Scenes not seen everyday

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  • wooow..03.30..tarrrr…sa ler la mo dan gran someil mwa..LoL.. know..mtian police rulzzzz..
    dan PL souvent trouve ban policier au volant ban voiture la police.zot pe drive..ek zot mobile glued to their pou faire..

    we are in mauritius..

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    The pictures are great.. =)
    .. N y C e ..

    No CoMmenTs FuR DeM OffiCerS… Dey ThiinK Ov DemSlveS As “MauRiTiaN VIPS” ..

    BanLa pour park kot zotte envie.. fer taper r dimoune.. Sa ZoTteS DrOiT..
    Si nous nous fer mm zafer… Beh LerLa li contre la Loi..

  • chege

    Extra sa … comme sa zot travail tard comme sa … Pas ti pou croire bane dimoune ki outsource ban projet europeen travail jiska tard comme sa… pena 35h comma la france 🙁

  • Guess u had to take an overdose of coffee pu work tou sa lheur la….

    Nice pictures you took…surtou abt the poulet parking his moto…”ZOt prend zot pou tro mar* sa banla”

    Avishs last blog post..Small Blogging Survey

  • Mili

    This one is too good and so true…
    Has it been a simple human like us, it would have been direct FINE and non arguments, Please.
    Its a great idea (To just say,bien sure preuve a l’appuie what our mauritians model roles are doing)…..

    This is Mauritius,my friends.

  • Too nice those photos .. mwa si mo envi seyer 🙂 seems nice …. ek ban la police la pas trouve bein surement .. they are not above the law in anyway .. mais who is goin to fine them?

    yushas last blog post..My friend dying:( last stage [aids]

  • Neel

    Sa ki li! Watermark! haha! Good job!

  • Vikash

    “while the officer was looking away…” hahaha! quel courage…

  • ReenaDKL kroir ene mari faim li ti p gagner sa!

  • kesh@v

    lolz kt to al tire sa bne pics la tw?? gr8!!!

  • bien bizin taille carte bans police bans makro la!!! zot fer mari!!

    guette sanla la:


    Yasirs last blog post..Social Networking: Careful!!!!

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  • kayaam

    today 3 or 4 policeman were doing their patrol check on a DOUBLE YELLOW LINES! enplus de sa ti lors ene lacroiser! pas fini…. ena trafick lights tou laba! i have these scene on video…