Talk of the town : Terre Rouge – Verdun Link Road

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  • vidhish

    From my village(Creve Coeur), took me 10-15minutes to reach ebene!!! It usually takes avg50mins off peak hours n min 1 hour15min via plouis.

    tolling i.m.o will be introduced at some point. the plaque jaune thing was an indication. the tactic here is to get people use this road, experience the huge difference, love it, get addicted to it, then bang apply toll system! We;ll complain but still pay(after all we complain a lot but actually dont act much here)

  • Muzzammil

    Re went for a ride towards bagatelle using it today seriously, i love this road, can’t wait for it’s completion, it is well designed, proper engineering, not many faults to be seen although im afraid rocks might fall from the mountain loool. When i entered it, it mentions M2 somewhere, is it a motorway or just because it links with the motorway M2 is mentionned?

  • oxacuk

    I’m back home since a few hours right from there. And if I say “from there”, it’s because I had set off from home only to check it out, I wasn’t going anywhere else.

    Indeed, an impressive infrastructure, especially the part in the mountains. Northbound from Verdun, there is more or less no slope. You’re travelling idly on flat road seeing just fields and mountains all around. Then, just across a turn, a panorama and a steep downhill slope awaits you.

    That one spot whereby many vehicles were stopping to admire the view, I
    believe that authorities might soon place barriers over there. It is a place with too many hazards for people to stop, get off their vehicles and go watch the view. On one side, the vehicles going down at high speed. On the other side, there is a pretty high risk of falling down the steep slope. Unless as the traffic increases by the days, it becomes, in the first place, too difficult to stop by.

    I find the new road marking that they introduced, the double solid centre-lines, nonsensical. In the words of Inspector Mattar of the Traffic Branch, in the news, they indicate that it is “strictement interdit de dépasser”.
    So, what is overtaking at a single solid centre-line: an optional offence? In what way are the double centre-lines any more “strict” than single ones? Do legal provisions for them exist or have these been introduced? Are penalties for overtaking there different? What if a vehicle breaks down (there’s only one lane towards Terre Rouge along that strip)?

    BTW, as far as I remember, neither the Inspector nor any other person featured in the news report the other day mentioned that the access from Verdun onto the road is not yet opened. This caused me to have to go onto the Saint Pierre Bypass, followed by the Côte d’Or road, then only was I able to get onto the new road at a roundabout. Else, a nice trip. Côte d’Or roundabout to Calebasses roundabout (on M2) in 18 minutes including the 8-10 minutes at the “viewpoint”. Note, however, that traffic density was low and secondly, I must admit, I was speeding most of the time. In normal circumstances, it won’t take that little time.

    Photo caption:

    1. Double solid centre-lines
    2. Getting off the vehicle from the right at “viewpoint” can be dangerous since vehicles would park close to moving traffic as the hard shoulder is not very large.

  • reenadkl

    Drove through there tonight, St Pierre to Grand Baie, then Grand Baie to Ebene..amazing, especially at night with those gorgeous lights!!! A delight for the eyes..the curve of lights you see when driving back from the north is nice, real nice ;)

  • Yasir

    Thanks for using the pictures. I just hope usage stays free :)

    Its really helpful especially for a guy like me who kept on whining about traffic jam.

  • reenadkl

    I agree about the stopping was damn foolish and dangerous :/ Posted this on my return last night:

    “Drove through the new link road today again and guess what!!! Assholes stopping their cars on the side to enjoy the view!!! Really!!! Total BS as you had to stop and let them ‘park’ on the side of the road and returning at night, some even sat on the spot still in construction and enjoying their ‘ti rum’ ‘ti gajak’…
    You cannot get sillier than Mauritians..franc tout!!! pfff!!!!”

  • Yashvin Awootar


  • reenadkl

    Lol, my sis is telling me that this New Year the beaches will be free as most of them will be having their picnics by the road side!!! lol!!!

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    True: Mauritius is very beautiful and the landscapes that unfold along this particular road are stunning, to say the least.

    Truer: wadir zako inn gagn banann, blié sékirité ziss pou gagn bon guétt montagne.

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  • p.

    And does anyone think about the environment impact of this project?

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  • selven

    ^^ Well designed you were saying? :)

  • Muzzammil

    Never knew it was gonna be this way

    Edited : it sucks now:P

  • Yashvin Awootar