc
    Password: mmsc
    Message server:

    For Video call, its a setting on their side. if you call orange. they will tell you you need to come at a customer service. just tell them internet and mms is working. check if video call is enable on their server. should be ok!

    you must make sure you are in a 3G network area. 3G at the top of your phone

    hope my experience might help others.

    now i just need the URL of mbc tv and radiovision or any local or international video!!! anybody can help???

  • michaelko999

    connection on Orange is HSPDA (3.5G). surfing with my phone pretty good speed. LG KC910 Renoir.

    Marketing point of view. Why Orange not advertising its services. ( counter marketing emtel)

  • Avnish

    I have a KU990, which is pretty much the same thing as KC910. Orange tech support are assuring me they’ll get me my settings since january last.
    Grateful if u cud post the settings u use.

  • michaelko999

    Finally!!!! TV !!! 3.5 G internet !!!!

  • Dav206

    Hello ,

    I have just buy an LG Ks360, have gone to orange for the internet setting
    dont kno wat the guy done but till now i have no internet connection
    have a message tat said : A communication error has occured
    please can someone help to do the setting

  • TJ

    I tried to tether my phone(Nokia N70) to my laptop to see what speed I could get. I have found that Orange limits 3G speed to around 64kbps(8kBps) even if I used a download accelerator(I use IDM). In fact when I set my phone to connect to EDGE/GSM network only, I obtained a speed of around 128 kbps(16 kBps) with peak data rate of 180 kbps (22 kBps). Perhaps Orange reserves bandwidth on its 3G network for other uses like Orange TV and so on. I will try to download a torrent and I will keep you informed.

  • Hi all,

    First of all, awesome blog :> well I tried settings from all over the net & even contacted orange to get them send me the required settings with no luck at all. I’m using a t-mobile G1, running on android 1.0(could care less to update to 1.5 unless I’ve got 3g or edge ready). I’ve added the different APNs to the phone and it does show the 3g or even edge symbol, but it doesn’t work.

    Any ideas?

    Regards 🙂

  • Hi Gulshan.

    Did you tried the customer care? I doubt if they can support android, but you can at least give it a try.
    Have a look at the different settings quoted in the comments, I hope that they can be useful to you koz I used them personally.

    Thanks for ur visit here, and sorry for the late reply 😛


  • Thanks Yashvin, ill do my best to try with customer support, though im almost sure they’ll send me away. for the time being, its just wifi.. we’ll see where it goes & ill come back to u lads if it works.


  • Rwishi

    My friends and I at college have managed to get the settings that will work with any type of phone. Any application will also work, like opera mini etc etc…

    For orange users:

    Connection name: Orange(or whatever you wish)
    APN: orange(this will enable all apps to work)
    Proxy add:
    Authenthication: normal

    Everything else can be left blank.

    With these settings everybody can get the Internet working on 3G and edge.

    Now, for the users that get(phone type unsupported):
    To get your Internet activated on orange is side you need to send a message to them:

    For Nokia phones that are on edge: wap nokia6125
    ———————————— 3G: wap nokian70

    This will get ur Internet activated on orange us side then you can use the settings that I have given above.

    I will be updating soon for the other makes.

    And @gulshan:
    Take your sim and put it into a phone that is supported by orange(the n70 is the best option). Then once your Internet is working on the n70 pit your sim in the android phone and just need to put the access point name to “orange”

    I shall also be updating soon with the Emtel settings.

  • Kentish

    ORANGE Mobile TV
    Hi! I can’t receive mobile TV on my Nokia 6233 (a 3G mobile) though a guy at the Orange Technical Department configured the settings. He himself could not understand where the problem was and simply said that I needed to have Real Player!!!

    But the fact is that when Orange was still Cellplus, I could watch “Radio Plus” and MBC1!!!
    I can’t even get access to youtube on mobile.
    I always get this message “No Response. Try again”

    rstp or .sdp links/streaming doesn’t work!!!!
    Help please.

  • Rwishi


    Using the settings I have given above you can watch YouTube vids, just be sure you access it through the desktop version and not through the mobile version of the page.
    Try using orange tv with the settings I have given and Let me know if it works.

  • iBest

    @ Rwishi

    Can you please confirm that the settings you mentioned above are for Orange MU?

    I am currently in AU but my sis in MU has got an iPhone from Orange Mauritius, however, tethering is not enabled. Therefore, I am creating a profile that she can download to her phone that will enable the tethering option. However, I need the APN, Username and Password. There’s no proxy settings slot when creating a profile for the iPhone.

    So if your findings are correct, I believe the settings should be as follows:

    APN: orange
    Username: [blank]
    Password: [blank]

    Thanks in advance.

  • rwishi


    tethering is automatically disabled for orange MU. Apple did so because they know that orange doesn’t have unlimited data packages. There isn’t any way to create a seperate profile for the iPhone. Orange have used the same settings as I hve given above. But since the iPhone uses the orange proxy address automatically the only setting tht has to be put in the iPhone is the access point(orange, which is already put when you buy the phone).
    But strangely, after updating to OS 3.0, the setting to change the access point name seems to have disapeared… 🙁

  • iBest

    @ rwishi

    It worked! I just received an SMS from my sis that tethering is working and the 3G as well.

    It’s not actually Apple that disables the tethering. Here in Australia, we have 4 major mobile networks selling the iPhone. Vodafone has tethering for free, while Optus and Telstra charges for it. Virgin Mobile, owned by Optus, provides tethering for free…very strange! None of these carriers have unlimited data plans, and some of them have plans that starts as low as 100Mb. It’s not Apple who controls the tethering on the carriers’ networks.

    iPhone OS 3.0 didn’t affect the visibility of the network settings. It’s the “carriers settings” update from iTunes that hides that info. But creating a profile for the iPhone (very easy to do; download the profile app from Apple provided you’re using a Mac) will show these settings again (whatever you’ve put in the profile).

    iPhone OS 3.01 however will reset the carrier settings. But downloading the profile to the phone will re-enable tethering.

  • rwishi


    is their any profile app for windows?

    BTW, 3G has always worked on my iPhone 3G

  • jim

    i have prepaid orange connection, i want to use 3g on my sony w960i.

    any help would be appreciated

    i have send msg for wap settings using all options but it says invalid


  • iBest


    3G always worked because iTunes installs the proper settings onto the iPhone during sync, re Carrier Settings.

    However, when you create a profile, you need to manually enter the APN of the carrier you’re using, and that’s where you run the risks of having your 3G not working anymore.

    Mac version:

    Windows version:

    If you want, I can send you the profile, just give me an email or a place to upload it.

  • rwishi

    With the settings that I have the 3G is sure to work so no worries.
    If possible, plz send me the profile to
    thanx in advance!

    p.s: u seem to know quite a lot bout phone, come in and join the forum(, let me know if you join.

    try either “wap sonyerricsonK800” or “wap nokia6125”. Let me know if it works

  • @Rwishi

    Thanks tons mate,I finally got the 3G and edge working on my G1 running Android1.5 with the following settings;

    APN: wap3g
    and everything else left blank.

    I’m not sure if when I upgraded my firmware from Android 1.1 to 1.5 actually made this possible.

    The only strange thing i’ve got.. is as browser works as fine as possible, my apps don’t really work? Gmail, Market, IM(connects after an awful lot of time) and most importantly.. Shazam! arfg! Any suggestions?


  • rwishi


    with the settings, ur web would work even on android os 1.0.

    As with ur apps, u have to use the “orange” apn as I had stated in my previous comments.

    The “wap3g” apn might work with the default web browser but apps won’t work. That is why u have to use the “orange” apn to get ur apps to work.

  • Hey Rwishi,

    Thanks, but apn orange doesn’t work.. :/

    by the way, whats the difference between apn wap3g and orange?

  • rwishi

    Can’t say since I never used the wap3g apn. Started using orange after Cellplus changed it’s name.
    The orange apn has worked in EVERY phone that I have used or configured for them. I’ll try and find out somebody from France that is under the orange network and what apn they use and I’ll let u know. Otherwise u can always use Emtel. I’ll be posting the Emtel settings soon.

  • Hello Everyone.

    I am happy to announce that this blog is now 3 years old!
    Check out the anniversary post.


  • Stefan

    @ ibest

    can you send me the profile on


  • Roubesh

    i cant live without net on my fone!
    facebook, msn, skype, hotmail, google, trapster,youtube,netbank n various other programs ive got on my fone!

    bon i need help from you guys…
    ive got emtel sim card n nokia E71
    alors the 3G will work auto ou mo bizin check its settings?

  • dyrenr

    i need help guys
    ,,2 activate internet on iphone ,,orange,
    or i want to activate also wap,,,coz its more cheaper n also there also a lot of promotion rite now on orange,,
    so can some1 help me,,i already get 3g n edge workin but i wanna get wap also working

  • dav30

    ey kment fr video callllll??????????????????????/

  • @dav30 : First, you should enable 3g on your mobile and of course, you should have a 3g mobile. Contact your mobile operator (Orange or Wap) to get assistance for enabling your 3g or simply read the comments above if you are a bit lost.

    @dyrenr : Same applies to you, try to contact orange or emtel. I can’t help you since I don’t have an iphone, yet 😛

    @Roubesh : To bisin send sa fameux sms la pu to gagne to settings. Once to gagne li, to nek save li lo to mobile et li siposer bon. Si o cas to p gagne problemes, ena bane settings to cpv metter manuel. To pu gagne plis details lo bane comments laO.

  • Michael Knight

    Hey all friends i took time readin well here..
    Hmmmm here settings for
    Connection name : Use any as you wish
    Apn : web
    Username: Blank
    Pass : Blank
    Proxy :Off

    You can use all you mobile application it works 😀

  • ema1503

    Hi – I have an unlocked ZTE MF626 modem (was originally on the 3UK network. I want to use it in Mauritius for mobile broadband – not bothered whether I use orange or Emtel.

    Do I have to buy a special sim card for it to work in the modem or will it work as standard. i.e. do I need to ask them to enable it for internet access?

    Any opinions on which is best – emtel or orange? I see you have the settings for both outlined above. I assume these will work with a modem (dongle) as well as on a phone?

    Any help gratefully received!

  • Hi Ema1503!

    Yes, the settings above should allow you to connect your computer to the internet if used with the correct network operator. However, you should first activate internet/wap on your SIM card. Any sim with wap enabled will work.

    As for the choice, that’s a tough question you asked. It usually depends on a lot of factors : Region, Usage and above all, CHANCE! 😛

    Try anyone first, if you are not satisfied, then may be the other one can suit your purpose.

    Thanks for reading this blog 😉

  • dav30

    li pa p marcher lor pu mw

  • dav30

    mo ena n k800i mo pa p kav active mo 3g

  • Michael Knight

    Hmmmm les amis avec Orange faudrais etre sure que votre sim sois activer pour 3G.. Le service est lent cotes activation =p Mieux vaut chez Emtel 😀 😀 😀

  • Mel

    Orange Wap users, please check this: How to activate Mobile Internet on your Orange Prepay mobile?

  • x-x MiinOush x-x

    dOes anyOne here knOw Wap settings [Orange]fOr Lg kp500?

  • @Miinooush : You must either send an sms to 8224 with your mobile model or copy the settings discussed in the comments section.

  • x-x MiinOush x-x

    I can’t find fOr LG..

  • Roubesh

    For all the iphone users out there…well maybe apply for the other fone users…

    download IM+…its cheap like AU$ 1.25… and doesnt bouffe ur battery contrairement a msn messenger ou skype..its an all in one cheers

  • michaelko999

    hi there,

    does anybody know the apn for orange which does not use proxy?

    i use APN “orangeworld” but need to enter proxy address and port 8080, but some program does not work (mobile phone and laptop with intergrated 3g modem)

    i buy and use (meantime) a emtel sim with emtel apn “web” (w/o any proxy) working great.

  • michaelko999

    hi me again!!!

    i try 1 by 1. i finally get it. it is ” internet3g”. only setting APN ” internet3g” leave all blank. internet and application (including all ports open)

    beware… using internet3g as apn will prevent u to enter orangeworld site and orange tv. but hey all social network and program work. youtube flawless… anyway i dont watch orange tv so… be happy

    MMS if using with mobile still need orangemms as apn and proxy setting.

    i can post all setting for both emtel and orange if needed

    PS. thanks for the blog. great job keep it up… long life.. and happy anniversary( long overdue) 3 years… and many ahead….

  • Yohan

    does anyone know how to configure the iPhone for 3G.
    In fact just upgraded to the new iOS4 and lost all the configs.



  • Armand

    Orange or emtel

  • Splash

    Hi Yohan,

    Which iPhone are u using? 3G or 3GS?
    Which carrier are u using?
    Were u able to use 3G feature before upgrading to iOS4?

    Before upgrading to iOS4, a complete backup of the system is recommended and restoring from the back up will give u all the configs back – u r not supposed to lose any config!

    Did not encounter any kind of problem after upgrading my 3GS to iOS4 2 weeks ago – everything is working fine as before.

    Have u tried to Reset Network Settings after turning 3G and Cellular Data on?

  • ibby

    Hello peeps!

    I have acquired an iphone 3gs and i’m on emtel network.

    the issue with the ios4.0 is that i can’t send mms.

    help please.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Technically yours


  • michaelko999

    did orange change proxy and apn setting.
    internet3g apn on orange no longer work

  • IBZ

    Hi all.

    Please helps me setup WAP and MMS on iphone 3g on EMTEL network.

    Find below between “[[ – ]]” the settings for orange.

    A similar format for EMTEL setting is required.

    Thank you in advance
    CONNECTION TITLE ‘ Orange Wolrd’
    APN: ‘orangeworld’
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080

    MMS settings for Orange

    Connection title ‘ Orange MMS’
    APN: orangemms
    Proxy IP:
    Port: 8080
    Username: mmsc
    Password: mmsc
    Message server:

    Thank you in advance

  • @IBZ: Hi!
    Please check the comments section. If am not mistaken, the configuration is somewhere here itself.
    Or just call customer care, and they will sms you the settings file 🙂
    Thnks for your visit.

  • nitz

    I cannot watch youtube and other sites online with my mobile ( NOKIA 2730 classic- 3g mobile phone) Please help, i put used all connections possible, i used manual network orange as well as automatic network. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It says no response try again everytime also give ipu port range for streaming settings.

  • @nitz : Did you activate your sim card for WAP services etc? Did you go to the Orange Customer Care so that they enable these services on your account?

  • nitz


  • nitz

    I got my phone wap enabled and ask them to activate online video streaming, but they said its confidential. And it cannot be done as orange’s network is not that fast.

  • Nitz

    Reply me fast:-)!!!

  • @Nitz, I don’t think that they used the word confidential. Surely, they said that activating youtube needed to be done by urself, not orange. Personal might be the word they used.

    You should try to install youtube applications for your mobile (Nokia 2730 classic). You have a Symbian Series 40 on your mob, so you should look for S40 youtube applications.

  • Nitz

    I searched the internet for s40 youtube apps, i did not get it. I thus downloaded s60v5 one. It worked, but videos were not played, it said “java ‘something’ error”. I then updated my software and it still says the same.
    Please name me a site for s40 youtube app. Or give me the best configuration settings as well as streaming settings or tell me what to do?

  • hey how to install those stuffs in iphone 3g ?