Le salon du mariage et des festivités 2012

10 minutes. That’s roughtly the time I spent into the expo hall for the “Salon du marriage” held at Mer Rouge from the 27th till tomorrow 30th September 2012. On entering the hall, there was not exactly the enthusiasm I waited for. I did not even bother to ask for any information. Anyway, you might have liked it but it was definitely a waste of time for me.

Stands comprised of those who provide photography services, wedding clothes, furniture, limousine and blabla.

Finally, how can I forget the few stalls which were completely “off-topic” there. selling things which had nothing to do with wedding  or even “festivités “. For example, this one had put children clothes for sale :

It was so *no-words-to-describe* that it was no difficult task to convince the person at ticket counter that she should sell me a “couple” ticket (Rs40) instead of 2 “individual” tickets at Rs25 each. And my mum was the one accompanying me there.

Anyone went there? How you found it?


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  • Ashfaq

    Disappointed a bit ! .. thought there would be bryani sellers ! .. and more decorators with “affordable” prices, and other shops apart the ones I ALREADY went to ! .. Well, it was a nice 30mins for a saturday but if u really need wedding services try with your relatives and get contact numbers ! .. and for the clothes, just try Pagoda Street in Plaine Verte, Port Louis! .. Most wedding clothes shops come from there anyways!.
    All to all, i got nothing of what i went there to look for.. and even bought something not related to wedding but i do like what i bought and for the thing i was looking for .. i went to Pagoda Street ! lolz.. The same old road .. comme quoi a quoi vaut chercher ailleurs quand on a tout ce qu’il nous faut sous le nez.. !!

  • Karishma

    I expected more participants the choice was limited

  • Sheem

    I only liked the sirop canne sold there:P

  • Yashvin Awootar

    lol. I dont think that the “sirop” canne was really part of the “marriage and festivités” purpose 😛
    Just a ‘hawker’.

  • Ashfaq

    mo ventre ine virer kan mone trouve sa sirop canne la ! lolz..

  • Tim

    b jour mariaz nou gagne sirop canne pou boire! li in topic li!! :p sirop canne la rentre partout!

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Lol, faire la bouche doux :p

  • Sheem

    I know, that was my aim:P It was just an indirect way of saying the salon was shitty and a waste of time n money. I felt tricked by all the ads I had seen on it.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Let me reassure you, you were not the only one. Sh*t, lost Rs40, ti cpv zouer loto 2 koups!

  • Pramod

    Maurice! 😛

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    ” u really need wedding services try with your relatives and get contact numbers”

    THIS, dear fellow human being, is the kind of advice that is worth much, much more than the Rs40 that was ripped from the visitors… If you don’t have relatives, ask your friends. If no friend, walk and ask at the first la-boutik you come across. Someone MUST know at least some thing… :-)

    ” and for the clothes, just try Pagoda Street in Plaine Verte, Port
    Louis! .. Most wedding clothes shops come from there anyways!.”

    Again, same comment as above. Even me, a boy from far, far away from PV, knows that… But, tell me, who doesn’t know that in Mauritius??? And the prices are incredible, to say the least. And for those who find PV too far, try Goodlands, Flacq, Rose Belle, Mahébourg or Triolet. When doing this wedding list shopping thing, I felt like a tourist, eating here and there, meeting all sorts of vendors and entering places I’ve never been to, always a warm welcome from people, ready to help even if they do not have what you want. A great experience indeed! Not that frigid pseudo-smile that you get in the “trendy” / “cool” shopping malls.

  • citoyenR

    I watched the Defile de Mode by the Gorgeous Models for MAuritius…too good and also the Zumba Dance perform by the Dance in the City Group. I was very fortunate to be there at that time….