The life of a blogger…

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  • Dhaneesha

    top dou!!!!

    hmmm li pli top akoz tone pin point mwa…

    ur blog is fantastic

    keep it up

    love u

  • Irshad

    Wow, that is indeed a very busy day for a blogger! But u do accomplish that job so successfully that zers no negative feedback. I have always been inspired by al in as far as IT and Web stuff is concerned but unfortunately am not YOU.
    So keep it up boss… May your blog be the best one in Mauritius and why not in the whole world if u try to blog on a variety of stuff and not only abt things that happens to you…..

  • diya

    to p rode commnt???
    b ala li la!
    daprer seki mo p truver to life ine vine dan pages lor internet aster?!
    seryer…fer attention ena power cut! to life oci to pu cut! lol.
    bon seryer seryer aster! mo pa p tro compran sa site la mai li paret cool coz zot tou fini koner kan to p lever dormi ale toilet tousa! lol.
    plitar mo ekrire 1 bon comment pu twa. fer mwa rapel!
    gud luck kuz…continier progresser koumsa mem!

  • bbZuSh

    LOL!!!! Super routine sa XD

  • tushal

    hehe..first one to comment and first one to read this long post.:p
    kidding..well, our lives are so different.I wake up around 09.00..just move mouse so that monitor be on again.Check mails, hi5 inbox, some forums.then out to daily day gets over like this.

    soon Uni life will resume.omg..that will be a “hell type life”
    anyway Yash.Sorry for stealing for POST idea..{you know what I mean}:p…hopefully I will write about them earlier than you.:p
    {topic lor bus la}..anyway, am off to my gaming world.Thanks for sharing your life.dang..a new email in ur inbox..LOL

  • tushal

    edit..dan sa ti letemps mo ti pe write mo comment la..ena 3 in fini reply avant mwa! !omg..

  • carrotmadman6

    Life of a blogger addict…
    – wake up
    – blog
    – blog
    – blog
    – logb
    – lbog
    – glob
    – golb
    – …..
    – blog
    – sleep

    At least, you don’t have that routine… LOL :P

  • Fadil

    Yashvin hmmmmmmm wiiiiiiiiiii c mo comment ca!!

    Yashviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ton obsessed!!!!! :P

    Yashviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin… mo zin admet… moi si mo check mo ban feeds a longuer de journee!! ;)

    Dou pas Dou?

  • Yashvin

    8 New mails already !!!

    to Dhaneesha : hihi

    to Irshad:
    thnks a lot mate for your cool words…

    to diya:
    wi cuzine, mo la vie la…
    bezer! zotte tous ine koner to mo cuzine aster LOL!

    to bbZush:
    to routine si bisin imper pareille mo croire bien ;)

    to tushal:
    the bloggers rule: there is no stealing, the one who blogs it first got it!
    This time c toi, et lol, to pas premier pu comment en tout cas!

    to carrotmadman:
    lol, ena ene infinite repeat r to life la :P

    to fadil:
    dou bien sur!!!!!

  • http://pena geshwin

    its all about money! but during your trip you must enjoy normal, sinon wats the purpose

    a coz sa em nou ine train toi ;)

  • Laksh

    well oki pou fr toi content, mo p send toi en comment :)

    continue ur work as a blogger by postg everyday events

    tk cr

  • amishi

    hi blogger.
    mw mo kone sa blogger la since imp lepok now… :P:P
    well blogger,tell me tell u that u did a gr8 job!!keep it up. ur blog is a success! proud of ya!

  • Javin

    to ene blog addict toi po!! phewww!! sa kalT la!! ene chance mo pa kumsa!! mé mo ena lot addiction!! hehe!! :P

  • Kunal

    To blog mari seryer…

    kan mo banne PCs p render, >< sameme letemps ki mo lire to blog… lol…

    kan fer -31, sameme letemps ki mo lire to blog parceki li fer moi rier ena fois (meteo…),

    kan mo pena narien pou fer dans univ, sameme letemps mo lire to blog dans lab… enpeche moi gagne sommeil… lol

    Ki to dire mo poem? :):):)

  • morinn

    hahaha! ah wai, li kumsa sa lavie 1 blogger? lol!

  • Yashvin

    To Geshwin:
    bonjour man! merci pu to training!

    To Laksh:
    malgres to ene dimoune rare, thnks for ur presence here!

    To Amishi:
    wiwi, mo si mo kone twa depi bien longtemps, c ene plaisir!
    thnks for ur support!

    To Javin:
    hehe, i do have other addiction, mais pas cpv blog sa kant meme, bizin ena imper privacy lol!

    To Kunal:
    lol, tone vine poete tout kant tone al canada?
    2days back, mone retourne in memories, ti p guet to Birthday Celebration DVD :D

    to Morinn:
    pas konner si tous bloggeurs so la vie koume sa, mais mine is exactly like the one written above! C fascinant!!!

  • Bernardo

    The 4 point junction is not dangerous… The mauritian drivers are… There’re thousands of junctions like that around the world … They can be found in all big cities… but accidents happen there very rarely…

    Have you ever heard of the “4 way stop” (

    Here in mauritius we, very rarely, have the sense of courtesy and disciplined driving

  • Yashvin

    wow bernard!

    In the United States and Canada, there are many 4-way intersections with a stop sign at every entrance. In this case, the default rule is:

    1. Whichever vehicle stops first has priority.
    2. If two vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the vehicle on the right.
    3. If three vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the two vehicles going in opposite directions.
    4. If four vehicles stop, drivers usually use gestures and other communication to establish right-of-way. In some areas, the custom is for the north-south or the more-trafficked road to have priority, although this is rare.

    lol, thats y to loto ti ena ene bosse devant lo capot :P and y u have that wikipedia link handy ;)

  • Madiihah

    ello dude,ki ja yash koek la? sowy po tro ggne letem koz avc toi lo msn extra busy :)

    wei mo deman moi cot to ggne tu sa linpiration pu ecrire la.. mai c bien infact yur the best :D
    tke cre mate keep posting

  • nushreena

    hmm..blogger la bien happy m truver!!tou sa comments la! :P keep it up!! :)

  • sheem

    Ur addicted!!!!;) Blog craze!!!;) Chance to penkore ariv o point mette caskette ek camera n then ur viewers follow ur life in live;)) Bnne continuation

  • Avishna

    comment for u
    ena dimoune ena les temps check mail 25 millions fois par jours ….. ena lot dimounes li pena les temps mem pu prend 1 cafer ou check mail ou blabla ek colleagues.

    still ur blog has entertained my brain very well ;)

    take care n cheeeeeeeersssss DOU hahahahah

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  • selven

    hahahaha mo gagne riE sa dessin dernier lerr la! hahahaha