Tour du sud of Mauritius by car


Postponed by 1 week because of Cyclone Gula, my plan was once more a success!!!
240Km along with Dhaneesha, Jaya, Mantasha, Zainab, Yasmina, Vissen and myself,  in my car and that of Zainab’s.


See our itinerary below (in red) in the map:


Some of the most interesting places we visited:

  • Rochester Falls(swimming there is too niceeee!!!!)
  • Pomponette
  • Macondé
  • Tamarin
  • Baie du cap
  • Le Morne
  • Black River Gorges Nature Park

2.jpgThe trip was wonderful,

  • with us like tourists,
  • asking our way around,
  • losing view of zainab’s car from my rear mirror each and every time, lol
  • Calling fadil (special pensée a fadil lol ):P
  • the food, hmm thnks dhaneesha n zai
  • passing snacks to the other car while driving haha!!! was fun but dangerous, we know!
  • Taking pics everywhere, abt 150 pics shot from my camera and tens more wiz zai’s
  • & Dropping everyone at their doorsteps!

You can see some of the nice pics here from my site’s photo album

hehe, the next plan???

Perhaps the east this time 😉

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  • Zai

    hey to pas ti p lose sight of me parski mo ti p drive slow! deman sa ban tifis r moi la kifer zot ti p fer fer moi ralenti!!! :p

  • Jimmy Lee

    Special pensee a fadil? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    Fadil says he’s sorry he couldn’t make it… and… he’ll make up for it next time… surtout ke..

  • Crystal

    pou dir foto panneau!

  • haha fadil!
    surtout ke 😛 😛 😛

    ur secret is no more a secret 🙂
    mais to pu gagne batter r ene tas dimounes, surtout yasmina!

  • mantasha

    lol…yash tone blier met ene island..ask jaya nom la..haha!!

    had a superb day..ti tro top;)

  • Zai

    ilot sanchot!! LOL

  • Dhaneesha

    lol ban fifis ( huh vissen n yash c ladan hehe) really appreciated ur companies n ya, zot p faire mwa addicted to smirnoff (god knows how to write it )

    was so eager to know all of u(sof ki 1 pan reussi zu1 ..hmm mr le cher fadil) mai apres..tandire yash p organise 1 lot plan la ..non yash 🙂

    top friends u have yash, maintain this friendship for ever, as it is hard to get true mwa mo coner !!!


    eh les filles, zot pics top (mantasha + jaya) lol

  • Dhaneesha

    eh oui la prochaine fois pa blier tissue 🙂 p dire sa yash la…hehe

  • Laksh

    Well hpe nx time i’ll be able 2 kme 🙂

  • Crystal

    Sancho Island! We had to stop zer!

  • Yas

    yep nune bien amuser!!!

    Mai sa ki drole nu pane truv AUCUN van sorbet!!!

    so my treat carry forward for next time 😀

  • haha!!!
    yasmina beze sa, ine faire le tour le sud mais pena marchand sorbet….

    lol, fadil ti pu manke sorbet, ene ‘chance’ li pas ti vini 😛

  • Zai

    moi mone gagne sorbet!!!! 😀

  • Fadil

    :$ LOL 😀

    moi si!!!!!

  • Bhooks

    Aret ekrir angle enn ta fot.

  • 4ans de cela 😛