Testing Projects…

the la ligne droite final is here….

The Final Year Project Presentations will be held on this Wed, Thurs and Friday…

just like tens of other friends of CSE Department, this week, i am rather busy in computer labs to test our software in real time conditions (Using uom network ) to find out small bugs into my software

Now, at 1150pm on 11 June 2007, i can say that both of my end of yr software are working 99.9% correctly (until new bugs are found)

hmm, just to add, i will be presenting my project entitled
Implementing Fingerprint-based Secure Systems
on Friday 15th June 2007 in Room C at 1130…
you are cordially invited if u promise to remain silent and do not ask any questions during questions time 😀

[special thanks to Vicky for his help and special request for him to stay at home on that day]

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  • vicks

    special thanks to me!! haha .. euta gaT :wub:

    pas grave to retourne moi favour la.. letemps mo fer mo projet moi.. 🙂

    Btw to 33 “baro” lor to legran pas pe paraite!!

    :silly: :silly: :silly:

  • Zai

    ouais ek photo la li tire par li tou sel sa non yash?? :devil:

  • Zai

    :w00t: hey extra sa!! senser to p tester program selement to lor facebook!!! :whistle:

  • DUAL Purpose :whistle:

    ah wi, mes 33 baros 😛
    pu seki pas koner, lo mo lecran laptop, ena 33 ammerdant la lines in apparait n the number is on the rise 🙁

  • Avishna under exams conditions

    amises toi bien demain
    moi demain mo ena exams :pouty:

  • Spl@sh

    lakel Vicky bizin reste lacaz? :angel:

  • Spl@sh

    invited but dont ask question during question time … ki serti
    prepare la liste question n response to fer passer pli simple 😀

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