Amateur review of Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

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  • Great review! How about video playback & web browsing? ๐Ÿ˜€

    256MB & running out of memory? I guess it’s S60v5… Let’s hope Sony Ericsson will update this device to Symbian^3. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @carrotmadman6 : Oh *shy*… I will take this as a compliment ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I haven’t tried playing videos other than those already on the phone, which play magnificently well. Pure pleasure to watch them!
    As for web browsing, I am getting used to the default symbian browser and I installed a few others too. Experience? Quite nice, but need to get used to precisely tap the right spot on the screen, especially on small links LOL.

    btw, I also installed the necessary plugin on the blog to turn it into a mobile version one. Lighter and suitable, the mobile version of is now optimized for small smartphones ๐Ÿ™‚

  • heyy nice review .. Sony Ericsson used 8gb micro sd :S .. they’ve dumped their M2, memory stick pro duo and all now :S .. lol .. the video quality’s really good .. concerning the music, you didn’t talked about earphones ๐Ÿ™

  • lost wanderer

    the sound is low ? how come ??? :S mine is playing high up without any distortion and matches the reviews on gsmarena :S

    you can debrand and flash the phone to newer firmwares and better capabilities..


  • @lost wanderer : Hmm, I tried running the SE update software, it tells me that my phone has the latest updates.
    Can you check please?
    Here’s the version displayed :
    Date : 20/08/2010
    Version 1232-0380_R2EA023

    The sound cannot be defined as ‘low’. I would rather say that it sounds like a mono sound : “Kouma dir drome!” ๐Ÿ˜›
    Thanks for your help.

    @Le_Voyageur : Earphones? lol, it is still in its original packaging haha! I need to test it out too!

  • Ohmygod so overall is Vivaz Pro worth buying? Overall what are the cons? Are you satisfied with it? I’m planning to buy it but I’m still hesitating. I love the functions and design really much but is it good?

  • Hi @Claire!

    To be short, I find the Vivaz Pro worth the investment. The cons? As I said, my device’s sound is not what I was expecting. @lost wanderer says that he has no problem with that. I will need to check for any firmware updates.

    And I think that automatic flash is the most welcomed in smartphones like these ones. Having to enable it manually is quite annoying + the flash keeps lighted until you disable it, manually.

    These are the 2 main points which Sony Ericsson needs to improve, for now.

    So, how you find the choice now? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • armand

    the nokia n8 is better than the iphone 3gs

  • I REALLY WANT TO BUY IT NOW! HAHA! but i’ve been reading the reviews and many said its not good, but many also said its good. so im confused. im from malaysia. and i want to buy it and im a college student and the qwerty part turns me on! its quite expensive so im still considering whether i shud buy it or not. I mean, I REALLY WANT TO BUY IT. IM NOT HESITATING ANYMORE. I just want to make sure that i wont regret.

  • @Claire, go for it!

  • yeah i made my decision! im gonna go for it! haha! buying it this month for christmas i guess! thanx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Torpedo

    Sssss…. Aiiiyyaayaay….
    Pa dire moi ki ou’n prend enn telephone ki ena SLIDE…? Dimal! Tou saki ena moving parts (flap, slide, swivel, whatever) = problem with physical integrity dans le long terme, c-a-d, li “gagne battรƒยฉ” rapidement within the first year…

    Bon, mo touche di-bois pou ou bรƒยฉ…

    Ek pa bliรƒยฉ, apart 3310 ek 3330, pena okenn telephone ki’nn design pou pliss ki 1 year’s (in actual fact 10 months, because a normal service period for westerners is 10 months!!!) service life. Beyond this , expect issues with the thing.

    Allez, cheers, mo arett porte malerr la!

  • Rwishi

    Seriously?! The SE Vivaz Pro?! Coudnt you have just gone for the Nokia C6(and expect frequent updates from Nokia) or the Nokia N900 at Rs13.5k on eBay or the Nokia E5 or the Nokia C3!

    If you remember well, SE stopped supporting Symbian and RARELY update their devices. I’ll eat my hat(if I ever own one) if SE update the Vivaz Pro anytime soon…

  • Come on @Rwishi, it is no use criticizing the choice.
    btw, did you ever feel the thickness and weight of the N900? And the price (All inclusive)?
    My colleague has a N900, and I think that he will agree with me, the Vivaz Pro is much more better, in terms of design, thickness/weight and especially keyboard usability.
    As for the C6, I did not particularly like the design. Did you notice that Nokia’s models all practically look the same?

    @Torpedo : hey mate, thanks for coming regularly!
    Well, let’s hope this one lasts long, you will be kept informed, you can count on me!

  • DJ


    My vivaz pro doesn’t play Divx,where can i download a nice player.By the way great review.


  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is overall a nice phone , but the querty keypad is small and some time the phone can slip out of the hands. Plus its a slider phone , which make the life of the phone less and they generally get damage earlier. Consider this before buying this phone.

  • yurit0s
  • @Rwishi
    N900 is only for geeks, not mere mortals… (HAHA) ๐Ÿ˜›

    Try SmartMovie.

  • Yowan

    An android 2.3 phone would be much better considering Symbian is being replaced by Nokia with Meego

  • Rwishi

    @Yashvin: @I’ve trialled the N900 for nearly 6 months in total and other than the thickness(the weight actually makes it better), there isnt any other design flaw. And the keyboard is perfectly confortable and its the best resistive touch screen phone. Ever. My typing speed on it closely matched my typing speed of that on the iPhone.
    The resemblance in all the lower end Nokia touch screen devices is a marketing strategy to make people think of the Nokia 5800.

    @carrotmadman6: I think you are right ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe it is just for geeks ๐Ÿ˜›

    @DJ: Just download the S60v5 version of the official DivX player from

    @Yowan: Yowan Ram….? Is that you? Symbian is not being replaced by Meego. Symbian is still going to be included in 3/4th of Nokia’s lineup. Meego is reserved for the high-end models…

  • Vaiizard

    How much does it cost in mauritius?

  • @Vaiizard : No idea. I haven’t seen it in the shops here. Anyone?

  • Rwishi

    @Vaiizard: & @Yashvin: It costs Rs 13k+vat at C&C

  • DJ

    Thanx guys,by da way i’m in South Africa.

  • @Rwishi : Pas mal.
    Oh, C&C *wink*

  • Torpedo

    @ yurit0s:
    Wazzat?? A fannypack?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Nah, ok, i got it, but I did not mention anything about the parts, but I’m a lot weary about the lifetime of anything that contains moving parts – dimann “latest price” li pou dir ou: sorry, you missed your target.

    @ Yashvin:
    By the way, your review is not at all amateurish: you covered almost all aspects that any user would go through when making a purchase. I’m sure hope you won’t act too modest again ๐Ÿ™‚ and that you’ll continue publishing great posts like this more often!!

    By the way, maybe you were so impressed by its functtonalities that you did not mention anything about the display (screen type, brightness, reading comfort during night and day, etc.) and
    autonomy (battery life, type, weight, charging cycle, etc.) Can we get more on these please? And, of course, since it is not (yet?) on display on the shelves of local official resellers / distributors, commiรƒยฉ ek commiรƒยฉ letan ou cwar ou pou capav contigne “glassรƒยฉ”(pas dir mwa ou p’enkor coummencer… :-)) ar ou ti-zouzou la?


  • Yeah I agree with Torpedo there. Please do mention about the display and autonomy parts. In English please. Hahaha cause that’s the only language I understand!

  • haha @Torpedo, toujours toi ๐Ÿ˜›

    So, yes, I will answer to your questions :

    I must admit that it is a bit difficult to read what’s on the screen when you are out under the bright sun. I did not try to increase the brightness to see if that improves the reading. Else, the display at night or during ‘normal’ lighting conditions is totally ok, no prob with that.
    As for battery, it drains down completely everyday, under “under-average” usage.
    That includes phone calls, sms, some wifi. So, I charge mine every 24hrs, and it takes about 2hours for a complete charge.
    But I guess that if you are a heavy user (music, lot of browsing), the battery may die in a few hours.

    As @Rwishi just said, the device seems to be on sale at C&C for s13k+VAT.

    Of course, it’s so cold here, tellement p glacer lol!

  • omg you mean the battery life isn’t that good? how about the earphones? is the sound quality good when you use the earphones?

  • @Claire : 1 day for ‘under-average’ usage seems ok but depends on the user.
    Earphones? You can forget about enjoying exceptional sound quality with the bundled earphones. I tried my Sony earphone, and the sound is great ๐Ÿ™‚

  • buddy

    it’s a nice phone but symbian is on the verge of dying.

    It’s good if u are planning to stay with this phone for atleast a year otherwise it’s a kill

  • Yes @buddy, I am not among those who change mobile as often as their clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have been using my Nokia N73 for more than 3.5 years now and the need to change was triggered by frequent problems with the N73.

    Thanks for your visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ashik

    Hi all,

    Am planning buy this on new year. i read all your opinions which givs me lot of confdnce to buy it. can anyone tell me the capacity of the memory card included ? and is it worth of buyng at 20k in india ?

  • Hello @Ashik! Welcome to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    The bundled memory card is 8GB. 20k? kindda difficult to say anything on that. I suggest that you go on ebay, add the shipping costs and tax before comparing the price. Good luck!

  • Ashik

    thanks Yashvin,

    am not interest buy any products at ebay and other online shopngs. okay hav tried this moble in 3g network sim ?

  • @Ashik : Yes, I am currently on a 3G network. It works fine.

  • Ashik

    thanks Yashvin,

    If you dont mind can you tell me what all can we use in 3g sim except video call ?

  • @Ashik : I would advise you to have a look here.

  • Ashik

    thanks yashvin,

    great link. nice to chat wit u. bye


  • Sharia

    Hey there i just bought a reconditioned phone just below Rs 5000, do u know if there’s any external costs applicable to it? I bought lots of other things on ebay like jewelery,shades and shoes and have never had to pay anything other than the actual product and shipping. I have always had it delivered to my doorsteps aswel.
    Thanks and happy new year

  • @Sharia : Hi. You did not give much details about which phone, which country etc. Happy new year to you too.

  • Sharia

    It’s a BB from the us, shipping through USPS. Any idea? I’m actually not the one paying for it thats y im wondering.
    -I just checked, it’s closer to just above Rs4000 than just below 5000

  • @Sharia, that’s better.
    Assuming that the phone is Rs4000, you are going to pay vat on 15% of Rs3000 + you will be paying a parcels office fee of around Rs100 most probably.
    These are the only charges to get the item out of the parcels office and customs.

    btw, I hope that you purchased an unlocked Blackberry, else you need to pay and get it unlocked in Mauritius.
    Keep us informed,

  • Sharia

    Thanks, must feel like a teacher-going over the same thing all the time with someone new coming up and asking the obvious all over again. I so hate that, cant believe i just did it:p
    I do appreciate it, thnx
    Yp i did remember to get one that is unlocked.
    Back to you soon hopefully
    Good day!

  • Yowan

    You won’t be surprised to find the large quantity of bugs in Symbian OS9.4, I just ditched my for an Android phone

    Nokia is replacing Symbian with WP7 OS as it is considered outdated with lack of development, Nokia has closed down their main Symbian dev team
    Why use such an unstable OS?

  • rajneesh

    the only consideration for choosing my new phone was the quality of the photo, vivaz pro’s image quality was far inferior than vivaz so i choosed to take vivaz. and it lived up to its expectation

    yes the led flash is useless i dont know why sony didnt use xenon for this phone

    the sound quality is really awful

    it costed me 13,000 as for this time i prefered to take my accesory from a local store rather than ebay

    but wiz an investment of 13,000 you could easily have got a N8 nokia in an ebay store…

  • Ashik

    Hi Yashvin,

    ***Wish you a Happy new year***

    Yesterday i bought this vivaz pro and its hossom with all features.

    I just have some queries to put here.

    1.How to check d remaining batery backup like previous sony phones ?
    2.How to go back while using Qwerty keypad alone ?
    3.Have you got the pc suite cd and card reader from the bundle ?
    4.where i hav to get d gud anti virus for this phone ?

    You will be Thankful if help on above queries.

  • Welcome @Ashik ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy New Year to you too.

    So, for the battery, I have tried a few S60v5 apps, but finally I am using SlideUnlock, which also provides a battery meter displaying the % left. As for the qwerty, I must confess that I really don’t know how to do it. I find it annoying to always look for the ‘back’ menu on the touch screen or in the menus.

    No, I did not get any cd or card reader. Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro comes bundled with the 8gb memory, the usb cable, the charger adapter, battery, manual, headset, and that’s all I think.

    Antivirus? lol, do share if you got any good ones. (ps : I haven’t installed any on mine yet)

    Hoping to see you here again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashik

    Thanks yashvin,

    am not getting you for my first qustion. can u tell me briefly how your seeing batter % left ? can you help me to get that

  • @Ashik : hmm, I installed an application called “SlideUnlock”. You can get the trial version freely on the web. Just go a quick search on google. This application also allows you to view the amount of charge left on your battery. That’s how I check mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yowan

    Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers won’t be releasing any more Symbian devices and Nokia is shutting down the Symbian Foundation. Symbian^4 has been cancelled and OS9.4.X is no longer in development, Symbian OS is being crushed.
    There is no more reason to get any S60 device as this platform is reaching its end.
    Why not use android as it is much more advanced than S60?

  • @Yowan
    Symbian isn’t dead. It’s still being actively developed, although slowly because Nokia are concentrating more on MeeGo. But it’s only for mid-end devices. N8 is probably the last Symbian Nseries (that’s what they had planned).
    There’ll be no S^4 because Nokia have adopted a continuous development model – all devices will have a continuously updated Symbian OS (like Android 2.1 -> 2.2 -> 2.3).

    That said, in its current state, yes, Symbian is doomed…

  • Rwishi

    @carrotmadman6: *LIKE
    Couldn’t have put it better :))

  • Yowan

    Nokia is firing most Symbian Devs and are planning to close the symbian foundation because of financial issues and they are now concentrating on WP7 (its a rumor), only Nokia and small Japanese firms are maintaining Symbian and most firms such as BenQ, Motoralla, Lenovo, Samsung, Sharp, etc.. have ceased all development and are using Andoird atm
    N8 is not the last Symbian^3 device
    This OS will be slowly overrun by android in the incoming months (it dropped from 72.8% of the market in Q3 2006 to 36% in Q3 2010.)

  • sharia

    Hey there, got the phone quite some time back, paid around 500 something which is quite ok. Thanks for the help. Happy 2011

  • Ashik

    Hi Yashvin,

    Thanks for your prev help. I hav downloaded pc suite frm d web and installed in my pc and it was askd me to install hotpix for xp2 i also installed that but i couldnt able to connect my pc to use pc suite. can you help me on this ?

  • Hello @Ashik!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t myself tried the pc suite yet koz the installation process warns me about my old windows xp ๐Ÿ˜›
    I need to install the latest updates (and hotfixes) to be able to use the pc suite.

    sorry mate ๐Ÿ™

  • Ashik

    its k yash no issues.

  • Ashik

    Hi Yashvin,

    When i install some applications it shows “certificate error contact application author” do u have any idea about this to resolve ?

  • @Ashik : Hi! That’s the classic error message lol.
    There are a few tricks which u can use to install that one. Just try to google that, I am sure that you will get the relevant sites.

  • hashilS

    hey, am i need of help! actually i have one vivaz pro and i got a small problem with it! i cant send messages.. no matter what i do!

    i check my account, refill it
    check settings
    hard reset
    soft reset

    i did all i knew.. still nothing happned

    maybe you can solve this for me

  • @hashilS:
    Since a hard reset did not fix it, I assume its a bug in the firmware. Contact their customer support

  • le_voyageur

    does the hd recording is similar to your d5000 hd recording, if am not mistaken, both are 720ps .. or there is still a gap between real hd and “hd” ?

  • Ashik

    Hi Yashvin,

    How r u ?

    Still i hav not got a gud tpt app for check left batery %.
    most of the applicatn shows ” certificate error contact author”
    could you help me to sort out this probs ?


    Ashik Mohamed P

  • Ashik

    Hi yashvin,

    Hav u evr conectd ur mobile into GPS?

  • Hi @Ashik! Yes, I used it several times ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashik

    Hi yashvin,
    Can u tell me how to connect it ? Cos i tryd it sevrl tms bot i cdn’t. Pls guide me

  • Pacif

    Hi, Nice phone !, I have not come across this phone in Mauritius, Could you plz post the seller link, Any downside of the phone you notice since you bought it? 5 megapixel definitively worth it

    thanks much

  • @Pacif:

    This phone uses Symbian OS S60V5 which has been officially discontinued, get a better phone such as Android or WP7

  • Pacif

    @Yohan ,thanks

  • Zed

    No offence but considering the price you paid i would have bought an HTC hd2 or even an hd7 running windows mobile, super responsive touchscreen, 448 ram and with a lot of options. Well the camera is 5mp but i would use that anyways xD

  • If changing the touch screen did not solve the probleme, maybe it’s something with the mainboard or the cable connecting the touch screen with the mainboard.
    So now u considering to buy a new phone? Sony Xperia Arc? ๐Ÿ˜› Samsung? ๐Ÿ˜› HTC? Android? Windows mobile? Or still a nokia Symbian? ;P

  • No purchase for now. Else will go bankrupt!

  • Unlocking will gradually become a crime… beware…

  • Yeah, I read about this yesterday ๐Ÿ˜›

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