Alternative routes to Port Louis, from the north

Hello everyone!

When leaving home for work (Port Louis) everyday, I ask myself the same question : “Which route shall I take today?”. Even though it is difficult to know which one will have a fluid traffic, the decision is taken haphazardly and sometimes by trying to establish some trend noticed during the past days. Also, if you find a few buses or lorries leading the queue of vehicles, you know that it is more wise to choose a different route, if possible.

Well, for today’s post, I have compiled a few routes which I follow regularly to reach work, not necessarily the shortest route, but rather one without any big traffic jams whereby your vehicle is moving at a snail’s pace. Remember, travelling a shorter distance ( through a dense traffic jam) does not necessarily mean that you are using less fuel than travelling longer but at a regular speed.

Most people living in the north must necessarily pass the Terre Rouge roundabout or Arsenal. So, it might be possible for them to use the mentioned routes partly.

Note : Distance estimates are as per Google Maps.

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Motorway – Port Louis – 10.9 Km :-

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Sainte Croix – Plaine Verte – Port Louis – 11.6 Km : 

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Jumbo Riche Terre – Le Hochet – Abercombie – Port Louis –  11.8 Km : 

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Calebasses – Motorway – Port Louis – 14.1 Km :

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Baie du Tombeau – Roche Bois- Motorway – Port Louis – 14.7 Km :

Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Baie du Tombeau – Jumbo Riche Terre – Motorway – Port Louis – 14.6 Km :

For the past months, I have been mostly following the last one above (through Baie du Tombeau and Roche Bois) but from time to time, I use the others too, just to check if they are getting better. lol.

It would be nice if people from the north could share which route they usually take daily and why. If anyone is interested to help me in writing similar articles for other regions of the island, don’t hesitate! Get in touch!

Bonne route!



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  • Tushal

    There is a road. I can’t remember much about it. From Riche Terre Round about, you go towards Terre Rouge. There is a secondary road. It takes around 15 mins top to be in the centre of Port Louis in the morning despite the heavy traffic jams.

  • Tushal

    Think it is the
    Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Jumbo Riche Terre – Le Hochet – Abercombie – Port Louis road.

  • So, I did not miss it after all 🙂

  • The Baie du Tombeau one. But not at the Baie du Tombeau roundabout, the Mer Rouge one.

  • Yeah, I know which one, because I frequently go past this roundabout while driving inside Roche Bois.

  • Si mo sorti 7hrs mo prend Autoroute normale la
    Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Motorway – Port Louis – 10.9 Km

    Si mo p sorti vers 7:30 mo passe par Callebasse la:
    Solitude (Triolet) – Arsenal – Calebasses – Motorway – Port Louis – 14.1 Km

  • Vineet Purgas

    I’m a native of Port-louis. But i live in Fond du Sac since 1994, the calebases road to Terre Rouge roundabout is the sucker punch. Its 4.2km in excess to Arsenal. For me its Rs20 of surplus diesel or 3 minutes X 80km/h. Hey the Baie du Tombeau road seems to be an alien route heading to planet Mars. Lol

  • The Baie du Tombeau one is pretty quick, most of the times. The only jam is at the Roche Bois roundabout where the police officers sometimes forget that there are vehicles waiting.


    I guess you are not aware that vehicular traffic flow from any directions of the island towards or through P.Louis are given more fluidity prior to the passage of our members of the National Assembly (for security reasons) hve 2 vice-PM from the north(A.B & X.D ).. One usually reaches P.L around 8.00hrs the other around if you are moving towards PL being on their ‘sillage’ along M2 you luckily may get quicker to your destination 🙂 otherwise if you are emerging from side-roads at the time they are will have to wait a bit longer 🙁

  • haha. Thanks for this piece of valuable info 🙂
    Will take their schedule into consideration.

  • yurit0s

    des fois dans tantot mo passe par lot coter. ancien route des pamplemousse, st croix, albercombie, tranque bar, reine des la paix.

    dans tantot place immigration, caudan ca crime net. ena so 30min attane la dans

  • Gosh, you made me remember another route!

    Solitude – Arsenal – Terre Rouge – Sainte Croix – Abercombie – Cite Martial – Champs de Mars.

  • Sam001

    Well, everyday i got to go from triolet to rose-hill and usually set off at 07:00/7:30 and frankly guys the best routes i find are triolet-arsenal-calebasses-portlouis or triolet-arsenal-st joseph-baie du tombeau-port louis. The only place to bypass is the terre-rouge roundabout…massacre sa laba la!!!

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