Saddam’s Full Execution Video

the quality is pretty shit but u can see whats going on (source)

am not held responsible to any dammage, either moral, intellectual or physical (:P) dammage caused by this video as am just giving out published news (A)

[last post of 2006!]

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  • OMG!

  • Spiky

    Bonne année Saddam :devil:

  • well i don’t really care.. BuT another dumb thought
    is it the real saddam?? :shocked:

    Maybe the real one is still hiding somewhere and watching his own execution :whistle: :silly:

  • Corinne

    Comment t’as pu mettre ça sur ton blog Yashvin ? Je crois que je vais vomir :sick: Non je rigole bisous je t’adore 444